Google My Business Reviews: When you get handed a lemon, make LEMONADE
Google My Business Reviews: When you get handed a lemon, make LEMONADE

Google My Business Reviews and other features are down temporarily, but you have MANY OTHER platforms where people can leave reviews!

If you’ve tried to reply to or leave a Google My Business review recently, you may have noticed you’re not able to do so.

Google announced on Friday that due to COVID-19, a number of its GMB features have been suspended or limited, including new reviews, replying to reviews and Q&As.

We understand these limitations are impacting our clients and many other businesses, yet at the same time, we want to remind you that you can — and very much should — continue responding to reviews and asking your customers for reviews on Facebook, Yelp and other review platforms. 

In fact, now more than ever, it’s critical that you pay attention to what customers are saying, asking about and commenting on via social media and online review platforms.

There’s been a huge surge in the use of social media and online usage ever since COVID-19 caused the need for social distancing, quarantining and lockdowns for people and communities around the world.

With many local businesses having to limit their hours, shift their product or service offerings, or even shut down operations altogether, their customers are now at home, scrolling their feeds throughout the day. 

That means you not only have an opportunity to get in front of them with relevant, local content and remind them you’re still engaged with the local community, but also generate and respond to your reviews online.

For our clients, this means you should simply point your customers to non-GMB platforms when you request a review.

If you’re not currently using our CRM for a reputation accelerator that enables quick, mobile-based reviews from your clients — simply read more here.

Keep calm and post on, friends.