SMART CRM Business Growth Tool for the Senior Care Market

S.M.A.R.T. = Senior Care Marketing and Recruiting Tracker


Use the SMART CRM to Grow Your Senior Care Business

As a Stand-Alone Service: $399 Setup and $99/month (see description below)

COVID-19 Pricing Through April 30, 2020: $100 off setup= $299 Setup Fee!

Combined with one of our programs, it's absolutely FREE.

What is a CRM? A CRM is a contact/customer relationship management software as a service (SaaS). Organize and stay on top of potential clients, recruits, and referral sources.

  • Free for our clients: If you are enrolled in one of our other programs- SCOPE, SCIP CARE, SCIP Recruiting…you get free access to our CRM. We don’t charge a nickel for you to use it as you wish.
  • Unlimited users- yes I said that, no member per month stuff. Free, add ‘em all.
  • Up to 5000 contacts FREE
  • One tracked and recorded phone number to use for mass texting, phone calling, individual texting, programmed texting, manual texting.
  • Communicate via email, phone, texting, FB messenger, website chat, as you wish.
  • Manage your reviews and ask for MORE reviews easily.
  • Monthly newsletter that we compile and send FOR YOU (SCOPE PROGRAM ONLY).
  • Marketing Campaigns/Email Campaigns that use both text and email can be set up, and we can help.
  • See your Google Analytics reporting, Facebook Ads reporting, Google Ads reporting, Phone call (incoming and outgoing) reporting, closed sales, recruiting and more from one portal.
  • Integrate your website forms (both employment and for customer leads) into the CRM ( we do that for you).

Here’s the long list of everything you can do/see:

      • Contact management
      • Contact website activity
      • Companies
      • Deals/Pipelines for Leads, Referral Sources, & Recruiting
      • Tasks & activities
      • Gmail integration
      • Custom form fields
      • Prospects
      • Ticketing
      • Forms
      • Ad reporting
      • Conversations inbox
      • Reporting dashboards
      • Email Templates
      • Texting Templates
      • Attach Documents
      • Calling
      • Meeting scheduling
      • Messenger integration
      • Custom properties
      • Forms
      • Email marketing
      • List segmentation
      • Live chat
      • Mobile optimization
      • Email scheduling
      • Deal pipeline
      • Tasks Assignments

How Are Senior Care Businesses Using the SMART CRM?

  • Manage Senior Care Leads
  • Manage Senior Care Referral Communications
  • Manage Senior Care Recruiting
  • Run Database Re-Engagement Campaigns
  • Run Surveys
  • Ask for Client Reviews on ANY Platform via the CRM.
  • Texting and Mass Texting
  • Phone Calling from CRM
  • Email from CRM
  • Facebook Messenger Communication from CRM
  • Landing Pages as needed
  • Monthly Newsletters from CRM (for SCOPE Clients)
  • Monitor Google Analytics
  • Monitor Google My Business Listing
  • Schedule Appointments with Potential Employees
notes tasks appts

Can you use the CRM, but not our services? Yes.

$399 Set up and $99/month

CRM Set-Up Includes:

  • Import of your current contacts, tagged and organized
  • Import of 1 customized campaign (we give you 3 options, you choose 1)
  • Set up of notifications and triggers so that you are instantly aware of new leads, recruits, or communications
  • Connection of Google My Business, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Facebook Messenger, Google Ads
  • Set up and use of tracked and recorded phone line.
  • Set up of Review Request system
  • Code for live chat, and set up.
  • Video tutorial specific to your set up that shows you the overview of how things work.
  • One 30-minute call to ask more detailed questions and go over the use of the system.(optional)
  • Support delivered via our support desk via our ticketing system. Fast, effective support and answers.

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