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All right. So we are going to talk about your marketing being on fire for senior care businesses. The future is here, and we need to do things a little bit differently than we’ve been doing it in the past.

So today I’m gonna show you some really cool stuff. We’re gonna talk about community outreach and referral sources.

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Facebook groups are first up on our list of things we’re gonna talk about. It sounds like a lot of work. But if you want a lot of referrals, this might be just the ticket for you.

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So let’s have about Facebook groups. First of all, let’s rewind a little bit. If you’re not a Facebook user, you should be in 2019 for your marketing. If you don’t need that kind of marketing.

Well, I don’t know anybody who couldn’t use more referrals on more business. Maybe there are those of you out there? But Facebook’s a great demographic for the senior care market because Facebook’s getting older, older and older by the day, minute, hour week.

And the reason for that is it started out with college kids. And now it’s our parents and grandparents who are on Facebook looking at pictures, communicating with family, arguing about politics and whatever else they might be doing.

But it is a really good demographic for seniors and their families. Instagram is a good demographic, but the problem with Instagram it’s not as good. It’s still a younger audience, and it’s, you know, it’s focused on pictures, not messages as much.

Yes, you can do messages, but it’s really all about the pictures. So Instagram, when you have to explain your service, is or I don’t know, it’s, um it just doesn’t work as well. But anyway, let’s talk about Facebook groups. So Facebook has gotten a lot of trouble in the last year to about privacy issues.

So at the conference of Facebook holds every year called F8. Facebook said. Or actually, Mark Zuckerberg said, the future of Facebook is private, and what in the world does that mean?

Well, that means that where they considered themselves kind of the town hall where people came from, came out of their houses and network together and talk to each other.

Now Facebook wants to be that meeting in your living room. So, in other words, instead of a town hall, it’s a book club. It’s a group of people with a like-minded interests who meet privately in someone’s home over coffee or tea or whatever.

And so that’s the analogy that they’re kind of using is it’s more like having a meet up in your living room than it is having a meet up in town square.

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So Facebook groups become a very, very big part of that. There’s a huge focus. The algorithm for Facebook has changed a lot you’ve noticed over the last year to any group that you belong to in Facebook are showing up much more prominently for you than other pages and businesses and things like that. So your Facebook page is super important for a whole lot of different reasons. You should really be maximizing your usage of your Facebook page, your business page.

However, Facebook groups are important for senior care businesses. You can use a Facebook group as a private room.

You can start one. You can invite people to come into that group. And you can do it for various reasons, I’m going to give you just a few examples of how a senior care business might use Facebook groups to grow their business so any Facebook user can make a group. Some groups let anyone join, but others might be private.

I would always recommend that yours be private when joining a group, whether private or public, your Facebook friends might see that you’ve joined it. If it’s a private group, they cannot see what you said unless they are members of the same group.

Leaving a group will not notify the other members. Only the creator of the group and anyone they make admin has the power to invite someone to a group.

Ah, and you can create events, upload pictures, video and share files within a group. Groups can be deleted by removing all of the members, so if it doesn’t work out or you don’t like it. You can always delete it.

Facebook groups are extremely valuable in general, but they could have a huge impact when used in your marketing strategy. We do this.

I highly recommend you do this. Businesses who center a group around their brand can build a community around it. This makes your brand your business and products even more valuable.

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Yeah, we know you’re unable to stream even more valuable to the customers. And what’s better than getting a group of people together who love you and your service is?

So we have our group. Senior Care Marketing – Level UP!

All right, so this is one of our group, our group’s senior care marketing level up. And if I scroll down, you can save pinned this announcement to the top. This is one of our last lives that we did.

And this is one of the posts that we did today. Polls are an excellent way to get people to engage and to actually talk to you in your group.

“What is your favorite in-person marketing technique and why tell us why this is your favorite in the comments below. “

So I gave some options networking events, attending senior affairs and expose supporting charities, dropping in on referral sources randomly and sponsoring events s. So we got a couple of people, a few people here who actually answered and told us why.

So that’s really cool. And then we always welcome our new members. And when we welcome our new members, we asked them to tell us a little bit about themselves. So they do that people welcome them.

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So this is what we call engagement.

Not every post gets awesome engagement. Um, but a lot of them do. So, this is the kind stuff that we strive to do you in our group.

And that’s the kind of stuff you should do to keep engagement up. The more engaged people are in your group, the more people will try to join it.

And the more people will see it, who are already members in their feeds. All right, let’s go back to our little presentation here.

Okay, so membership request filtering. All right, so here is something that I’ve learned over time.

When users post to your group, it pops up and stays in the feed. So if I’m a member of your group and you posted it, I see that it stays in the feed center stage for other users too easily see and engage with. Furthermore, groups naturally invite more frequent interaction and discussions because that’s what they’re meant to do and users feel more comfortable. This is especially true if you express the desire for the users to ask questions or share insights in the group description.

So you’re asking people to share asking people to contribute, asking people to tell their story that really works.

All right, let’s go to the next one. Membership requests filtering now this didn’t use to be an option, but it is now.

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So what we do is we ask a few questions. Just a couple you don’t want to make it cumbersome.

But you can ask for email addresses, You can ask questions like “how long have you been in the industry”, or “are you caring for an aging parent or family member?”

What’s your customer email address? We can verify. So if they have to be a client, you can ask them for the email address.

This helps weed out bots or people who probably shouldn’t be in the group. Honestly, if somebody’s in India, they do not need to be in our group because nothing we have to say we’ll apply to them.

Scheduled posts.

Now, this didn’t use to be a feature, but it is now. So if I want a post a live at certain times of the day, I can schedule those.

I can create the post inside my group, and then I can schedule them to go live in advance so that I don’t have to actually be there when the post goes live. Ah, simplified member clean-up. So if you want to get rid of someone who you thought would be a good member but they’re just spamming your group with advertisements, you congest remove them and all their content in one fell swoop now and that’s awesome. Group to group linking this is interesting. This one is still being tested. It allows the group to recommend similar groups. The linking feature could be extremely helpful if you’re breaking down one large group into different groups.

But what its saying is, let’s say, the Alzheimer’s Association had a giant national Facebook group, and then they had one for Houston and one for Saint Louis and one for Sacramento, California.

They could link to those groups so that people in those specific areas could branch off into those other groups. Those are the kinds of things that they’re talking about, and I think that’s actually a pretty interesting idea. Facebook groups for senior care businesses virtual support groups are probably the easiest, but you have to be willing to be there and contribute and engaged all the time. Not all the time, not all day.

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At least once a day. You need to go in, and you need to acknowledge everyone’s contribution by liking it, commenting on it by thanking them.

If you’re going to have a group, you have to take it seriously. I see too many people who say, oh yeah, I’m gonna start a group. I’m going to take the time to do it and then they never log into it.

I go to my group at least once a day. Probably more. And I talk to people and I engage with them and I get rid of the spam. If there’s any spam and they get rid of advertisements and I welcome new people so you could do for us, it’s a marketing group for you.

As a senior care provider, you could have a virtual support group. You could ask a couple of questions before community members are allowed in. They have to be.

They have to have a parent and aging family member in your area, or they have to live in your area. You could ask them, you know what? Your zip code or your aging parents of code? Your email address is always important, and, um, you’re going to see their first and last name. So that’s, you know, usually, and you can ask another question, like, what’s your biggest concern is a family caregiver, but you just keep it simple, something they can answer with a yes and no easy stuff.

But you definitely want a weed out people and it always make it clear that if you don’t answer the questions, you are not going to be in our group, and I hate doing that sometimes because I want to have more members.

But what I realize is if people don’t take the time, if they don’t read the directions, they’re not gonna follow the rules either.

So I just delete them. I figured they’ll come back and do it the right way if they’re really serious. Professional colleagues group.

So let’s say you have, um, you know, a bunch of people that you network with or you mark it with you could actually create a group and all of you more network together inside of that group.

You know who has an “in” with abc hospital, who can point me in the right direction if I need this or I have a client who really needs, um, a wheelchair ramp installed at a low cost. Who do you recommend?

So you could put together a local professional senior care network of providers that you trust on lee? Let certain people in and you guys gonna have your own little group.

You could have a large networking group that’s local of any senior service provider. Even your competition could be in there talking about what’s going on, what’s coming up certain meetings to attend and things like that.

You could also have a training and learning group. Now, this would be more like I know some of the folks like clear care online, and there are other ones out there. They have, like family portals. Probably have videos, and things like that you could have if you’re into doing video or into documents, are helping people. You could have a training and learning group for your clients.

Teach them what they need to know not only about assisted living or home here or elder law or, you know the ins and outs of things but, you know, help them learn by video.

You could help them learn by your examples things that you might show your professional caregivers. If you can share those videos with them on, you know, have the proper lifting techniques, things like that just for your clients. You only allow your clients, and so those other kinds of things you can use Facebook groups floor. Most people have to look at Facebook on their phones, and they are probably very willing to participate. But it has to be something where you are engaging with your group almost every single day it will bring referrals.

It will bring new business. It will grow if you have a big local community group. But you have to do the right thing by the group in order for it to grow.

All right, so that is Facebook groups for senior cure businesses. This is something I’d posted today think is really important, and it really applies to all of us. In the senior care market, 90% of decision-makers refuse cold calls in context.

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If that isn’t reason enough to create connections. Here are seven reasons why building connections is so important, and this quote actually comes from a lady who is like the queen of Facebook groups. She’s not an employee of Facebook. She is someone who has done a fabulous job with a group for mothers of the deployed military, and she has grown a group, and she understands groups very much, and she even consults. If you have a business and you need a consultation so you want to build your business.

Making authentic connections can mean new prospects. Many people want to deal with owners. It brings a sense of being an insider or VIP.

Connections. Look out for each other and make introductions to each other. This can only happen if a real conversation takes place. Connections may give you access to events, are exclusive or have limited attendants.

Access to additional services and opportunities. Connections may give you tips for running your business more effectively managing your time. This is especially true if they have skills that you don’t have.

Most new partnerships come from connections and referrals. More connections. Improve your options.

They can introduce you to vendors, advisors and specialists. If you’re considering outsourcing portions of your work, connections can share their experience and introduce you to folks who can help you.

Lasting friendships and alliances conform, and this is the lady who posted this. Her name’s jerry. For me, this is the best reason to make connections, build authentic relationships based on respect, not transactions.

And at the bottom of very bottom of my screen, you can see she put hashtag crockpot thoughts, and I think what she means by that is that building a business and building connections and building groups inside of Facebook should be a slow process.

You may have a big group really fast, but you want to take your time and grow. This isn’t some get rich quick scheme. This is really a take care of each other kind of situation.


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All right, this is what everybody really wants to see, and that is POP_IN ideas for fall 2019. And, boy, do I have some for you?

Yes, POP-IN IDEAS! Okay, what does what does this do? Wait, what does this do? Where is this? Do oh, okay. Here we go.

All right. So what I d’oh ah, lot is I give people pop and ideas every season that they can do that that are really cheap because we don’t want to break any rules or loss.

And we also don’t want to blow our budget on expensive junk. So here we go. These are cheap, easy pop and ideas. Okay, let me rewind one second.

When I was in my late twenties, early thirties, I was a case manager at one of the largest local hospital systems in the St. Louis area. So I get it now back then because I’m an old lady.

Back then we let all the home care agencies in, they could do whatever they wanted to. Well, there were a couple of marketers who blew my mind and were awesome.

And of course, I sent them referrals. Not because they left gifts, but because I couldn’t forget about them.

They were always in our office, it seemed like and they probably came by once a week and they would leave things like this.

They were huge gifts. They were small and we’re talking oriental trading now if you don’t know it, oriental trading is by now. Come on, people.

(VIDEO) Senior Care Marketing- Community Outreach, Facebook Groups, and POP-IN IDEAS!!! 52 you go there, you get stuff super cheap. All this stuff could be found on oriental trading. Buy it in bulk, super chief.

And then you have to do a little bit of work to put it all together. But it’s okay, so this is one that I thought was really cute. Now these things are not originally put together for home care, senior care or assisted living. But you can change with these little stickers, say, and you can have the stickers made anywhere vista print, oriental trading, cheep, cheep, cheep. You don’t have to even make them yourself like these people did.

Okay, so everything we talk about here, a couple of things, remember, you always put your sticker or business card with your phone number on this.

Always. Always, always 100%. Don’t ever give something out that doesn’t have your information on it somewhere.

Um, and you can print these out on your own printer if you only have, like, 10 major referral sources. If you want to see it. Could be assisted living elder law attorneys, nursing homes, independent living, whatever.

You might just go by and you may have few for each one. So, you know, you don’t have to spend gobs on this.

Um, you could print out things like, okay, try to come up with a quote for each one, but I did this on the fly.

Your referrals are the sweetest. So this one says we all go nuts without you. I don’t know. It’s this happy classified appreciation week. I don’t know what that means.

We go nuts without your referrals. If it’s somebody who is a referral source, you know, just something cute.

And then on the other side of this MM bag, you can put your sticker or your business card. All right, so easy stuff.

Okay. October is obviously breast cancer awareness month celebrating breast cancer awareness month. Your sticker. What do you put in there?

You put candy in there. Of course. You put candy in there. You might put something unique, but keep it simple. We’re talking Dollar Store stuff. People here, these bags, you can get 50 of them for like, 10 bucks or me. It’s even less.

I mean, these bags on oriental trading are super duper cheap. You can get them super cheap and get 50 of them for $10. Come on and do a little stuffing of the bags one night and go out and handle your referral sources of the next day.

Of course, they’re going to remember you. Oh, I have another thing to say about that. I would absolutely.

If you’re gonna do this and you’re gonna use candy most the times, it’s the easiest, cheapest thing.

That’s fine. But make sure you have a couple of bags ready for diabetics because they bet a lot of the people you work with, especially if they’re a little older, are going to be a type two diabetic and so if you could put something besides candy in there or something that sugar free that’s not Dollar Store sugar for you, though, that’s something you need to buy it. Walgreens. And even then sugar-free candy gives you the “you know whats” so be careful with that. But yes, sugar-free.

Something cute and simple is perfect. Okay, your sticker or business card always goes on everything. These air. Thank you, thank you.

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Now you would think that’s expensive. Those air jars? No, these were plastic. This is like a wedding thing, but you don’t have to have a wedding. In order to use these, you can order these little plastic canisters super cheap and anybody who is a referral source or send you a referral. You give them one of these little things.

It’s filled with m and m’s or candies. Your referrals are the sweetest thank you. Easy stuff.

Um, this is like a little bottle of champagne, but it’s little candies on the inside again. Super cheap.

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You can buy. You know, a huge amount of these for really cheap on oriental trading. This is plastic for a hunk. Your discharge is always sweet and never sticky. What?

That soup super cute. Okay, this one I just thought was nicest has served with love. This is probably more along the religious side. But if that is kind of how you roll, then this might be good. I don’t know if I would do nuts, but, um, you know, just a little thing of wrapped candies or maybe Halloween candy or something like that. In your business, you serve with love.

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That’s very nice if this doesn’t be my valentine, but you did not have to obviously have that. This is this.

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Put this example here because this is custom printed and a lot of these do come with custom printing. If you do black and white, you can have your home care agency on here. You’ve been put. We love your referrals.

You didn’t do a lot of things. Custom printing is easy. These are smaller, chief, they’re plastic, and they’re really cute.

So you do not have to do be my valentine. Don’t let your friends or family have a scary home care experience. These air little teeny buckets, which is cauldrons, and you can put Halloween candies.

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Hershey’s chocolate bars. You can get these for a dollar apiece. Or maybe last somewhere. You are the sweetest part of my business.

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And when that sticker on one side and your business card on the other, bam, everybody loves you. Okay, we all know that every month almost seems to have an awareness celebration.

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So there’s a couple of different months that have the Alzheimer’s stuff on, and I know that November. I think it’s out now our international or national Alzheimer’s disease awareness month.

So you order these in purple because that’s the Alzheimer’s color. Uh, you know what? These come in two days. You do not have to order these six months in advance.

He’s coming, like, two days. And then you just put some stuff in their business card on top. Hold it shut.

Oh, my goodness. And everything you see here, you can get an oriental trading. You would think I work there, but I don’t.

I just know this is the easiest way to do leave behind that. It’s cheap, it’s effective and people will remember you. And it gives you a reason to stop by. So all these colors on the left-hand side are all the different colors they have. So, of course, they have pink. They have red.

They have purple. Whatever the awareness celebration is, you can get a little box like this. Oh, I treasure your referrals, then this is actually a chinese takeout box.

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I think they have every shape under the sun and every color. Not sure what little dog’s problem is. I put these on here because I was looking for these.

Ok, these are little plastic boxes and you don’t have to do this. S’mores kit is a little over the top. You could do this, you could do it. The one piece of chocolate in there, and you could do these crackers, and it’s kind of cute, but you don’t have to do this.

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You could actually put anything in these little boxes. What’s more, they’re actually kind of cute.

So anyway, you could do little cookies. You could d’oh, whatever.

But that I thought just was cute. Okay, this is a bad picture, but I am always ready to carve out time to serve you and your referrals.

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That is cute. Dollar Store people Dollar Store, maybe oriental trading as something like this, I am always ready to carve out time to serve you and referrals.

Oh, my god. That’s so cute. Okay, this one is when you decider on a home care agency, be sure to choose the best. You could say assisted living facility, elder law attorney. Whatever.

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You sure to choose the best on. Then you can get these on at the grocery store. Probably. And you can use what you don’t have to do. You don’t have to do a whole box. Can you just stay in there for one more minute? Uh, you could d’oh.

Just one of the packets. And here are something like that, you know, wrapped in something cute.

But you could do a whole box if you want to. There’s 18 in the box, and I think they’re they’re super cheap. Oh, right.

Oh, I think that was it. Yep, that was my last one. So these are all my pop in ideas. I am going to leave this in our group so everybody can see it, and that is our show for today. It’s a little awkward, but we got through it and I will make sure the recording because that’s probably the best part of this whole thing. The editing down the recording is on all of our Facebook pages.

So thanks, everybody. I hope you have a great night. Thanks for joining us and see you soon.