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(VIDEO REPLAY) More Private Pay Clients AND The Future of Email vs Chat/Messenger/Text

Two things that make a difference for you in your marketing...for more private pay clients, and the future of email vs messaging.

Full Transcript Below:

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Hey, everybody, it’s Valerie V. Today we’re going to talk about two things that make a difference for you in your marketing.

Number one is how to get more private pay clients.

And number two is understanding what is going to replace email.  Email is not dead.

Email will probably never be dead.

But there’s something on the horizon that you really need to know about with regard to texting and Messenger and chat both of those things today.


Hey, everybody. Valerie V. with VALERIE V SHOW glad you could join us live on our Facebook business page. And if you are watching this as a replay, please give me some comments. #replay would be great.

So that would be #replay. We give away chocolate-covered strawberries for one lucky “engage-er” engage-er ok, so while I’m talking, you’re going to see hashtags somewhere on the screen.

If you communicate and engage using those hashtags, you’re in the drawing for the strawberries.

For the strawberries.

So be an engage-er and communicate with us throughout our lives.

So if I say #replay and you’re watching the replay type in #replay in the comments if I say #shortlist type in #shortlist (don’t do that. ) what we do is we take all of the people who have engaged in communicating with us during our live broadcast.

We put their names in a little bowl and we pick one and I reach out to that person. And I say, hey, you won the chocolate covered strawberries and that person receives them about a week later from Shari’s Berries.

Awesome! Be that person. Help me out. We need engagement.

Facebook loves engagement.

You know, ask questions. Do whatever.

Okay, so let’s start with talking about getting more private pay clients, and this is specifically for my senior care audience.

It’s a complicated marketing world, and I know that every marketer you talk to whether it’s me, one of the 2000 other people who are a marketing guru are going to give you 1000 different answers about how to get more private pay clients. Mom, to give you my answer.

Well, let’s start with a short list of things you need to be doing right now.  

In person direct referral marketing, relationship building, conversational marketing, follow up, follow up, follow up, online marketing works, trust, authority, expertise, take those “hard to place on a Friday night” clients and you’ll win that referral source. Establish “marketing partners” establish a referral network, belong to a chamber, belong to a BNI group, belong to women in business group, or a meet up, or any meet up, locally.

Buy leads from so and so, whatever organization, don’t buy leads, use google ads, don’t use google ads, use Facebook ads, don’t use Facebook ads.

That’s a lot of advice, and no matter which way you slice it, it is not only a lot of advice, that’s a lot of work.

So who’s right about all these things? Everybody’s right. You need to be doing some form of almost all these things. And who’s wrong? Nobody.

But you have to pick and choose the ones you want to engage with and make it work.

I’m going to give you my top strategies and course, a service that we offer at the end to help you get more private pay clients.

First of all, no excuses!

I hear this all the time. “i don’t have time” to do that thing, whatever that thing is, “i don’t have any money” to do that thing, and I’m thinking in the back of my head, “how bad do you want this business to succeed? ” it’s really your choice.

You either make it happen… Or you don’t.

There are “no excuses”.

You are the only person who makes those decisions to follow through and engage with whatever marketing strategy it is or to not do it at all and hope for the best.

It’s only up to one person.

Direct referral marketing will never go away.

In the health care business, you have to shake hands with people, look them in the eye, develop a trust with them.

They’re referring vulnerable people to you and to your business, your senior care business.

If you are not good, or do something, something horrible happens. You’ll probably never get their business again.

They want to see you. They want to talk to you.

They want to know how you feel about business.

They want to know stories.

They want to, you know, share with you what they expect.

In person, networking is super important in the health care world, and it will probably never go away.

Online marketing!

Online marketing is imperative so let’s see this right here. (holding up phone)

This is where… At least 70% of people experience you for the first time, so if you’re not there where they can’t find you there, then you don’t exist to them, to that person.

Everything you do with regards to online marketing, it should be in order for you to be found on this device. This type of device. All right….

If you’re absent from the genre of online marketing, you are losing big time. Remember that. ” if you are absent from the genre online marketing, you are losing, big time. “

And what I mean by that is just a website doesn’t get it. You have to do a lot more than that to be actually participating in online marketing.

All right, so in 2020 you need to change your marketing behavior. What we learned in 2016 is already outdated.

If you graduated with a marketing degree in 1997 or 1992 or 2002 or 2007… It’s all changed. And online marketing in particular, changes every year or every six months.

And then it has a pretty radical change every 2 to 3 years with new innovations and new fads and new technology.

Anything you learned in 2016… It’s already out the window… In 2020 in 2019, we are heading into the downward the downhill slope of 2019.

Half the year’s over were heading into our fourth quarter pretty soon and we’re heading into 2020.

It’s hard to even believe that.

Remember this. “just because you don’t like texting or Facebook or whatsapp or snapchat or instagram does not mean that everyone else doesn’t like it. “

“You are not your client. You are not your prospect. “

Their behaviors and their way of communicating may be very much different from what you’re used to. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

That doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Just because you don’t like texting or you don’t like Facebook doesn’t mean that everyone else doesn’t like it.

That’s where they actually are.

Facebook is a much older demographic than what what it started out to be! It started out with college kids. Right?

Now, our grandparents are on Facebook, and I can tell you from doing a lot of Facebook lead advertising, they really are on Facebook!

And they’re paying attention, and they’re looking for you.

If your prospects are sitting in the house and they’re bored and they’re looking at this phone because they need more senior care options, then you need to get your butt on Facebook.

You need to make sure that you’re not just a Facebook business page, but you’re actually commenting and paying attention.

You’re communicating with these people because they’re looking for you.

And you know what? One of the greatest places to communicate with them is?

Where it is, it’s on “Messenger”.

If you turn your business page into a message accepting kind of a page, which means there’s a message (I’ll show a screenshot), that says, message us or connect with us or whatever… Contact us... If you change your message there, people actually do it. They hit “message us” and they message you.

We have ApprovedSeniorNetwork.com that is set up, and it’s set up to accept messages.

People message us all day. Seniors message all day asking for help, and we point them in the whatever direction it is. Sometimes it’s senior housing. Sometimes they need help. You know it’s a financial issue with utilities, whatever, but because they’re there and we don’t want to ignore anybody, um, I go through an answer. Those questions. I helped them all. I have to know, is there a zip code?

And I can at least point them in the right direction. If they’re fit for one of our clients, we refer them onto one of our clients.

Depends on the question, but they’re there and they’re messaging.

The last year has made it perfectly clear to me that Facebook Messenger and texting and communicating with people and chat is where things were going.

They’re not looking at their email as often. Email is not dead. Not by any means, especially for our younger set, our business-people.

But this type of communication is becoming the norm.

I’m 48. Well, am I 48? yes, I’m 48.

Most of us kind of despise that whole thing… texting and messaging. And I mean, you know, our kids do it. My kids do it, so I do it.

But we don’t really care for that kind of communication. We would much rather have an email or phone call or whatever. I don’t even like phone calls. I’d rather do e mail.

But that is becoming the norm is the messaging and the texting.

And our older adults are into it. They can afford a phone, somehow.

And they’re on it… All the time. That’s how their family connects with them.

That’s how they connect to the world.

All right, so I’m going to show you an example of someone who is on Facebook on their mobile device, and they’re looking for help.

Cool? I did it. Okay, so this is below my big head.

This is what we call a senior care call inquiry. There are certain things we know about this person and certain things we do not know about this person.

We do know the following. They are located in the service area of one of our clients who’s participating in this program. We know that they saw this ad on Facebook and encourage them to talk to a local expert about their senior care challenges. And they asked for a call.

We have their name, their phone number there, email, their zip code, and they typed in a message at the bottom.

Of course, i’ve wiped out all the identifying factors there. But you can see that this is real, that we have all the information and they even typed in a message at the bottom. So we know that much about this person.

Here’s what we don’t know. We don’t know if they have money to pay for care privately, but here’s what we can do next we can text with, um, we can message them. We can talk to them on the phone. They know a call is coming because we’ve already texted them automatically and told them to be waiting for a call.

We’ve already e mailed them and told them that somebody would be calling them. We can ask them questions. We can listen.

We can add them to our monthly newsletter. We have their email address. We can add them to our follow up call list. We can schedule an in home assessment or assisted living tour, depending on you know what we find out and we can possibly start services with this person, so we get a lot of information about them very quickly and we get this pretty frequently and this comes from Facebook. We have a very specific way that we advertise.

Ah, very specific way that these come in.

And these are all exclusive.

Are these all perfect moneymakers?

Perfect people who are perfect leads?


Will some of them close and in other words, become clients? Absolutely.

Do I know how many? Noooo I don’t.

And the last question I would ask you is ….are you a good closer?

Maybe you are. Maybe you’re not. I have no idea. But we know we can generate these kinds of requests for a call.

Let’s say you’re highly interested in knowing more about this. And you understand what I just said about messaging and Facebook and chat and being out there.

Then you might be a candidate for this program. I’m not sure, but these are the kinds of people that really do well with this.

Do you have a website that has a real blogged that allows you to block post? So, in other words, are you engaging online on a regular basis? Do you post unique search engine optimized content at least 2 to 4 times a month?

Do you have a well-managed Facebook business page that gets content at least five days a week? Are you on twitter? Pinterest? Linkedin? Do you send out a monthly e newsletter without fail?

Do you understand that company news is super important, like caregiver of the month, new hires, event attendance, birthdays, volunteer opportunities and awards if you understand all of that and you know how important it is. And you either a want to start doing that or be you already are doing that, then something like this. Getting these kinds of enquiries might be a really good fit.

In 2019 walking into 2020 you should be doing all the things we just talked about not just worrying about these kinds of enquiries. These are great and they’re important.

But all those other things matter, and you should be looking at your Facebook page one time a day for 15 minutes to see if there’s any questions you can answer…. Buying leads. Or inquiries is helpful, but a long term growth plan for excellent visibility is the key to your business longevity.

If you fit this model, then I would love to talk to you more about these right here. I’m going to show you one more. Hang on just a second, okay? This is the other one.

Came and see me. You got to see my big head. All right, this is another one.

Same rule of thumb, same situation. You can see. The date of the inquiry was just the other day.

This is 8 11 of 2019. We have all their contact information, and we know that they were in the right place in the right zip code for this person. And is there anything you would like to share with Michelle prior? “What services do you provide?”

Somebody wants YOU to call them and they want to know more about your service. That’s pretty cool.

Okay, so that is how to get more private pay clients.

You have to be engaged in online marketing, engage fully not just this kind of stuff.

And if you are engaged with a whole gamut of online marketing, then adding this kind of stuff is a no brainer.

You already have a great online presence, and the people who are responding to these ads will know that. This is something you would want to add to your ever growing online presence, if you’re doing it right.

Okay, so we just talked about how to get more private pay clients. Now we’re going to transition over to talking more about the chat versus Messenger thing and email.

Okay, okay, so let’s talk about chat and Messenger replacing email. It’s not here yet. Email is not dead. You still need a monthly newsletter.

It’s becoming maybe a little less effective than it used to be, but it is not dead, so don’t stop those newsletters. They are important for follow up.

They are important to keep you top of mind in your prospects and your referral sources world keep that in mind. Email is not dead. We can’t switch completely over to this because it won’t work. But there are some opportunities to start down the road of using Facebook Messenger, texting, chat… in place of email.

I’m going to give you a couple of scenarios that will work again. These were things that were noodling around with, and our clients, of course, will be the first to get to try these. Most of the clients that try any of our sort of I call them beta tests are usually the folks that are, um, you know, they are on Messenger anyway. They understand it. They they’re okay with texting or messaging, so we will put it out there. But here’s something toe unknown.

Facebook Messenger boasts 1. 2 billion with the monthly users. There’s an appetite for this channel for communication, so we got to keep that in mind.

As time rolls on, we’re getting into 2020. This is going to be a bigger and bigger deal all the time.

So what about using Facebook Messenger as a content delivery channel? So here’s an idea. Instead of email, make an offer to receive content via Messenger or via text or via chat or wherever you want to call it.

We’ll start with Messenger so you could give readers two options. Let’s say you have an amazing free guide. Do you want to give away or free report or whatever?

Um, you could give readers two options. You could have them submit a form to receive the content immediately. Via email, which is more of the traditional way, or you could skip the form and give them immediate access to the content in Facebook Messenger.

Then, if you do that, you can send regular Messenger broadcast to the people who have opted in. There are a lot of rules behind this. You can’t blatantly spam people. Facebook has implemented and tighten some of their rules on who you can message and when you can message.

And if you violate those rules, you risk losing your Facebook business page, which we don’t want to. Do. So you have to be careful, but certainly… You can use it to your advantage.

Facebook Messenger broadcasts when you try this out, what you’ll see is something like this. It will have an average open rate if you send something by Messenger of 80% and a click through rate of 13%.

So that’s about 242% and 609% better than your email open and click rates. The takeaway for marketers is this. As a content delivery and consumption and relationship building channel, Facebook Messenger delivers in terms of engagement.

This is not something that we can ignore. We need to make sure we’re on top of it. Okay, let’s talk about you’re recruiting and this could work for anything that is related to forms, but let’s talk about your recruiting for a minute now. We’ve been working with clients for a couple of years now on recruiting, and one of the things that we know works really well is chat, Messenger and texting.

These folks are on their phone 24 7 they will respond to texts much faster than they will a phone call or email. They only check their email once a month or something.

So it is great when you have the opportunity to quickly connect with them. That doesn’t eliminate the need to call them to put a human voice behind that chat, to give them a sense of accountability. You actually show up. There’s all kind of strategies in there. But let’s just say this texting and communicating via Messenger is super super good compared to our old ways of recruiting, which don’t include any of that.

Okay, normally, what we do in recruiting is we ask someone to fill out a form and often times. Now we know that when people are applying for our jobs in the caregiver world there on this right here and we know that filling out a form on a big, giant long form on a device like that it’s sucks.

They’re not going to do it or they’re not going to do it. Well, i’ve always recommended that you shorten those applications. The object of the game is to get those people in the door to you and triage them and know who it is that you want to have coming in the door before they fill out the whole long application. I know you need all that information. You have to have their birthday and there’s no security number in order to pay them and do all those things.

But have a little section in your office set up with a chrome book for 191 bucks at amazon. You can just use for one purpose, and that’s to fill out employment applications and let them sit there and fill it out once you know they are somebody that you’re interested in.

They’ve shown up for the interview. Blah blah blah blah so I’m not going into all that. But let’s speak to someone we’re recruiting on their terms a little bit and see if we can’t get something better happening so we know that we asked them to fill out a form.

This experience is less than ideal. Since the person has to leave Facebook, go to another app like clear care or website.

So what about testing a path that uses Facebook Messenger for the form as well as a delivery mechanism? So when someone clicks on your recruiting ad, a bot would ask them the questions usually contained in your form.

We could do that. We could just keep asking them questions until they’re all delivered. When someone clicks on the ad a bot would ask him the questions like name, phone number, date of birth.

You have a valid driver’s license, yes or no? Do you have ah, reliable form of transportation? Yes or no?

So the results will probably be better if you’re communicating with them in a way that they are accustomed to answering you. Than if you make them fill out a form after form after form after form.

So the takeaway for marketers here is this test using Facebook Messenger to accumulate the data you need about a specific person instead of having them fill out long forms. Triage them first through that kind of a platform.

Call them, make sure you’ve had a conversation. If they come to the office for their schedule interview, that’s when you have them fill out that long, drawn out application when you know you want to hire them.

And then once you have that long application, you’ve got everything you need. I say eliminate the long applications upfront. Triage. Um, get him in the office.

Make sure they’re the kind of person you want to hire and then have him fill out the rest of the paperwork. That seems to work a lot better than all these long forms and quizzes and stuff. I don’t know personality things.

I get it. If you want him to do that, make him do it in the office. All right, so the power of Facebook Messenger also exists. I use, or we use, a, um, an application called many chat. It’s not for everybody, but it does help us because we can not only put many chat on Facebook Messenger, but we can put that many chat account on our website.

So if you go to my website or you go to any of our web sites actually ApprovedSeniorNetwork.com. Or  you will see that a chat box and it’s actually Facebook Messenger, and many chat together, and they’re all programmed to ask certain questions and to help guide you down the right path based on what you need.

So that is my recommendation for the future of your communication, your relationship building. And you’re some of your marketing. Not all of it, but some of your marketing through online methods. Thanks, everybody, for joining me this evening. I hope you got a lot out of it. We are answering your questions as we go with their any questions about anything we’ve talked about.

You can reach out to me on Messenger or or you can just put a comment below and I will absolutely answer you myself. Thank you, everybody. I hope you have a great evening. And I hope this information was helpful to you about how to get more private clients and how to start using Messenger chat and text as a relationship building in communication building marketing technique.

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