Home Care SEO – Top Rankings on Google- Watch this Short Video to Learn How We Ranked this Home Care Agency in 46 Days!ws you what we did and how that looks today!

Home Care SEO Explained

Hey guys, this is Valerie. I wanted to show you an update to one of the case studies that we recently did with Great Oak Senior Care located in Bloomington, Minnesota, right outside of Minneapolis.

Many of you are located right outside of a major suburb or of a major city. And I wanted to show you what has happened in the last 46 days.

SEO is Like Planting Tomatoes!

So, home care SEO, search engine optimization, is sort of like planting tomatoes. If you plant the seeds today, you don’t have tomatoes tomorrow.

It takes a while for all of this to work. However, if you do the right stuff every day, and your website is fast, and your website is built correctly, and you involve your Google My Business listing and all of this, then you will see results like this. And they get better all the time.

MARCH 12 Results (46 Days Ago)

I want to point out a few things.

On March 12th, for the keyword phrase, senior home care Bloomington, our friends at Great Oak were number two on the maps, first page of Google.

In-home senior care near Bloomington, Minnesota, number one, first page of Google on maps.

Hospital to home care. Like transitioning from hospital to home care. For Bloomington, they were number five.

And elderly care Bloomington, they were not on the radar screen. They were not in the top 100 results.

Private duty home care Bloomington, they were in before.

24 hour home care Bloomington, they were not on anywhere on the radar.

Alzheimer’s home care, they were a number 11.

Senior care Bloomington, were they number 10.

In home elder care Bloomington, they were not on the radar.

In-home care Bloomington, they were number 17, 19 22, 16, not on the radar.

Here’s today. This is April 26, 2021.

They are still number two, first page of Google.

Number two, first page of Google, number three from number five.

Number three didn’t exist before on the maps, first page of Google.

Number four, first page of Google.

Number five didn’t exist before.

Number six, they were top of second page in the past.

Number six, bottom of first page in the past.

Number nine didn’t… in the first page of Google, didn’t exist in the past for in-home elder care.

Number 12, they’ve come up five spots.

They were number 17 in the past.

They’re now number 13.

They were number 19 before.

Home care Bloomington, this is probably the hardest keyword phrase, just the generic term “home care”.

They were number two. We’ve brought them up eight spots to remember 14.

Home care agencies near Bloomington, they were number 16.

We brought them up to number 14.

And elder care Bloomington, they were not on the maps.

They are now number 16 and they’ll continue to rise.

So, what did we do to make that happen?

New Home Care Website

Well, first of all, we rebuilt their website.

Second of all, we put in… For the pages that they wanted, or the keyword phrases (home care seo) they were to rank for, which we helped guide them on those ideas and those terms, we built out those pages. And we wrote them the way Google wants to see them.

Advanced Schema

We used advanced schema behind the scenes, which is tech talk for a lot of computer coding that helps Google… which Google likes that helps Google understand more about what’s going on. (Home Care SEO!)


We’ve done some off-page, or offsite, backlinking that was excellent.

It is not junk. It is not buying backlinks. That is a no, no, no, no, no. But we have done some that are appropriate and excellent.

And that has helped.


They have blog posting twice a month to supplement some of the long-form blog posts that we put on their site, just to launch the site.

We put two up to launch their site.

We do short-form blog posting every other week.

Their social media is intact and posted to every day.


Their Google My Business gets a post five days a week.

Their Google My Business page is completely optimized with the same keyword phrases that their website is optimized for.

So, all of those things, and I will tell you this too. They do have a physical address, of course, just like all of us. But they are a service area business. And that’s how they’re listed on Google. They’re not listed with a physical address on Google. They’re a service area business, which means, on the Google map, it just shows a big service area for them, just like a plumber, or a roofer.

People don’t come to you, you go to them. So, you’re a service area business.

So, a lot of people would say, “Well, it’s really hard to get a home care agency that is listed as a service area business to rank.”

And I would tell you that it’s not hard to get it to rank. If you do all the right things, and you play the game of Google your play, and you make Google very happy, it will give you these kinds of ranks.

What’s Next For Your Home Care Business

So, if you are not showing up in search, if you are not happy with your website, please talk to us, because I believe that we can help.

And if you’re a current client, we have offered an enhanced SEO package.

If you’re a website client, and you engage with us on the enhanced SEO package, we can do this for you.

So, just wanted to let you know that this is available and it works.

And it’s not an overnight thing, but it definitely happened for these folks in 46 days.

Contact us for more information about your search results!