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This Home Care Marketing “Online” Strategy STILL WORKS Today!

Home Care Content for your home care website is the best way to get more visibility for your home care business. Read the guide.

How Home Care Content Changes the Game for Home Care Websites

How Home Care Content Changes the Game for Home Care Websites

Back in 2008, Approved Senior Network Marketing (then called LTC Expert Publications), started writing content for home care agency blogs. After all, the internet was created for the purpose of sharing content! It has sprouted several other uses today-e-commerce and social media among them–but none can compare to how important information exchange truly is.

Whether you’re browsing a blog post on recruiting strategies or looking up some product specs from your favorite brand’s website; whether it’s a news article about world events happening halfway across town or cat videos posted by friends at school – no matter what we do online our objective always has been one thing: To get relevant data that will help us live better lives.

Boosting your search rankings starts with a foundation of great content. Content marketing not only improves your chances of gaining visitors and customers but also adds value to the services your senior care business offers.

It is clear that home care content, and in particular the quality of your site’s written words are key to ranking higher on search engines.

When someone starts looking for information online they will be directed towards whichever website has been deemed most relevant.

The more high-quality articles you have up at the top of their lists, then it becomes likely that these important pages will appear at first sight when users start searching.

SEO is one of the most important parts of any online home care marketing strategy. It determines if your website will rank on Google, and therefore be seen by more eyeballs.

And to achieve that goal you need great home care content; something with value or information people want from it in order for them to stick around long enough – this could include blog posts, as well as images and videos which we know, are popular these days!

It’s time to get your search marketing game on!

Here’s a beginner’s guide that will help you harness the power of home care/ senior care content and boost those rankings.

1. It’s important to create senior relatable home care content that your target audience will enjoy and benefit from.

Content marketing helps you reach your audience by addressing their questions and providing them with the information they need. It should be an engaging piece of writing where readers benefit from it, not just another ad for products or services

A content marketer’s primary aim is to capture attention through well thought out articles that answer specific queries in order to build trust between consumers/readers-of whatever kind (i.e., blogs oriented towards business), writers will want these pieces published on platforms like Facebook Business Pages and LinkedIn company news pages so as many people can access them conveniently.

In order for your blog to be successful, it’s important that you research what topics will interest and engage the readers. Don’t repeat information found elsewhere; instead, make sure every post on the topic is unique!

The key thing when writing posts about different subjects or questions from customers: always provide answers in as many ways possible so those looking can find exactly what they are searching for with ease

2. Know Your Senior Care and Home Care Keywords WELL.

When users search online, most don’t take their time writing long sentences detailing what exactly it is they’re looking for. They don’t search, “how do I hire a quality home care agency close to my mother’s home in Princeton, New Jersey?” but simply “senior home care in Princeton”

Often, it all comes down to keywords. At Approved Senior Network Marketing, we use online tools (such as Google’s Keyword Planner, SEMRush, Ahrefs, etc) that are available to help us determine which keywords your audience is typing into search.

Adding high-ranking keywords in your blog post content increases its chances of moving up the rankings.

Note that keywords should be used sparingly and contextually, not added to every sentence you write. You want search engines to view your content as relevant, not as spammy.

Google algorithms determine the frequency of the keyword and the presence of other relevant keywords within the article. Use the correct keywords and be sure to use them naturally.

3. Don’t forget the Home Care SEO basics.

The basics of on-page SEO help provide a foundation for Google to find and rank website pages. This is done through elements like headings, title tags, sentence structure optimization using keywords in content creation as well as breadcrumbs navigation bars that link from page A to B, linking back again so it can be found by someone looking for what you’ve offered them!

Maintaining these guidelines will not only improve site speed but also increase customer conversion rates.  Customers will know exactly where your home care business operates, and what senior care services it provides, at any given time without having to go through every single one of its pages individually when visiting your site.

  • Your title tag is what the search engine will use to list your web page.  As a result, it must be clear about any content on that particular site. A good way for visitors to know what they can expect from your website would be by including keywords in this one sentence-long blurb near the top which describes your service and location.
  • Image Alt tag. Images on your website are important. And in 2021 Google CAN READ THE WORDS in the image. Still, the best way to make your pictures search-friendly is to add “image alt tags” to as captions.
  • Meta description. A 160-character summary of your website or business can increase the possibility of a user clicking through your site. Write clear, catchy meta descriptions to enhance the possibility of users reading the content on your site.

4. What is a PILLAR PAGE? Have some.

Pillar pages and topic clusters are two different ways to group home care content for easier consumption. Pillar Pages allow users to cherry-pick specific items from a website, while Topic Clusters put all of your most relevant information on one page so readers may find what they’re looking for more easily.

Pillar Pages let visitors choose which pieces of home care content best fit their needs; this can be helpful in marketing situations where there might not always be enough space inside an article or blog post itself as well as other times when only select resources need highlighting such like during press releases.

Pillar pages allow you to cover a broad enough topic by creating content on related subtopics or topic clusters, which are linked to each other and to the pillar page itself.

5. Inbound Links to Your Website

There are many ways of going about this and some strategies work better than others depending on how much time or budget we’ve got available for our marketing campaigns.

Getting quality backlinks from other websites will help Google think highly enough of your website as a resource that can provide helpful information – so make sure those who link “in” know exactly what they’re getting themselves into by making such an active contribution!

There are several ways that you can build links to your site. Most of them are challenging and time-consuming, but a few easier ones are:

  1. Citations (listing your business and website on many directories)
  2. Exchanging content with a referral partner for posting online.

6. Internal Linking On Your Site, Within Your Site

Internal linking means that all of the pages and posts of your website link to each other in the best ways.  If you mention a topic that you’ve discussed before, link back to your previous post. This gives new readers a chance to explore past content.

7. Share Company News.

How can you discuss the same topics in a new light? That’s the challenge, and one you can solve by keeping your target audience in mind. What kind of company news can you share with your local audience?

Read 50 Blog Post Ideas Here.

Home Care Content Marketing—The Smart Way

Boosting your search rankings starts with a foundation of great content. Content marketing not only improves your chances of gaining visitors and customers, but also adds value to the services your senior care business offers.

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

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