Valerie V:                           Hey, everybody, Valerie V Show and as you know, we love to do interviews with home care agency owners, especially ones who have been around the block for a while and have been successful and have a lot of good information to share with us.

So today, we are going to be talking to Pam Starr with Compassion Crest Home Care. She is one of my favorites because she is so good to her caregivers, I just love it. We’re going to ask Pam a few questions today and she is going to tell us all about her beginnings, her successes, and what she finds are important in the home care business.

So, Pam, hello, how are you today?

Pamela Starr:                    I’m great, Valerie. It’s great to be with you.

Valerie V:                           Okay, Pam, so tell us, how did you get into the home care business?

Pamela Starr:                    Well, Valerie, actually I have been a business owner since I was 18. But, more than that, I love being in business and I love making a difference in my client’s and caregiver’s lives. Personally, though, I had two daughters that were diagnosed with a very rare genetic illness when they were 10 and that put me in to not only just being their mother but also their caregiver for 24 hours a day seven days a week for 25 years. So I quickly became familiar with G-tubes, catheters, seizures and Hoyer lifts and wheelchairs were just part of my daily routine.

I also found at the end, that personal care attendants were an enormous help. And hospice was a program I found to be my support as I sadly buried two daughters within just two years. And therefore, about that time, I began to put a plan together to have my own agency. I had walked in the shoes of the family caregiver and I knew so much more from actual experience. Mostly, though, Valerie, I knew when the cry for help came, it was usually long, long after the help was really needed. These people needed help and care now, not next week, not three days from now. And therefore, my office staff and myself make sure that we answer our phone twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. And I go out promptly when that call comes in to consult with that family and to get care started right away.

I am really so passionate about what I do. I like to say that we are making a compassionate difference with responsive and quality service 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Valerie V:                           Wow, that is amazing and I did not know all of that about you and your story and 25 years of caregiving. Oh, my goodness. You know, being a mom in and of itself is a lot of hard work so being a mom with special needs children into adulthood is also just … you are amazing. And you really do, obviously, identify with the folks that call your office because you understand that they probably did wait way too long to make that phone call and they need help now.

Pamela Starr:                    Absolutely.

Valerie V:                           That is just a wonderful story and I loved … I know usually when people get into homecare, they have a personal reason why they got into it and yours is probably one of the best examples I have ever heard of. Someone who absolutely understands the nature of caregiving itself. So, thank you for telling us that story.

Pamela Starr:                    Absolutely.

Valerie V:                           Okay, Pam, so tell us what areas do you service?

Pamela Starr:                    Well, I’m not franchised therefore I am able to service all of the Las Vegas area including Henderson, Green Valley, Summerlin, Centennial, and North Las Vegas. I actually build my business on my own good name in the community. And my referrals are key to my growth. I am so appreciative of the like-minded business individuals that I associate with and that I work with.

Valerie V:                           That is great. And I am so glad that you can serve such a wide service area. You’re right, being an independent home care agency gives you a lot more flexibility and that is key to this business. So thank you for that.

Pam, gives us some examples of client situations or issues that come up regularly with your clients and what you all can do to help.

Pamela Starr:                    Well, our client base is very diversified. I have adults with special needs. I have seniors that are aging in place. I have those seniors that are healing from recent surgeries. And we have quite a veteran population here so I work very, very closely with the aide and attendants pension benefit program for the veteran and their surviving spouse. I am able to accept long term care insurance, private pay, Medicaid and we also have vouchers from the Alzheimer’s Associate and Helping Hands of Southern Nevada that we accept. I even work with vacationers coming into Las Vegas and needing assistance with their loved ones. And, of course, I work very closely with the hospice community as I act quickly to that situation and I act accordingly.

I absolutely love what I do and I hope that passion comes across when I visit with my clients and their families.

Valerie V:                           That’s wonderful. And you hit on something that lot of folks don’t talk about and you are in … you live and work and have a business in a destination, a vacation destination, you know … so Las Vegas is where a lot of seniors will come and a lot of families come to enjoy themselves. The topic that you hit on which it helping when a senior comes into town, helping that family, maybe helping care for that senior while everyone is there together whether it’s for a wedding or for just kind of celebration or just for a vacation. That is really neat and I am glad you hit on that, too.

Pamela Starr:                    We find that’s a call that we do get and we are able to respond timely and of course, we appreciate an advance reservation but we know that grandma may be too tired to go to that evening activity or during a wedding, somebody’s ill and needs a companion for them while they are in the hotel room. So I think that’s another viable source for us as a destination.

Valerie V:                           That is really nice. So you serve such a diverse population from private pay to Medicaid, long term care insurance, VA benefits, that is amazing. I know that people come with all kinds of different issues and they come with different financial needs and so that fact that you are able to service all of those makes it so much easier to make the decision to call you cause you have experience with all these things.

Pamela Starr:                    Absolutely.

Valerie V:                           Amazing. So thank you. So tell us, if folks need to get ahold of you, want to get ahold of you, ask questions, reserve some services or just talk to you about their current situation, how do they get ahold of you?

Pamela Starr:                    We are in the Upper Valley. I am really easy to connect with. I answer my phone, I text and I email twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. I am an empty nester. I have a supportive spouse of 32 years and I love what I do. Therefore, I never feel like I am working. I really am just striving to make a difference. So individuals needing care can call me at the office 702-385-0920. Of course, they can text, they can email me at and they can visit my website where they can read more about the services that I offer and more about my story. And I think, then, they will be able to feel that they can trust me, and entrust their loved one with that the care that my caregivers will provide. And I am here to help. I am here to make a difference and I appreciate the time you are giving me to put my message out that I do feel that are unique and that we are passionate about what we do. We are not just concerned about the bottom line, Valerie. We really, truly to want to make a difference.

Valerie V:                           I know that’s true about you. I know you really want to make a difference because I see that through and through your business model from the way you take care of your clients to the way you take care of your caregivers. And you do take care them and I appreciate that just as much as I appreciate how well you treat your clients and what great service they get. So you have done an amazing job with this business. Thank you so much for being on the show and for showing us what a great, amazing example of a home care agency should be.

Pam, you have done a great job so thank you very much for being on the show.

Pamela Starr:                    Thank you.

Valerie V:                           If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, please call Compassion Crest Home Care. Personalized solutions and peace of mind. Pamela Starr is the owner. You can visit them online at or call them at 702-385-0920. 702-385-0920.