A Home Care Website That is Seeing AMAZING Results in 12 Days!
Autumn Hills Home Care – New Home Care Website!

Home Care Website Sees Amazing Ranking Results in Just 12 Days – Built By Approved Senior Network® Marketing

AutumnHillsHome.com went LIVE on June 14th, 2021. Approved Senior Network® Marketing staff would like to welcome Jeff Houck and his team to the ASN Family!

Amazing results- in only 12 days, Jeff’s new home care website at AutumnHillsHome.com ranks on page 1 for all of these keyword phrases.

New Home Care Website appears on the first page of Google for 32 keyword phrases in 12 days.

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN, Founder and Co-Owner of Approved Senior Network® says,

“We have really honed our skills with Search Engine Optimization and Home Care Websites over the last few years. Now we know all of the many parts and pieces that make Google happy. When you put all of those pieces together, a great team can make amazing things happen with organic search. Feed the Google monster, and keep it happy!!!”

About Autumn Hills Home Care in Akron, Ohio & Jeff Houck, Owner

About Autumn Hills Home Care in Akron, Ohio & Jeff Houck, Owner

Forty (plus) years in the health care industry instilled in me a love for excellent care for everyone who was experiencing a need. My first years as a hospital engineer taught me how to identify the best care and measure it. In the second half of my career I built and led home-based hospice programs, and I developed a love for caring for seniors in their homes. But not just that. I also developed a sense that when you care with excellence for a senior who is at risk, you are caring for their entire family and circle of friends. That is my desire for Autumn Hills Home Care – to inspire lives well-lived at home, one person, one family, one neighborhood at a time.

Mission Statement

Inspiring a life well-lived at home–one person, one family, one neighborhood at a time.

About Approved Senior Network® Marketing’s Home Care Websites

Our passion is helping senior care businesses grow and expand their reach. We work with any size senior care company and have always given our very best whether your business is a one-person behind-the-screen operation, or a fortune 100 company. Our portfolio is ever-changing as fresh new opportunities come on board. Our pride comes from the fact that our clients stay with us long term, many are still with us since we started. 

Approved Senior Network Web Design and SEO specialize in helping with web design for home care agencies and home health care agencies utilize the internet to grow their clients and referral sources.  Many home care agencies are behind in website development and SEO strategies. Your home care website can be a distinctive first impression to potential visitors and future clients and employees. You want your site to reflect the passion and dedication that you have for home care.

We understand that most home care agencies operate on a thin margin. That is why we make our packages reasonable for home health care, enabling them to take advantage of the opportunities the internet has to offer at an affordable design price.

In a world heavily dependent on technology, we create a way for your home care agency to reach more and more people, on a level that they can relate to, and show how your services are important and superior to other companies in your community.  In addition to designing an impactful website, you want that site to be easily found.

Our ongoing ADVANCED HOME CARE SEO packages will continue to keep your home care agency at the forefront of your outreach, enabling people to find you quickly and easily.

Home Care Web Design is our Mission

Approved Senior Network Marketing Complete Web Services can offer your home care agency a website that is easy to use, visually appealing, and intriguing enough to capture people’s attention.

A website by ASN is the second-best way to reach people, the first being word of mouth. The use of the internet has grown over 500% since the year 2000, and currently has 3.6 billion users. That is almost half of the world population! With that kind of potential, we are dedicated to helping you reach out to your community.

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