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Hey everybody, Valerie V Show. Today we are going to talk about your Google My Business Listing. There’s a new feature that lets you shorten how people find you. It’s @ and then whatever your shorten little tag line or name is and I’m going to show you how to do it, where to find it, and what it actually does once it’s approved which in my case, only took a few minutes. This is a really neat new feature and of course, there’s other features that we’ve talked about so we’ll be back in one second.

Hi this is Valerie and what I’m showing you today is something that just came to my email. You can now on Google My Business, this is for your Google My Business Listing. This is your profile directory listing on Google. You need to log in. You should be admin of your own business listing and you can now claim your short name. What that means is that you can claim @ whatever you want it to be. In this case, it picked salon color and once you claim your short name, it’s easier to share with people.

So it looks to me like Google is trying to make it much more user friendly. So here I am logged into LTC Expert Publications and let’s go to info. This is where you’re going to find that option. All right so you can see our address, our service areas, and then here, right here, this little @ sign is something new. And this is where you add it. So all you do is hit edit. It will be nothing there the first time though. And then once you edit it, you enter your short name so I just chose ltcep and I hit apply.

Hey so this is what it looks like from my cell phone. So if I typed in @ltcep in a Google search from my Android phone, then the map comes up and LTC Expert Publications and so if you were giving somebody directions or telling them you can just type in from your phone @ you know, ABC Home Care or whatever you choose this to be and it will just pop up the map and offer directions, start the call or message. Pretty cool.

Also we talked about posting in the past. Posting to your Google My Business Page. You should absolutely be doing that. Right here you can see it post eight hours ago, one day ago, so everyday there are posts coming to our Google My Business Page. Important for you to be doing that. You don’t have to do it everyday, but a couple times a month, especially if you have an event or an offer, you can always do that. And also, they’re going to try to convince you to advertise. I would not do that necessarily. It can get really expensive just like Google Ad Words.

So I am not a fan for home care agencies in particular to do this. But if you have another business that you know relies on Google heavily, you might want to think about this. Okay, that’s it. I just wanted to show you that you can now add your short name and if you do have a Google business profile, you may have received this. Okay, thanks everybody, talk to you later.