There are a few marketing steps that every senior care business should have taken by now. Are you onboard, and are you handling these marketing steps effectively?

The senior care industry is a very competitive field. Home care and senior care professionals have to continuously “up” their marketing games if they want to get ahead and catch the attention of potential clients. You may think your business is doing fine. But you know what? It can do better.

A few tweaks in your senior care marketing strategy might be all you need. 

Check out these senior care marketing trends for online marketing ideas that will help you grow your business. 

A focus on mobile-friendly marketing – Google is MOBILE FIRST.

Since most people nowadays go online using their smartphones, it makes sense for businesses to optimize their websites for smartphones. After Google switched to mobile-first indexing in 2018, mobile-friendly websites became the standard. This means that companies whose sites are mobile-optimized are likely to rank higher in Google’s search engine results page. Optimizing your website for mobile users will increase your page’s conversion rates and lead more clients to your doorstep. What are you waiting for?

A more personalized and interactive approach to content- ENGAGE, or get lost in the noise.

Think of your content as the heart of your online marketing campaign. Whether it’s a blog, a social media post, an article on your website, or an email campaign, do whatever you can to make it attractive to readers. Publishing quality content is a good place to start. But if you want to take things to the next level, create more personalized and interactive materials.

By personalized content, we mean articles and blog posts that are tailored to the needs of your audience. Find out what senior care issues, trends, and technologies people are interested in, and produce purposeful content around these topics.

You can also use interactive forms of content such as online quizzes, surveys, assessments, and polls to engage your website visitors and keep them from getting bored while consuming your information. Updating your site regularly with creative content that piques people’s curiosity and drives their buyer’s journey forward can turn visitors into clients.

Brand promotion through social media…

There’s no way you’re not promoting your senior care business on social media these days because it is easily the most convenient and cost-effective method of promoting your senior care services. It’s almost 2020! Who’s not on social media? If you’re looking for a cheap and relatively simple way of making your brand known to the general public, this is the way to do it!

Post updates, share senior care related quotes, answer questions in the comments, or film a Facebook/Instagram live video with your staff. These may sound like just the usual stuff that people post on social media, but they’ll work wonders in improving the image of your business.

But wait…Get rid of “promotional” content and make more educational, fun content

When people start complaining that their page posts are not getting enough engagement, I just take my phone, search their business name on Facebook and start analyzing their latest posts.

Post number 1: Promotional

Post number 2: Promotional

Post number 3: Promotional

And I’m like, well, you really think, that the people who’ve liked your page are interested in seeing only promotional and sales-oriented posts from your page? And they’re like, “Hmm, what else should we post, if we just want to get new sales for our business by using Facebook?”

In such cases, I start explaining to people that users really don’t like seeing such kinds of posts because their feed is already filled with so many ads, that advertisers put on Facebook for promoting their products or services.

Promotional content isn’t something, that will engage your customers and make them hit the “Like” or “Share” buttons. It’s something, that will make them scroll down through their news feed or even browse your page and unlike it. 

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And the reason why so many pages on Facebook fail, is the fact, that we want to get value from someone without giving it. Not fair, is it?
Promotional/sales oriented content isn’t valuable in most cases. The good thing is you can promote your product or service and at the same time provide valuable content for your audience.

They love to hear your company story more than what you are trying to sell to them. So, get rid of the promotional material from your page. Instead, start educating them with valuable and entertaining content.
Renderforest reports, that 86% of marketers are satisfied with their video marketing results and consider them successful. This means that you can use lots of videos in your content marketing strategy and have success in it. What about starting to produce videos right away?


Leveling up customer support with chatbots

Yes, I said chatbots. Many small businesses use these for their websites and Facebook pages, and you should too. A 24/7 A.I. chat support will definitely benefit the customer-service aspect of your practice. You can configure your chatbots to answer FAQs or provide basic information, so your clients and website visitors won’t feel like they’re left hanging when they send you a message during off-hours.

When you can’t handle everything, outsource- RELIABLY!

As you’re reading this article are you thinking, “How am I going to make time for this?”

If you’re too busy, there’s another way to handle your marketing: outsourcing.

Look for a reliable digital senior care marketing company or SEO firm that can do all of these things for you and more. With experts working on your online marketing strategy, you’ll have one thing less to worry about!

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN is the co-owner of LTC Expert Publications, specializing in online marketing for senior care businesses since 2008.

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