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Man, there ain’t nothing like being this close to a camera at age 48. Hey, this is Valerie V of the Valerie V show. We are going to talk about why you may be having trouble getting caregivers to fill out your applications online. I’ve got a great tip for you.

Hey guys, this is Valerie, and these are screenshots from my phone. When you have a job ad running out there, there are lots of different ways to get information from a prospect. What I see a lot of people doing is subscribing to Clear Care online or some other application process, and I understand you need certain information about people you’re going to hire. I totally get it. But you also have to understand that the people who are applying for a job are not sitting in front of a computer. They are 100% doing this from their mobile device. So, if your application is too long and too drawn out, they’re just simply not going to do it.

This is the first screen. I just blanked out who the client is of ours. This is the first screen that I see. It’s got the little logo up here and the little logo thingy down here. Apply now. Email me some more jobs. Email us. If I scroll down, this is the next thing I see. Boom, there it is. Now, obviously if I hit apply for this position, I’m probably going to have more questions, but at the very least now this person, this home care agency has my name, my email, my phone number, how I prefer to be communicated with, and that I agree. So, that is the basic. You have to get that piece of information. You can always text with them, like through our system. You can text with them or call them and ask them if they have a valid driver’s license. You can ask a bunch of questions and know, or just a couple, and know really quickly whether or not you want them to come in for an interview. And then at that time have them fill out that long drawn out crazy thing. Keep it as simple as possible.

Then if I scroll down again, now remember this is the bottom of that last screen. It asks if I want to sign up for job alerts. Yeah, if I’m looking around, I might want to do that, so that’s awesome. This is what your application should look like online. No more than this. You might ask for a zip code. I think on our Facebook ads, we ask for a zip code. When we’re running ads and we’re driving people to an application that looks like this, and this is 12 screens, 12 screens of information. So, one screen. This is a second screen shot. This is the third screen shot. And I may have even missed some. Fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, 10, 11, 12. All right.

So, I understand. I know you need all this stuff, but this is not going to happen. Look at, almost every single one of these is required, except for maybe employment history one, or employment history to employment history one. This is a Clear Care online probably application. I don’t know. But I know for a fact … Oh look, Don So messaged me while I was taking a screen shot. I know for a fact that you can shorten these for the applicants online. You can shorten these down to just the very basics. And you know what, you will get people to fill it out if you shorten it to the very basics.

All of this is not going to happen on a mobile device. They might be the best caregiver ever. They might not be as literate as some of us. They may not be as good with typing on their phone. They may be older. They may be younger. Whatever the case, it is too cumbersome to do this from a phone. So, here is my recommendation. It’s not going to sit well with everybody, but this is what I recommend. Go to something short and sweet like this. Get the very basic information that you can so that at least you could communicate with them. They can hit apply for this position and maybe it takes them to another longer form, but in the meantime you have all of their contact information that you need, and you know that you can text with them because they are on a mobile device.

So, you can ask them a few pertinent questions, a few deal breaker questions via text, especially in our system, and then you can have them come in and have a computer station set up. You can buy a super cheap desktop computer and set it somewhere in your office or a super cheap laptop or Chrome laptop, Chromebook, something easy and cheap, and just have that there just for applications, and just let them come in. Sometimes you may even have to walk them through it, but if they’re a great caregiver and you’re taking the time to help them, they’re much more likely to work for you.

Recruiting caregivers is a lot like marketing for home care clients. We need them more than they need us at this point in history. So, you have to be super nice on the phone and super easy to get in the door with. I know that it’s frustrating. I know that people don’t show up. I don’t understand the human element or how today’s millennial or today’s caregiver thinks that they just can blow you off and be a no show and expect you to hire them three weeks later when the other job doesn’t work out, or whatever. I have no idea where that comes from. I wasn’t raised that way. However, it does happen. It’s going to happen. It’s the nature of the beast. So, the best thing you can do is make this as quick and painless as possible for the people who are interested. Get them in your door. Get them on your phone, or text with them.

If you need a place, by the way … Wow, I’m scrolling through all kinds of stuff. If you need a place where you can text, phone call, keep track of, organize, make notes about, schedule tasks for, even appointments if you want to. You don’t have to use it for appointments, but if you need something like that to keep everybody straight and to know where everybody is and where they came from and to send them automated messages regularly, then check out the Senior Care Inquiry Program for Recruiting. You can buy it as a standalone product or you can … It’s a monthly fee. You can view all the products at bit, so bitly, but bit.ly/srmarket1, senior market one. So bit.ly/seniormarket1, S-R market one. That’s it.

I just wanted to let you know that the people that are getting the most success are having those shorter applications. Thanks everybody. Bye.