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Hey everybody, it’s Valerie v and I don’t know what you can see. We’re going live on the Valerie v show page. So if you can see, send me a little thumbs up or something so that I know that you’re seeing the screen. I’m going to turn on my phone so I can tell if there’s even any audio. And today I get to show you my screen. We’re going to talk about getting, uh, getting ready for Q four. We’ve got to get out of this summer slump because I see you slumping in the heat of the summer and everybody’s kind of wore out and we got to gear up and get that marketing going. Again, marketing, marketing, marketing, marketing, your business will not survive without it. You have to market your business. So for my friends who are in the senior care market, summertime is typically slumpy for everybody.

Uh, people have less clients. I don’t, they get their phone rings less. It happens every year. For those of you in uh, Florida and in the sun belt who deal with snowbirds. You know as well as I do that at some point during the year you lose 20% of your business and then in the winter and fall months, 20% of your business comes back. Not everybody loses 20%, but you know what I’m saying? You got your snowbirds like go home and then they come back. Um, we got to get over this lumpiness and one of the, uh, things that I know you want me to talk about is a, what I call leave behinds leave behinds. So what I want you to do is when you’re watching this, if you are watching the replay, I need you to hit Hashtag replay here. Let me, let me write that in here thing.

Oh, not hashtag replay. Okay, wait, we’re going to show that. Oh, replay. Now Valerie hands in my face. I don’t know how to make that go away here. Let’s try something. Oh, I can’t do that either. Okay. So hashtag replay. So if you’re watching this as a replay, I want you to do hashtag replay. If you’re watching it live, you can do Hashtag live, but the first thing I’m going to talk about our leave behinds, and this is your in-person marketing, whereas my forte is usually online marketing. We’re going to talk a little bit about in-person marketing coming up very shortly. I’m going to put out, especially for our clients, the summer fall list of leave behinds that you can use. These are easy, fast, super cheap little cutesy things that you can do when you go by and visit a referral source. So if you’re thinking yourself, I don’t have another reason to go by and visit Blah Blah sister living facility again this week.

Actually you do because I’m going to give you a list of reasons to go by and that whole list of reasons is a list that you can use actually all year long. Two things we have, we have a list of 600 celebrations throughout the year. I can share that and I can also share my leave behind list. So if you want either of those, the first thing I need you to do is type in Hashtag leave behind. So let me put that on the screen for you. Let’s do wait a minute, we’re gonna hide that. Oh look, there it is. All right, so we’re gonna do hashtag leave behind. A leave behind is a little thing, cutesy thing that you leave behind. And what happens is people are like, oh, she’s such a good marketer. She’s so cute. Oh, the home care agencies. So friendly and so funny. They always leave us these cutesy little things.

I get it that there is all kinds of laws about safe harbor and you can’t give people gifts and all that. We’re talking about dollar store stuff here, dollar store items that you can convert into these cute little things that you can use. Um, if you’re watching this as a replay, I want you to hit Hashtag replay and if you’re interested in the leave behind list, do you hashtag leave behind. The other thing you have to remember is that every week we give away, um, a dozen chocolate covered strawberries to one of the people who actually engage with us. I go back through, I gave everybody a couple of days to watch the replay because I know you all can’t be on here right at seven o’clock or eight o’clock in the evening. So what I do is I go back through a couple days later and I see who has engaged, I send them a little note, get their address and we send out a dozen chocolate covered strawberries to whoever wins the drawing for that week. So if you engage and you put some things on here, like leave behind Hashtag lead behind or ask the question or say hi, you are in the drawing for the strawberries. So be sure to comment. I’m back. So it went black for a minute, but I’m still here, I swear. All right, let’s see if it’ll show my desktop screen now. Share.

Oh, it looks like it’s doing something.

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Oh, look at that. Nice. Okay, now. Oh look at that. This is what the bee live looks like. I’m so impressed with myself right now.


so I’m going to take you into our insider’s program. So like I said, we cannot do stuff that’s been in May, but anytime you want to do some leave behind that, it has to do with barbecue spices. I’m a marinate injector. You know, you can get those at the dollar store. Super Cute. And He’s put a little card on it that says I’m your season’s professional for all your home care needs. You can get a empty ketchup model or and catch up mustard relish. Set a super cute one that’s like for picnics and uh, put on a little tag that says, just stopping by to catch up with you and say hello from the home care agency who really cuts the mustard.

I relish your referrals and we’ll take great care of anyone you refer. See, this is cute stuff. So you put a little tag on there, a little sticker, a little tag he that hangs off and then you put your business card on one side or a sticker on one side with your information. Everything you buy for this stuff should be at the dollar store. A scrub daddy sponge. I don’t think you can buy those at the dollar store. Um, reusable shopping bag. Oh yeah. And put in the local farmer’s market schedule. Your home care needs are in the bag with me. Expandable roasting sticks for smores. I’m never too busy for s for smore of your referrals. Thermal bags like you would take to all or the grocery store, whether the market is hot or cold. Tell your friends I can count on us to help young and old.

I don’t know how that works. Anyway, food tent or flyswatter where did the time fly since we last said high? I mean, these are all super easy, goofy things that you can leave behind with your referral sources and especially that gatekeeper that sits at the front desk. Oh my goodness. Which she loves some of this. Uh, let’s see. Ice Cream scoop. Call me for the scoop on current home care market. Uh, let’s see. You can’t do, we can do, you don’t, can’t do father’s day, but you can still use some of these things. Um, I think that wd 40 and fuel injector cleaner are probably not really what you’re looking for. Barbecue Spatula, super easy. I really flipped for your referrals. Um, that’s all. Anything like that is all lint roller, don’t get rolled over, stick to us and we can handle all your home care needs.

I would not do a lottery ticket extension cord extending a court cordial greetings to let you know how important your connection is to me. I don’t know stuff like that. It’s just cute and funny. Now when I was a a case manager, discharge planner of the hospital, now this is in the days when we actually let people in. Um, somebody there was a local home care agency and every week she would come by and leave us something, a very small value, actually had no value and it was always something from like oriental trading, you know, you can buy stuff in bulk there and she had a little cute tag with it and I remember her to this day, sometimes it was just a little bag of m and m’s or um, a little, I remember a flip flop candle like for summertime was two flip flops and they were like little candles and they were so cute.

And then she would have her card with it and a little saying about, you know, summertime or whatever. And I still remember her. So any time you can do something cute, inexpensive dollar story, oriental trading kind of stuff and use those as leave behinds, people will love hearing from you and they will enjoy your business and they will look forward to your visits and eventually you’ll end up getting their referrals. So get out of that summer slump and get creative. These are projects that you can have older kids help you with. These are projects that you can have, um, you know, maybe a husband, a wife, a grandparents, somebody in your life who’s super crafty can help you put all these together at home or somewhere in the office and then have your sales person or you go out and hand these out and just say hi. All right. We also have, um, the fall list here.

See what the fall list looks like. The fall list was really fun. It was the first one we did. These are actually maybe more wintery but we’ll see. Alright, mega list. Let’s see, what am I going to says? Okay, so our mega list has pedometer. Don’t get walked on by another home care agency or helping you step your way to a healthy and happy year. Carpet spot remover, snowman making kit. That’s a little forward into bird feeder. Don’t let the next home care referral. Ruffle your feathers. Huh? That’s cute. Calendar for next year, month to month, year to year. I will help your patients get the best care at home. This can be one of those little mini calendars, like a pocket calendar. It does not have to be a giant calendar. Think dollar store a water bottle. I drink up your referred business tax organizer, cleanup, Kleenex, pocket tissue.

Nobody knows home care the way we do now. That is cute. I’m right next. Or if I’m chapstick, easy toolset. And then here’s some of the pictures. So this is a Pi server, but remember that this is not a real silver or Pi server that you’re going to buy like as a wedding gift. This is a plastic with silver, with silver coloring, like the forks and spoons he can buy that are plastic, but look like real silverware. That’s what that is. Easy stuff. But that’s how you put it together and put your little referral thing on it. This one was a all you can do it anytime. It’s more of an Easter thing. Um, have your peeps call my peeps. Cute. This one’s a little too much for me and it’s a little too homemade for me, but it’s cute. This is actually a caramel apple.

I don’t know if you can really get those super chiefs. I don’t know if that’s worth it, but um, you could actually wrap them and no matter how you slice it, you and your referrals are the core of my business. This is a gardening travel, but you can buy these at the dollar store cheap. They can be even kids kind. I’m like, you know toys a little, these are many donuts. Don’t know how cheap that really is. This is a plastic ice cream scoop. This is hand sanitizer. Awesome. And it looks a little hard to me. I don’t know. This one I really like and it’s so cute. So this is a list comes from a real estate agent and this is a mocked up little prescription pad. It obviously is not a prescription pad, so it has somebody’s name on it that you’re going to drop it off with some cute little address and then the directions enjoy two M&Ms the first sign of stress symptoms and call me if I can be of help.

And then the prescribing home care agency and then you put your information there. So you make up a bunch of these like four to a page and then, you know, just little white. This little brown bags are white bags. I don’t think you have to go as far as to do the little prescription bottle. You could just throw a bag of m and m’s in there. Um, but that is really cute and really simple and doesn’t cost a bunch of money. That costs some money. Hell, I’ve got little wd 40 a wd forties, but I don’t know if you can really get them for a dollar. This is a tiny little thing of honey. Honey, this is going to be a great year. Cute. Thanks for being such a great teacher. But you could say referral source. You are the bomb and you don’t have to do bird species. You could, but you could actually just do anything. Chap stick their scissors.

Always grateful for your referrals. I think that’s a little over the top. Cute stuff. Ice Cube tray. Um, there was one in here that somebody actually did and I thought it was really cute and I’m trying to find it for you. It is a, um, she did a little Halloween thing where she put together these little candies and a little bit, a little teeny bag and put a bow on it. And it was a really cute, oh, she made it into a Turkey and made it look like a Turkey with some piping. And that is super, super cute. And they handed them out to all the referral sources and it went over really well. In fact, she took pictures of it and sent us the company news and we posted about it. It was on Facebook, it was everywhere. He little thing. So to get over the summer slump, I th I’d say freshen up your marketing a little bit, get out there and do some of these cutesy little things that don’t cost you an arm and a leg.

I mean, if you have 20 referral sources we’re talking about, you know, maybe you’re going to spend 20 bucks on the product and then maybe you’re gonna spend another 10 on the little cards you can print out on your own printer and we’ll piece a string or something to tie it on. I mean don’t go crazy. Just make it cute. Anything is thoughtful. And when everybody’s in a slum and you come in with something cool like that, um, there’ll be really grateful cause they’re kind of feeling the slump too. It’s hot, everybody’s tired. It’s time for the kids to go back to school. It’s time to get motivated again. Once the kids go back to school, which for me is next week, I think everybody will kind of get that second wind and get ready for the fall. So get out of the summer slump, get yourself together and get some of these really cute little leave behind ideas.

I can email this to you. Um, if you put hashtag leave behind and you’re watching the replay or now you can do hashtag lead behind, I will send you these lists and we’ll probably do another one for fall coming up cause some of these are kind of wintery. Uh, and uh, we’ll make sure you get that in an email. So if you do Hashtag leave-behind I’ll message you. If you give us your email address, I’ll send it out to you in an email address. So get out of that summer slump and get marketing. It’s time to go. And of course if you need marketing help and you need some social media help and you need some website help, please, please, please contact me. Contact us. You can go to approved senior network.com you can go to um, Valerie v show.com and we can help you with all of those things.

Speaking of approved senior network tomorrow afternoon, this is becoming pretty cool. We’re going to be live again tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 PM Eastern. Our show is going to be about how to pay for home care. This is for consumers on the approved senior network Facebook page. So facebook.com forward slash improve senior network. And we’re going to be alive tomorrow. 3:00 PM we’re going to talk about how to pay for senior care. So we’re not going to just cover home care. We’re going to cover assisted living, nursing home care, home care, home health care, who pays for what, how to pay for it and adult daycare. And then, um, that shows sponsored by seniors helping seniors of north and east Raleigh. So our clients, they don’t pay anything to sponsor. They, uh, they get to sponsor an episode of our proofing or network TV that show. Once it’s done, we’ll also air on proof network TV on Roku, Amazon fire TV.

It’ll be on youtube, there’ll be on a podcast. It’s everywhere. So if you want to sponsor one of those shows and you’re not our client, that’s okay. Um, just reach out to me and I’ll let you know the cost involved in sponsoring your show. If you are our client, it’s free. All you gotta do is let me know that you want to sponsor a show. And we’ve had so many sponsoring class, we were going to do this show every other week. Now we’re going to do this show every single week because we’ve had that much interest. So lots of opportunities out there or everybody get out of that summer slump and I will see you next week.