Hey, guys. It’s the Valerie V Show! Thanks for joining us today. We are going to talk about your senior care marketing on fire for the rest of 2019 and into 2020. Now. Last week we did a whole thing on your marketing on fire.

Today we’re going to take that one little bit of the time and talk about the parts and pieces of making it all come together.

Everybody. It’s the Valerie V Show let’s talk about your marketing on fire. We’re going to talk about the parts and pieces of the things that we discussed last week, and we talked about a lot of stuff we talked about….

The services that we provide which are everything internet marketing for senior care businesses we’ve been doing that for 12 years, but I want to talk about one or two pieces of that mix.

He look at that right? Looks like my glasses there, girlie. Uh, so let’s talk about leads.

Now. I’ve done a whole video on leads before. We have talked about that, haven’t we? Your expectation of what should happen when you buy leads versus the reality of what happens when you buy leads are two very different things. In most cases, when you are brand new right out of the box and you’re pretty desperate and pretty impatient for business to come in the door, I get it.

I totally understand that when that happens, it is very tempting to buy leads for all the wrong reasons because you think that they’re going to close right now. If anybody is filling out a form on the internet, it must mean they need care and they can afford it today.

And that’s not really true. People are tire kickers, they are researchers. I mean, we’re talking about a lot of money here, whether it’s assisted living home care, buying a long term care insurance policy, boy, oh boy, has that changed over the years.

So the people are going to do their research before they are going to just dive right into your service business, especially when they find out that they have to pay for it themselves.

So education goes a long way with your community, and that’s why I’ve always talked to our clients about doing great community outreach.

You are the resource. You are the educator. You are also the service provider. When you enter into the senior care business in any type of market being assisted living, home care, home health care, you serve a social service roll.

Like it or not, most of you like it because you want to help others. So social service becomes part of your role, and part of that role is education.

Educating people on why Medicare does not pay for private duty. Home care services, at least not today. Why assisted living is usually private pay.

There are states with Medicaid waiver. I get all of that. But when someone’s looking at $5000 a month for assisted living, that’s a lot of dough. And you know as well as I do, there are tons of people out there that can afford that.

Absolutely assisted living facilities have waiting lists in many areas, and there are more being built every day. So we know people have money to afford services.

But we also know that a lot of folks out there aren’t even aware that this is all private pay, their even aware they’ve never been in this business.

They have never had an aging parent in their life until now, this is the first foray into the circus of taking care of the aging parents and trying to do all the things they have to do in their life, including work.

So this is an educational process for them. When you buy leads, it does not mean that the person needs care today, nor does it mean that they can afford the services you provide.

That’s just the way it is. But every lead that you buy has an issue. There is something wrong somewhere. If they’re healthy and their family members are healthy and everything’s going great in their life, they’re not fill out that form.

If you’re not in the market to buy a car, you’re not going to go on car websites and fill out forms, right. But if you are in the market to buy a car, just because you fill out the form on so and so’s website doesn’t mean you’re going to buy a car from them, does it? It means you’re researching pricing.

There means you’re seeing which dealership in the area might have a better deal. It means you’re trying to figure out who you connect with. That doesn’t drive you totally crazy in the sales process.

Those are all the things you’re doing when you are trying to do/ buy something that’s a high ticket item. Just because you fill out a form on Zillow does not mean you’re going to buy a house today you are a lead.

But what that real estate agent knows and the 50 other real estate agents I got your name from that. They know that if they nurture you, if they connect with you on a good level, if they send you regular information if they avoid follow up failure, guess what you might be the one that buys a house from them.

And the best real estate agents in town are the ones with the best follow up process. They are not bugging the” you know what” out of you.

But, boy, oh, boy, they sure are sending you a list of all the houses that are for sale in your area that are. You are looking for four bedrooms, three bedrooms in this price range in that price range, they’re going to send you that list. If they’re smart and someday it might be tomorrow.

It might be in six months. It might be a year from now, you might buy a house from them. Also, same rule applies with the service. Is that you provide.

Just because they filled out a form doesn’t mean they’re a going to be able to afford it. Be understand that Medicare doesn’t pay for it and see by service is from you. But what should you be doing with every single lead that comes your way?

Every single name, phone number, email address. You should be putting them into a follow-up system that keeps on going until they say stop.

And that means that they should be in a 30-day email drip campaign. So they get some educational information about home care caregiver stress, things like that assisted living over the course of 30-days.

After that, 30-days is over. Then they’re in a monthly newsletter, and they get your monthly newsletter every month without fail once a month.

You are top of mind because you arrive in their email box. They can unsubscribe it any time. But as long as you continue to follow up regularly, you will be top of mind at least once a month until they’re ready to pull that trigger until they realize that they’re not going to find another way to pay for private duty in home care or assisted living in their area other than private pay.

And yes, they’re going to have to reach into Mom’s retirement funds to pay for that. Or yes, they’re going to have thio pull together as a family or our get credit, or do something to be able to afford that care. She needs so desperately to keep her in her own home or to move her to assisted living.

They’re going to figure it out. But it’s not going to be today or tomorrow. All the time. You will have a few leads that will come to you hot off the press and they’re ready to roll. That is the icing on the cake.

Leads that actually come to you are the ones that need to be nurtured. They need to be educated. They need to be told it’s ok, we understand.

Maybe it’s not today. But this winter, when Mom gets pneumonia for the second time and barely makes it out of that hospital and the family knows she can’t be left alone, you might be the one they call so when you buy leads.

Just because they don’t close doesn’t mean they won’t become business. If you keep track of what’s happening, and to do that, you gotta stay organized.

And you also are the one doing the staffing and the recruiting, and you’re doing all these other things if you don’t have a big team.

So put all of your leads into a process that is automated, that you don’t have to touch all the time, and that follows up with them in a kind and compassionate way with some education.

That sounds smart if any of you out there at the Moment are looking for that kind of a situation. And usually these are not people just starting out because this is not a cheap row to hoe, it is a, it’s a middle of the road expense wise kind of marketing.

If you’re looking for that kind of a lead, that is someone you can add to your newsletter list that you could nurture along who may or may not close tomorrow when you want that kind of a lead and you understand that this is a long closing process. This is not a toy I found you on Google. Can you start tomorrow?

That’s not how this works. When you get that and you can afford to buy leads or to buy a process that nurtures those leads, then let me know, because that is your marketing on fire when you understand that and you’ve grown a little bit and you’re not starting out and you’re not strapped for cash when that period has passed and you have been just able to struggle through that and I know it’s a struggle and you got into the place where you have a consistent income, you compare your people and you are looking to expand your marketing and make that phone ring.

That’s when you want to. You think about the SCIP program “senior care inquiry program”. We call them senior care inquiries because they’re either asking for a free senior care guide for their local area, which is your local area, and we write that for you here.

They’re looking for a senior care professional to call them and talk to them about their senior care challenges. We have both of those things.

The days of filling out a form and having five home care agencies call you at once. They are over. I don’t like it.

And you wouldn’t like it if you were a consumer. Nobody likes it. So what we do is take this approach very differently.

We run ads for seniors in your local area for families, and we don’t limit the age range.

Could be anybody who fills out that form. They can either request a phone call, and we have a very specific, cool way of doing it, which I’m not going to give away the store, but, you know, and then that lead comes to you exclusively.

You are responsible for following up with that person, but they’re put into a system instantly. That sends them a text because 99% of these people are on their phone when they fill out of form on Facebook.

Um, they are put into a system where they get a text letting them know that you’ll be calling them either that day or the next day, depending on what time of day it is.

And then you follow up with a phone call and find out what’s going on. But in the meantime, they’re put into a nurturing process they’re put into a 30-day drip campaign, and they’re put into a monthly newsletter that is yours, and we do all of that stuff for you.

But you are responsible for closing that lead and you responsible for your patients, and you’re responsible for understanding that this is a long closing process.

But this is a better bet than being the third phone call out of five phone calls that that person is going to get if they fill out of form on certain other websites.

This is exclusive to you, and it’s important that you respect that human person as someone who is perhaps confused, perhaps never done this before, not in the business of health care, and they’re just starting out.

But with your guidance and your help, they can successfully help their mother or their father stay at home longer or move to that assisted living facility.

Or get those that elder law paperwork done. Or that veteran aidan attendance. Pension benefit paperwork done or, um, use their long term care insurance if they have it, or use or by along from care insurance. If they qualify for it, maybe they’re the adult child.

Whoever you are in the elder care market. Those are the kinds of inquiries that we provide. So instead of calling them a lead, because lead has as connotation that they’re going to close just like that, we called a senior care inquiry because that’s what it is. It is inquiry.

All leads our inquiries. And when you understand that part of it, your marketing is on fire because you build and build and build and you never stopped, and eventually you start seeing those leads close, close, close, close, close.

And that’s when it gets really, really good. So if you want to scale your agency, if you want to bring in more clients in your local area, it is not a fast, close process. The fast closes are going to be the ones that the social worker refers to. You are the one that another, maybe another client refers to you.

Those might be fast closes. The ones were discharged from the hospital tomorrow are going to be a fast close. The ones that call you directly and say I need care today those air going to be fast closes thes air along closing processes, but the relationship that you build will ensure that closed down the road.

So that is my live marketing tip for you today on this Wednesday, and I hope that you understand that whole closing process and that long lead, I guess. Long process of closing a senior care inquiry.

If you want in that process set up for you, please reach out to us because we do that all the time. We have lots of folks in that program.

They add 100 sometimes you know, between 50 and 100 inquiries a month to their news, literalist if they use other protocols or other ads that we run that list. It’s much smaller, maybe 6 to 10 per month.

But those are the people who are actually requesting a phone call from you. So if that is interesting to you than reach out to me, I’ll put my information below. And remember, this is not a cheap process. I mean, not saying it’s ultra expensive, but it’s not some for someone who is right out of the gate starting out and is trying to decide between feeding their family and marketing. We don’t want to go there this for established senior care businesses who’ve been around the block for a while and just want to add on another source of community outreach and senior care inquiry opportunities to their already existing marketing strategies.

If that describes you the boy, do I have some, um, fire marketing for us? So let me know.

You can email me or text or I guess, message with me by using the link I put below this video. It’s actually I put it up, put it up here like below my hood t.

And then you can just message with me and I’ll send you to the form to fill out highly recommended. It comes with the c r m to organize everything and to keep all the process flowing for you. It’s called senior care inquiry program.

We have the same thing available if you need help with recruiting. It’s a senior care recruiting program. Same issue applies.

Recruiting is the same as marketing today. Basically, you have to market to these folks, um, to get them to even show up, to fill out the paperwork or to show up for the interview that they’ve had scheduled that they scheduled themselves like it’s crazy to me how hard it is to recruit these days.

I get it on many levels, but we do have what we call a senior care recruiting program, and we run those ads and I’ll tell you what. The response is really nice. I mean, if you’re in the middle of nowhere, it’s going to be a little slower, but we do a really good job with our ads. We don’t do it the way Facebook tells you to do it.

Would you have a different way? And it works really well. So if you need help with recruiting or you need help with more inquiries and you are an established business established business, uh, then talk to me because we can up your game.

We can up your game in 48 hours. I don’t know if it’s really that fast, but pretty close. Um, and you have assets you could walk away with. You have a huge list for your newsletters.

You have, um, free senior care guide that’s written for you. It is not going to be the next award winning novel, but it’s definitely a guide to resource is in your local area, and we have you know, you you have all kinds of great stuff you can use in many different ways.

So your marketing being on fire is very much dependent on the kinds of understandings you have about length of lead time leave close time and your ability to nurture them without it being a huge hassle on your end, we have all that covered for you.

So what I want you to use message me. And if you just want more information, I would send you to a page. You can read all about it.

Or if you want thio, um, fill out the form you can. You’ll talk to bob and bob will share with you.

All the information is a little presentation. He can show you everything that costs the pricing and all that were not shy about it.

It’s not that expensive, but then again, um, it is not something that you would want to do if you’re strapped for cash and started.

That’s just plain and simple the way it is. All right, thanks, everybody. Our live was quick today, but I just wanted to let you know that we are available to help you if you need to up your game and set your marketing on fire for the end of this year.

Bye, guys.