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Have you ever bought leads?

Bought home care leads, senior care leads, assisted living leads?

Leads for your insurance business?

Leads for your elder law practice?

Any kind of senior care leads?

Well, we are going to talk about leads tonight on the Valerie V Show.

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Now, back to the show.

So tonight we’re going to talk about leads.

Everybody wants them and everybody complains about them… because they’re never exactly what we hoped.

The best leads you can ever get for your business, no matter what business you’re in, are leads that come from a referral source, right?

Someone refers somebody to you and they do business with you…that’s the very best lead you could ever get…. from a strong referral source.

What that means, is that you need to make sure that your referral business or your referral sources, your marketing partners…are really strong.

That is never going to go away. That’s always going to be a great way for a small business to get more business…..strong referral partners.

The other thing that we often do when business is slow, or when we’re starting up, or if we’re just not getting that phone to ring, is that we often BUY leads.

“Buying leads” comes in many forms. It can come from doing a GOOGLE ADS campaign.

I’m not a huge fan of that, (for home care especially) but Facebook ads, which we’re talking about, and buying leads from organizations that actually sell leads- work better.

So if you’re a home care agency, you know that you can go to “CARE IN HOMES dot com” and buy leads, and you know that you can buy leads that are exclusive to you.

I don’t know, they can be anywhere from $50- $60 apiece, and that probably depends on your area, and I have no idea what the prices are today.

I just know that exclusive leads (meaning you’re the only organization that gets those leads), are expensive.

And then there are non-exclusive leads, which are STILL expensive.

That means that a lead that comes in… and is given to several companies in your area (5 or 6). The person who gets the business (if there’s any business to be had), are the people who call first and make a great impression first.

How do they (lead services) get the leads?

They get the leads by asking a person who is doing a search, (obviously having an issue or doing research), to fill out a form.

And once they fill out that form on that website, (maybe they’re seeking answers for a senior care challenge, maybe they’re wondering about long term care insurance, maybe they’re wondering if they should be seeking power of attorney), an automated process parses the lead out to whoever is signed up to get the lead in that zip code.

It’s given to you instantly by email by text, and then it’s up to you to follow up.

So let’s talk in terms of home care leads because they’re the ones I’m most familiar with….. and the pros and cons of all of that.

Any time you run a Google Ads campaign, you’re looking for leads.

If someone calls in because they saw your Google Ad, they did a search for “home care” or “companion care” or something similar, in your area.

Any time a person does that search,

  • they’re going to your website,
  • and then they’re either going to fill out a form or
  • make a phone call

But a lot of times it’s a job seeker who is filling out that form or making that phone call.

You also have folks throughout all of these processes, no matter which way you pick, you are always are going to have people who cannot afford your service.

That’s always going to happen.

You have to ask them certain questions and explain to them the cost of care, whether it’s assisted, living, home care, nursing home care, whatever it is.

And then they’ll tell you that either they want to move forward or they don’t have funds or they might be a Medicaid qualifier.

So the question is, do you want to run Google Ads:

  • That cost you $1000 a month
  • 80% are going to probably be job seekers.
  • 20% are going to be people who really do need care or help of some kind. But of that 20%, some percentage are not going be able to afford your services.

I know of home care agencies that are spending upwards of 7K to $11,000 per month on Google Ads.

Yes, that is how much it can cost in certain areas.

Now, that doesn’t mean that’s what it costs in your area, but it can cost that much when you’re in a super competitive market.

And then we have folks who, are doing the Facebook ads.

  • Now there’s a caveat to all of this with Facebook ads.
  • With Google Ads, people actually typed in the search and they found you.
  • Facebook is different. Facebook is smart.
  • Facebook targets people that they believe would be interested in your ad, based on some of the characteristics of their profile.

We put together some Facebook ads that allow people to request a couple of different things.

The first set of Facebook ads allowed them to request senior care guides, and those senior care guides were for their local area.

We get their name, their email address, their phone number, their zip code, and we put them in a 30-day drip campaign.

Another set of ads that we ran recently, allows them to request a phone call from a senior care provider on whatever topic the ad is talking about.

So let’s say it’s home care.

We run a story about someone wh used home care to help solve their senior care challenges.

If you run an ad that tells a story about how a family was helped (and you know that you helped lots and lots of families) whether it’s assisted living or long-term care insurance or whatever it is out there, you have helped many families.

Your ad tells that story… and throughout the story, you reiterate the idea that they can make a phone call and talk to Tom or Susie or Mary ( which is you) and get all the information they need to help solve their senior care challenges.

People fill out the form, and they really do want a phone call.

Now there’s always going to be some caveats.

There’s always going to be people messing around or somebody looking for a job, but it’s very few and far between.

In this case, there is still going be people who can’t afford whatever service it is that you provide. But they are requesting a phone call.

And that, my friend, is pretty cool.

So we’re talking somewhere between $10 and $15 for exclusive leads.

There are no guarantees on anything, but we’re talking about a $10 to $15 lead as opposed to spending $50 or $60 a lead. (Or spending $1000 or 2K or 5K or $11,000 a month on Google Ads.)

Leads are tricky. Everybody has her definition of a perfect lead.

  • A lead that can afford their service.
  • A lead that can afford whatever product they’re offering
  • Can privately pay for it.
  • Who is financially secure.
  • A lead who is ready to jump right now.
  • A lead who is ready to book that appointment today or that that interview or that tour.

It doesn’t work like that.

It often is a time in someone’s life when they’re researching their options and they’re trying to figure out… are they on the sidewalk (just learning), are they in the fast lane (need care or services NOW)?

Back to Facebook Ads and Facebook Leads

We’ve had some really good luck with running those kinds of ads. They’re very story-driven. They’re very image-driven. They’re very kind, and they really reach someone who has had experience with senior care challenges.

What we have come across that works the very best, aside from having someone directly refer a client or prospect to you, is one of those kinds of Facebook ads that we’ve started to run that have really had made a positive impact on a change in how leads or how people reaching out for help are obtained.

I think we all have to kind of know in our heads…if we’re a good closer or not, I would say that I am not a great closer. I’m not a salesperson.

I do marketing. I don’t mind telling you or educating you about stuff, but I’m not a great closer. It’s just not what I was designed to do. It’s not in my head. I was never trained on it. “Always be closing.”

I am not that person.

But some people are great closers, especially when you know your business really well. So are you a good closer?

Are you not a good closer?

Recognizing that it’s really important when it comes to buying any kind of lead or running Google Ads…. or running any kind of ad, it’s important to know if you’re a good closer.

If you’re not, even if that person really needs the service that you provide, you could be throwing money out the window. You might be better off talking to someone or hiring someone or partnering with someone who really is a great closer, and can help.

Someone who can talk to these leads and make that appointment for you to go in and see them.

And some of you are amazing closers and everybody who calls you pretty much figure out a way to help them afford whatever service.

And that’s kind of a good tip, too.

Someone may say they don’t have money for your services-but there are at least 10 different ways to pay for home care.

There are several different ways, especially if you’re in a state that has Medicaid waiver or state that has assisted living Medicaid waiver.

There are ways to pay.

There’s a veteran aid and attendance pension benefit. Ask: Are you a veteran? Are you the surviving spouse of a veteran? There are those funds available, so if you know the questions to ask, when it comes to affordability, you may get more clients than you thought.

So if you’re creative and you’re a good closer, you’re gonna have much better luck with these kinds of leads that come from the internet.

Following Up with Leads Forever

Okay, so one of the last things I want to say about leads are that when you accumulate those leads, surely there in a database somewhere or they’re in an excel spreadsheet or wherever you’re accumulating them,

You’ve got all this great information about somebody who is interested in whatever it is you have to say so you shouldn’t let them drop off the map.

You should definitely make sure that you take their information and put it on a newsletter list or a follow-up campaign.

So in our case, we put everybody who comes in, on a 30-day drip campaign that includes mostly email and a few texts.

We don’t want to text people in a crazy way, but we just put some things in there to make sure they’re doing okay. To check in on them, and they appreciate that.

And if they don’t want to hear from us, they just put in the word “stop” and they automatically don’t receive any more. That is a great way to follow up. Put them on your e-newsletter list.

And when you do that, then they get something from you every single month until they unsubscribe.

So you are following up on following up, and there may come a time when you look back and say, oh, this person just signed up for services…. we talked to them a year ago or six months ago, or I quoted them something two years ago, and now they’re coming back.

Keeping top of mind with potential clients over the course of time is also really important.

Just letting that list drop or fall away is not a good idea.

Let them be in some kind of ongoing reminder that you are there to help them when they are in need.

We have a CRM that handles all of that.

It’s just a minor marketing CRM. We alsocreate reengagement campaigns so we can take our clients’ leads they have, that have never converted, and we can put them into what’s called a reengagement campaign.

But that means is that we reach out to people again and say it’s been a long time since we talked. I’m just checking in to see if you’re doing okay.

You can phone, call, text and email right from the CRM, so you never have to leave that platform.

It’s an amazing way to keep everything in one place for marketing. To keep everybody in one list.

You can tag people. You can use it however you like.

So that is what I have to say about leads.

We wish they were all super perfect, especially because we hate spending money on that kind of thing.

Okay, the next thing I want to talk to you about is something that is happening tomorrow that is more for consumers.

But it be interesting for you to see it if you’re around tomorrow. And if you, uh if you put a hashtag in that says a s n a s n hashtag a sn. If you want a reminder tomorrow we will be live on our facebook page approved senior network and we’re gonna be talking about caregiver stress and resource is and support that can help with caregiver stress. So if you’re gonna be around tomorrow and you will see that that it’s right here is what happened with approve senior network. First of all, you can have a free listing there if you’re not our client. If you, um if you were just watching this and you’re just catching if you go to approve senior network dot com forward slash and join, you can get your free listing their approve. See, your network has become a pretty big deal over the last few months. We’ve had that website for years, but now it is not just a directory. Yes, you can put your information in to be on the directory for free.

However, there are tons of things you can do at the free level and at the paid level that you can’t do another directories and the other thing that we’ve introduced is proof senior network tv.

So every week we do a video on something senior care related and then it goes out to you on we let somebody sponsor it basically, uh, if it’s our clients are claims get to sponsor for free. If it’s not our client, you have to pay the sponsor.

But we do 1000 things with that video and that transcript, and we do a press release and we do all kinds of stuff and it goes up on a proofs of your network. And it goes on your facebook page and on our facebook page and goes everywhere. So we always treat are our sponsors like gold the view of an opportunity and these air 15 minute segments these air, not long segments.

So if you have the opportunity to go and watch the approves of your network, um, 15 minutes show tomorrow at 3 p. M. Eastern, you want to remind you just put in hashtag sn and i’ll send you the link to the page where will appear and i’ll send you a link to, um, the actual website. It’s off, and you can kind of see what we d’oh. It’s it’s pretty cool. It’s easy, and we have a ton of engagement on that page, I think between that page and another page, which is a proof senior net work. Alzheimer’s. We have 16,000 people on those pages combined.

So it’s a very, very robust community, and I encourage you to go like that page and to be part of it and watch what happens, because you might want to get involved. And that’s another way that people get more leads from the internet is being a part of that network.

So I just want to put that out there and let you know that that is one more way and it doesn’t cost you anything to be in on that website.

So get your listing up. And if you have questions about leads, if there are, if you have, if you want to know more about what we do, our about leads. In general, we have questions. Just put in hashtag needs in the comments below, and I will make sure you get more information or i’ll reach out to you and answer your questions.

Thanks, everybody. I hope you have a good evening. That’s it for me. Um, and thanks for joining us will be on again next wednesday. And I will let you know what that topics gonna be about.