Hey, everybody. This is Valerie V. Welcome back. Did you miss me last week? Grand Canyon was great. Stomach flu, not so great. But we persevered, we made it home, and we had a wonderful trip.

Today we’re going to talk about Marketing Monday, and yesterday I sent out an email that talked about a lot of things that have to do with dominating your market in the next six months or less. And here are the key takeaways from that email. I think this will help all of you a little bit because it’s a really long blog post/email so I thought this would help a lot for Marketing Monday.

This is a message that has been said over the years in sales and marketing many times, but today it’s being said a little bit differently or at least we’re using different platforms. It used to be before big Internet and all that radio, television, print and a maybe a little Internet mixed in there, those were the ways that you dominated your market. Today that is not true at all. Today the way you dominate your market, at least for us small business owners who are local, and we are selling to local consumers. We are reaching out to our local consumers about home care, senior care, elder care, assisted living, whatever it is that you sell. When we’re doing that, we need to use the Internet to our advantage because that is where your clientele are. That is where your adult children of aging parents are. If you don’t use it properly, it will not benefit you at all, so that’s what we’re trying to teach is how to use the Internet and do Internet marketing properly so that you’re everywhere. You need to be everywhere.

Sometimes people will say to me, “I see you everywhere.” Well, they don’t really see me everywhere. They just see me a lot because I always am creating content. And you need to be creating content. So, when our clients come on board with us, we create the content for them all the time, but we encourage them to create content with us to assist in that process, to engage in that process, to really add some personality to all the things that we’re helping them do. Where we’ll do 90% of it, we need them to contribute 10%, 20%, whatever they can afford in time to really make it work well. And we have found that the clients who actually do or follow the prescription do extremely well and they’re very happy with their results.

If you don’t engage and you don’t give it some personality and some intimacy, and I don’t mean in a weird way, I mean in a way where people get to know you a little bit or get to know your business or the people who work with you, then it doesn’t really work as well. So, you need to have content, you need to be relevant, meaning you have to be talking about things that matter to you and your audience. You need to do it all the time. You need to have content all the time. You need to be everywhere, not just on Facebook, not just on your blog, not just on Pinterest, not just on Twitter.

Not just only do you need to cover all those bases and you need to repurpose that content and use it to your advantage, you need to have video. We provide video for our clients. You need to have regular stuff coming from your website and stuff that you’re sharing from other people’s content online. On your Facebook page you need to have a Facebook group. You need to be everywhere, and you need to do it on a regular basis. And you need to add a little bit of intimacy to that, meaning let people get to know who you are. They will trust you more. They will know that you’re the person they should call, or the group or the company or the facility that they should call when they’re in need.

So, we are talking about relevancy, we’re talking about being everywhere, and we’re talking about getting personal with your audience. And you don’t have to tell them every personal detail about your life. We’re not talking that. We’re talking personal in a business sense. Why did you get into the business? Who is caregiver of the month? What kind of awards have you won lately? What was the best thing you did this weekend? Did you get a new puppy? Any of those things are fine to share, and they’re fine to talk about online, especially with a bunch of folks who are in a really particularly difficult situation, they’re looking for someone that they can call friend, even if it’s just that feeling online that you might be a good friend to them. They’re looking for that, and that will help you close more business. So, relevancy, being everywhere, and a little bit of personal or intimacy or personality, however you want to describe that.

Those are the things that are going to make a difference in your online marketing, so get to it. Get that content together, and if you’re having trouble with that or you’re really not sure how to even start down that road, then be sure to join our mentoring program. You can go to ltcsocialmark.com/mentor. Our April group, we have I think three spots left right now. You can sign up for the April group, which is coming up. It takes us a little time to get your program ready to go, so we need everybody signed up for the April program so they can start on time. So, please get your information into us and we’ll get you set up for the April group.

Thank you so much, and I hope you guys have a wonderful week and wonderful Marketing Monday. See you soon. Bye bye.