Hey guys, it’s Valerie V. It is Freestyle Friday, and I’m coming to you live from Facebook. And I normally don’t do lives. I can see myself on a 10 second delay, which is totally crazy. Wait a minute. Okay. That’s a little better.

Okay, so it’s Freestyle Friday, and we can talk about just about anything we want on Freestyle Friday, right? So it’s 1:00 central time in St. Louis, Missouri, and my biggest question for all of you is actually a question that I’d love for you to answer, and that is this … Two things, actually. When it comes to marketing your home care business, what are you currently doing? Are you doing in-person marketing? Are you doing online marketing? And if you are doing just in-person marketing, how come you’re not doing the online part? And if you’re doing the online part, but you’re just using some local SEO guy who doesn’t really understand home care the way you do, then why would you use that person?

So, tell me more about your marketing strategies, and tell me … maybe also tell me what is your biggest challenge with your home care business? And it may not have anything to do with the marketing piece. It may be recruiting, it may be the paperwork, it may be getting your license, it may just be being the new kid on the block. Or maybe your agency is 20 years old, and you’re getting burned out. Whatever the case, tell me what you’re doing for marketing and what your biggest challenges are, marketing or no marketing, in your home care business. And if you have or you market an assisted living, or you’re a geriatric care manager, or you are any kind of senior service, this applies to you too.

So it’s Freestyle Friday. I am live on Facebook. You don’t have to answer me right now, but when you watch this video in playback, put a comment in in the comments below and tell me more about your business, what you’re doing for marketing, and what your biggest challenges are that may not have anything to do with marketing at all.

I think that from all of the home care agencies we talk to on a daily basis, the biggest challenge I see is that most new businesses haven’t set aside or haven’t planned on having a marketing budget. Now, if you are a savvy business owner, you’ve been around the block a long time, and you start a home care business, you probably get it that you need to have a marketing budget because you’ve done it before. You’re a seasoned entrepreneur. You have the expertise and knowledge about running a business in general.

But for a lot of our newbies who this may be their first adventure into business, they take into a lot of factors and a lot of things. How are they gonna pay their staff? How are they gonna pay themselves? How are they gonna pay the rent, the utilities? Maybe how are they gonna afford to have some print material printed up? How to afford the software they need to run their business or buy the computer. But most folks are kind of winging it. And so, what I want to say on Freestyle Friday is this: When you’re starting a home care business, just because you open your doors … I think you all probably know this by now … It doesn’t mean people are going to flood in and you’re gonna have a million clients. It takes a good, solid year to get on your feet. And planning for having a marketing budget, especially getting your online act together, is so important.

Everybody’s on their mobile device, so not planning on a website and not planning on Facebook and not planning on all the things that you need to have a great online presence is kind of backwards. So, please plan on having a marketing budget. That’s the biggest challenge I see with our young, new entrepreneurs who are just starting out is they haven’t factored in the $500, $600, $700 a month it’s gonna take to get them a great marketing plan, a great online presence, and get them up and running. So when you’re going down that road of starting a home care business, be sure you plan ahead for that.

For our seasoned home care agency owners, most of you have been around the block with a lot of folks. So, you come to us and maybe you’ve been burned by someone who’s done Google pay-per-click, which we do not recommend for home care. Or maybe someone told you they were doing SEO and they didn’t. Or maybe someone told you they were going to run your Facebook for you and all of a sudden, you have 10,000 likes on your Facebook business page. Oh, my goodness, that’s amazing. But then if you look at the back end of it, you see that they asked somebody on Fiver to get you likes on your Facebook page, and they’re all from India and Indonesia and China, and they’re not people who are ever gonna do business with you. So it looks fabulous, but it absolutely will do nothing for you.

So, be careful who you choose for your online marketing practices. So some of you come to us, and you either have things all scattered out and you’re using all kinds of different services, or you may have an issue where you’re actually … You spent a lot of money and you have no idea what’s happening. Did they really do any SEO? Did they ever blog post for you? Do you have any Facebook presence? Where are you on the first page of Google? Or are you on the 10th page of Google still? Or what happened? So when you come to us, we’re pretty transparent about all that stuff. We want you to see what’s happening. We want you to participate and engage with us. And I think that is the only way that you’re gonna have a really good experience is if you know that even if you hire an agency like ours to help you with all the things you need to do, your participation and engagement is super-important.

So whether you’re a brand new entrepreneur home care agency owner, or you’ve been around the block for a lot of time, let us know if we can help you. Give us a call. Our number is 888-404-1513. And in the comments below, my questions of the day are this: What kind of marketing are you doing right now? And, what is your biggest challenge in your home care business right now? And it may not have anything to do with marketing at all.

So that’s what we’re looking for. It’s Freestyle Friday. Tell me anything you want in the comments. I’d love to hear from you. I want to see engagement and action. Tell me what you got going on. Okay? All right. And I will answer you. Thanks, everybody. Have a great weekend, and we’ll talk to you on Monday.