Valerie:                Hey guys, Valerie V. Show, and in one minute, we’re gonna talk about lower cost, high quality websites. Ooh.

Valerie:                Hey guys, Valerie V. Show, and I wanted to say ‘Hello,’ for the end of this week, and let you know that we had some big announcements.

Valerie:                I hope that you were able to catch our interview with Lee Horner from SYNZI, because I think it’s a real eye-opener as to the possibilities and the opportunities that are currently available for home healthcare agencies, and probably for home care providers that are private duty, too.

Valerie:                If you wanna take that leap. I think it’s gonna be important. I think it’s essential that everybody knows what’s available, and big or small, start looking into telehealth as an option to supplement your regular visits. Not replace completely, but supplement those visits.

Valerie:                So, having said that, we also had a big announcement this week. Something we never do, which is offer three tiers of pricing for our website development. Usually, we develop pretty large websites, which are more than 20 pages, sometimes into the 40 page websites, that’s not counting their blog or anything.

Valerie:                But we know that some of you need a six page website, you’re a start-up, you need a 10 page website, or you might need a 20 page website, or you may need a bigger website. So we decided to offer tiered pricing.

Valerie:                So for those of you who are in start-up mode, you have something that’s affordable, some people that are middle of the road. Maybe you’ve been in business a year and you’re tired of that janky old Wix website, or that janky old Weebly website, but you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a website. I totally get it. I will tell you this, though, you absolutely get what you pay for.

Valerie:                So, when you go with a low-cost website solution, that looks really cool, because it’s so easy for you to manage, that’s great, but the reality is, it’s hard to Search Engine Optimize, you do not own the content. And by that I mean, you can’t transfer everything over, beep, and put it on a new web host provider. Uh-uh.

Valerie:                It has to start from scratch. So yeah, you can copy and paste all the words out of your website and put it into a new website, but you can’t just take all the files and all the images and just go ‘blip’ into a new website, it doesn’t work that way. It has to be manually transferred one page, one image at a time. Don’t do that, because it’s gonna cost you more in the long run than if you woulda just had a great website developed, from the beginning.

Valerie:                So when we develop websites, people usually stay with us for a really long time, but, if they do wanna leave our services, if they do want to transfer their website to another hosting provider, it’s okay. We provide all the files, the database, the FTP access, and ‘blip,’ all they have to do is turn the website on, on the new WordPress provider, and they should be ready to go. There might be a few tweaks, but, easy stuff.

Valerie:                We don’t hold our websites hostage, like some companies do. So that’s why you get what you pay for, and you get a team that’s all US based, 100%, working with you, and we are not out-sourcing this to another country. We don’t out-source any of our services. That’s kinda my, I guess, lesson, in website development.

Valerie:                I know it’s hard, to believe that you might have to spend $995 on a website, but the reality is, today, if you really want a nice website, that’s probably the lowest you ever want to pay, for website development. And even then, you gotta make sure your developer is awesome and you’re not gonna be dealing with someone who has to go get a full-time job and isn’t really paying attention to your website anymore. Just the things that we see everyday. Woo.

Valerie:                Okay, so with this video, or here or here or here or here, somewhere is the link to the page that describes our website development and hosting packages. If you don’t need a website, that’s okay, maybe you just need content. Maybe you just need blog posts and you need social media. Maybe you need the mentoring program. Awesome. That’s also available to you.

Valerie:                So this is Friday, this is Freestyle Friday. Oh, by the way, I hope you like my glasses. Mm-hmm (affirmative). Freestyle Friday, if there’s anything you’d like to say or send, please do via Facebook, that would be great. And next week, we are gonna start doing interviews with people just like you.

Valerie:                We are always looking for folks who have been in business for two years or more, who are running a successful, healthcare business. It doesn’t have to be home care, it can be assisted living, senior living facility or community. It can be adult daycare, it can be home healthcare, home care, geriatric care management, life care management, elder law, anything that is specific to the senior market.

Valerie:                If you have a successful business, the idea behind this is to talk to people and ask them, “How was it, what was it like when you started?” And “What is it like today?” And “What do you attribute your success to?” So, we wanna hear some success stories from folks like you out there. Hit me up on Facebook or I’ll put a link to where you can also get more information on how you can participate and be interviewed for the show. And we will highlight you on our show.

Valerie:                Okay everybody, have a great Friday and we’ll talk to you next week. Bye bye.