Welcome to the Review System Beta Test!

This is a LOT of work on our part, so in order to participate, you need to make sure you can help us gather all of the info needed to make it awesome!

  1. You must have at least 20+ humans to add to your list of people you will be asking for reviews.
  2. We need that list in an EXCEL SPREADSHEET- First Name, Last Name, Email Address (no exceptions)
  3. You get to choose which review sites you want to include, however, for every site you choose, you must provide us with a DIRECT LINK to your profile page on that website.

Example: I want to include ApprovedSeniorNetwork.com, so I need to go to the website, find MY page, and provide the entire URL, like this: https://www.approvedseniornetwork.com/united-states/saint-charles/senior-care-marketing-specialists/approved-senior-network%C2%AE-marketing

We will not start putting your review system together until we have everything we need from you. Move quickly, this beta is only good for 30 days.


Step 1: Fill Out This Form

When you hit SUBMIT, give it a minute...you are being redirected to STEP 2. Important!