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Home Care Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

  • We do not list our prices online.
  • Everyone has a different set of needs and a different budget.
  • Our prices range from $200-$1000 a month and up.
  • Our services are best suited for businesses that have been in operation for 1+ year and have a positive cash flow.
  • Most of our clients have been in business 5+ years.
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Yes, our advanced SEO program is best suited to accompany websites that we built, host, and control. Why? Because when we control the build and make-up of a website, we can work on speed and other errors behind the scenes.

When we do not host or manage a website, we cannot control server speed, build speed, and many other factors.

No, we have never put forth guarantees of any kind. There are too many influential parameters when it comes to online marketing. Beware of companies that make these promises. They will not deliver, and you will waste your money.

  1. We built and maintain and host your website.
  2. We provide the Advanced SEO program.
  3. We are also managing your Google My Business listing.
  4. You are participating in our SCOPE program

The SCOPE PROGRAM stands for Senior Care Outreach, Publishing & Engagement. This program provides content and community outreach. This is not an SEO program.

This program consists of:

  • Writing/Blog Posting Original Content x2 per month- Done-For-You
  • Client Provided Company News- Up to 4x per month- Done-For-You
  • Blog Posts to Social Media (FB AND LI)- Done-For-You
  • Short Branded Videos to Facebook – Done-For-You
  • Increase Your Likes Campaign on FB- Done-For-You (Client pays FB ad fee)
  • Branded Images and Captions on Facebook x5 days/week. – Done-For-You
  • Monthy Branded, Beautiful E-Newsletter – Done-For-You
  • ApprovedSeniorNetwork.com Expert Level Listings and Features – Done-For-You
  • Access to Valerie V’s Insider’s Platform for Senior Care Marketing
  • Bonus Marketing Content
  • 6-Month Participation Required

No, we do not guarantee a certain number of leads or “qualified leads”.

Yes! We call it the Google Enhanced Marketing Program.

All current clients should use support at all times. https://support.approvedseniornetwork.com

or email your support ticket to support@LTCExpert.ZENDESK.com

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