More Home Care Clients are Out There- and They Need YOU!!

More Home Care Clients are Out There- and They Need YOU!!

When you’re struggling to hit an income goal, it’s all you can think about. You get so focused on just getting your cash flow right, that it’s tough to think of anything else.

And even when your cash flow is strong, it’s still easy to obsess about money…you’re so worried it might stop!

I get it.

But just for now, I want to invite you to think about something else – your mission in life:

  • What were you born to do?
  • What’s the impact you were born to make?
  • How are you ever going to make it if you keep playing small?

See, right now, there are people all over your local area who need your help. Not some other home care agency…. They need YOUR home care agency.

Right now, they’re in pain.

And they can’t find you.

The only reason they can’t find you is that your home care marketing isn’t dialed in. And if they never hear or read about you, they can never hire your home care agency.

If they never hire you, you can never help them work through their elder care challenges.

If you don’t help them…the chances of them reaching their goals and solving their elder care problems is close to ZERO.

To me, that’s a tragedy. The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.

MY mission in life is to see that you don’t waste yours.

And so I want to ask you: is your talent going to waste? Are your future clients suffering because they need you, and you’re not there?

Like I said at the beginning, I know you’re probably focused on income. That’s okay.

But when you focus like a laser on your mission, and making a difference, and BEING THERE for the clients who need you…

And when your marketing is supercharged with a home care client-attraction and visibility strategy that WORKS…

THAT’S when the money comes pouring in. Not because you have the latest, slickest marketing tricks, but because your audience understands you are 100% FOR REAL.

You’re honest. You’re authentic. You are trustworthy!

And that’s when you become unstoppable.

This is the kind of power our clients wield.

At LTC Expert Publications, we help you achieve the right clients, at the right price, anytime you want them.

We have the skill, the wisdom and the heart to help you create the business you’ve dreamed of. One where you’re living 100% on purpose…making the difference you born to make…and the income too.

The first step to creating that is to fill out our form here, to get involved with our mentoring program. 

And then have a call with Bob Costello.

We’ll get on the phone for about 30 minutes and get you crystal clear on:

  • The impact you were born to make.
  • The best way for you to reach those future clients who are praying for your help.

This is the impact you want.

It starts now.

It starts with filling out our form and getting ready for the mentoring program.

Your clients are out there…and they need you.

Talk soon,

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

Co-Owner, LTC Expert Publications

P.S. I can’t do this for you. All I can do is map out the path and then hold your hand and guide you every step of the way. But YOU need to step up and get serious about your mission. Every day that goes by, that’s one more potential client that’s going unserved.

They need you. Be there for them. Book a call now.