Who Is Approved Senior Network Marketing?

All right. Thanks everybody. You can hear me okay? My microphone’s … All right, good. Okay. So thanks for having me. I appreciate it. I am going to just tell you a little bit about our company, but I’m not going to spend a lot of time. This is educational, not promotional. But I want you to know that when I talk about all of this, that I’m not coming to you from a newbie perspective. I’ve been a nurse for 200 years. I’m 200 years old in nurse years I should say, just kind of like a dog. I’ve heard it all, seen it all, like most of you have if you’ve worked in healthcare for any length of time. 13 years in the senior care market specifically. I keep my license current, but I haven’t touched another human aside from my family in probably about 15 years by choice.

But we have about 200 home care clients across the country at Approved Senior Network. We publish original content and we do SEO and we build websites, and we do all those kinds of things. And the difference between us and the 5,000 other companies that try to solicit to you every single day of your life is that we only work in the senior care market.

We have only worked in home care. 90% of our clients are home care based and the rest are kind of a smattering of elder law, care management, assisted living and things like that. But it’s all senior care. We don’t go outside of that.

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What Is SEO for Home Care?

We’re going to start with a little bit of SEO, which means search engine optimization, and I’m going to take you through a little exercise that I like to do that kind of helps you understand how humans are finding you.

Referral Marketing

I know, having worked in this market for so long, that about 70% of your business probably still comes from referrals. And that’s either professionals that are referring to you or family members, friends, people out there, social workers, whoever that are looking for you. And sometimes those referrals are people who refer to you and then that person goes online to look at you. They look at your website and learn a little bit more about you.

Leads from the Internet

And then, 30% of your leads for home care should be coming from online search. And if they’re not or you don’t know your numbers, you should know your numbers, but if that is not the case, then you’re missing something. So we’re going to talk about how you achieve this 70/30 mix right now. And the question I have for you all to ponder in your brains is: Do people search by state when they’re looking for home care, by county, by metro area, or by town? And I hope that we’re all on the same page. So we’re going to look at this together in a way that we’ll all understand.

How Do Consumers Search for Home Care or Senior Care?

When potential home care clients look for you, how do they find you?

When they are looking for home care, when they’re in the midst of an elder care crisis, are they, “No, mom’s really not doing that great at home, and they probably could use somebody to check in on her.”

They start down this road.

They’re kind of on the sidewalk, and they’re not in the fast lane.

We’re not in crisis mode maybe.

We’re on the sidewalk and we’re looking for home care.

Do they search by state?

Does somebody type in home care Oklahoma?

No. Typically, not.

If they do, they’re going to quickly change their mind because they’re going to realize that they’re not finding anybody that’s close to them.

And the next question I would have for you is: Do people search by county?

And I know that you think they do, but they don’t because look at Roger Mills County. Now, I realize that’s out in the way out there. Look at Oklahoma County, look at Canadian County, and I’m probably going to butcher some of these names, Sequoia County. These are big counties for the most part. They stretch across a huge swath of territory and land and miles.

So even though it’s really nice to be able to say we serve Roger Mills County, Canadian County, Caddo County, that’s okay. But when you’re search engine optimizing your website, that’s not the right way to go. And I want you to understand that, because if territories are too big …

Potential Home Care Clients Search by Town

Think about it this way.

If my mom lived in a little town in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I lived in Florida.

And maybe I didn’t grow up in Oklahoma. Maybe she moved there later in my life. I’m not going to search for home care for her because I’m a long-distance caregiver.

I’m going to use the mailing address where I send her mail. That city and state is how I am going to search for home care. I want somebody close to her.

I want caregivers who are close to her. I want to narrow it down to the people that serve that local community, and I want those people to take care of my mom. I don’t want somebody from Edmond driving all the way to Norman, of course maybe that’s five miles, but I don’t think it is. I don’t want them to be that far away.

Big Town vs Little Town

Here’s a picture of Oklahoma City. Obviously you guys know more about this than I do. But there’s an Oklahoma City metro area, and it’s probably, it may even be bigger than what I have in this picture here. People typically are going to search by metro area, so Oklahoma City metro, Tulsa metro area, might be smaller, I don’t know. Or maybe it’s just not as populated here. But they might search by metro area.

Metro Area vs Town

So I’m the St Louis, Missouri area. A lot of times people will type in home care St Louis or home care St Louis area or home care St Louis County. That’s still too big. Eventually they’re going to want to get down to this. You see how zoomed in I am? If my mom lives in Bixby, Oklahoma, I’m going to search for a home care agency in Bixby, Oklahoma, or Coweta, I’m probably saying that wrong, or Owasso, look at me, Mannford, Sand Springs. I am going to search by the zip code or town that she lives in, not the county, not necessarily the metro area, maybe, and definitely not by county and not by state.

Your Home Care Website and SEO

So when you’re looking at your website, I want you to type in. Think about the top 10 towns, you’re going to write this down, top 10 towns in your local area that you service. Here’s a big map of Oklahoma City zoomed in. If you service Mustang, Bridge Creek, Tuttle, Newcastle, Moore, Hall Park, Yukon, War Acres, I want you to write those down and I want you to go to the internet. And I want you to go to incognito mode, and I’ll show you how to do that in a minute on Chrome, and I want you to type in home care War Acres. And I want you to see who shows up there.

Is it you? If you serve that area and you’re not showing up on the first page of Google for that area, or Yukon, or Mustang, or Hall Park, if you service those areas and you’re not on the first page, then you’re not competing with the big boys. So you need to know how to fix that. And that’s what I’m going to show you today, how do you fix your website so that you show up for all these things, and how does social media play a huge role in that. Okay? So we’re going to talk about that.

Does that make sense to everybody? Can I get like a one if you understand what I’m saying? And one in the chat? Anybody got a one for me? I got one one. One person’s paying attention. Everyone else is just here for the CEU. Okay. Thank you. Okay. All right, so I got some ones. Okay.

What is the Home Care Target Market?

  • We also know that your target market are the adult children of aging parents. We get that. Some of the seniors.
  • Some of them are seniors.
  • Some of them are the spouse of someone who needs care. We get that.
  • But most of the time you’re talking to adult children or some family member who’s younger who realizes that aunt or uncle Jane, Aunt Jane, or whoever is not doing very well.
  • The family members of the people needing care.
  • Potential and existing referral sources are also your target market, we already talked about this.
  • And your local area towns.
  • And we often forget about this. That is your target market.

Your Home Care Service Area Matters

I’m going to guess that most of you have a … unless you have multiple offices, everybody’s got a different story, I understand. If you have multiple offices, that’s one thing. But if you have one single main office, you probably serve, I’m going to guess, a 25 to 30 mile radius of that office is going to be … And if you’re a franchise, you have a very specific territory that you can serve. We understand that too.

That 25 to 30 mile radius is really more limited because of how far your caregivers are willing to drive, especially in bad weather. They have to have reliable transportation. I mean, you know the whole … I’m not even going to go into recruiting because that’s a whole nother day-long discussion that we could have. But you know that you’re limited to the reach of your caregivers. And you don’t want to go much further out than that because then it becomes harder and harder to serve those clients. So everything within a say a 25, 30 mile radius is really important for your website. So let’s talk about that.

How Do Home Care Clients Find You?

How do prospects find you?

  • If they’re coming from social media, they’re looking at your website.
  • If they’re coming from paid ads, they’re going to your website.
  • If they’re coming from organic traffic because they typed in home care Oklahoma City, they’re going to go to your website.
  • If it’s a referral source and they say, “Hey, you know what? You ought to use ABC Home Care over there in Oklahoma City,” they’re going to … And I made that up. That is probably a name, but I just made up, that person, that human or that list that they just got from the social worker in the hospital, if you’re on that list, they’re going to go to your website and they’re on their mobile device, let’s remember that.
  • If you have a consistent e-newsletter that you send out and if you don’t, 10% increase in your revenue today if you have a consistent e-newsletter. That is a tidbit that will make you money. Consistent e-newsletter for an entire year. At the end of that year, 10% increase in your revenue. If you don’t do it, you’ll never see it. You have to be able to document where all your business is coming from though. Consistent means every month without fail. Okay. When they come from your newsletter, they go to your website. If it’s a community outreach event, you’re doing the Alzheimer’s Walk, you are supporting a local nonprofit, you are leaving flowers at the doorstep of the local assisted living for each senior there. Whatever community outreach you’re doing, those people there or the referral sources or the community, they might go look at your website.

Your Home Care Website is the Hub for ALL MARKETING ACTIVITY.

So what is the common denominator here? It’s your website. So if your website is janky … How many of you know what the word janky means? Janky. Janky means junk store. If your website is outdated or old or has stuff wrong with it, and I can show you a jank store website today, it’s not in your wheelhouse and it’s not home care and we just redid their website so they’re okay with it, but if you want to see a jank website, I’ll show you one. That if they see that your website is old and yucky, they’re going to be like, “Oh, yeah,” compared to the beautiful big boys out there.

And you do not need to spend $10,000 on a website to have a beautiful website, to have a really nice one, but not only beautiful. Beautiful is only half the story. It has to be functional and it has to be search engine optimized. That means all those keywords, all those little towns we just talked about have to be present and visible and talked about on your website. And all those services that you provide have to be talked about on your website. If they’re not, Google doesn’t know who you are, where you are, or what you do. It’s important to have a website that Google likes and a website that the community likes.

So it needs to be professionally designed, search engine optimized for home care, mobile ready. It looks new, it looks great. You see the picture on the screen there? Look at the four different platforms there. You have a big giant screen in the back. You have a laptop on the right. And you have an iPad or a tablet. And you have your phone. Your website needs to look good on all of those. I can even send you the link to a website that will show you what your website looks like on all of those all at one time so you can see if it’s jank store.

This is what your website should look like on all those. Very nicely done. And this is not an expensive website you’re looking at right here. This is just very well done as far as how it’s built. Okay. So optimize for speed and fast load times. Okay, March of this year two years ago, Google said to all of us, and if you’re not a nerd like me who listens to Google then you wouldn’t know this, but Google said … Well, actually 2018 is actually the real year. I still don’t know what year it is. In 2018 Google said mobile, mobile, mobile, mobile, everything we care about is on mobile. We don’t care about your desktop as much anymore because people are on their phones 24 hours a day. And you all know that’s true for some people.

We care about what your stuff looks like on mobile. We care how fast it loads on mobile.

What Does Google Think About Your Home Care Website?

Speed Matters

And this month, or last month, March of 2021, Google said, “If your website is slow loading on mobile, you are out.” And that doesn’t mean you’re not going to show up on Google. It means the big boys that are ahead of you are the ones that have taken that advice seriously, and their websites load just like that on a mobile device. If yours does not, you will be way back here, because Google cares about the user experience.

If Jane Doe types in home care Oklahoma City, the websites that load the fastest and have the best SEO are going to show up right now for her, because Google wants her to be happy, it wants to find what she is looking for, and it wants to keep her coming back for more all the time. If you don’t meet the criteria that the Google monster says you need to meet, you’re going to be way over here on page 3 or page 10 because they know you’re really not playing the right game. So that’s why this is so important.

Is It Time to Update Your Home Care Website?

If your website hasn’t been updated since 2015, ’17, ’17 being I guess would be the furthest back I would go, you need to start thinking about it because you’re going to lose, you’re going to lose this Google game.

Are You Monitoring Your Home Care Website?

Monitor your website. My other recommendation is this. You get what you pay for a lot of times. Your website needs to be monitored. It should be on a great server. It should be up 99% of the time all. We build in WordPress, but whatever it’s built on, it needs to be updated, it needs to be maintained, it shouldn’t be broken, all those things. So whoever does your website if it’s cousin Eddie, find yourself a new web developer. If it’s the local guy in the chamber who was doing it as a side gig and now he’s moved on to something else because he really has to actually feed his family, then you need to move on to something else, those kinds of things.

When you’re getting a website built, be careful, because this all matters for SEO and your social media, because everybody’s going to end up on your website. You can write these two websites down, greatoakseniorcare.com and elderlycaregivers.org. Be sure to put .org because .com does not work. These two websites are great examples of what I’m talking about. Both of them came from the jank store, and they just had their websites redone. And like I said before, these are not expensive websites, but these are well done websites. And when you put together what I’m about to show you on social media with these websites, then you’re going to see what I mean.

Home Care Website Sample- Great Oak Senior Care

Okay, so I’m going to get out of here for a second and we’re going to go … I’m going to show you live Great Oak Senior Care. Okay, these people are in Minnesota. So they’re Minnesota. So they’re not in your wheelhouse. They had a website that was built in 2014 originally, and they just mean they weren’t showing up anywhere on the first page of Google. So we took their website, the content that they had. They’re actually in suburbs outside of Minneapolis. Bloomington is a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and they want to show up for lots of different towns. You can see this right here, Apple Valley, Bloomington, Burnsville, Eden Prairie, Edina, Edina, Minnetonka, Plymouth and surrounding communities. They want to show up for all of these. They really don’t care about Minneapolis proper. They’re just like the suburbs that are south of Minneapolis.

So, our goal was to first get them to show up on the first page of Google for Bloomington because that is where they’re located. I mean that’s their office location. This is the home page. You see how much content is on that. It’s a lot. It’s a lot of words. But that’s important. You see how these ones that are like sort of highlighted here?

That’s important. Google’s saying, “Oh, I get it.” You see this up here? Providing home care services in the Bloomington area since 2014. Oh. Google says, “I get it. I know what you do, and I know where you are.” And there’s your phone number. This is important right here too because if your phone number is not at the top of your website on mobile, here let’s make it mobile, are you ready? We’re going to make this website mobile right in front of your eyes. It’s a little bit fatter than a mobile device but you get the picture.

Keep it Simple

So you see how this clickable phone number is right there? There’s this book out there called Don’t Make Me Think, and it was written a long time ago. It was like 2012 I guess. But it was written by a web developer who really understood that when a person who is not web savvy comes to your website, don’t make them think. If you are not web savvy, you know that you want to see that phone number or that form to fill out right away.

All we care about on this website is that somebody makes a phone call or fills out a form. Isn’t that right for you too? You want them to call you or fill out a form on your website and get those services started. You want that inquiry. So don’t make them go through 5,000 different pages on your website to find your phone number. Right here, top, and clickable, the end. Here is the navigation on mobile.

Okay, so let’s go back to our desktop version. We’re going to go back out here. I’m going to get out of here. Okay, back to the desktop. So how do we get these people to go from nowhereville to first page of Google in one month? And this is it right here. This is search engine optimization.

Home Care Content Matters!

I want you to take a look at how built out these pages are. And you have this website URL so you can go back and take a look at it later. But let’s look at Alzheimer’s home care services. Now, I bet most of you have a lot of dementia clients, beginning, middle, maybe even end stages, Alzheimer’s and dementia home care. People don’t know what to type in when they’re searching for you, so they’ll type in Alzheimer’s home care for everything, or dementia home care for everything. If you want to be on the first page of your town for Alzheimer’s care or dementia care, then this is what the header of your page needs to look like. And look at this. Watch me scroll. You see how much content is there? This is just about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. That’s a lot of words.

So we wrote that for this client so that they would show up on the first page of Google. And voila, it worked. We also include all those other towns that they want to show up for. First, you got to get your main town taken care of which for them is Bloomington. Then we start working on these other towns. But all of these towns are search engine optimized. I mean, all these pages are search engine optimized. 24-hour home care. I don’t know that they’re big on live-in, but they do provide hourly care. So 24-hour home care.

And there’s not just 24-hour home care, is not the only key word on here. There are other keywords like what is live-in care or what is a live-in caregiver. So we address some of those other things that people might be looking for. These images 100% search engine optimized. How do people … If someone lands on this page from a Google search, what happens? They see this phone number or they see start your care assessment. It could be anything. You can use this. We call it getting started and then have this little form to fill out.

Anyway having said that, that is what SEO looks like on a website, your home page. All of your services pages, they have to be written out and written well. You don’t have to do it yourself. You can hire somebody to do that. But if you just have a paragraph about private duty home care or senior home care or personal care, you’re not going to get it. You have to compete with the big players in your market or you’re never going to see the first page of Google. So that’s the first thing to know about SEO.

How Does Social Media Help SEO for Home Care?

Now, how does social media help? Let me make this big again. Play from current slide. Yay. I got to go back one here. Okay. So you got that greatoakseniorcare.com. Elderlycaregivers.org is in Danbury, Connecticut. Same kind of situation, old website, jank store. And what happened was they actually if you know your geography, and I can say that I know it way better than I used to because we service everybody nationwide. But Danbury is, well, in Connecticut. But they also do, for whatever reason, they do a lot of live-in care just, live-in care, this organization in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Brookline, Massachusetts is an older, wealthy community outside of Boston. I don’t know what the connection there is or why, but that is almost three hours from their main office. And they don’t have an office in Brookline. They’re like, “Hey, you think we could get some on the first page for Brookline, Massachusetts?” And I was like, “What?”

So we did a little experiment. We put up a page for them on their website, just for Brookline, Massachusetts, and we did all the right things with all the bells and whistles. Boom, first page of Google. And there’s a lot of other tricks behind the trade that you got to know about that, but you can show up on the first page of Google for communities that are far away from you if you do it right. You’re not limited to the only town where your office sits. You can show up for lots of towns. You just have to know what to do.

Do You Have a Home Care Keyword Plan?

Let’s talk about keyword plan. If you list all of your local towns and service areas and you know what your keywords are, but we’ve researched this a million times in 13 years so we know what all your right keywords will be, the big ones, the little ones, the long tail one, the short one. We know that people type in a million different versions of what you do because they just don’t know any better. You’re a private duty non-medical home care agency, but someone types in-home health care every time. We totally get that. Because they just don’t know any better. They’re lay people and they’ve never had this experience. So we understand those things.

We know what the keywords are. And when you combine these two together and We build a page that is well optimized, you have great SEO, and you can compete against all of your big players in the market. So just keep that in mind, a keyword plan that works.

Home Care SEO Recommendations

Here’s what I recommend for your SEO, long descriptive service pages like I just showed you, and some long descriptive blog posts. What I didn’t show you was that we put up two blog posts when we launched these websites that are called guides. And they’re really long and they’re full of images and they’re full of all kinds of stuff about … If you want me to show you those, you can hit a one in the chat and I’ll go back and show you those, but we made those guides, and you can write the same exact guide, but for your area instead of for Minnesota. If you want me to show you those, just hit a one and I’ll go back to that. Whoops.

Two long descriptive blog posts, we thought. And then every month we put two shorter blog posts. And this is where your company news comes in and your social media and your content that you all your community outreach efforts that you should be getting started back into. I don’t know what Oklahoma’s COVID stuff looks like or how open you’ve been. I’m sure that you’re … I know that you’re not like New York City. And Missouri’s probably … I don’t know. It’s hard to say. It’s a lot of politics. Our governor’s weird. But anyway, we’re starting to open up again. I’m sure if you haven’t already, you’re probably starting to.

So if you’re starting to do more community outreaches which is what I’m getting to, then start writing about that stuff that you’re doing, or talk about caregiver of the month. These shorter search engine optimized blog posts, two times a month. Come on. You can write four paragraphs two times a month. I know you can. You think you can’t, but I know you can. And if you can’t, hire somebody to do it for you. 100% of your content needs to be unique. We use expert writers for that.

So I’ll just give you kind of the tip behind the scenes, is when clients hire us, when they do, we have writers, and we vetted the writers. Just be careful about this. You can hire somebody to write your content, but you need to make sure that they are … If you’re doing this online and hiring a writer through like Writer’s Access. I mean there’s a million places. You can Google it. They’re all the same. You have to make sure for home care especially and for senior care that they are a United States based human person and that they grew up here and that this is their first language or their second language, it could be.

The reason I say this is because the healthcare, our healthcare is so complicated, and the rules that you need to follow. You can’t hand somebody medications in private duty. We get that. We know that your people should not be handing people meds. We know that. You know that. I know that. We’ve known that for 13 years. So our writers know that. So we pass along all the laws and the rules and the regulations for each type of senior care to them, so they’re not writing stuff like, “Well, and then your caregiver can just give you your meds.” Can’t do stuff like that. Make sure you’re hiring somebody who has at least grown up with the crazy healthcare system that we have so that they at least understand kind of how things work. And then you can guide them from there.

But shorter, search engine optimized blog posts, two times a month. Unique content. Don’t be copying off of other people. Don’t be using stuff that other people have posted 40 times. It’s not worth it. You are the authority. You are the expert. You should be ghost written and they should be in your name. You’re the face. You’re the person that people know in your community, you or your marketer. Whoever that person is needs to be the face that shines the light for these blog posts and is the expert. So people read that and they think, “Oh, yay, it’s Mary,” or whatever. You’re a trusted provider of home care and senior care.

And your blog posts, if you have like a WordPress website, which is what we do, they should automatically go out to LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest. There’s little things you can install on the back of your website that just go blip and shoot those blog posts out to your social media. Okay? So that’s your content strategy.

The other thing I want to throw in there is about this consistent monthly newsletter that I talked about. I promise you that if you do this and you delegate this to somebody who has time, don’t take it on yourself because you’ll never do it. If you are going to take it on yourself, then put it on the calendar and make an appointment with yourself to get this done because you will never do it. It’ll be the last thing on your radar with all the other crisis and crazy stuff you got to deal with every day.

A consistent monthly newsletter can go out from any newsletter system that you have. We use our own proprietary CRM that all of our clients get, and we hand write all of our newsletters for our clients. But what it is, is this combination of all the blog posts that we’ve done over the last month for them. That’s the newsletter. It’s easy. It’s already there. We already have the content and we don’t put the whole blog post in there. That’s boring. We just put a snippet of it, so these little short snippets, and then you click on it and boom you go back to the website.

Grow this list, this email list as big as you can, as fast as you can. Every business card that’s in your purse, every business card that’s on your desk, every chamber meeting you go to, every social worker meeting you go to, every meeting you go to, whenever that occurs or whenever that’s happened. Get those business cards out and start boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, put them in, put them in. They can unsubscribe anytime they want. I know that’s not the advice you normally get, but that’s the advice I’m giving you. Put people on your newsletter list and send it, send it, send it, send it every month. You don’t need to bother them more than once a month. We’re not talking about spamming people. We’re talking about sending them your company news and any educational information that you want to share one time per month. It keeps you top of mind.

If you have a person who calls in and inquiries about care but hasn’t pull the trigger for mom, ask them for their email address when you get them on the phone. Have a checklist next to the phone where the person who answers the phone, name, email address, phone number, and who they’re calling about. Check it off. They have to get those four things. And maybe the zip code of the person who needs care. You don’t have to ask them the address and all that crazy stuff, but get their contact information. Put them on your newsletter list. They’re not going to be mad at you. And if they are, delete them. Done.

Okay, this grows your audience. It keeps you top of mind. It builds engagement. People who don’t pull the trigger today are going to pull the trigger the next time there’s a bad weather incident or mom gets sick or she falls and breaks her hip. And I hate to say that, but they will wait until the next crisis occurs, there’s a bad blizzard. I don’t know. Oh, yeah, of course you get blizzards once in a while I guess. Maybe not blizzards, but there’s an icing event, a snow event, something crazy and mom falls or dad falls, or they get pneumonia, or they get the flu, or whatever, and they’re hospitalized. Something is going to happen. And they’re going to call you because your newsletter was the last thing they saw. So please, email these people. They do open them, believe it or not.

Okay. I’ll quit, get off my soapbox now. Okay. Be sure by the way in the chat to start putting in your questions because I’m going to take questions here at the end, and I’ll take them in the order they come in. So if you have any questions about anything in the whole world about this, please put them in. I’m happy to answer. Social media strategy. I want you to look at these images. These images all have one thing in common. What is it? They all have the website, the phone number, and the logo, and the name of the company on each image, if you can see that.

What is Your Social Media Strategy for Home Care?

Your social media strategy, let’s talk about what social media platforms you should be using. Should you be using Twitter? No. Should you be using Snapchat? No. I don’t even care about Snapchat. TikTok, that’s a good question. It’s a hateful thing for most of us 40 and over. TikTok is ridiculous. But if you’ve ever sat and watched Bunny The Dog talk, then you will be TikTok addicted just like I am. I do not watch TikToks of people who are dancing or acting a fool or doing their nails or their hair or their makeup. I could care less about that. But I do watch Granny Nana, and I do and I do watch Dr. Lucy give her brain building tips, and I do watch Bunny The Dog talk because she freaking talks and it’s like amazing. You have no idea how smart your dog really is.

So I’m not saying that you need to use TikTok right now, but what I am saying, because I just can’t bring myself to do it, but what I am saying is that video is very important. So whether it’s putting a video on Facebook or video on YouTube or something like that, that is always something that will get you a lot more attention. So please consider that. And don’t be afraid. You’re on camera right now just like I am. Well, some of you aren’t, but some of you are. I don’t care what you look like if you’re going to give me some educational information. I mean I could be sitting here with no makeup on. I’m not in any beauty contest here, but I’m still right in front of you and you’re still listening to me and looking at me. So it doesn’t really matter what you look like if you’re going to give some really good advice and you’re going to be sincere and serious and be an expert in your field. People love that. They don’t care what you look like. Just be genuine and be you.

The Big Three for Home Care

All right, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google My Business, these are the three you need to focus on right now. TikTok is just kind of an afterthought. Twitter is an absolute no. It’s so gross. I’m sorry. If you like Twitter, that’s fine. My mother is 72 this year and she loves Twitter. My children are like, “Look what grandma posted.” Very political. She’s very liberal and very political. And I’m like, “Oh my gosh. Mother, please. You know your grandchildren see this stuff, please. Just be … ” So no Twitter for me. But Facebook. But it is our audience. I mean Facebook is older by the day, so your Facebook business page needs to be really good. I’m going to show you that Great Oak Senior Care Facebook business page.

LinkedIn, professional to professional networking. I want you to connect with me. You can type in Valerie VanBooven on LinkedIn, and I guarantee you I am the only person there named Valerie VanBooven. Even if you type in Valerie V-A-N, you’ll find me typically. Professional, professional. I put all my stuff out there. I don’t put my … It’s not like Facebook. I’m not posting about my dogs or my kids or anything like that. It’s all professional stuff. And I can’t stand it when people use LinkedIn as Facebook. But this is a great place to network the people in your local area.

And then your Google My Business. If you know that you have access to your Google My Business, and please, please, you should own it, you should have it, you should be able to manage it, you have to have this. This is the most important directory listing of your life in business. I hate to say it that way, but it really is. Your Google My Business listing is a huge business driver. Please, make sure that it’s correct and not neglected or that some SEO company somewhere in Canada owns it or something like that. This is you on Google. Please, make it good.

Your goals for Facebook especially is to build your targeted audience. Publish content to engage your fans and followers, build backlinks for traffic to your website, and get more local visibility. You don’t care about people liking you from Manila. You care about likes from Oklahoma City or Tulsa or wherever you’re located. We have some campaigns that we do. I’m not going to talk about that really necessarily, but I do want to show you, let me hit Escape, Escape, I’m going to go back to Minnesota. This is the … Oh actually, I think I have some screenshots. This is what Great Oak Senior Care looks like. And I want to show you this header. Let me go back to my presentation.

You can go to Facebook and type in Great Oak Senior Care, and you’ll find them. Let me go back to my presentation because I realize I screenshotted all of this for you. Play from current slide. There you go. You see how this is all in the middle. You see how the logo’s in the middle, the phone number is really big. You know why we do that? Because people are looking at this on their mobile phone. So if you go to your mobile phone right now and you go to Facebook and you type in Great Oak Senior Care and you go to their page, please like it because that would be awesome, but this is what you’re going to see right here in the middle. You’re not going to see all this stuff on the side. This is their original, original part of their logo. We just kept it in because … we just put it on the side because it’s part of who they are, but this is what you need to see. So that’s why it’s in the middle. It’s not fancy. It doesn’t have a thousand images. It’s simple.

All right. So that’s the first thing I want to show you about Facebook. Second thing I want to show you, I’m not really impressed with this picture because it’s weird, but we have a bunch more to show you. We have these images created. I’m going to show you how we use these. Remember, I showed you the images where there’s a logo, there’s the phone number, and the website on every single image. This one is a quote. “A good laugh and a long sleep are two best cures for anything.” Irish proverb.

So we go back and forth from fun quotes to talking about the services they provide. This is a video. You can’t see the video playing, but we put a little blurb about it. We do two videos a month for our clients. This is not hard stuff. This is stock photos and it’s animoto, A-N-I-M-O-T-O, animoto. You can do animoto videos like a minute or less and just put some words and stuff in there. We have 150 titles that we rotate through, and it’s part of our program. So two videos a month. Always put your website address and always put your phone number in here. So that’s another thing that we do.

We also make sure that they have a post for every healthcare holiday. So whether it’s Home Care Month or National Nurses Week or April’s Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month, May is going to be like I said Older Americans Month, I don’t know. But anyway, we always make sure these end up, and you can see, again, phone number, name, branding, branding, branding, branding, branding. This is an independent home care agency. They are not a franchise, but we are branding them every step of the way.

This is a blog post from their website. Remember, how I said your blog posts shoot out to your social media? You can make that happen. This is what happens when we put up a blog post. I’m sure many of you have seen this logo a thousand times over because everybody posted it. But when they send us company news, we blog post it for them. This is one of their latest news items, and it goes out to all their social media and their Facebook.

So when you’re talking … Oh, I want to go back and show you one thing. Look at this right here. Look at this. You see this over here? This is admin stuff that you wouldn’t normally see as a consumer. People reached. 1847. Post engagements, 182. These people have been with us for … Their website went live a month ago. Their engagement and their reach has gone up 3000% or a 1000% in just a short period of time. They only have 34 page likes. What? That’s ridiculous. But what we’ve done is we’ve engaged. We put a little campaign in place to increase their likes, so they went from 10 likes to 34 likes in a very short period of time.

But post engagements are different. This is all kinds of people from all kinds of places liking their posts. The reach is much greater because people are liking their stuff. The page has only got 34 likes, but we are growing that from like basically nothing. Over the course of a month, we’ve gone to 34 likes. And over the course of time we’ll grow them to about a thousand likes and then we’ll stop with the likes campaign. We want people in their local area to love their page so that they get more engagement.

Okay, let’s go back here. Hey, Google My Business. If you have a Google My Business listing, you need to pay a whole lot of attention to it because Google is all in on this, 100% in on this. If you don’t pay attention, you’re going to lose visibility. Google does not want people to leave the Google website. Facebook doesn’t want people to leave the Facebook website. They want you to stay. So they’re going to do everything in their power to keep you there. And your Google My Business listing has a lot more opportunities than you think right now. It’s changed over the years. So if you’re the owner or the manager of a Google My Business page, you can go in and make some edits that will make a lot more difference for you.

For instance, look at this. This is Great Oak Senior Care again. Look at the products. You know this is not a product and I know this is not a product. But it is now. Look, personal care at home, 24-hour care at home, fall prevention, hospital to home care. These are great keyword phrases and it’s on the very … See, I took it in screenshots. So this is like the top of their Google My Business that you would see, this is the middle, and this is sort of the bottom. At the top you’ve got their picture. And they’re a service area business just like you. So even though they do have a main office location in Bloomington down here, they don’t list their address.

If you’re working from home or your main office is not a real brick and mortar office, you can put in a service area and still be number one for any … on the first page of Google for any of these towns in this service area if you do it right. You can do this. You don’t have to have … Like plumbers. They service an area. People don’t go to their office. They come to you. And the same for you guys. So put your service area in, list all the towns that you service in that area, all the counties that you service, and search engine optimize your website for the one that’s the most important first. Then move on to some of these others.

Also, you are open 24 hours a day. Please change your hours. You are open 24 hours a day. If a client calls in the middle of the night, do you answer? Of course, you do. Somebody does. They better. So you’re open 24 hours. You never want to see your Google My Business listing say this office is now closed because everybody around you is open 24 hours. Hello. You need to be open 24 hours.

Phone, yes, your phone number should match what’s on your website, please. Your appointments, fill in that appointment. This is not … If you clicked on this, it would take you to their Contact Us page. Okay. Keep on going.

Questions and answers. You can put your own questions and answers in here. We only did five for this one, but typically we do like 12, and they all have a keyword phrase and it works. What is Alzheimer’s home care? What is dementia home care? If you put that question in here and then you go in and answer it, you can do both as an admin, then when you type in home care Oklahoma City or dementia home care Oklahoma City, sometimes what will show up is this listing, your listing, not this one, and it’ll say this business mentions dementia home care in their Q&A. So you need to make sure your keyword phrases are in there. This is stuff from other places on the web, yay.

All right, right here, you see this description? All of you can put a description in. Don’t put in your mission statement or some kind of bland blah blah. Nobody cares. Put in your keyword phrases. Top private duty home care in Bloomington, Minnesota, Great Oak Senior Care provides in-home care, senior care, hospice support care, in-home cancer care, 24-hour home care, fall prevention programs, Alzheimer’s care … This is what you should say. Nobody cares what your mission statement is here. Keyword phrases.

See these posts? These are posts. We do this every single … Well, no, Monday through Friday for our clients on Facebook and on the Google My Business. Look, 22 hours ago, I screenshotted this today. You see what this says? Looking for senior care at home near Bloomington? Talk to the caring experts at Great Oak Senior Care today. Is it time for Alzheimer’s home care near Bloomington? Talk to the da da da da.

And also Google reads what’s in the picture. Remember, we talked about what those pictures say. Look at these pictures. These are the posts that went up over the last few days. This is the blog post that went from their website. These are the static images that we posted. Google can read this text. You see where it says providing home care services in the Bloomington area since 2014? There’s a little tester thing you can go to that Google owns and you can put this image in there and it’ll tell you exactly what this image says, exactly word for word it reads this. That’s why it’s important not only on Facebook but on Google to have these images, have your phone number, your website, your logo, your business name, and whatever you do. So we rotate. Here’s what I do. Here’s a cute quote. Here’s something from my blog. Here’s a cute quote. Okay?

Here is a Google My Business checklist and you can download this if you want. I can send you. If you go to asnmarketingplan.com there’s a Google My Business page and you can download this checklist. This checklist is free and it just tells you all the different things that we did and all the things that you can do.

Okay, end of program. Woohoo! That was a lot.

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