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Home Care CRM Tutorial – ASNSPARK! How to Send Bulk Emails and Texts

Tutorial: Home Care CRM for Sales, Marketing, & Recruiting. ASNSPARK! Tutorial on How to Send Bulk Emails and Texts. This tutorial shows you How to Send Bulk Emails and Texts for recruiting, sales, and marketing your home care business
Tutorial: Home Care CRM for Sales, Marketing, & Recruiting. ASNSPARK! Tutorial on How to Send Bulk Emails and Texts. This tutorial shows you How to Send Bulk Emails and Texts for recruiting, sales, and marketing your home care business
Tutorial: Home Care CRM for Sales, Marketing, & Recruiting. ASNSPARK! Tutorial on How to Send Bulk Emails and Texts. This tutorial shows you How to Send Bulk Emails and Texts for recruiting, sales, and marketing your home care business

ASNSPARK! CRM – How to Send Bulk Emails and Texts, 12-2021

Tutorial: Home Care CRM for Sales, Marketing, & Recruiting. ASNSPARK! Tutorial on How to Send Bulk Emails and Texts. This tutorial shows you How to Send Bulk Emails and Texts for recruiting, sales, and marketing your home care business

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Full Transcript:

Hi folks. In this video, we are going to talk about how to send a mass text or a mass email to your contacts. So, instead of sending one at a time, we’re going to talk about how to send to multiple people at one time. So, from our dashboard, we’re going to go straight over to Contacts and we are going to use these little fields right here. We’re going to look at almost all of them, just so that we can know what they are. First of all, this little plus sign is Add a Contact. So, if you wanted to add a contact right here, you could do, add one contact at a time. If you wanted to add somebody to a pipeline or change the pipeline they’re in, which is usually used for recruiting, sales and marketing, usually sales and recruiting, you could change their pipeline here. If there is someone that needs to be added to one of your campaigns or a workflow, we would add them by checking them and adding them to a campaign in here.

Then, you’d have to enter why or what it is you’re doing. Put something in there and hit, Add. Okay, so all of these kind of work the same. You check the box on whoever you want to do it for, and then you do that. Okay. So, let’s talk about the next thing, which is what we’re really here for, which is how to send a text or an email. If I want to send a text to everybody on my entire list, I would select all 6,388 records. I would be very careful about doing this, and I would hit Send SMS. Okay. So, we’re going to hit, Okay Proceed, and if you were going to send more than 100 texts or 50 texts, 50 to 100, you need to send them in drip mode, and that means that you are going to send them in small batches.

If you send 6,388 texts all at once, you will really upset that phone carriers. They will be marked as spam. It’s not a good idea. Never send thousands of mass texts all at once. That is never an okay thing to do. All right. So, we’re going to type our message to our people. There’s my text. This is not a group text. These are 6,000 individual texts. Again, don’t do this all at one time. So, we will never do 6,000. You just want to, if you’re doing 50 or 10 or 20 or 30, yes, send them all at once. Most of the time people are using this when they have their current staff inside the system. They tag, their current staff are tagged with current staff and they want to send out a mass text either to update them on a situation or to see if they can fill a staffing need for the weekend or for something.

That’s usually what this is used for. We’re going to send this in drip mode, so the action is, we’re just going to, this is for just us internally, send text for staffing, and we’re going to say All-11. So, we’re going to start it on 12-11, and the batch quantity is going to be, let’s say, 30 at a time. Repeat after, we’ll say, we can do hours, minutes. We’re going to say after two hours, and we’re going to send Monday, Tuesday, and we’re going to send it every day and we’re going to start from, or every day is okay. We only want to send this text during business hours, so we’re going to start at 7:00 AM and we’re going to end at, we’re going to go all the way to 7:00 PM. Okay? So, it’s only going to send this text to 30 people at a time.

It’s going to repeat, it’s going to send it to the next 30 every two hours, so that’s going to take a long time to get through 6,000 times. It’s going to send them from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, so that means six times a day, this system is going to send 30 texts if we were to do all of these. All right? Then we’re going to hit Send SMS. So, of course, I’m not going to do that, but that is how you send them in a drip mode to a lot of people. Now, let’s go back here, and let’s say, we’re going to unselect all these people, and let’s say, you just really wanted to send a text to these last three or four recruits or something like that. So, now I’m going to send a text and it’s going to be just to these people. I’m going to send this all at once. I’m going to type in my text information. I’m going to put an action name in here, Text to New People. I don’t know.

All right. So, I’m going to hit Send SMS. That’s just to a few people. The other thing you’ll see here is something called SMS Templates. So, if you want to, if you’re sending the same text over and over again … let’s get out of here and let’s uncheck all of our people. We can set up what’s called a templated text or email inside our system. So, let’s look at, and let’s look at automation. Let’s go to Email Marketing Templates. All right. So, under Email Marketing, under Templates, we can see that there are email and text templates already set up in here. Now, this is what recruiting. For recruiting, typically what we do, but let’s say I wanted to add a new one. I’m going to add a text template. I’m going to name it, because I’m the one that uses it, Val Test Template.

I’m the one who sends this the most, so if I put my name on it, I’ll be able to find it faster. Testing … If I wanted to … let’s do this. I can put a custom value in here, and that custom value can be the person’s first name. Dear Mary. So, it’ll pick up whoever the context name is. Thanks for getting back to me. Please schedule an appointment here. I don’t know, and then a link or something. So, you want to keep texts really short. There are challenges if you try to attach a file. That’s not going to work well. So, please, I would not use the attached file feature. I would just do text. If you have something they need to look at, put a link to that document or tell them to check their email, and then in an email, send them that document. So, let’s just say this is something I want to save.

All right. So, now when I go back to my contacts, if I want to send that text to three people and I send it all the time, so I went ahead and made a template. Okay, Proceed. We’re going to use SMS Templates. There it is. So, it already fills it in for me. Send all at once. Send SMS. So, now I don’t have to write that over and over again, if it’s something I send all the time. If you’re sending a text to one person … this person doesn’t have an email. Let’s put an email in there. All right. So, if you are sending a text just to one person … let’s refresh this, so that we can send a text. If they don’t have a phone number, you can’t send a text. So, down here you see SMS, so I can send an SMS, which is a text or an email to this person.

If I wanted to use a template to send a Cool Robot, I could say, use a template down here and I can scroll down. There’s Val Test, use template, and that’s where I got that user template. It looks like a little word document, and then I just hit Send. Okay? So, let’s go back to contacts. So, now we know how to send a mass text. Keep it simple. Send only a few at a time. Don’t send 6,000 texts unless you absolutely have to. Nobody really needs to do that. All right. Send email. Same rules apply. So, I am going to check, if you send it to all 6,000 people on your list or however many you have, you’re going to want to drip this out. You do not want to send this all at once. If you’ve created an email template, you can select one of these. Okay.

Then you can attach a file here if you want to. We’ll attach a little file. Then, for 6,000 people, we’re going to want to send it in a drip mode, and then you just fill out all of this stuff. The other thing you can do is, let’s say, let’s go back here for texts and for emails, let’s say we’re sending it to 20 people and we’re going to send an email. It could be a text or an email, and we use a template. That’s fine. We want to send this at a scheduled time. Let’s say it’s midnight, and we’re still working. We can select the day and time. So,, if it’s midnight on a Saturday night, there’s no point in sending an email at that time. So you might want to schedule it from Monday morning at 5:03 AM. So, now this email is scheduled to go and you can do this all the time.

You can schedule emails to go out any time you want, and you can just have it set up to go out at a specific time and day during business hours or whatever. So, you have lots and lots of options here, but if you’re sending mass or bulk to over 100 people, you need to drip those out over time. That’s really more important for text than it is for emails. The rest of these buttons are pretty easy. You’ve already talked about tags in another tutorial. If you want to add a tag to somebody, you just hit the Plus Tag sign. You add whatever tag you want and you hit Add Tag. If you want to remove a tag from someone, so they have like job seeker and they’re no longer a job seeker, check them.

You can remove any tags you want. If you want to delete a contact altogether, like we’re going to delete these three right here, we’re just going to delete them and hit Confirm, and in just a minute, you’ll see these people disappear. Now, see they’re gone. All right. If you want to send a review request, I would be careful about this, we have a very nice review program. Let’s try testing too. Let’s see what happens here. Proceed. No review action and review request. Okay. We’ll see what testing Two gets, but I would be careful about that. We have a review program that’s free to anyone in the scope or skip programs, that’s much more robust and does a much better job.

So, before you start hitting that button, let us know, and we can for free, set up a very nice rating program in here. All right. So, here is how you export your contacts. If you want to export everybody, just click on this, Select All, 6,000, and then you hit Export. It might take a minute, but it will export into a CSV document for you. If you want to import contacts, then before you upload your file, make sure your file is ready to be imported. Okay. So, this tells you what to do. We will upload your CSV files for you, because we want them to be tagged correctly. If you don’t have people tagged correctly, either nothing will happen that you thought would have up or they’ll get mixed up with a bunch of other people. So, if you let us import at least your first list for you, tag it correctly, then we can help you with that. One of our other videos, we’re going to go over bulk uploads.

Finally, this right here is merging contacts. So, if Cool Robot and Brian Halligan were the same person, or as Cool Robot A and Cool Robot B, but I knew for whatever reason, they had different phone numbers, but I want to merge them, I check the people I want to merge, and then I hit Merge ,and I can select what I want to keep and what I want to get rid of. Then I write in the word Confirm and I hit Resolve, and those two contacts will be merged and I will keep the information I want to keep, and I will delete the stuff that I don’t want in there. Okay. So, that is all these buttons and how to do mass text and emails. Thanks everybody. Bye-bye.


Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

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