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So a couple of things I’m going to share with you. You can see on the screen it says # woke because I’m going to share with, cause you can’t see this.

So I’m just gonna share with you my JP Sears merch. Well, okay. Yeah, it did an entire podcast with Bob Clark. Dammit.

Um, today. So we don’t know who that is. Be sure to Google or go on Facebook and type in Bob Clark. He’s got a little hat on. It’s very funny.

Um, so I had to wear my woke shirt today. So one of the things, and that’s really important about this show is that people get chocolate covered, strawberries sent to them by us if they participate with the show.

So if you can hear my voice and you can see me and you can see #woke, if you will type in # woke, then you’ll be in the drawing for the chocolate covered strawberries.

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And it’s our thank you for being engaged and present and watching and hanging out with us for a few minutes because these lives don’t last very long, but we always try to talk about something that’s super-valuable to you and your business.

If you watched the show last week or the week before, there are two people who won the strawberries, Beth Shalom from central New Jersey. One the first week’s strawberries in Jana Milligan from Fairport New York one the second week. So it’s pretty easy. If you’re watching the replay, all you have to do is put in # replay. And when you do that, I know that you watched the replay and if you’re still commenting and when you’re watching the replay, if you still do the little # things and all that because Facebook loves engagement.

So that’s why I’m asking you to do that. So if you’re putting that stuff in, and of course then you’re in for the drawing and somebody wins. And I always announce who the winners are and ask you private message you for your address so we can send that out to you. So I want to thank Beth and Giana for participating. Okay, next up is, um, we’re going to talk about my bunny issue and I’m feeling puffy kid. I’m so puffy today. I’m puffy and puffier than usual. I’m always fluffy, but today I’m puffy. I’m blaming it on soda.

We have a bunny issue in our house. It’s a serious issue. I live in Saint Charles, Missouri in a fairly new development. It’s actually been here now 14 years, 15 years, and it’s in the middle of a cornfield. A lot of cornfields are on the north side. For those of you who live around here in north side of three seventies new towns, Saint Charles, and there are thousands of rabbits in this community, which sounds cute until you see a bunch of them together looking at you while you take a walk and then you think it’s spooky or scary or they look like rodents. It’s not, it’s not cute. So this is the first spring or summer that we’ve had a big yard. We’ve always had a really small yard. Now I say big, nobody here has a big yard, but big in comparison to what we used to have. So there’s been two bunny nests already and we have a fence and we have two dogs. So there was already been, bunny nests in the yard.

The first one, unfortunately the dogs found first and the eighth, the bunnies, they, the babies. The second one we came home from a golf cart ride and there are these random rabbits sitting in the middle of our backyard just looking at us like mm. And she was sitting on some bare spot on the ground and just weirdly sitting there and I thought, oh, either she just had babies or she had babies and she’s here feeding them and we walked in on it or something. Good. So after she left, we looked and sure enough, there’s a hole full of bunny little babies. So we put a lawn chair over it so that the dogs couldn’t get to it. And we told the lawnmower man not to mow the bunnies and he didn’t. And so now we’re waiting and we’re checking our cameras to see issue feeding them and where they went. And I’m afraid to go look because if I look and I don’t see the bunnies, we’ll have be great. But if I do see the bunnies and she hasn’t been there to feed them, then they’re starving and they’re going to cry and I’m going to want to help them. So I’m leaving the whole alone. I am not touching the bunny hole.

It’s, it’s rough. So there’s been some chatter among my colleagues from 30 years ago about having a reunion. The class reunion 30 years ago. I’m all for it. I think the last one we did was 20 so we did not do a 25 now it’s 30 we’re all (484) 074-0840 nine somewhere in there. So we’re almost 50 everybody’s had two or three different jobs. Probably everybody’s, some people have been married to the same person. Some people have been married twice, some people are divorced, some people are single, some people never married. Some people or whatever and all of that’s fine. Everybody has kids. Some people have kids in college. Mine are 12 years old. Everybody’s in a different place, in a different time, in a different thing. It’d be really fun to catch up so I’m trying to decide on that. It’s an interesting conversation and they were like, I don’t know, 450 of us, 500 of us, something like that and there’s like 20 that actually talked to each other I guess or maybe 30 I don’t know. Anyway, it’s all on Facebook so that’s an interesting conversation and as I, as soon as we started talking about I’m like Ooh puffy I need fixed.

It’s been 30 years. Hm. All right, next up we’re going to get into what we are supposed to be talking about which is Google my business. Today is the day that we are going to talk about Google my business. So if you are with me and you are watching the replay or you’re watching this type in # GMB, I am going to try desperately to see if we have audio one more time before we move on and be super nice if my phone would just, you know, cooperate. Let’s see. Ooh, here it is. Let’s see, I’m watching the replay or you’re watching this type in # GMB desperately to see if we have audio one more time. Okay. We do and I had to turn it down.

Oh, I hear myself on delay and that’s weird. Okay, so # GMB, if you’re watching this on a replay, type in # replay and # GMB and you might be one of the people that actually wins the chocolate covered strawberries. See Two people have one so far we mail them out. Google my business is our topic of discussion today. # G M B. So the first thing we’re gonna talk about are changes. Google changes stuff at least every six months, if not more regularly.

It’s hard for everybody to keep up with all the things. So a couple of years ago, if you were paying attention and you were doing searches or you were running a business and trying to figure out where you showed up on Google, you would notice that when you typed in a search for, pizza in St Charles or home care St Louis, there would be seven map results, seven results that would be like in the map, which was on the first page of Google. And then below that will be all the organic results and above that would be paid results. Long Story. So now though it went from a seven-pack, the Nerd, the Geeky nerds of the world like me who pay attention to this kind of stuff called that the seven-pack. And now when you search for Home Care St Louis or pizza place Saint Charles or whatever your business is, and the location, you get what’s called a three-pack.

And so the people that are geekier than me call it a snack pack, which I cannot stand those two words together, but whatever. So now as a snack pack, it’s only three results in the maps. So you have to be like number one, two or three on the first page of Google to even show up in the maps. Then underneath that start your organic results, but above all of that, our ads, so it’s a mess. But here’s the deal. It’s a really, really good idea to have a Google my business listing. This is the Google business directory. You can’t fool Google if you don’t really have a business location. You’re trying to use the ups store or a post office box. It’s not going to work. It has to be a brick and mortar place. You have to put your real address in. You get a postcard in the mail, then confirm it and you’re off and running.

So once you have your Google my business listing, there are two or three things that make a pretty big difference and that’s what we’re going to talk about today. The stuff that actually makes a difference. Google in the last couple of years, maybe, maybe more heavily in the last year or so, is mobile. Everything. Everything to them has to be efficient, effective, visible, awesome on mobile, if it’s not, you’re out.

So if your website, it loads slowly on Google, you’re out, you’re not, you’re not going to show you in the mobile results.

If they can’t get your page to load, they want the visitor of Google, the person who’s doing the search or looking something up to have an excellent experience. And if your website loads slow, you’re down in the bottom. So make sure your website’s awesome. If you’re going to do this, if you care about where your business shows up, the next thing that’s important and when everything is mobile is that location of your business is going to, every time I type in a search for pizza St Charles or pizza place or pizza restaurant, St Charles, if I am in the six three three Oh three which is five miles the other direction, I’m going to get a different set of results than I am if I’m sitting here in my office in the six three three Oh one same is gonna hold true for you.

If you’re five miles on the other side of town, you’re going to get different results than you are sitting in your office. So very, very mobile responsive. It knows where you are. So with that, how do you get your listing to be on top when people are searching? Hi, I see Kathy Jordan, you’ve Asians, you’ve antidotes. I’m saying that wrong. Sorry Kathy. But I don’t know how to say it, but hello. Thanks for meeting him. So couple of tips. Tip Number one. Oh by the way, changes. There’s in my new #s. So we’ve had GMB. If you were here really early, we had a # woke and then we had # GMB for Google my business and now we have # changes because I just talked about cha-cha-cha-changes and you Google search results. Now we’re going to talk about the tip. So tip sheet, and I have this in writing too, so you can’t remember everything I say on this live.

That’s okay. I actually have this in writing and I will give it to you. Totally give it to you. You can have it. If you type in # tip sheet, what I’ll do is I’ll send you a private message and I’ll get your email address and I’ll just email you. It’s just a document tip sheet for Google my business, how to get the most out of it. All right. The first thing we got to talk about are reviews and testimonials. If you are a restaurant or a pizza place or an entertainment venue of any kind, it’s a lot easier to get reviews. People, it’s the generation that has a Google accounts. They’re going to leave a review. I leave reviews. I typically don’t leave bad reviews. It would have to be super bad experience for me to leave a bad review. I don’t like to do that because I absolutely understand the effect that has on a business.

Just because a server’s having a bad night doesn’t mean you need to leave a bad review if the food had a roach in it. Yeah, that might be a bad review. So I don’t like to leave bad reviews. I do like to leave good reviews. There’s anytime I can. Yeah. And pictures. Um, like our trip to the Grand Canyon or someplace that we’ve stayed or we were on vacation where we did take a few pictures. I have no problem putting a couple of pictures up there and so I’m a, I’m a good, I’m a Google review or I like to do that. I like to help businesses along. Getting reviews and testimonials is tough for some businesses. Our senior care folks is really tough because this is a very private, very personal experience with a family and it’s hard for them and they’re also not as the demographic that naturally would have a Google account.

And to leave a Google review you have to have a Google account. But regardless of that, you have to ask. Most service businesses are in the mode now. Like your plumber, your Roofer, they will ask you for Google reviews, your HVA, see people they were, will ask you, ask you, ask you to please fill out a common car or go online. They’ll send you an email, they ask you over and over again to please leave them a review. The same needs to hold true for senior service businesses. And anybody else who doesn’t have a lot of reviews, you have to ask what gully? Anybody who’s our client now has access to a system where we can send out emails to just the people you want us to send emails to that gives them a shortened link to your Google my my business listing so they can go ahead and leave you a review and a couple of other places where they can leave a review if they don’t want to do Google my business.

That is important, but you have to ask if you have a regular rotation of emails that goes out monthly, quarterly and ask people for reviews, then you’re in good shape and over time they will accumulate. So getting those testimonial reviews is going to help your Google. My business listing is going to help where you show up in the Google rankings. Okay, so don’t forget if you want that tip sheet put in # tip sheet if you’re watching the replay, that’s totally okay. Type in # replay # tip sheet I will get you the tip sheet. All right, so let’s talk about the next thing that you probably don’t know about and that is blog posting about, I would say six months ago, maybe a little bit more than that of they started, started allowing a folks to blog post on their Google my business listing.

So what we do and what I recommend that you all do is if you have regular content going on your website or your blog, if you have blog posts, which you should, and if you’re a client of ours, you have a blog post every other week or every week depending on your program and anytime you blog post, you should take that same blog post. Just take the excerpt in the title, go to your Google, my business listing. Now you have to be an Admin of that or a manager of that listing in order to be able to blog post on it. You can’t just go to anybody’s random Google my business listing and blog posts. So you have to have control of your Google my business listing, or at least be able to have a manager status. You can work with it. And when you do that, you go in, you can add new blog posts, you can link that blog post back to your website, to your actual blog posts on your website so that you get a link directly from Google to your website.

And if you’re consistent and you do this all the time, then you get a much better result. We experimented with this when they first started letting folks blog posts undoing my business, and we did a blog post every single week, or at least twice a month for a couple of clients who really wanted to be seen in certain cities and as long as we kept that up and we were doing that, they’re ranking their Google rank as far as where they showed up really improved quite a bit. As soon as they stopped doing it, didn’t pay attention to it, let it go, then their ranking dropped a little bit. So it’s something that I recommend. I can’t prove that it’s exactly what makes that happen because there are so many factors that increase your visibility on Google. However, every little bit helps. So Google has a tool or a program they want you to use, they want you to use all the stuff, they want you to engage with it.

And the more you engage, the more you make Google happy. And of course they reward you for that. He played the game, they love you. So blog posting with pictures. By the way, don’t put up a blog post that’s just text that’s Yucky. You have to add a photo or an image is sort of like Facebook. This is not Google plus your personal Google plus accounts are gone as of April. Um, so this is Google my business. You can blog post on your business listing now, do it at least two times a month. Link back to your website and you’re good. Or if you don’t have a website, which I couldn’t take it, don’t tell me if you don’t have a website, but you could also link back to your Facebook page or whatever. So be aware that that exists and do that. That will absolutely help.

Okay. So # tip sheet, if you want me to send you the pdf version of Google my business tips, it’s not very long but it’s hard to keep track of everything I’m saying here. So I will send you that. And um, also we have other #s like if you’re watching the replay, # replay any comments are awesome. Facebook loves to see engagement and that’s why I asked you guys to engage with me, ask questions, comment, do stuff. Um, so I’m going to put this back up here. One more time. # tip sheet. Okay. I usually wait 48 hours to 72 hours and then I go back and look and see who’s watched the replay, who’s been commenting. And once I see all of that, then I go ahead and do, we do the drawing in the hat, we pick the winner. And if you’re the winner you’ll get a message from me and we’ll send you out some of those yummy chocolate covered strawberries because I love doing that.

The one more thing I should mention is that we have our sister, our sister company or company or whatever called approved senior network and that is on a Facebook page. You go to forward slash approved senior network. And when you do that, we are going live on that page. It’s all senior issues, medical issues, things like that. Um, I put on my nurse hat, not for real, but I’m the nurse that day and we talk about different things pertaining to senior care live and every time we do that, one of our clients is the sponsor of that show. So we put a shout out to them, we put up their website address all over it. We post a press release with the video of us talking about whatever the subject is on their blog. So it goes out to everything and we post that on our website too.

So proof senior is the website or if you go to forward slash approved senior network, you will see all of our um, videos and things like that. The next one is coming up August the eighth. So if you’re interested in that, go like that page and you’ll get reminders about that next live coming up on the proof Sr. Now you can also get a free listing there. If you’re a home care agency or senior service provider of any kind and you go to a proof senior you can list your business for free if you’re not a senior service type business. And we stretched that pretty far. But if you’re not a senior service provider, we delete you. So if your ice cream shop probably not going to work out for ya, but give it a try. Okay. That’s all I have for. Thank you for joining me live on the Valerie v show. We’re going to continue to do this in the evening. I think we get a little bit more, um, I guess engagement in the evening cause everybody’s off work and then school starts. It’ll probably be a little easier. Everybody’s out and about and enjoying their last days of vacation right now. So thanks everybody. We’ll talk to you soon. Bye.

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