Hey guys, Valerie V. Happy Thursday, it’s think about it Thursday. How do you like my glasses. What do you think about my glasses? They’re very cool.

Okay, so today we’re gonna talk a little bit about video. And we may start talking about video a little more. Lots of you have questions about how to make cool videos. And there are two ways to make cool videos. You see me do this almost every day, every other day or so. This isn’t hard.

It’s just about getting comfortable staring at the camera, the hole, the black hole there, and not really staring at an audience. It’s really not that big of a deal.

You can make videos like this where you’re talking to the camera and talking to your audience like I do with you guys all the time. Or, you can make videos that answer a simple question and that highlight your business.

So I’m gonna show you what some of those videos that we create for our clients look like. So if you are wondering how our clients have so many awesome videos and they actually aren’t in them.

We do that for them. And I want to show you what that looks like and how that can affect your Facebook business page, your business in general and all the things that you do with marketing online. And this is a pretty simple idea.

So we’re gonna go to my screen, hold on. This is our fabulous client, Home Care Matters and they are located in Flowery Branch, Georgia. And you can see right here that their Facebook business page has a video as the cover.

So this is a testimonial that really came from one of their clients and we took that video that we created for them and we made it their cover photo. And from what I understand right now, the phone is ringing pretty nicely. So you don’t have to use a static image, you can always use a video.

There are some challenges with video, for instance you have to center everything. Make sure your words are right in the middle on your video because they can get cut off down here at the bottom.

All right, let’s look at this. They also have 2,277 likes, which is totally awesome. And that is part of the program that we have them in, but I wanna show you something even more interesting. And that is all of their videos. For our clients, we create … Or we actually create lots of videos, but we post two videos per month to their Facebook business page.

So if I were to scroll down here, look at all these videos. We created all these videos for them. And what you’ll notice about these videos is that they all answer a simple question or they give a tip, or a resource. So five tips for sandwiched caregivers. Some great tips for first time family caregivers, dementia can cause sleep problems for seniors.

Eight tips for making the most out of doctors visits, what is durable power of attorney. All of these, and if you look at how long they are, 48 seconds, a minute and 31, a minute 54, a minute five, 42 seconds. And this is also a testimonial video. So we incorporate frequently asked questions that take about one minute or less to answer and we incorporate testimonials as videos. So look at all these videos.

We started, it looks like, in November of 2016 creating videos and so over a year of videos, two times per month. Now this video down here, the very first one we did is a recruiting video.

So if you need caregivers, you can also have little short recruiting videos. In fact, a minute eight is a little long. You only need like 12 seconds for a recruiting video. So I would highly recommend that you … If you can’t do it yourself, that you get in touch with someone. Maybe us, maybe someone you know who can create extremely short and to the point videos.

The important thing in a video … So let’s look at this. Let’s see, let’s pick one that’s really short. We’ll do this one right here. And I’m just gonna scroll to the end. You can see that their logo is there and if I scroll all the way to the end, the last thing you see is their logo and their phone number.

So this is how you get more likes and more engagement with your audience by using short videos. And that’s my think about it Thursday tip for you. This is Valerie V, have a great holiday weekend and we’ll talk to you on Tuesday. Thanks everybody, bye bye.