Hi guys, Valerie V here, hope you had a great weekend. This week we’re going to talk about something really important, we’re going to talk about something I’ve been reading a lot about, and actually over the last ten years I’ve read about it a thousand times I think, but always explained to me a little bit different. But this time, it’s really resonating with me, and I know that it will resonate with you too, if you really take the time to watch our videos this week. We are going to talk about magnetic marketing.

Now, magnetic marketing isn’t something that’s new, it has been around for years. In fact, Dan Kennedy was probably the first person I ever heard say those words, but we’re going to use those words and talk about how to be more magnetic, and what that really means in your marketing. We’re also going to talk about being everywhere. So, not just on Facebook, not just on Twitter, not just on Linkedin, not just on your blog, and not hiding behind your website. In order to have a real impact in your online marketing, you need to be everywhere. We’re going to talk about what that looks like, and how you can achieve being everywhere in your local market.

Okay, and the last thing we’re going to talk about this week is being real and being you. That’s kind of tough for a lot of people, but if you can come out from behind that website and actually be real, and be you, and talk to your audience, and talk to the people who are local to you about why you got into this business, and you know what? It’s okay to say, “This is a really tough business that I’m in. I didn’t realize how hard it would be, but I’m do glad I did it.” And what was it like for you when you first started out? What’s it like for you one year out? If you’re five years out, what it’s like for you now.

It’s really interesting to let people have a little bit of insight into how things are going. You don’t have to share every little thing, but when you’re real, and you’re you, and you talk about your excitement and your passion for this business, it not only excites the people in your local audience who are reading it, or watching that information, but it also helps re-excite you as a marketer and as an owner of a home care business. So we’re going to talk about being magnetic and what that means, because it’s not just in videos, it’s not just in person, it’s in everything you do. It’s in writing, it’s in blog posting, it’s in your Facebook posts. We’re going to talk about being everywhere, all over the place. So people say, “I see you everywhere online.” And we’re going to talk about being real and being you. M-E-R-Y, M.E.R.Y. We’re going to talk about that this week, so stay tuned, watch for our videos, and we’re going to address all of those things. Hope you guys have a great week, and we’ll talk to you tomorrow.