Valerie V Show EP 15: Facebook “Groups” Beta Reporting! Awesome News

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Valerie V:            Hi everybody. Valerie V. back from my one-day hiatus. Yesterday was my 47th birthday, so this is 47. Had a great day. Thank you all for all the wonderful birthday wishes. Today we are going to talk about something that we’ve been experimenting with a little bit in the wake of all the changes by Facebook.

So we have already talked about this but Facebook has already told us that they want to go back to a more friends and family centered sort of, I guess, algorithm, for lack of a better description. This is what Facebook originally intended all along was to connect people, not be divisive or have ugly fake content that makes people more divided. They are trying to bring us all back together.

So what they’re showing you in your feed right now are the things that they think you want to see. One of those is any group that you have joined on Facebook is going to be showing up a lot more in your feed, or when you go to Facebook and you’re on your home page, you’re going to see a lot more from your groups than you used to see. It’s not being drowned out by all of the clutter and the chatter that’s extra out there.

Today we’re going to take a look at, and right now we are beta testing with a couple of our clients on forming supportive groups for home care in their local area. Now, these groups are formed off of their Facebook business page and the requirement for our beta is that 1) you have to be our client, 2) you have to have at least 1,000 followers on your Facebook or fans on your Facebook business page. Once you’ve reached that milestone, then we can form a group off of your Facebook business page but the key to that is that you have to be engaged and involved all the time. Every other day or so you have to post.

If you’re a member of our elder care entrepreneurs group on Facebook, you’ll notice that I post something almost every day, of course, whether it’s a video like this or it’s just an inspirational quote or a meme or a hi, how are you, or welcoming new members. There’s always something new, something to talk about. Other people chime in, they ask questions. This is what we want to see. We want to see some momentum within a group.

Now, in order for a group to get momentum and to supportive of each other, you have to have a pretty sizable group. So we started with a couple of our clients, and remember, it’s only been a few days or maybe a week or so since we started this. I’m going to show you an example of one of our clients and they have worked extremely hard to get this many people in their group already. Remember that people just don’t appear in your group. You have to invite them. You have to ask them to join. You have to maybe do advertising.

Eventually what will happen is Facebook will show your group to people who it thinks might be interested in your group. Right now, we have a very growing group on elder care entrepreneurs because Facebook is saying hey, you might like this group, which is great for us. We want to see that. But for your caregiver support group off of your home care Facebook business page or assisted living or whatever it is you do, when you first form that you may have 20 people, 40 people, then 100, then 200. It might take until you get to a good 500 or 600 people before you really can back off and let that group self-support.

It does take some everyday interaction, but with patience and genuineness and support and resources, and offering information from yourself as the expert, you can grow that group and you can get leads, and you can get a lot of credibility from that group.

Let’s take a look at one of the groups that we have started, and this is by no means knocking it out of the park yet, but I can tell you that this client has done an extra amount of work to get this many people to be members of the group. These are our friends in the Phoenix metro area and they’re our clients, and so they have, this is their Facebook business page. Let’s go to that first. You can see this is their Facebook business page here. They have videos. They have content coming in everyday. They have blog posts from their website coming in. They have all kinds of good stuff.

They have already grown their fan base on this Facebook business page to almost 2,000 people. Let’s see what they have. 1,934 likes. Now let’s go to the form that we formed, so off of this page we formed a group, Golden Heart Scottsdale Support Group, and it looks a lot like the other page except that, whoopsie, sorry about that, except that the header gives an explanation. “Welcome to the Golden Heart Senior Care Support Group. This is a place to share kind words, support, resources, tips and experiences. If you need help, please call our offices at 480-351-0388.” Very simple, easy header, explains what the group is about and how to get ahold of them if you were to need help.

You can see right now they have 257 members, and a lot of the content is very supportive, very resource-driven. We’re welcoming our new members. We’re posting supportive memes about caregiving, stories about caregiving from our own situations, and things like that. So there is a whole set in here somewhere, I’ll go back and see if I can find it, of comments and people who have joined the group who actually, I’ll open it up. You can see there are lots of people who are commenting, but the client, she actually worked really hard to get this many people, the 257 people. She reached out to them from her personal page. She reached out to them on LinkedIn and invited them. We’re doing a little advertising to help the people in the local Phoenix area know this exists. There are lots of things that go into play to get this group not only built up but also engaging with one another.

This is something you have to work at. It’s not something you can set and forget. People won’t join it because you have it. You have to physically work it. I would highly recommend that any of you who have an appropriately built Facebook business page, meaning you are not set up as a profile or a person, you actually have a page, a business page, that you go ahead and set up a group associated with a page. That will help you tremendously in the next few years and even if there are some additional algorithm changes. So please think about forming a group but make sure you have the time to commit to that group.

So that’s it for today. I just wanted to show you a little bit about our Facebook beta and hopefully you can start your own group off of your Facebook business page as well. Thanks so much, and I’ll see you tomorrow.