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We were fortunate enough to have Bridgett Skelton, https://www.caravitahomecare.com/ on our show and she offered some great insight and #advice for other #seniorcare and #healthcare providers.

About This Episode:

Bridgett Skelton, VP of Business Development for CaraVita Home Care

EP 41: The Senior Care Industry Netcast with Bridgett Skelton- CaraVita 5
EP 41: The Senior Care Industry Netcast with Bridgett Skelton- CaraVita 6
Bridgett Skelton

In 2017, Bridgett obtained her Master’s in Business Administration in Healthcare Management and accepted a role as the Regional Administrator of Hospice Operations for Encompass Hospice in the state of Georgia.

Bridgett accepted the opportunity to join the team at CaraVita Senior Care in September of 2019 as the Vice President of Business Development. In this role, she will be working to consistently grow partnerships amongst providers in the healthcare community and bring CaraVita’s loving care and resources to even more families in the Metro Atlanta area and beyond. Bridgett is excited to be a part of such a professional, quality-driven team.

Bridgett’s experience brings a wealth of information to CaraVita, having spent many years in the healthcare system. She is a perfect complement to the professional health care team at CaraVita that consistently seeks to guide family members in caring for their loved ones. She knows first-hand how daunting it is for families to manage chronic and acute episodes of illness and can guide them in best practices because of this personal perspective.

Bridgett is married to Martin Skelton, and together they have four children; Zach, 19, Logan, 13, Faye, 9 and Noah, 2. In her spare time (is that really a thing?) she enjoys art museums, concerts, theatre, traveling, and spending quality time with each of her children. She has also continued her education in Interior Design with an Emphasis in Healthcare Interior Spaces designed for healing.

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Full Transcript:

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN:

This is Valerie VanBooven with the Senior Care Industry Netcast, where leaders with three or more years of experience in the senior care industry share their advice. It’s six questions in nine minutes so let’s get to it.

In a few sentences, tell us who you are and what you do.

Bridgett Skelton:

Hi. Good afternoon. My name is Bridget Skelton, and I’m a registered nurse with CaraVita Senior Care Management, and I’m actually the Vice President of Business Development for CaraVita. So we provide services for in-home care, as well as an assisted living management company.

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN:

Where are you located?

Bridgett Skelton:

We’re located out of Roswell, Georgia, but we serve most counties in Georgia, but our focus is the Atlanta Metro area and surrounding counties.

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN:

Got it. Awesome.

What is the best thing about serving aging adults?

Bridgett Skelton:

Oh gosh. I get asked this question a lot and it’s hard to actually come up with just one reason, but right now we’re serving a lot of the greatest generation. I just love hearing their stories of their childhood, learning from them. And then of course my passion is nursing and so anytime that I can give back to those that have served us, that’s always an honor.

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN:

It is, and we have so much to learn from them. Absolutely. So let’s talk a little bit about online marketing. I ask this question to everybody because it’s very interesting to get a perspective on where people are, and we’ve had so many different answers.

So I hear from other senior service providers that marketing online can be challenging. I know it’s ever-changing. Sometimes it’s confusing.

What has been your experience or your thoughts (with online marketing)?

Bridgett Skelton:

Back in March, obviously, when we transitioned and the shutdown happens, we really were thinking, “This is going to really impact our business negatively.”

But we had a lot of things in place, like our Facebook and our website, that really helped keep our business going. So I think we saw everything that we had anticipated for the coming years for digital and online really come forward a lot quicker. We were so thankful that we had our website and our Facebook page and had really been utilizing those sources for digital marketing because we were able to keep in contact with referral sources and our influencer groups.

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN:

Yeah, I would agree. I think that a lot of people were catapulted, like it or not, into more of the online space, because that’s what we’re limited to at the moment. But that in person networking, the importance of that will never go away, and hopefully we’ll be back to that. But I do agree with you that having some of those things in place now will also be a good measure for… This coronavirus hasn’t gone away yet and it may rear its ugly head in more places over time or something else might happen. So having that good online presence, I think, you’re right, this is a good time to get it together if you haven’t already. If you haven’t already. Okay. Next question. Back to your wisdom. I would imagine that in your life and your career, there have been organizations out there or people who have been inspirations to you, you really love the way they operate, or mentors to you.

Is there anybody you’d like to talk about or any organization that just blows your mind and you really love working with them?

Bridgett Skelton:

Absolutely. So of course the Alzheimer’s Association has been a wonderful association for us. We participate in the walk every year and we love what they do to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s. As a company, CaraVita, our owner, Beth Cayce, she’s actually just remarkable. She’s the reason that I wanted to join CaraVita and her passion for dementia care and being a dementia care specialist. She’s been a personal mentor of mine for a number of years.

Then, of course, our assisted living partners that partner with us each and every day. I came from an assisted living background and so I have several mentors in that industry, but one in particular, Arlene Shu, who is a geriatric nurse practitioner and she’s an assisted living operator, but she comes from a place of service and a place of giving to others and she really has taught me so much in my career, and so she’s definitely an inspiration to me.

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN:

Awesome. I love it that the owner of the business, Beth, you said Beth Cayce, I love it that you said she’s definitely an inspiration to you. It’s always wonderful to love where you work and to grow in that role and to have people around you, I say, who are smarter. I have people around me that are way smarter than me so that helps me all the time.

So yeah. Thank you for talking about those folks, because I know they’ll appreciate it and we can use all the resources we can get. So thank you.

What piece of advice would you give to other senior care providers?

Bridgett Skelton:

I think really to be genuine. If you are in this industry for the right reasons, then things fall into place because at the end of the day, we are here to help people. We’re here to help families navigate the health care system, find the best solution for them, whether it be in-home care or assisted living care, or even just navigate resources that are needed for them. So I think you come from a place of being genuine and actually, from a sales and marketing perspective, have that integrity and the good followup and follow through. That is the most important thing that I have found in my career.

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN:

Thank you. You’re right about all those things. Genuine and having that integrity, honesty really speaks volumes, especially in the space of helping seniors and their families. I mean, it’s a very emotional time for everybody and so having those qualities is definitely a plus. Okay. My last question is supposed to be a fun one.

When you have a win in life or in business, it could be a graduation, a birthday, it could be a family that’s super happy, how do you like to celebrate?

Bridgett Skelton:

We have a big blended family and so we love family trips and get-togethers, but obviously, during the past few months, those things have been limited. So we’ve been really enjoying getting out in nature. We’ve been camping more and trying to find other ways to celebrate. So I would say just staying active. That helps. And to just bring that joy to one another and being together as a family is how we like to celebrate. And then for our business side, we always love to celebrate those special moments and give shout outs on Facebook and make people feel good. So we use social media a lot of times to celebrate the accomplishments of others.

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN:

That’s great. Yeah. It’s important to share with the world all of your successes and your amazing caregivers who are so brave and people who are out there doing great things. So thank you very much for that. You did a great job with our interview. I appreciate you being on the show and sharing your wisdom with us. That’s what this is all about, is to help all of us help each other be better stewards of our resources and know more about who’s out there and how we can do better serving our seniors, so thank you.

Bridgett Skelton:

That’s right. Thank you.