Valerie V:            Hey, guys. Valerie V. Show, and in one second I’m gonna show you what leads look like, hmm. Hey, guys. Valerie V. Show, and today I am really up close and personal, but I wanted to show you something that I’ve never shown you before. People ask us all the time, “Well, do you generate leads? Can we buy leads.” Listen to me. Listen. You need to build your empire and create your own leads. The only way to do that is time, money, and patience. If you don’t have one of those going for you then we’re probably not gonna be real helpful. But if you do have some time, and you do have a little bit of money, and you have a little bit of patience then you too can build your home care empire.

I am going to show you all of the leads, this isn’t even all of them actually this is just a selection of them, that have come in, in the last few days for our clients. I have blacked out all the names, so you can’t see the person who filled out the form. Now these are not Contact Us forms that are really short that gets spammed all the time. These are long forms that ask a lot of questions, and they are conditional forms meaning if you answer one way you get this next question, if you answer another way you get this next question. So, these are not spam. All the forms you’re about to see are filled out by real human people who really want to talk to somebody about home care services. That does not mean they all qualify. It does mean however that these are people who genuinely are looking for care.

On the page I’m about to show you this is my Gmail account. Usually those pages run about 100 emails per page. The page was so long that I had to crop it, so you’re not gonna see all of them. But I will show you the number just from these forms alone. This is not for my company. These are for all the home care agencies that we service. The reason I get a copy of these is not because I care who is turning in information, but because we always test these forms on our sites to make sure they work, or we go back and look if someone says they’re not getting emails from their website. We go back and look, and troubleshoot, and all that, so that’s why I see these. But now I’m gonna show you what that looks like when you work with us, okay, so hang on.

Oh, we’re gonna add something here. We’re going to add a little display capture. Okay, here we go. Okay. I’m trying to edit this, so you can not see all the names. So, this is kind of a small viewing, but anyway. You can see that I sorted this by New Lead Submission. In my Gmail I have a tab, and you can see there’s 1,318 emails in that box alone. This is really small because it’s so long here. I’m gonna show you how big it is. It was even longer than this. Okay, so that’s how many we’re looking at. That’s cropped. That’s not even everything. I want you to look at the dates, so hold on. Let’s start at the bottom, and let’s go up. Okay, so you can see that this is since August 27th. We’re not going back three months here. We’re going back a few days, okay, so August 27th, 28th. These are all leads, every single one of these up to almost 2:00 today. All different home care agencies, some are repeating, some I get more than others. But, these are all different lead sources, different home care agencies receiving leads.

When you ask me if we generate leads … wait a minute. Here we are. Oh, wait, wait. I want to go back. I want to go back to here. I do not want to … I wanted to take this away. Oh, here we go. Let’s do this. Ding, okay. When you ask me, “Oh, do you provide leads?” We do not sell leads. We sell a service that when used properly and when you actually participate and engage and do your online marketing correctly, you will get leads from it. The other thing I want you to know about that list that I just showed you is those are only the websites that we’ve created. That’s not every client we have by any stretch of the imagination. We have franchise owners. We have people who have their own websites. We see none of those forms. We do not see those. That many leads is only the amount that comes from the websites that we host and manage and create with our clients. So, you’re not even seeing a third of the leads that are actually coming in because I don’t see them all.

But, in and of itself that’s a lot of jack right there. That’s a lot of stuff. Not everybody’s going to qualify, but oh my gosh if I got six serious leads a month on top of my direct referral marketing, if I got six leads, seven leads, and three of them panned out for 20 hours a week, that’s some pretty good money there that you don’t want to leave on the table. My words of advice are this, be in a position where you have the money to spend on an appropriate website, and appropriate online marketing. The real online marketing, not buying leads all the time. If you have to buy leads that’s fine. But you’re probably throwing $2,000 or $3,000 down the hole if you’re not a good closer, or a fast closer, or you can’t react quickly enough.

So, instead of doing that take that $2,000 or $3,000 and invest in building your empire online, so that you are unforgettable. So, that when people see you on Facebook, or they see your website, or your newsletter, or your blog post they’ll say, oh yeah, yeah, yeah I’ve seen them before. I know their name. Make sure you become unforgettable in your local marketplace, and you will see the same kinds of results that our clients are seeing with these lead forms. Again, these are not Contact Us forms. These are long forms that people have to think about when they fill them out. Those are the most qualified leads that you can possibly get. Plus, they’re exclusive. They’re exclusive to that home care agency. Nobody else gets that. They went to that home care agency’s website. Filled out that home care agency’s form, and want to hear from somebody from that home care agency.

And just so you know too, only about 10% of the humans that need care fill out those form. 90% are gonna pick up the phone and make a call. But those lead forms come in on weekends. They come in after hours, or if somebody just quick is on their lunch break and doesn’t have time for a phone call. So, 90% of the leads that come in are gonna be on the phone, but 10% are gonna be from those forms. You just saw a nice big slice of happy clients for the last few days before the holiday weekend. Then again today it started up again. So, don’t doubt the power of online marketing when done correctly. And certainly don’t waste your money on buying leads that are not exclusive to you, okay. That’s the Valerie V. Show, and that’s my advice for today. Have a great rest of your week. Bye.