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EP 99: Home Care Marketing Ideas – March 2021

Looking for home care marketing ideas? Watch/Read/Listen as we answer the question: How Do I Market My Home Care/ Home Health Care Agency? March 2021
Looking for home care marketing ideas? Watch/Read/Listen as we answer the question: How Do I Market My Home Care/ Home Health Care Agency? March 2021
Looking for home care marketing ideas? Watch/Read/Listen as we answer the question: How Do I Market My Home Care/ Home Health Care Agency? March 2021
Home Care Marketing Ideas

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Home Care Marketing Ideas

Hey guys, this is Valerie VanBooven with Home Care Marketing Ideas, specifically this time for March 2021.

I thought I would do this because we get a lot of questions about how to market home care.

  • Where should we be marketing our home care business?
  • How can we be marketing when we can’t go see people right now in the midst of COVID still?”

For some of you, that has opened up a little bit and for some of you that has not.

Let’s talk about home care marketing ideas for the month of March.

Overview of home care marketing.

Overview. When it comes to home care marketing, every week, every month gives us a new opportunity to educate and practice community outreach with leads, current clients and referral sources.

There is never a time when there are not any home health care marketing options and there is never a time when you should stop or pause your online marketing efforts.

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

When you pause or stop your regular online marketing, your competition wins. And how do I know that? Because I work for your competition. If you stop online home care marketing, I know that the guy down the street, who’s our client, is not going to stop marketing.

And if you need some ideas, they are so easy to find.

You just got to do a little Google search and you’re going to come up with a whole lot of cool ideas.

Never ever, ever pause or stop your regular online marketing. And if you’re not doing that right now, this is a great time to start because people are using their screens a lot more.

They’re getting used to their screens and they’re viewing things on their screens now more than ever. That doesn’t mean your community outreach in-person has to stop completely.

It just means that now is the time to get it together on the online marketing portion, because you can really win some good referral sources, new leads, new clients, when you do this. But you have to be consistent. Doing it one time isn’t going to help.

Home Care Marketing for March 2021

All right. Let’s talk about March 2021.

What you see on the screen is every celebration that’s possible for the month of March.

This is a HUGE list of home care marketing ideas!

And on top of all of these items, there is also birthdays of your caregivers, birthdays of your staff, work anniversaries. There are so many things that you can talk about, so many things that you can take note of on social media and blog posting. Let’s start with all the national celebrations for the month of March. Many of these will not apply to you. Some of them will apply to you. Women’s History Month, Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month, Brain injury, Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, National Endometriosis Awareness Month. Wow. National Kidney Month, National Nutrition Month, Save Your Vision Month.

Trisomy. You know what? Maybe I should practice talking before I do these videos. Trisomy Awareness Month. Wow. I just screwed that up. Workplace Eye Wellness Month, Peanut Month, Music in Our Schools Month, Craft Month, Irish Heritage Month, American Red Cross Month, March for Meals and the Great American Cleanup. If you Google any one of these, you can find the organization behind it and you can find what their 2021 celebration kit or celebration suggestions are. If you keep going, you have National Sleep Awareness Week, Girl Scout Week, Campfire Birthday Week, National Cleaning Week. And then we have a list of days, National Read Across America Day, Employee Appreciation Day, Peanut Butter Lover’s Day. And I bolded some that I thought would be fun. Employee Appreciation Day should be bolded. But I thought these would be fun.

You could come up with some really creative home care marketing ideas if you’re looking for something to reach out to referral sources. If you’re looking for something to do special for your clients that doesn’t cost a boatload of money, these are super easy ones. Day of Unplugging, World Wildlife Day, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, Dentist’s Day, Oreo Day, Shaq’s birthday. How does that get on this list? Cereal Day, Arnold Palmer Invitation PGA, South by Southwest, Popcorn Lover’s Day, International Women’s Day, Daylight Savings, Napping Day, Jewel Day, Pi Day, the Players Championship PGA, the Ides of March, World Sleep Day, St. Patrick’s Day, of course. Awkward Moments Day, like when I’m trying to read these other things on here. First Day of Spring, I’m waiting for that. Agriculture Day. World Down Syndrome Day, World Water Day, Puppy Day. No, I highlighted that or bolded that, not because I think you should buy everybody a puppy, but if you do happen to have a support dog, it’s Puppy Day coming up. The CrossFit Open ends. If you know anything about CrossFit, they have a CrossFit Open every year.

Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness Month, Baseball Opening Day, woo hoo. Mom & Pop Business Owner’s Day and National Doctors Day. That’s probably a big one at the bottom there for everybody.

You can do any one of these and you can Google it and look and see what other fun things people have done. And you know what? You don’t have to spend a lot of money.

Sample Great Home Care Marketing Ideas:

You can buy a box of microwave popcorn, tie a ribbon around each one with your business card and a little tag that says, “Just thought we’d pop in and make your day.”

I mean, and you could do a whole basket of them and then take them over to the assisted living facility. And this is easy stuff.

When I hear or I see people say, “How can I market my home care business?”, a little bit of forethought and a little planning ahead and you have the world right here. I mean, this is a ton of stuff you can be doing.

Home Care Marketing for National Kidney Month

All right. Let’s talk about one of these.

We’re going to do National Kidney Month.

Since we’re going to highlight one, I’m going to show you what is available. Okay, so first of all, National Kidney Month, the National Institute of Health has a whole thing on this.

And this year, their theme is “managing chronic kidney disease, take charge of your health”, and there’s the link to it.

And I will share all of this. These are three items that the National Institute of Health has already put together.

This one’s 24 pages.

This one is 23 pages, and this is a one-pager.

You have three documents here that are PDF downloads that you can download, and you can send out to anyone. You can send it to your current clients, their adult children, especially if you know that your client has kidney disease. You could send it to assisted living facilities.

You could put it on your website. It’s a free download.

You can do anything with these three items. These are already done for you. And they’re already done by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

There is no reason why you have to reinvent the wheel. You’ve got Kidney Sundays: a Toolkit, a guide for faith-based communities on making the kidney connection. If you’re looking to connect with churches or other faith-based communities in your area, you might send this out to them with an email just saying hello or introducing yourself. Family Reunion Health Guide. That seems a little odd to me but, truly, if kidney disease runs in the family, this might be something we can send out to families that you know their senior loved one is having this issue. And this is just super easy stuff, a one-pager that you can send anybody.

We took it a step further and we created a kit, and we just used one of our clients as an example.

I’m sure she’s thrilled. She doesn’t even know this yet. What I thought I would do is put together a few things that might be helpful throughout National Kidney Month.

You don’t have to send all of this out at one time.

The first thing you did was put this PDF together.

Now this is the exact information from the National Institute of Health.

You do not have to reinvent the wheel. Like I said, easy stuff.

And then I put on the side here,

“How can home care help?” Because if you’re a home care agency, you need to make this relatable to what you do. Caregivers can prepare nutritious meals and snacks, medication reminders, mealtime reminders, report changes and well-being, water intake reminders, or maybe monitoring water intake and accompany to MD appointments.

And I’m sure you could think of a few more things, but this is how home care can help with someone who has issues with their kidneys already. And then, I just put their information and their phone number.

This is a PDF download. Now, they can email this to anyone. They can email it to referral sources. They can email it to current clients. They can email to leads. They could put this on their website as a downloadable PDF. You put in your name and email address and you can download it for National Kidney Month.

They could highlight it on their website, which we’re going to show you in just a second. I also put in here, another thing they can send out during this month is quick tips for dining out if you have diabetes and if you have kidney issues.

That’s just one thing. You could actually make a picture out of it and just send it in an email.

And this came from one of the, I guess, Kidney Health and Diabetes websites. And this is just a recipe that’s good for folks. Oh, it’s from DaVita, that’s right. DaVita, the dialysis company. They have this on their website.

I took this and I just screen-shotted it and thought, “Hey, you know what? You could send this out.” Or if you do have a client whose caregivers are working with them, they could make something like this for lunch or dinner or whatever. I don’t think you really have to… Do you really have to make your own crust here? Well, anyway. I thought pizza sounded good. I don’t know. But three things that can be emailed out over the course of a month. That’s three weeks of the month those can be sent out.

Okay. And then, these are harder to see, but this is an entire blog post. Now, I will have to say that at our company, when we do home care marketing like this for our clients, every single article is 100% unique. This is not. I just slapped this together and put the resources at the bottom of the post. We would create a unique post that didn’t… But I took this information from Medline and the National Kidney Foundation. It’s not exactly unique content.

However, if you’re not worried about that or you don’t care, you can put together a blog post that talks about this. You could even insert in here the downloadable PDF, a link to a downloadable PDF or “Send your name and an email, and you can have the downloadable PDFs.”

Here is an email to leads.

If you have leads that haven’t closed or you have maybe some current clients, and you can attach one of those PDF flyers and send them something throughout the month of March.

If you have referral sources, I put an email here to referral sources. You have a whole lot of things you can do.

You have leave-behinds so you can leave this behind anywhere you go. You might carry all three of them with you. Just print these out, they don’t have to be fancy, and leave them behind any time you’re visiting. You might email these out as additional resources.

Maybe your referral sources don’t know about this kind of stuff, or they’ll appreciate the fact that you were kind enough to remind them that March is National Kidney Month and they have something they can hand out to their people.

And then, you can have your own branded kits as well. And then, there’s your blog post and your two emails. And any one of these items, by the way, can be turned it into a social media screenshot, something you can post on social media. You have one, two, three, four, five, six items you can post on social media, plus your blog is seven.

One or two times a week for the whole month, you’re going to have something you can post. This is how you market home care. But you can’t just do it one time and maybe just doing it for National Kidney Month isn’t enough. Maybe you need to throw in there a few other things during the month of March. Maybe you’re not going to do all of this stuff. You’re only going to do one of these things.

Summary of Home Care Marketing Ideas

My summary is that this is one of 30 home care marketing ideas for the month of March.

And what can you do to show your creativity? How can you be in front of referral sources and consumers all the time? How can you impress your current clients? How can you create better SEO for your website, which is what the blog posts and images do, and how can you create better content for social media? This is one of 30 ideas from March. If someone asked me, “How do you market home care?” This is one of the ideas that I would give them and I would do this every single month with one or two of the celebrations that are out there.

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN:

We’re going to try to continue to bring this to you every month and give you another idea. We’re going to try to be a month ahead. It’s the middle of February, so we’re doing March right now. And then the middle of March, we’ll try to do something for April. Lots to choose from in April as well.

If you need help marketing your home care business, go to ASNMarketingPlan.com and we will help you. Thanks so much. Look for all of these PDFs and samples along with this blog post in this video. Thanks. Bye bye.

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Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

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