12 Months of Home Care Marketing

(Over 52 Reasons for Visiting Referral Sources)

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Valerie V:            Hey everybody, this is Valerie VanBooven. Glad you could be with us today. We are going to talk about the 12 months of marketing. Happy Monday to you. Today, I am going to give you 12 months of marketing ideas and even more than one idea for a reason to go visit every single week of the year.

Today, we’re only going to go through January, February and March so you can get a feel for what makes sense, but when I’m done if you click on the link that goes with this video you can get the entire 12 months downloadable in a PDF. I’m going to go through the first three months of the year and then what I want you to do when we get done is click on the link that’s associated with this video so that you can get the entire 12 months in a PDF. You should never, ever run out of reasons to go by and see your referral sources, and we’re also going to talk about how to combine your online marketing with your offline marketing when you’re doing this. So, we should take care of everything for the whole year for you in just a second. So right now we’re going to go to my screen, and we’re going to walk through the first three months of the year. So here we go.

So here we are with 12 months of marketing. If you need our help please don’t hesitate, for any of your online marketing needs to call us at 888-404-1513 or go to LTCsocialmark.com.

Let’s talk January, so we’ve already passed January this year, but you can use this next year. Here are the ways that you can use this information to market every single week. Not just every single month. There are lots of celebrations throughout the year, and you can find those online anywhere, but I’m going to give you more than four for every slide. The only months that get a little bit sticky are the ones that are in July and August because it’s the dog days of summer and there isn’t a whole lot, but this will carry you through the end of the year. So we’re going to go through January, February, and March and then you can download the PDF to get the rest of them. You’ll get the idea. You’ll get the gist of what we’re talking about.

January is … some of the examples, and I didn’t even include all of them. I mean, there are tons of examples of things you could do but here are the ones I thought you could come up with something cute pretty easily. January is bath safety month, cervical health awareness month, get a balanced life month, “get organized month”, national glaucoma awareness month, national volunteer blood donor month, and “shape us up month”. You could ignore the words link. I’m going to take those out of there. But those are just some, of course, it’s the new year. Everybody has … they have new years resolutions and things like that so there are tons of celebrations in January. These aren’t the only ones, but these are the ones I thought you can find something cute.

So the first thing I’d recommend is this, go online and Google “bath safety month” or “get a balanced life month” and write a short article for your blog or website. I talk about content marketing all the time. You should be putting blog posts on your website. If your website doesn’t have a blog you are missing the boat on SEO and on leads and referrals so you need to get a blog on your website. So let’s say you do have one, you need to write a short article for your blog or website. It doesn’t have to be a dissertation. We’re talking two or three paragraphs, easy stuff. And then from that blog post, you could easily create a one-page flyer that you can put your logo on, your contact information and all that and you can easily make that into just a one-pager that you can hand out to everybody. You can print it from your own printer. You can make it fancy, however expensive or inexpensive you want to do it is totally fine.

So, for “bath safety month” you might want to print up something, write something up, have a one-page flyer. Put it in your blog post, put it in their hands and then maybe something cute can go along with it like you can go to the dollar store and buy, you know, the little bath sponges and stuff that are cute like pink and green and you can … or loofahs and you can attach them to your little handout with your business card, staple it all together and leave it behind. So there are little things you can do. If you think really far ahead you could even order stuff that’s even cheaper than going to the dollar store. So, you could always do something simple and cute like that for national bath safety month. For “get a balanced life month”, I mean, I’m sure you could think of something cute. Get organized month, you could give them a little miniature organizer thing, or I don’t know what. For “national glaucoma awareness month”, I’m sure there’s something with the eyes, or a little pair of glasses. Cutesy little something that you’d hand out at kids’ birthdays you could attach. National volunteer blood donor month you could find something cute to do with that and then shape us up month easy enough to find something small that’s cute and exercise-y. Or just, you know, I don’t know, whatever.

So, those are the kinds of things. So every month, every week in the month of January you could have picked four of these and every week you could have gone by those referral sources and dropped off your cutesy item and also had a new blog post on your website and those handouts so people don’t forget you. That’s easy, easy stuff. And if you can’t attach anything or do anything cute then just have the handout or the flyer. That’s fine too.

February has even more stuff to celebrate so AMD or low vision awareness month, American heart month, “bake for family fun month”, I smell cookies! Declutter for a cause month, grapefruit month, national black history month, national hot breakfast month, national therapeutic recreation month, national time management month, plant the seeds of greatness month, spunky old broads month, be careful with that one. And wise healthcare consumer month, so tons of stuff to write about. Tons of stuff to make a flyer about. Pick four, you’ll have one per week. Make it something cute along with your flyer and your handout and go by and visit that referral source.

For March, oh my gosh even more stuff, American Red Cross month, deep vein thrombosis month, employee spirit month, Irish American heritage month, of course. “Mad for plaid month”, national caffeine awareness month, national Colorectal cancer awareness month, national craft month, national essential trimmer awareness month, multiple sclerosis education and awareness month, kidney month, nutrition month, national social work month you gotta get that one in there. National umbrella month, you should probably give an umbrella to every social worker, just kidding that might be a little expensive. National women’s history month, optimism month, save your vision month, social work month again, and spiritual wellness month and that spiritual wellness month that is just the tip of the iceberg for March. So again, pick four, pick six if you want. Write a short article for your blog or website. Create a one-page flyer that you can print out and then visit your referral sources and have a cute leave behind that talks about some of these issues.

And I will fill in April, May, June, July, August, oh I spelled July wrong. September, October, November and December and I will send this to you if you fill out the little … or if you go to the link and you fill out the little form you will automatically get in your email a PDF version of this, cleaned up a little bit. And I will send it right to you. So you have ways to, you know, content is easy, and your reasons to go by and visit your referral sources easy. You don’t have to have huge phone calls and reasons and appointments all the time. You just need something simple to get you in the door.

Okay, that should take care of it. So this is you Monday motivation. You have 12 months of marketing ideas. One for every single week and sometimes more than one per week to take you through the end of the year and you can use these year, after year, after year. Think of something cute. Do them up a little bit in advance and you will have plenty of cool stuff to go by and leave behind for your referral sources.

I hope you guys have a great week. Thank you so much and we will talk to you probably on Tuesday or Wednesday. Talk to you later! Bye!