Hi guys. Valerie V Show, and in one second I am going to show you something amazing. Hi everybody. This gets me really excited, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Every time I go over a client’s program with them and I see results like this, I know why these things happen. This client is really happy, so I wanted to share with you what happy looks like. This is how you should be when it comes to online marketing. This is what happens when you have a great web developer, you have excellent content, and it’s all coming together.

Now, I’m not going to make any promises for anybody out there. But, I will tell you, great website, great content, a great team standing behind you. Bingo, let’s go to my screen. Okay, so this client is near the Chicago area. They’re north of Chicago, so they want to make sure they are hitting all of the towns around the north side of Chicago. Of course they’d like to be number one for the whole Chicago area, but that’s crazy. What we’re doing is just focusing on the north side of Chicago, which trust me, is plenty of people.

I just want to show you how this works. This is a keyword report. This is a rank report. We don’t do this for everybody, you have to be in certain programs so don’t get crazy. I know this is awesome. If you’re in one of our programs where we do this for you, we put in several keyword phrases, and we track them over time. You can see that for instance, home care services Glencoe, which is Glencoe Illinois by the way. They are number one on the first page of Google. Home care services Northbrook, number one. Home care, healthcare Lake Forest, number one. This 65 means they came up 65 spots since we added them to this system. Home care Northbrook, all of these are number one. These are all in the number one spot. They are on the first page of Google in the number one spot. They are on the first page of Google in the number three spot for elder care Glencoe. It came up 98 points since we’ve been their web developer, and we’ve done their content, and they’ve been in one of our programs.

Lake Bluff, elder care Lake Bluff, up 53 points. Elder care North Field, up 95 positions since we started with them. Home care Glencoe, up four positions. Home healthcare Glencoe, down one position, and that’s okay. There is fluctuation all the time. Down one point, these are still first page of Google rests. Number six on the first page, number four on the first page, number seven on the first page. Elderly care North Field came up 95 spots since they’ve been with us, and they’re in the number six position on the first page. If I keep going, I just want to show you these. Elderly care Lake Forest, up 92 spots. Caregiver Wilmot, up 59 spots. Elder care Glenn View, up 91 spots, up 91 spots, up 12 spots. If I keep going down a little bit, number 11 is the top of the second page of Google. This elder care Libertyville has come up 90 spots since they came on board with us. They’re on the top of the second page. I guarantee you, they will go over the edge, and they will be in the number 10 spot next time we look at this.

You can just see how far they’ve come over the course of time with us. I will show you their website. We developed their website for them. This is a speedy, speedy website. It does well on mobile, and it does well on desktop. We’ve increased their speed, we’ve search engine optimized every part of this website. Every page, every picture, everything has been search engine optimized. That is why, part of the reason why they’re seeing this. Also, we blog post for them, and they contribute content. If you see right here, employee of the month, June 2018. That would be theirs. Lifestyle changes, signs and symptoms of depression, combining activities, and they’re very involved in their community. They’re in our Facebook program, they have all of this. They even have Instagram now. This is all of their blog posting.

Let’s go to employee of the month. Beautiful pictures, look at that. How nice is that? They didn’t write a whole bunch. They wrote a paragraph or two, four or five sentences. Nice job. These folks are doing a fabulous job. They are part of our program. We did their website for them, and when you put all of that together, this is what you get. You get number one, you get all these keyword phrases on the first page of Google. They didn’t start there. They started on the 10th page of Google, and this is how far they’ve come. That is amazing. I’m very happy for them. We just got off a call. Our client is very happy. The phone is ringing, and we’re going to meet up again in two months and talk about it some more.

They have 500 likes on their Facebook business page. Once they get to 1,000, we’ll change them over to running traffic to their website. Amazing results, I wanted to share that with you. This is what you should be looking for.

If you’ve been on the fence, and of course I’m not goin to make any guarantees for anybody, because I don’t know what your website looks like, I don’t know … If we didn’t develop it, I don’t … There’s all kinds of things. But, if you’ve been on the fence about joining us, I guarantee you that if you give the program six months, these are the results you will see. If we do your website, if we … And, it doesn’t have to be a big website. It can be a six page website, it can be a 10 page website, it doesn’t have to be a 40 page website to have great results. The blog posting is what matters. The way your website is developed, the speed of your website, and the secure socket layer’s also important. These are the things that you need to consider when you’re choosing someone to help with your online marketing.

I encourage you to get involved in our mentoring program, to let us do the work for you to help you achieve these kinds of results. We can’t guarantee absolutely everything. I don’t ever guarantee how many leads you’ll get. It’s an ongoing process. It’s building your empire, building your home care empire. If you let us help you, we can get you there. And, you have to contribute too. Thanks everybody, that’s the Valeria V Show. I just couldn’t wait to show you that. It just makes me so happy. Bye.