Valerie V Show:                Hi, guys. Valerie V Show, and in one second, I am going to show you five ways that you can be everywhere for your local audience. Be right back.

Hey, guys. Valerie V Show. I talk a lot about being everywhere, being magnetic, being everywhere, being real, and being you. Those are my favorite things to talk about, but let’s talk about being everywhere for a second. So, when you start getting out there online and coming out from behind your website and actually being in pictures and posting more content and engaging with your audience, people in your local area or people that you network with, will say, “Oh, my goodness. You are everywhere. Every time I go to Facebook, every time I go to Twitter, every time I go to Instagram, every time I … you are everywhere. How do you have time to do it?” I’ve heard that a lot, and the reality is that if you do these five things, it will help you be everywhere a lot more.

So, here are my five tips for being everywhere. Number one, start taking pictures. Some people really don’t like to be in pictures, but I guarantee you not only will your kids appreciate it when they get older, they’ll love seeing old pictures of you, but it also helps you right now with your business get out there. So, take a picture of yourself with that event organizer or with someone you’re networking with or someone you’re having lunch with, or someone you’re just so happy to meet. Or, you in front of a hospital, or you in front of your own home care agency, or you at your desk. It’s okay to take pictures and show people what life really looks like.

And the next thing is, so takes pictures. Not only do you have to take the pictures but you have to post the pictures. So, you need to write a sentence or two. For our clients, we say four sentences and a picture, so a paragraph and a picture for everything you do. So, write four sentences about what you were doing, how you were feeling, what was going on, why you’re taking the picture, why you were at that event, and then post it. Hopefully, you’re blog posting so that your blog post can shoot that information out to all of your social media all at one time. So, that’s another way to be everywhere. So, take pictures and then post the pictures, not just on one platform, but on many platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, everywhere. Put it everywhere because you’re going to get different people seeing different things everywhere you go. So, that is number two. Taking pictures is number one, posting them with some information about who’s in the picture and like four sentences, that’s number two.

Number three, take some videos. If you don’t want to be in the video, at least take a few videos of the things going on around you. So, if you are at an event or if you are walking into an event, take a little video about what you’re about to experience or where you’re going or why you’re going there, and post that video online.

The next thing is to have a newsletter. You always want to make sure you have a monthly E newsletter, and all the things that you did, and all the experiences you had in the last 30 days should be in that newsletter. And the last thing.

So, number one is pictures. Number two is posting. Number three is video, even if you don’t want to be in it, you could always take videos of other things, other people. Number four is to have a newsletter. So, people aren’t always going to see all your stuff on your website or on Facebook or on LinkedIn, but if they’re on your newsletter list and you send it out, they’ll see all your cool activities all at one time. So, that’s number four. And number five is make sure you are engaging with people on Facebook and LinkedIn and Instagram. So, answer them. Check that Facebook Business Page. People ask questions and make comments all the time, and you probably are oblivious to that, but if you start looking at that and start engaging with people and start asking questions and start answering people, even if they just like your stuff, you could always invite them to Like your page.

When you look at a post, and 15 people have Liked it, you can see who those 15 people are on your Facebook Business Page, and you can invite them to Like your page. And that will grow your audience even faster.

So, those are my five tips for being everywhere, and increasing your audience and getting more referrals, and getting more clients. Take my advice. Do those five things, and by this time six months from now, yeah, six months from now, when you look back you’ll think, “Oh, my goodness. It really did work. Look at all these people who are following us and referring to us and engaging with us online.” Make it happen. Thanks everybody. See you tomorrow.