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How Do You Get MORE Private Pay Clients?

Here are my top recommendations. I think most would agree that this is the right approach in 2019....but you have to be willing to LEARN.

There are about 1000 answers to this question. Ask any business owner or marketer, and their answers will all be just a little different.

The Complicated World of Attracting MORE PRIVATE PAY CLIENTS

Here’s the “short” list:

  • In-person direct referral marketing.
  • Relationship building
  • Conversational marketing
  • Follow up, Follow up, Follow up.
  • Online marketing works!
  • Trust, Authority, Expertise
  • Take those “hard to place on a Friday night” clients
  • Establish marketing partners
  • Establish a referral network
  • Belong to the Chamber
  • Belong to BNI
  • Belong to Women in Business MeetUp, or any Meetup locally.
  • Buy leads.
  • Buy leads from so-and-so.
  • Buy leads online, don’t buy leads online.
  • Use Google Ads, Don’t Use Google Ads.

Who’s right?


Who’s wrong? No one.

So what do you do?

Here are my top recommendations. I think most would agree that this is the right approach in 2019….but you have to be willing to LEARN.

  1. No excuses. Stop with the “I don’t have time”, “I don’t have money”. How badly do you want this business to succeed? Your choice. Make it happen. Or don’t.
  2. In-person direct referral marketing will never go away in the healthcare market. People want to see you IN-PERSON. They want to trust you. Don’t let that go by the wayside. Get out there.
  3. Online Marketing– This is where my expertise comes in handy. So this is what I will discuss the most. If you are absent from this genre of marketing, you are losing, big time.

Online Marketing that Wins New Private Pay Clients Every Time.

Yes, you should do it.

Strategies that we were taught in 1997 or 2003 or 2007 or 2016 are SOMETIMES/ALMOST ALWAYS outdated now.

In-Person Networking- not outdated.

What you learned about online marketing in 2016- has already changed 3 times or more.


Just because you don’t like texting or Facebook, does NOT mean everyone else doesn’t like it.

Remember this: “You are not your client. You are not your prospect.”

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

If your prospects are looking at their phones because they are looking for more information on senior care options, then by golly, get your a$$ on Facebook.

Let me tell you what the last year has made PERFECTLY clear.

Your prospects are on Facebook and they know how to TEXT, and use Facebook MESSENGER. They might be age 40, 50, 88, or 98.

And they are waiting for you to get your act together and answer them.


Here is an example of someone who is ON FACEBOOK, on their MOBILE DEVICE (PHONE), and looking for answers:

Is this interesting to you?

What about this one?

Here’s what we know about these 2 people.

  • They are located in your service area (zip code).
  • They saw an ad on Facebook that encouraged them to talk to a local expert about home care/ senior care challenges.
  • They responded, and ASKED FOR A CALL.
  • They both left additional information for the person who will be calling them back.
  • We have their name, phone, email, zip code, and message.

Here’s what we do NOT know:

  • If they have money to pay privately for care.

What can we do next?

  • Talk to them on the phone (they know the call is coming because we have automatically emailed and texted them to let them know)
  • Ask questions.
  • Listen.
  • Add them to your monthly e-newsletter list.
  • Add them to your follow-up call list.
  • Schedule an in-home assessment or an assisted living tour.
  • Possibly start services.

Are these all perfect money-makers? NOPE.

Will some of them close? YEP.

Do I know how many? NOPE.

Are you a good closer? Maybe, maybe not, I have no idea.

Let’s say you are HIGHLY interested in this process and want to start this RIGHT NOW…ok, we would love to talk, but let me also ask you this…..

  • Do you have a website that has a REAL blog that allows you to blog post?
  • Do you post unique, searched engine optimized content at least 2-4 times per month?
  • Do you have a well managed Facebook Business page that gets content at least 5 days per week?
  • Twitter?
  • Pinterest?
  • LinkedIn?
  • Do you send out a monthly e-newsletter, WITHOUT FAIL every month, including last month and this month?
  • Do you understand that company news is super important? (caregiver of the month, new hires, event attendance, birthdays, volunteer opportunities, awards etc)

Get Our Help Here: https://care.approvedseniornetwork.com/complete-senior-care-marketing/

In 2019- walking into 2020, you should be doing all of the things listed above.

We want to work with established senior care businesses (1-2 years old and older) who want to grow their online portion of their marketing strategy.

(Because it’s almost 2020, and your prospects are looking for solutions online)

Buying leads or inquiries is helpful, sure. But a long-term growth plan for excellent visibility is the key to your businesses longevity.

If you fit this model- and want to talk, we would love to engage with you.

It’s time to learn something new. It’s time to embrace the reality of marketing today.

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

We can help!

Get Our Help Here: https://care.approvedseniornetwork.com/complete-senior-care-marketing/


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