Hi friends, it’s Tech Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday. And it’s raining here. I’m done with the rain. Today we’re gonna talk about your newsletter. I know you don’t have one. If you’re our client, you do have one. But I know you don’t have one, and you need one. So we’re gonna talk about Tech Tuesday. We’re gonna talk about newsletters. Here we go.

Okay, guys, this is nothing fancy, but it is perfect just the way it is. I’m gonna tell you why. First of all, a monthly newsletter in 2018 is read 90% of the time by people who are on their mobile device. They are not sitting in front of a desktop. So your newsletter in 2018 does not need to be fancy. It needs to be readable. So it has to be mobile responsive, which this one is. It has a great header, information, as far as contact information, colors, and all that. Great, great, great. All that’s awesome.

But the rest of the newsletter needs to be scrollable and short so when I am on my mobile device I am not going to read a 10-page dissertation. I want to pick and choose the articles that make the most sense for me, that I’m most interested in. I want to be able to click on one, have it take me right back to the website, which is also mobile responsive, to read the entire article. That is exactly what should happen.

So what we do is, if you are our client, all the blog posts that we put up in the last 30 days will end up in this newsletter. So you can see that this person had four blog posts, or one per week. If you have contributed content, then you may have more articles. But as long as we keep it to a title, a short excerpt, and a read more button, that is all you need for your newsletter. You will get more reads, more opens, and more connections with a short newsletter that’s to the point, rather than one that has four long articles that are big dissertations about this or that. Keep it short, keep it scrollable, and easy on the eyes.

If you do this, you will see … and you do it every month without fail, this is an automated process by the way. We don’t touch these every month. We automate this, and it works amazingly well. If you grow your email newsletter list and you put as many contacts on it as you can, you will have great results. Your revenue can increase by 10% from a newsletter alone. But this newsletter is not just a newsletter, it’s also blog posting or articles on the website.

So please, take the time to research what you need to do to have a blog on your website, or contact us, we can help you with that, and an automated newsletter that goes out every single month without fail. And that is your newsletter information for Tech Tuesday. Have a great day.