Never Miss Senior Care Leads…Using Senior Care Chat :)

The Power of Acquiring Senior Care Leads from Your Website.

What if your senior care website had a senior care chat widget that put all of your senior care leads into one CRM…and notified you instantly? Oh ya!

What is Senior Care Chat? It’s a Senior Care Leads Opportunity!

People come to your website for many reasons. Maybe they want to ask a question about your senior care services, or set up a time for a tour (assisted living), or perhaps they’re just browsing. But regardless of why they’re there, you have an opportunity to engage with them and give them a great experience with live chat.

Ask us how you can get website chat for FREE!

Let’s take a quick look at whether you should consider adding live chat to your website in the first place.

Should your senior care business add live chat to your website?

Live chat widgets are most often used when a site visitor has a question that they want to be answered quickly. By giving them this option, you can engage faster, get them on the phone faster, and reassure them that your senior care business is the right choice.

The first thing you’ll need to consider is whether you’ll be able to monitor the live chat feed, at least during business hours. For most small businesses though, it would work to assign a salesperson or office manager to pay attention and respond to the occasional inquiry.

So, if your business is interested in providing a great customer service experience and closing more sales, and you have someone that can monitor and respond to the messages you receive, we highly recommend adding live chat to your website.

Your Messaging “inbox” is inside the SMART CRM

Your “messaging command center” keeps all your senior care leads and messages in one place and makes it easy to manage conversations at scale.

Automatically track customer status, add notes, and see the complete activity history of every lead. It’s like your favorite email client, but for messaging.

How Does it Work?

  • When we build your website, we place some code on the back-end. That code is also integrated with your account inside the SMART CRM.
  • When a website visitor tries to connect with you, they leave their NAME, PHONE, and a MESSAGE.
  • You (or someone in your office) are notified immediately via text or email (your choice).
  • You have the ability to call the person from your smartphone, or, login to the SMART CRM and text with them.

We Set Your Business Hours

  • You are not expected to be available 24/7 via chat.
  • We set your business hours as you wish. When you are not available, the person sees that someone will get back to them during the next business day.
  • 100% Your choice on hours and days.

Branded with Your Colors and Your Name

  • Your chat widget reflects the colors of your website, and says “Powered By ________________” (Your Company Name).

Training for You and Your Staff

  • We provide training videos on our support site that show you how to use CHAT and the SMART CRM.

Full Transcript of Video:

Hey guys, it’s Valerie. I wanted to talk to you about taking chat and texting and communicating with prospects and job seekers, taking that up a notch. Recruiting, marketing, and getting more leads is always complicated, but what we have managed to do now is take a one CRM. A CRM is a customer relationship management tool. We have modified it for the senior care world. You can do 100% of your online and even some offline marketing through our CRM, and it coordinates with your website to make sure that anybody who communicates, whether they fill out a form, or they text you, or they want to chat with you all comes in through the CRM. So you can do recruiting. You can do all your marketing. You can answer people through text. You can answer them through email. You can call them on the phone from the CRM. You can even chat with them in Facebook Messenger from the CRM. I know that’s crazy, right?

So here is what we’ve done, anybody who is our client can have the basic chat feature or texting feature on their website. This is an upgraded version. This one requires a little more programming. But what happens is we give people options. So if somebody wants just to ask a question, all they have to do is fill in their information and hit send and Dina is notified instantly that someone has a senior care question. She is notified by email by default, but we can also text her on her cell phone if she wants us to. I don’t set that up unless somebody requests it.

Next, if the person is a job seeker and they fill out this information, same information as requested, but it’s a different response. So they fill all this information, they get a response. Dina gets a notification instantly via email that someone is looking for a job and she gets all their information. Not only that, but inside the CRM, I will take you there, inside the CRM their information is labeled and it’s all there. So these are all of our clients. So if we were to go to, wait a minute, Alliance Senior Care, when Dina logs in, what she sees is these conversations. These are all tests that we did. But she can see all the things inside of here, so if all the people that come to their website, if they fill out this form, they’re all entered into the CRM automatically.

If they click on call us, it automatically, let’s assume you’re on your mobile device, dials their office phone number, so there’s no form involved there. But this is all integrated with our CRM that all of our clients have free use of the CRM if they are in one of our programs. And if they are in our scope program, we will also hook this up and set it up so that it pops up on their website.

I think having all of your marketing and recruiting in one place, every form, every chat, every text, every phone call coming in to a place where you can have it all recorded for you, you can see who’s been there, who’s been using, who’s even been calling the phone number. You can see all of that in one place. It makes it so much easier for you and your staff to communicate effectively with all the people and avoid follow up failure.

So this is what I recommend. If you have questions about it, be sure to visit our website. I’ll put the website in our link and you can chat with me, because we have one of these too. Thanks. Bye.

Contact us by filling out the form on our CONTACT US page or chatting with us via WEBCHAT!!

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