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As it turns out, there is some speculation that Google My Business is just as important as your website. And, if your GMB listing isn't getting much traction, there are many reasons why this might be the case....

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Why Google My Business? Does it Really Matter?
Why Google My Business? Does it Really Matter?

As it turns out, there is some speculation that Google My Business is just as important as your website. And, if your GMB listing isn’t getting much traction, there are many reasons why this might be the case….

In terms of Google and organic results….I agree with the predictions that a combination of Pay-to-Play and Organic mish-mash are coming… This means that your website STILL needs to be a strong purveyor of good content…but your wallet might be hit as well.

In order to thrive on Google My Business, you have to stop thinking about it like a generic Yellow Pages listing. Handling it like a Yelp page isn’t good enough, either.

Because if you’re still thinking along those lines, you’ll never be able to make Google My Business work. I mean really work.

Shawn Joshi

Read What Google My Business Experts Say for 2020.

The Hoth, Whitelable SEO

The Hoth

According to Moz’s local search ranking factors, Google My Business is consistently in the top spot for ranking factors in local map search and also a significant factor in organic local search.

If getting search engine traffic is important to your business, then you absolutely need to set up & optimize your Google My Business account.

Being visible in local search makes it easy for customers to find you. Customers that are looking for businesses on Google maps and in local search are usually ready to buy.

The Hoth

MOZ and Google My Business


Information about your business is going to exist on the Internet whether you put it there or not.

Google’s house may be structurally unsound, but it’s also huge, with a 90% search engine market share globally and over 2 trillion searches per year46% of which are for something local.

Residents, new neighbors, and travelers seeking what you offer will almost certainly find something about your company online, whether it’s a stray mention on social media, an unclaimed local business listing generated by a platform or the public, or a full set of website pages and claimed listings you’ve actively published.

Right now, running the most successful local business possible means acquiring the largest share you can of those estimated 1 trillion annual local searches. How do you do this? 

By feeding Google:

Website content about your business location, products, services, and attributes

Corroborating info about your company on other websites

Local business listing content

Image content

Video content

Social media content



Two well-loved UK SEOs, Claire Carlile and Andy Simpson both touched on similar points when asked to get their crystal balls out. Referencing the myriad new features introduced to GMB in 2019, Claire commented:

In GMB, new functionality will continue to roll out and businesses will need to take advantage of existing opportunities such as photos, Q&A, Google posts, product editor, short names, messaging, and reserve with google, as well as keeping an eye on new features as they emerge.  Businesses will need to actively engage with GMB as a communications channel to reach and respond to clients and potential clients. The importance of GMB will continue to grow and small businesses will do well to think of it as a CMS separate to that of their website.

Similarly, Andy emphasized the importance of taking control of what’s visible to users on the SERPs:

Taking control of how your business’s brand is displayed in the SERPs should be on everyone’s radar for 2020. When potential customers search for your brand by name, what appears on the first page of Google? It should almost be a given that your Google My Business listing should appear. In 2020 business owners large and small have to be aware and ‘take control’ of what is displayed on the first page of Google about your business and make sure it’s the best it can be.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land

The two most popular sites in the world are Google and YouTube, with 108 billion users between them. Google is leveraging these them to become even more influential, as hard as that might be to imagine. For example, Google continues to dominate online advertising with a 36.2 percent market share and strong growth, and the company is carpet-bombing the market with more tools that make it easier for advertisers to keep using Google products, such as the YouTube Masthead format for TV.

The advertising push capitalizes on the fact that roughly half of Google searches stay on Google properties. In other words, roughly half of people searching for things on Google are finding what they need within knowledge panels, Google My Business (GMB) listings, YouTube, Google Maps, and other Google properties. Google is capitalizing on these zero-click searches by doing an even better job monetizing the value of the Google universe, a trend that will continue in 2020. The challenge for businesses is to figure out how to leverage the value of their presence in Google’s world, such as capitalizing on Google Ads products and investing more into their GMB listings.

Now what?

The smartest companies know this and they’re doing something about it.

Here’s the catch: (from expert Shawn Joshi)


In order to thrive on Google My Business, you have to stop thinking about it like a generic Yellow Pages listing. Handling it like a Yelp page isn’t good enough, either.

Because if you’re still thinking along those lines, you’ll never be able to make Google My Business work. I mean really work.

Shawn Joshi

But if you’re ready to give Google My Business the respect it deserves, it will change everything for you:

  • More new customers.
  • More returning customers.
  • And a plump bottom line.

You know it’s important. Where do you start? View our product page for a downloadable PDF checklist. Better yet, get some Google My Business help- from the team who has been doing SEO in YOUR MARKET for more than 12 years. We can help!

12 Tips About Google SERP Changes and Your Senior Care Marketing = Crazytown. Mon, 24 Feb 2020 20:01:46 +0000 12 Tips About Google SERP Changes and Your Senior Care Marketing = Crazytown.

Can your senior care marketing strategy live without Google? Will your business survive? Your answer should always be YES, and here's why....

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Senior Care Marketing Online Gets Crazy Sometimes!
Senior Care Marketing Online Gets Crazy Sometimes!

First of all, Valerie, super nerd, what’s a SERP?

Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are the pages displayed by search engines in response to a query by a user. The main component of the SERP is the listing of results that are returned by the search engine in response to a keyword query, although the pages may also contain other results such as advertisements.

Google is the most frustrating digital animal on the planet, and likely the hardest for a home care agency owner or assisted living facility owner or marketer to understand.

Unfortunately, it also dominates search. Period.

Can your senior care marketing strategy live without Google? Will your business survive? Your answer should always be YES.

We have been riding the internet marketing train since 2008, and in that time, we have seen sweeping changes in both Google and Facebook, on top of dozens of new platforms that anyone can take advantage of for online marketing.

My senior care friends, your demographic is on Facebook and Google.

Not Snapchat, not Instagram, not Twitter, not Tiktok, not anything else that has come around in the last 5 years.

You do not need to spend money on any other platforms. You will not see a return at all. Promise. No matter what that local SEO guru tells you, Facebook and Google are your go-to platforms for the foreseeable future.

When it comes to online marketing, don't put all of your eggs in one basket.
When it comes to online marketing, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

“Never put all of your eggs in one basket.” AND “Don’t build your business on rented land.”

I don’t know who to credit for these quotes, but they are absolutely true.

  • Never rely on one platform or one account or one WAY to market your business.
  • WE (fellow business owners) do not own Facebook or Google. WE BORROW from them. These two platforms are “rented land” for us. They can delete YOU or your business at any time, for any reason, no questions asked, no answers given.
  • Build your own website, your own content, your own STUFF that no one can take away from you.

Right now Google is in the middle of some of the strangest algorithm changes that us “web nerds” have ever noted. It’s a wild ride from day to day.

Today you are #1, tomorrow #17.

It’s not something that someone DID or DID NOT do for you, it’s an algorithm change.

The best advice for anyone seeing changes in their rankings for certain keyword phrases is: DON’T PANIC.

Keep doing the right thing.

What is the “right thing”?

  • Unique educational content posted to your blog/website.
  • Senior Care Marketing also= Company news, people news, celebrations, posted to your blog/website.
  • Use Facebook to reach out to your local community!
  • Keep doing that in-person networking. Be everywhere, all the time.
  • Make sure that you have control of your Google My Business (GMB) listing.
  • Make sure your GMB is optimized, 100% filled in and added to “almost” daily.
  • Make sure your address on your website and on other directories matches 100%.
  • Make sure the home page of your website is search engine optimized for the keyword phrases you desire the most.
  • A website that is not old and outdated or built on Wix or similar platforms…. (come on people, sorry, but true)

Paying to Play- Do It With Caution

Should you pay for Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

I would say yes, in moderation.

What is moderation: $300 per month is a minimum, $1200 a month is a max.

I would also say- be careful.

Google Ads has notoriously been a HUGE waste of money for Senior Care Businesses. Why? Job seekers. The job seeker problem has existed for many years, and still does.

Why is this a problem?

Job seekers will click on your Google Ads, wasting your money. You could put banners and flashing lights on an ad that says NOT FOR JOB SEEKERS and they will STILL click on your ads. Either they can’t read or don’t care, but either way, I’m not hiring someone who can’t follow directions. NADA.

The Good News About Google Ads

The good news is that we now have campaigns that can do a better job of weeding out “job seekers”. Actually, GOOGLE gives us more options. Right now we have 2000 keyword phrases and 70+ NEGATIVE keyword phrases, plus demographic data that helps a lot.

What About Facebook?

Facebook is viable, but everyone must understand that it doesn’t cure lead to close time. No platform and no amount of money will ever cure (ie shorten) lead to close time in senior care marketing.

  • I recommend some moderate level spending on Facebook to increase your “LIKES” on your page (FANS).
  • I recommend running some ads that turn into leads.
  • I recommend thoughtfully ditching the expensive recruiting platforms and using Facebook instead. (correctly)

Why Does it Take So Long To Close a Senior Care Lead?

Think about your potential client- they aren’t asking you to fix a leaky pipe. They are asking you to take care of a loved-one for a lot of $$. They are handing you a huge amount of trust. They are emotionally overwhelmed, physically drained, and sometimes completely out-to-lunch until a crisis occurs. It’s no wonder that it takes 6 months for a lead to close sometimes.

Friends, It’s a Long-Haul. But Even Longer if You Don’t Invest Wisely

Doing nothing online is a losing proposition.

Doing something, with the help of a team that has survived “senior care marketing and the internet” MAYBE longer than you have been in business, is a winning formula.

Stay the Course. Add, Don’t Subtract

If you want to dominate your local area online, the best way to do that is to build your empire with content and mix in a little paid advertising.

Relying ONLY on paid ads is a huge mistake. Once you turn them off, you are left with ZERO.

Content stays forever.


If you need the phone to ring MORE, there are tons of ways to accomplish this. Sometimes it requires a bit of testing and patience to find the right formula.

You are not the only organization who might be wondering where your rank went, or where your listing went. It happens for various reasons all the time. Supplement your senior care marketing when you need to, in moderation. Your rank will come back if you do the right thing.

Promise! We have watched this happen dozens of times over the years.

Stay tuned, because 6-months from now, by August of 2020, things will change again! Guaranteed.

Stop marinating on Google and get busy on Facebook. If Facebook has a spaz, do a little supplemental advertising on Google. Roll with the changes, but KEEP ON ROLLING!

We can help! We have a boat-load of programs designed to overcome hurdles and fix rankings. Talk to us by filling out our form.

Monthly Senior Care Marketing Newsletter! 4 Tips for Better Visibility. Fri, 21 Feb 2020 18:49:06 +0000 Monthly Senior Care Marketing Newsletter! 4 Tips for Better Visibility.

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN Shares Monthly Senior Care Marketing Tips and Videos. Here are 4 tips that will rock your online marketing for your senior care business!

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Monthly Senior Care Marketing Newsletter! 4 Tips for Better Visibility. ]]>
Never Miss Senior Care Leads…Using Senior Care Chat :) Thu, 20 Feb 2020 23:13:32 +0000 Never Miss Senior Care Leads…Using Senior Care Chat :)

Use the only CRM that combines chat, text, email, phone call- designed for senior care businesses. Learn about chat!

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Never Miss Senior Care Leads…Using Senior Care Chat :)

The Power of Acquiring Senior Care Leads from Your Website.

What if your senior care website had a senior care chat widget that put all of your senior care leads into one CRM…and notified you instantly? Oh ya!

What is Senior Care Chat? It’s a Senior Care Leads Opportunity!

People come to your website for many reasons. Maybe they want to ask a question about your senior care services, or set up a time for a tour (assisted living), or perhaps they’re just browsing. But regardless of why they’re there, you have an opportunity to engage with them and give them a great experience with live chat.

Ask us how you can get website chat for FREE!

Let’s take a quick look at whether you should consider adding live chat to your website in the first place.

Should your senior care business add live chat to your website?

Live chat widgets are most often used when a site visitor has a question that they want to be answered quickly. By giving them this option, you can engage faster, get them on the phone faster, and reassure them that your senior care business is the right choice.

The first thing you’ll need to consider is whether you’ll be able to monitor the live chat feed, at least during business hours. For most small businesses though, it would work to assign a salesperson or office manager to pay attention and respond to the occasional inquiry.

So, if your business is interested in providing a great customer service experience and closing more sales, and you have someone that can monitor and respond to the messages you receive, we highly recommend adding live chat to your website.

Your Messaging “inbox” is inside the SMART CRM

Your “messaging command center” keeps all your senior care leads and messages in one place and makes it easy to manage conversations at scale.

Automatically track customer status, add notes, and see the complete activity history of every lead. It’s like your favorite email client, but for messaging.

How Does it Work?

  • When we build your website, we place some code on the back-end. That code is also integrated with your account inside the SMART CRM.
  • When a website visitor tries to connect with you, they leave their NAME, PHONE, and a MESSAGE.
  • You (or someone in your office) are notified immediately via text or email (your choice).
  • You have the ability to call the person from your smartphone, or, login to the SMART CRM and text with them.

We Set Your Business Hours

  • You are not expected to be available 24/7 via chat.
  • We set your business hours as you wish. When you are not available, the person sees that someone will get back to them during the next business day.
  • 100% Your choice on hours and days.

Branded with Your Colors and Your Name

  • Your chat widget reflects the colors of your website, and says “Powered By ________________” (Your Company Name).

Training for You and Your Staff

  • We provide training videos on our support site that show you how to use CHAT and the SMART CRM.

Full Transcript of Video:

Hey guys, it’s Valerie. I wanted to talk to you about taking chat and texting and communicating with prospects and job seekers, taking that up a notch. Recruiting, marketing, and getting more leads is always complicated, but what we have managed to do now is take a one CRM. A CRM is a customer relationship management tool. We have modified it for the senior care world. You can do 100% of your online and even some offline marketing through our CRM, and it coordinates with your website to make sure that anybody who communicates, whether they fill out a form, or they text you, or they want to chat with you all comes in through the CRM. So you can do recruiting. You can do all your marketing. You can answer people through text. You can answer them through email. You can call them on the phone from the CRM. You can even chat with them in Facebook Messenger from the CRM. I know that’s crazy, right?

So here is what we’ve done, anybody who is our client can have the basic chat feature or texting feature on their website. This is an upgraded version. This one requires a little more programming. But what happens is we give people options. So if somebody wants just to ask a question, all they have to do is fill in their information and hit send and Dina is notified instantly that someone has a senior care question. She is notified by email by default, but we can also text her on her cell phone if she wants us to. I don’t set that up unless somebody requests it.

Next, if the person is a job seeker and they fill out this information, same information as requested, but it’s a different response. So they fill all this information, they get a response. Dina gets a notification instantly via email that someone is looking for a job and she gets all their information. Not only that, but inside the CRM, I will take you there, inside the CRM their information is labeled and it’s all there. So these are all of our clients. So if we were to go to, wait a minute, Alliance Senior Care, when Dina logs in, what she sees is these conversations. These are all tests that we did. But she can see all the things inside of here, so if all the people that come to their website, if they fill out this form, they’re all entered into the CRM automatically.

If they click on call us, it automatically, let’s assume you’re on your mobile device, dials their office phone number, so there’s no form involved there. But this is all integrated with our CRM that all of our clients have free use of the CRM if they are in one of our programs. And if they are in our scope program, we will also hook this up and set it up so that it pops up on their website.

I think having all of your marketing and recruiting in one place, every form, every chat, every text, every phone call coming in to a place where you can have it all recorded for you, you can see who’s been there, who’s been using, who’s even been calling the phone number. You can see all of that in one place. It makes it so much easier for you and your staff to communicate effectively with all the people and avoid follow up failure.

So this is what I recommend. If you have questions about it, be sure to visit our website. I’ll put the website in our link and you can chat with me, because we have one of these too. Thanks. Bye.

Contact us by filling out the form on our CONTACT US page or chatting with us via WEBCHAT!!

What If Your Senior Care Website Did This??? Tue, 18 Feb 2020 17:56:21 +0000 /?p=26547 What If Your Senior Care Website Did This???

Capturing every single opportunity, lead, recruiting prospect...from your website, into text, into YOUR CRM account. Nothing is better!!!

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What If Your Senior Care Website Did This???

Capturing every single opportunity, lead, recruiting prospect…from your website, into text, into YOUR CRM account. Nothing is better!!!

Watch this short video that shows you how….

Need help with senior care leads, senior care recruiting, content, websites? Check out our suite of services at

The Power of SEO and the Google Enhanced Marketing Program for Senior Care Businesses Sat, 15 Feb 2020 23:17:19 +0000 /?p=26527 The Power of SEO and the Google Enhanced Marketing Program for Senior Care Businesses

This is replicating what you would see from your mobile device if you were searching for "home care Rochester" (NY) within a 1-mile radius of their office location on Google My Business.

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The Power of SEO and the Google Enhanced Marketing Program for Senior Care Businesses

Hi all this is some SHORT DATA, but I want to show you something that is super important…!!

This is called a GRID map.

Normally you don’t see this.

This is replicating what you would see from your mobile device if you were searching for “home care Rochester” (NY) within a 1-mile radius of their office location on Google My Business.

Admittedly, this client’s ranking has been a problem for a long time, until we started deploying some of the amazing techniques that we have learned and added to the GEM program.

MUCH better results 12 days out!

Short video:

Need help with your Google Local results? Contact Us for More Info!

Everything You Need to Know About Google My Business in 2020! Wed, 12 Feb 2020 00:29:18 +0000 /?p=26494 Everything You Need to Know About Google My Business in 2020!

Everything You Need to Know About Google My Business in 2020. Go the extra mile to make sure your listing stands out from the crowd!

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Everything You Need to Know About Google My Business in 2020!

Watch the replay of our webinar from February 2020!

100% Rocking Your Google My Business Listing for AMAZING RESULTS!

Learn more about our GEM Program here:

The Google Monster Can Be Your Best Friend.

Really? Yes, REALLY!

Things Have Changed for the Better and it’s Time to ROCK YOUR LISTING!

Join us to find out how, and get a free downloadable checklist.

There are so many tips and tricks that make your listing awesome and eye-catching for prospects. You should be using them all.

Valerie will show you how to:

  • Go from BLAH to OMG!
  • Go from “Another Senior Care Business” to “AN AMAZING SMART SENIOR CARE BUSINESS!”
  • How to pass up the competition and make it into the “3-PACK” in a Google Search.
  • How to take advantage of the options that Google WANTS you to use (that you didn’t even know existed!)
  • How to SEO your listing to match your website.
  • How to add photos, keywords, blog posts, products and services.
  • How to use the website feature.
Everything You Need to Know About Google My Business 2020
Everything You Need to Know About Google My Business 2020

Full Transcript:

Okay. It’s the top of the hour. We are on time, and we are going to get rolling. Everybody, this is Valerie VanBooven. Hi. Current clients, old clients, new friends, welcome to the presentation. Today we’re going to talk all about Google My Business. There are two ways that we can answer questions today. One way is by using the Q&A feature. So if you look at your little dashboardy thing, you’ll see chat. You’ll see Q&A. You’re welcome to ask a question in the Q&A section. You are welcome to ask a question via chat. I will look at both. I’ll stop periodically and look so it might not be right in the moment, but let me get through a few slides and I’ll kind of round up with questions and stuff like that.

I am Valerie VanBooven, and I am the co-owner of Approved Senior Network Marketing. It’s hard for me to remember to say that. I want to say LTC Expert Publications because we just changed our name. But of course we will always be LTC to our long-time clients. We’re happy to have our new name, though. Ownership hasn’t changed. We’re just branding everything to be applicable to our population of folks.

So we’re going to talk about Google enhanced management today, and that means Google My Business. The first thing to know is that, of course, we know that everybody pretty much wants to be in what we call the three pack. This used to be the seven pack. Now it’s down to three. Google wants to make as much money as possible, so there are way more ads than there are organic results. What we want to see, all of us everywhere, is to see our business in the top three on Google My Business. Now, I’m not going to say that everybody’s going to get there. There’s so much involved as you’re about to find out. Any little thing could be holding you back, and I don’t know what the …

So the three important parts are website and the content on your website, your website build, your website SEO, your website schema code, the content that’s on your website, your Google My Business listing, and citations. These three things are what help you show up in the three pack. This is our client. This is a search for home care Houston, Texas. And you can see right there our client is number one. That doesn’t mean that all of our clients are number one, but certainly that is a very competitive market and that’s where we like to see everybody.

I will say this, too. This person has been a client of ours for many, many years. This isn’t somebody that just came on board three weeks ago, so we have had … Not only do we take care of their website, we also have managed their Google My Business listings, especially recently. We have been doing blog posting for them, content, social media for years and years. So this isn’t someone who just came on board and went, “Boop. Number one. Woo-hoo.” I wish I can say that for everybody, but there’s a lot of things that are involved, so we’re going to talk about all those.

Everything I talk about today, you can do yourself. Will we do it for you? Absolutely we will do it for you. But I understand budgets and I understand you have to decide where your money’s going. But I will say this, in terms of online marketing and internet marketing, if you don’t get this right, then you can be losing business. On the other hand, I’m not a fan of putting all of your eggs in one basket. I don’t believe that you have to rely on Google for every single thing. Facebook is a very good demographic for everybody on this call today, and I do recommend and believe that Facebook will also help you tremendously using it correctly for all of these efforts, except for organic stuff. You’re probably going to have to spend a little dough. But we’re going to talk about all the things you can do for free that will help you.

All right. We have to think like Google thinks. Google’s a big, giant monster, and they are … Like it or not, everybody uses Google. We wish that we could have more options, and we do, Bing, Yahoo, whatever. But guess what? Everybody’s on Google. Google is sort of a monopoly, and we have to think like Google. So we’re going to play the game the way they want us to play it. We’re going to follow all the rules and we’re going to understand what they’re looking for.

There are three main components of the local search algorithm. That means the map’s proximity. Proximity describes the physical distance of a business from the origin point of the search. So when you’re sitting in your office and you do a search on your mobile device … Also, remember, 100% of everything you do today online is mobile first. So how you show up on your mobile device is probably more important even for home care, senior care, assisted living, whatever it is, than desktop search. So proximity is the physical distance of your business from where you are searching.

So if you’re driving … Let’s use restaurants because they’re a better example than senior care most of the time. If you’re driving down the road and you start off at your house and you type in pizza, pizza restaurants … We want to go out for pizza. Pizza joints. And then you drive five miles because you have to go pick up something somewhere. When you type in pizza joints again or you’re searching for restaurants that serve pizza, you’re going to get different results than you got when you were right inside your house. So even five miles, even one mile, even a half a mile is going to make a difference as to what you see. Google wants you to see relevant. It wants you to be happy with your search. It doesn’t want to show you stuff that’s 20 miles away when you really just want to go right down the street.

Relevance is the degree to which a listing matches the search. For example, if you’re searching for a car mechanic, the algorithm will try to match your keywords by returning businesses that primarily have those words in the business name or related categories. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. We’re going to talk about that.

Prominence. Prominence refers to the strength of the business in terms of SEO. Prominence is based on information that Google has about a business from across the web, like links, website content, and directories. Ding. So we’re going to talk about all these things and how you can help just blow it away on the Google My Business stuff.

Doing these things will improve your Google My Business ranking. Note, Google My Business, GMB, is the same as Google My Business if you’re not sure what that means. GMB optimization can be stunted by poor website optimization. If your website optimizations sucks, then you’re probably not going to have the great result. Make sure your website is indexed and ensure your home page has main keyword and location in the title. No matter who built your website, whether we built it or somebody else built it, these are things you want to look at. And if you need to change those things because it’s not really what you want to say, then make the change and you will see a difference. Okay?

Your website. You must have correct SEO and ongoing content. So if you have a static website that never gets a blog post, it never has a new article, it never sees anything but your home page or about us page, your contact us page, your careers page, and there’s never anything new added to that website, you are doing yourself a disservice. You are losing. You need to have ongoing content. You need to have correct title tags. That’s right up in the very top. The little tab at the top needs to read correctly. Correct alt tags. That means the images on your website shouldn’t say like ABCfiledash123.JPEG. It should say homecareinHoustonTexas.JPEG or something like that.

Correct content, so all kinds of different content, whether it be articles, or photos, or videos, or images. Unique content and regular content. That means what I just said, blog posting and articles that are unique to you, not something that you borrowed ClearCare online because it was a great article and you want us to post it for you. That’s fine. You can post it, but you have to have some unique content on top of that. If you post the same article that 500 other franchisees or business associates who also use the same software posts on your website they posted on their website, guess what? That’s duplicate content. If you don’t take the time to change it, make it 75% unique to you, search engine optimized with your keyword phrases and your location, then you haven’t done anything but add content. It doesn’t help you. Long story short, you need unique, regular content.

Easy-to-read content, so bulleted lists, and four reasons why, and five easy steps to, and seven ways to. You will notice that in the content that we provide to our clients we do a lot of lists or a lot of four steps to whatever, solve a problem. That is because it is easy on the eyes, it’s easy on the brain, and it’s easier for people to read. And we can divide that content up into smaller bites of information so that they can read it correctly, and it’s search engine optimized much easier that way.

Correct schema data. I’m not going to go into what schema data is. But basically, that’s how Google understands who you are, where you are, and what you do. Without that data on the back side of your website, it doesn’t know what your address is. It doesn’t know to match this address with your Google My Business listing. It doesn’t know all these things. So the correct scheme of data.

You’ll hear people refer to NAP. NAP is name, address, and phone, the most important things you need to get right across all the listings that you have on the internet, whether it’s Approved Senior Network directory listing, or Google My Business, or, or, or wherever you’re listed, could be hundreds of places. The correct name, address, and phone number is important. It’s important to have that. Whatever’s on your website needs to match Google My Business and vice versa. And you need to be 100% mobile optimized. Your website should look nice on mobile. It should load quickly on mobile. Google is 100% mobile now. It matters.

All right. Google My Business update and SEO. So here’s the overview. Complete your business information. This is your Google My Business listing we’re talking about right now. You need to complete your business information and add a description. I’m going to show you what we recommend on all of these so you can do it yourself. Choose your business categories and subcategories. Upload better images. Search engine optimize with EXIF location data. You probably never even heard of that. Respond to reviews, all of them, even the bad ones. Use posts to promote events, offers, and content. Set up blog posts to feed to your Google My Business listing. Upload video. They have to be really short. Add a short name. Use the Q&A feature. Update the business website that comes with the listing. What is that? What happens when you don’t update for 90 days? Uh-oh. Google says, “You know what? If your listing is irrelevant anymore and you’re not playing, then we not going to show you. We’re going to take our ball and go home.” So these are important things. And products are important.

All right. So complete your business information and add a description. I am assuming a couple of things as we go through this. Number one, you should own your Google My Business listing. You, business owner, you marketer, you, your business owner, should be the owner of the Google My Business listing, not an SEO company, not anybody else. Now, if you’re a franchisee, oftentimes you will find that your franchisor owns your listing. And that is okay if they require that because it helps them. When people buy and sell or go out of business or whatever, it helps them keep all that stuff managed, and it is a big ordeal.

Franchises are a little bit different. If you’re an independent person who owns a business and you’re not a member of a franchise, you should own it. If you look at your Google My Business listing and you log into Google My Business, you just type in the Google, go to Google, and type in Google My Business, and try to log … And go to that. Whatever it shows up there, and then go to it. Then try to log into it. Once you’re logged in, you should be the owner. You can make people managers, that’s cool, but you should never see the name of another business or human person that you don’t know owning your listing. If you do, you need to fix that right away.

All right. When you log in, you can go under info. This is inside your dashboard of Google My Business. And you see the little pencils? All these are editable. So you need to go in there and make sure that this description right here has keyword phrases like home care St. Charles, Missouri, home care San Diego, California, home care Houston, Texas. It needs to have a couple of keyword phrases, not spammy, not dumb-sounding, but very readable and easy, and it needs to be completed. Google gives you 750 characters to describe your product service’s value or whatever you want to communicate to the audience. Do that. There are two places where you need to do this, and that is one of them.

Now you can not only choose a category, but you can choose subcategories. This is so important. I’m going to go with what 90% of our clients would choose. Now, some of you are assisted living, some of your care homes, some of your other things, but let’s just go with what a home care. You cannot choose private duty home care. It doesn’t exist. So you’re going to want to choose home health care service. That’s as close as you’re going to get. There are 4,000 primary categories to choose from. You’re going to want to choose home healthcare. I think aged care and nursing care or nursing service is in there. You could try those. Aged care’s probably more for the UK, but you could try that.

Underneath that, you can add your services. Okay, so I see a lot of people who’ve added services but they didn’t put anything into the description. See where it says vital sign monitoring? That is without a description. Laundry services without a description. I left those like that so you could see. One primary category and at least 10 subcategories, but they all need to have a description. And the best thing to do is take them right off your website. Now, you can SEO these a little bit by adding a keyword phrase or a location, but really just taking exactly what’s on your website and putting it in here. If you have a great SEOed website, you should be able to just copy and paste. You’re only going to have a certain amount of characters so you might have to shorten this a little bit, but you can put that stuff right in here, and you should. So if you haven’t done that, that’s something you want to do. Categories and subcategories.

Highlighting products. Some of you sell products. Most of you in the senior care space are selling a service, not a product. So we just looked at services. Now we’re going to look at products. You can do this. You don’t have to do this, but I think it shows up really nicely. So one of your products is in-home care services, personal care. I mean, it’s a service, but you could say it’s a product. You could list it as a product companionship services. What we did was we took some very nice, pretty, brightly colored, not necessarily for branding but for to show up nicely on Google. You can see them over here on the left-hand side, and we added some products, in-home care service. And underneath that’s personal care, companionship. So we did the same thing that we did with services in a little bit different way. Under services you can’t add any pictures, but under products you can. So we made them bright, and pretty, and happy, and then we search engine optimized the little description that you get to put.

Then, the learn more button that you see there, that goes right back to the exact page where this is described on your website. So it doesn’t go to the homepage necessarily. It goes to the page that describes your services. You see how this gets complicated? You build your Google My Business listing just like you would build a website. You want to link to the right places for everything. If you link just to the homepage, I mean, it’s okay. But you want to do a really good job, all these learn more buttons should go exactly to where people can read more about your services or your products or whatever. So these are products. You can list lots of products. You can put them in categories, subcategories. It’s pretty nice. So I would recommend diving in and taking a look at products. You don’t have to do this part if you’re a service business, but it is a nice thing to add. I think it’s pretty, and it can be search engine optimized.

Oh, and by the way, we do this. For folks who participate with us, we will do 10 … I believe it was 10, 8 or 10 products. We’ll put up a pretty picture. It can be branded or not branded. I think having some different stuff that’s lightened and airy is always nice because we do a lot of branding of everything. Anyway, we do that for our clients who are participating in this.

All right. So what about images? Now, there’s some discussion about images, and we’re going to talk about … The first thing we’re been talking about is search engine optimizing the EXIF data. So if you’re a photographer, or if you’ve ever gotten into photography, or if you know anything about photos, you know that the data from a digital photo is inside the photo file. It’s called EXIF data. So the location where it was taken, the latitude and longitude, the name of the person who took the picture, the artist, the copyright information, the type of camera that was used is often in there. You can change that EXIF data if you have the right software, which we do have, and you can make that …

Most of these are stock photos, not all of them. Also, we’re going to talk about stock photos versus real photos in a second. These stock photos we can change the EXIF data. Now, we have purchased them. They belong to us. We have the right to use them. They are not photos that we ripped off of Google for free. These are purchased, and we can verify that purchase. So make sure you’re not taking someone else’s photos and using them. We can change the EXIF data to match your location, and your business name, and all those things, and that’s what you definitely want to do.

The next thing you do is upload them here to … You can’t really do a whole lot with them when you upload them here, but they should show pieces and parts of your business. What we did was we took the photos that are from the services page, like they do pet care, and they do, I don’t know, personal care, and they … Different pages. Veteran’s care.

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You know, I don’t know. Personal care and different pages, veteran’s care, they do different things. This company also does some handyman services for their clients and we’ve changed the EXIF data and we uploaded those. We also took, for anyone who’s our client, you know that we do videos for you. We do two per month and we post those to your Facebook business page. They are very short. Google my Business will allow you to upload short videos. They cannot be 10 minutes long. I think they have to be 60 seconds or less, something like that. And these fit that criteria. I would not go in and add 15 videos right off a nail. I would just ease into it. We add one video. That’s perfect. They don’t show up that well. It’s nice to have one, but they’re not going to show up that well, so don’t go crazy on that stuff.

Also, there’s a common, I guess agreement, and Google feels this way too, most of the photos that you add should be real pictures that you took yourself. They should not be stock photos. So, you can see down here at the very bottom there are three real photos. We just added in a few. We didn’t add in a hundred stock photos. We added in a few. One, two, three, four, five, six and then a video that we created. So, it’s fine to add some photos, but don’t go crazy using stock photos. The more images you have that are real people that are of you, your staff, events that you’re at, those kinds of of photos are the ones that people really want to see and they’re the ones you really should be using. And yes, we can still change the EXIF data on the backside of those photos. If you’re participating in this program, you send them to us first, we will do that for you.

You should always have your logo and a cover photo. We use the cover photo from actually our Facebook business page and this is their logo off their website. Easy stuff. Okay. If you have a question, we’ve talked about photos, we’re talking about services, we’ve talked about products. If you have questions about that before you forget what your question is, go to either the chat or the Q and A section and go ahead and add in your questions and I’ll go back through and answer those. So, go to chat or go to Q and A and add in your questions about any of that stuff and then I’ll go in and answer it.

Okay. Responding to reviews. This is always tricky and everybody is sort of, you don’t want to stir the pot, especially when somebody leaves an ignorant, negative review, which is probably sometimes in our world of senior care, it’s usually a disgruntled employee. Not always. Everybody’s got their thing, but sometimes we get bombarded with these and it just drives everybody crazy. A couple of things that I read. I don’t know, sometimes I think they make it up as they go. So, I read that employees are not allowed to leave reviews because that is a conflict of interest. Now, that we love it when our employees leave positive reviews about how awesome it is to work for us, that’s great, but if they leave a negative review, we don’t like it.

So, anyway, here’s what I’ve done for a couple of our clients, I’ve gone in and marked the review as a conflict of interest. It doesn’t allow you to explain it, nor does it care. Google doesn’t care about much, but I did mark them as a conflict of interest. So, I don’t know. I haven’t gone back to look to see if they were removed or not, but it is devastating when a small business gets a lot of negative reviews from a posse of people who have decided to do everything they can to make them look bad. It is really destructive. So, you definitely want to take action on any negative review.

So, for all the positive reviews, you need to go in and say, thank you. You don’t have to write a lot. You can write as much as you want or as little as you want, but thanking someone for the review is the very least you can do. And so, I recommend that you go through your Google my Business listing when you’re logged in and you thank, even if it’s been 10 months ago or two years ago, go in and just say thank you for your kind words. We really appreciate it taking care of your mom or we’re so glad we could help at the time or whatever. Just do it. Leave a thank you note.

Now, on a negative review. These are examples of positive reviews. This is a negative review. I just picked one that was to use as an example. This is not a home care agency because we don’t want to embarrass anybody here. This is our gig. This is a property management. This is just something that someone else showed, but this is the response from the owner and I want you to really look at this and how this is not an emotional response. This is not full of sarcasm or ignorant stuff. It is very line itemed out. And if I were reading this and I were considering this property management company and I were reading this response from the operations manager, I would be very confident that the person who left the review was probably leaving an emotional response review and didn’t care to go change it or do anything like that.

So, Tim left a very nice, constructive response to help when people do read these negative reviews. It helps people understand what happened and what remedies you took to try and correct it. Now, you can’t give out personal information, but you can talk about how we tried to correct the situation. We’re sorry that it wasn’t satisfactory. Here are some things, just put in things that you know you can say that are not going to identify anyone, that’s not going to give away personal information. So, please sleep on it. It’s not going to ruin your business overnight to have one bad review and then put together a constructive response that’s line itemed out, that is short, you don’t have to elaborate and take the time to let the reader know we tried to fix this. It just wasn’t fixable. Don’t leave a short response that says, “Oh yeah, you’re a former employee and you’re a jerk” or something like that. Really take the time to make them look like they’re kind of crazy for saying that you’re bad. Let everybody understand.

Anyway, if you’ve ever read any VRBO reviews, we do VRBO for our week in the summer vacation rentals by owner and we do one, we’re doing one over spring break and I read all the reviews bad and good because God love them, if they don’t answer right, if there’s a problem and there’s roaches or something is mentioned and I don’t see a response, oh nope, moving on. So, make sure you respond. It’s so helpful.

Okay. Use posts to promote events, offers and content. Okay. There’s a couple of different kinds of posts that we’re talking about here. And by the way, if you have questions, go to chat and go to Q and A and you can leave questions. Q and. A. I’m looking at chat. I don’t see anything. So, if you have a question about what I just talked about about reviews, please, please, please, ask a question, I’m happy to answer them. All right.

Over on the left hand side, what you see is what I call a inspirational quote. These are very colorful. These can be automated and you can see here that it has their website address, which is a highlighted link, their phone number and just a general message. So, you can do these every single day, you can automate them and you can schedule them to go out. That’s what we do for our clients who are participating. We don’t do it every day, but we do it two times a week. We make sure that every time somebody sees that Google my Business listing that there’s something new to see. I don’t think every day is necessarily a requirement, but every other day is helpful.

The the one in the middle, this is a free guide. It’s an offer. You can do that too. Most of our clients, in senior care business, I know some of you offer discounts and you offer this or that, I don’t know that that necessarily works, but sometimes a free guide really does. So, this is something you need to plan for. You need to make sure it links to a page that’s actually going to give them the free, you can’t just say here, put up this free guide thing. Well, wait a minute. We got to talk about it and how they get to it and how they download it and what kind of information you’re going to collect. So, this just takes a little bit more thought, but this is definitely possible.

And these over here are events. Now, if you have an event coming up that’s open to the public, maybe you’re speaking at the Alzheimer’s Association or on their behalf, you are going to a job fair, a senior expo, you’re doing something and you know that anybody can attend or even if it’s reservation only, you can put that together as an event and I always make sure that it links back to our website so that they can go there to register or they can read the whole article and then click on the link to register. But you want to drive people back to your website, no matter which methodology you use, you want to make sure people are going back to your website.

So, I call these Call to Action Posts or Inspirational Posts. We do two times per week, an image and Call to Action Post. If our client wants to do something like a free guide, we’ll consider it. We have to know what it is, did they already have one? Where did it come from? But we’re always trying to brainstorm on cool new ideas. I’m not saying that this is going to blow you away as far as stuff. You know what? This might be good though for recruiting. I know everybody has that issue in our world. So, this might be a good recruiting thing or if you’re having a job fair, it might be great to put up an event. Events show up really well.

All right, so let’s talk about your website again. Remember we talked about in the beginning how having regular new content on your website is really important. So, here is an example of one of our clients. We post for them every week or every other week and they also contribute company news. So, you can see that this article zapped right on over to their Google my Business page. So, on the same day that this article went up, it zoomed right on over to their Google my Business page so that people can read more or learn more. So, if you click on that button right there, it goes right back to this actual blog post on their website, which is very cool. It’s something you definitely want Google to backlink to you in every way, shape or form.

And then, if you look below that, there’s one of those Inspirational Posts or Call to Action Posts. Need help with senior care challenges? Call today or visit us online, smiley face. Simple, simple stuff scheduled out and these go up and this is an automatic. We set it up so everything goes over to Google my Business automatically. And if you want us to do more than that, then we can. But that’s the way we were going to work this.

So, for those of you who are not our clients, you’re wondering, well how do you blog post for them? Or what does that mean? I’m not going to go into big details, but we have a program called SCOPE and SCOPE is senior care outreach, publishing and engagement. And what that means is that we blog post for you and there are original, unique articles and content and we do that twice a month. You can submit company news to us. You write it, give us four sentences and a picture and we’ll take care of the rest. Social media management, your monthly newsletter, Facebook management. You get to participate at the expert level on approved senior network and then of course, we have an entire insiders program with all kinds of videos and cool stuff.

So, this is the way we make this stuff happen. Getting your blog posts because we’re always posting new content for you, zip it over to your Google my Business. Most of you are never going to log into your Google my Business and do this every single day much less do a blog post. So, have somebody do it for you.

Okay, next. Upload videos. I just was talking about this. We upload a video of your choice, we make them for our clients in that scope program. We actually make videos twice a month. They answer a frequently asked question or they talk about five ways to help someone with dementia get better sleep. I mean, whatever it is, something easy to digest that we can do quickly. We make those videos and we put one of those up on your Google my Business listing. If you want more, you can do that, but you want to parse that out over time. You definitely don’t want to load up with a bunch right away.

Okay. Adding a short name. A short name is okay, if you’ve ever tried to share your Google my Business link with somebody, it is a long, horrible link. I mean, I don’t know what Google was thinking. It’s got all this crazy stuff in it. It always gets just screwed up. So, they’ve allowed you to now have what’s called a short name and you can make that whatever you want as long as it’s not already taken. And when you do that, it shows you how to use your short name so you can send people right to your review page with your short name. You can send people right to your listing with your short name. So, Google tells you how to do that and what that link is. So, you want to add a short name.

I try to SEO them. I know that doesn’t probably make a bit of difference, but I would do @HomeCareHoustonTexas or @ dah, dah, dah, something that’s recognizable and that’s SEO. You don’t have to do that, but I’m not sure that it makes a bit of difference. But anyway, that’s what I would do.

All right. The Q and A feature. Wait a minute. Before I go on, let me see if there’s a question that I need to answer.

Hi Valerie. Is there an additional charge for you to tune up our GMB? Well, I’m so glad you asked. I will definitely cover that.

Okay. This is the next thing that I bet you never thought of and haven’t done anything with and you need to do it. So, as an admin or manager of your Google my Business page, you can do this. You can add questions and answers yourself. So, we went through and did this as a test on a few of our clients to see what would happen. And it’s really nice. It works out really well. So, what I put in was, do you provide home care in St. Charles County? Now that is for one of our clients here in St. Charles County and the answer is yes. We provide home care services throughout St. Charles County and St. Charles City, Orchard Farm, O’Fallon, Wentzville and blah blah blah.

Now, I only did that once and see how that’s a very nice thorough answer. It’s not too long. You can’t go on and on and on. But you can put in your phone number, you can put it for more information call us today. Kind of like I did over here on the right. At your site home care from time to time carriers may call in sick, have a flat tire or a family emergency. And so what we did was we answered the question, what happens if a caregiver does not show up for their shift? Well, that’s a pretty normal frequently asked question. How are you going to help my family or my family member if the caregiver doesn’t show up? It’s a valid question. So, we just went ahead and put that in there. In fact, we put in nine and our software that we have to help manage all of this stuff allows us to just upload the questions and answers bing, bang, boom. All we do is go in and search engine optimize the questions because most of you get the same-


… But we can line item out all your frequently asked questions and we can just upload those straight to your Google my Business listing with the answers already there and nicely in a readable way, search engine optimized. And it’s fabulous. So, that’s what we do. All right. Wait a minute. Let me see if I have another question here.

Where can I add questions? Well, if you’re logged in as you and you go to your Google my Business listing. Whoops. I didn’t mean to do that. You can go right here. Ask a question. Now, I can upload them in bulk, but for someone who doesn’t have that software, you can just go to ask a question and you can type, if you’re logged in, see, it says you manage this business profile. It’s talking to me. Ask a question and then you go back in. Once you’ve asked the question, you go back in and you add the answer. You don’t have to log in as anyone else. You don’t have to do anything different. As the admin, you can ask the question and the answer. You may have questions that are already there that you didn’t even know about. So, you might want to check that out, but you can add the question and the answer. I would write them correctly so that you get the most bang for your buck. Okay. All right.

Okay. So, Google also inside the panel, inside of Google my Business, when you are logged in and you’re looking at all the things you can do and edit and manage, one of them is the Google Business Website. I know that’s ridiculous. Nobody wants to use it, but what we do is we go in and we update it. So, Google and I just put a screenshot of the top of the page. It takes all the stuff that you’ve entered, your address, your pictures, your blog posts, your posts, everything you put in there and it makes this website for you, which is kind of janky, but it’s Google’s website. So, we’re not going to argue. Right? And a couple of the places are really editable actually a lot of it is editable, but one of them is the About Us section or About section. So, we just change it and put in the keyword phrases and what they do and it lets you link and lets you highlight and does stuff like that. So, absolutely.

So, this is what your Google Business website address is. It’s ridiculous. And you’ll never use it and you’ll probably never send it to anybody that I know of. However, it’s good to go in and look at it, update it and make sure it says all the right things. And if anything is blank, fill in the blank. So, this is the other place where you want to make sure you add a description and some keyword phrases. That way Google has all the right information for you and we do that for our clients.

What we do. Okay, so you also need citations. A citation is your name, address, and phone-

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[inaudible 00:40:00]

need citations. A citation is your name, address and phone number on different directories all across the United States. And they need to say the same thing. So if you have moved in the last year, I’m going to guarantee you that a lot of these directories, if you were on them before, have the wrong information. So what you need to do is you need to go in and get that all updated. We can run a test for you to see what is showing up, what is not showing up, what is happening, and what the address is actually listed as. So in other words, for instance, we just changed our name. I moved in the last year, so our address changed in the last year, and we changed our name in the last 30 days. So what I did was I went in and I scheduled 50 citations. I ran a test, or report, first and I scheduled it to update the ones that were wrong and add new to the ones I didn’t have already that were correct.

So now we’re all up to date. It takes about six weeks for this to get done. So it’s not an instant thing. It’s a thing that takes awhile. So you got to give this a little time. The ones that are highlighted in yellow are typically ones you have to do yourself. You can’t just buy those and have someone else do it for you. It requires that the owner be available for a phone call or whatever. And you guys know… If you’re our clients you know we do Facebook. And we will manage your Google My Business for you. But it has to be set up by someone in your world. So some of these you have to do yourself.

But what we do is we look at the top 50 by domain authority, meaning how important is this website? How important does Google think this website really is? So we take the five top 50 listed by domain authority and we put those in. We first run a test to see which ones you’re already listed on and if they’re correct or not correct. And then we go in and make sure that we update those and also add new ones that are correct. So you want to make sure you have about 50. You can have more, you can have 100. But I think if you take care of the top 50, you’re good. So six to eight weeks for this to be completed. Some of these you have to do yourself.

Here’s the other thing. What I’m happy to do for any of you is to send you not only… These are all national. These are all US-based, because if you’re in the U.S. that’s what you want. If you’re in Canada, you want the top 50 in Canada, et cetera. But in your local area, if you’re in a big metro like Chicago, New York, San Diego, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, there are local ones that you want to be listed on. You have to do those yourself. But I’m happy to send you those lists. Some of them are just going to want you to pay for it. Some of them are not free. All these are free. And also there are some industry-specific ones that you might want to be added to for senior care, which is fine. Approved Senior Network would be one of them. But also there are several others. And I’ll happily send you a list.

The challenge with being on those is sometimes you’re relentlessly called to buy leads and to buy more services and to upgrade. We don’t care. You can put a free listing up if you want. But if you’re our client you automatically get an expert listing, so you don’t need to worry about any of that. Anyway. And that’s However, I will send you the list of industry-specific ones. You may run into challenges if they want you to buy leads. You can’t be listed. But I’ll at least send it to you and you can do what you can do. So that is what a citation is, and it needs to match what’s on your website and it needs to match what’s in Google My Business.

Okay. Monthly reporting. So what are you going to give me? What are you going to do? You’re doing all this other stuff every single week, but how do I know anything’s working? So what we decided to do is send out a monthly report to show differences. Now, if you’re not working on getting Google reviews, which we can help you with, then you’re not going to see any changes in any of these. I do not care about Foursquare for our clients and pretty much don’t care about [YP 00:04:19]. I really don’t care about [Yelp 00:04:23], either. I can’t stand Yelp. But Facebook and Google are always going to be important. And so you need to make sure that you have at least some reviews on there, and we can help you with that. I will talk about that in just a second.

So your Google rank is a few keyword phrases that we put in so you can see kind of how you rank from report to report. Reputation Manager shows you how many reviews you have, what your overall score is. And then [Key Citation Summary 00:04:55]. Now, this person is in the middle of having an update. So that’s not going to change for about six to eight weeks. But it’ll show you what key citations you have, meaning big websites that have your information. If they’re found, not found, if they’re wrong, if they’re right, you can view the full report. But when you’re in the middle of being updated, that’s going to take a while to update.

Google My Business. This is nice. Google My Business sends you a report every month anyway, but this shows you how many people called you, visited your website, requested directions. And what you’ll see as you start adding posts and pictures and cool stuff, these numbers will change dramatically all the time. They will go up and up and up. So we do Google rankings for select keywords. You see your Reputation Management, Key Citations, we show you what those are. Your Google My Business traffic and actions, basic Google Analytics, which is right here at the bottom. You can’t see it. And Facebook Basic Insights is also on here. If we have access to your Facebook business page, which for most of you we do, we will add that as well.

Okay? What happens when you don’t update for 90 days? So I learned this. If you haven’t logged in in over 90 days… So, Google wants to show the most relevant up to date information it can possibly show a searcher. If you haven’t logged in for 90 days, made a change, if you haven’t added anything, if you haven’t looked at your listing, if you haven’t done anything at all… Google is looking for accuracy. And if you see this message, if you get it emailed to you or if you see it when you log in or… and usually you get this in email, then you need to take action because you’re not going to show up. This is why doing this every single week and every single month is so important. If you don’t update, you’re going to get a notice like this, and it means Google’s thinking to itself, “Wow. We got all these competitors around you updating their stuff, but you’re not. We’re taking this seriously, folks. So you need to log in and make sure everything’s correct or we’re just not going to show your listing.” It’s a simple as that.

All right. So in order for this all to work, the basics are this. You must be an owner of your own Google My Business listing. We cannot help you with that. We cannot make you an owner. We can’t do anything to help you there. You have to be an owner. You have to log in and it has to say that you are the owner of your own Google My Business listing or someone in your organization is. And by golly, please make more than one person in the organization able to access that because if you get hit by a truck tomorrow, we will not be able to make changes. You must be able to make myself and my operations director if you want us to help you… this is if you want us to help you, Aa manager of your Google My Business listing. So if you can do that, then that means you’re an owner. And that’s the only way we can get in there and help.

To have the automated blog feed… So if you want your blog posts to go straight to Google My Business, you have to have a valid RSS feed. That means that whether or not you’re in our [SCOPE 00:47:59] program, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to be part of SCOPE. But if you… They’re home from school. But if you have a valid RSS feed from your website and you’re blog posting regularly, whether we do it or not doesn’t make any difference, then we can make sure that automatically that stuff goes to your Google My Business listing. It’s not a required element to be in this program or to have stuff. You can do it manually. You can do it not at all. It’s totally up to you. But if you want that feature, you have to have a valid RSS feed.

All right. So I’m going to give you a complete summary of what we do, which you can do yourself if you want to. And of course, you can see the pricing is right here on screen. For some of you who are current clients, this may vary a little bit. But for the most of you this is what it looks like. So here’s a summary of what we would do if you wanted us to take care of this for you. And I would also say that this is the lowest barrier to entry for our products and services. This is our lowest cost service.

So for the setup, we do all the business information descriptions, categories, subcategories, enhancement descriptions. We will do up to 10 products with standout images. We will upload eight images, [SEO’d 00:09:21] with EXIF location data. You can provide them or we can use stock photos. I highly recommend that you provide them. We will upload one video of your choice. It has to be short. It has to be 60 seconds or less, I believe. We will add your short name or help you with it. We will add up to 10 frequently asked questions, which are search engine optimized for your local area. We will set up your blog posts feed, assuming you have a valid RSS feed and you’re blog posting regularly. If you’re in our SCOPE program, we’ve already taken care of that. We will update the business website that comes with your listing. We will set up 50 citations in addition to your Google My Business listing. So we will do that list that we showed you. We’ll run a test. We’ll make sure to see what you are already listed on. We will correct those if they need to be corrected. And then we’ll do that up to 50 places.

We will also set up your monthly reporting. So this is all in the setup phase. And then ongoing, of course, reviews. Now this is interesting, because we have an entire CRM that’s set up for our clients. If you are already in our CRM, we can send out requests for reviews from your selection of current clients, adult children, referral sources. We can set up the email to say what you want it to say. We can help you with that, and we can send them right to your review page for a [inaudible 00:50:44] network and for Google My Business. You can get more Google reviews.

On the more complicated end, we can also start with a survey. You can send out a survey. And from the positive responses, we can go ahead and send out a review request. That’s a lot of work, but we’re happy to do it to get you more Google reviews. All right. We will provide your inspirational call to action post two times per week with your phone number, your location, and your website address. And we will post one offer and one event per month. You have to tell us what the offer is and send us the text of the offer. We can add a stock photo. And the event, same thing. You have to tell us what the event is and give us the information, and we can add a stock photo to that, too, if you don’t have a picture. But we will make sure everything is working properly every single week, every single month. We will get all that taken care of for you. And before you know it, you’re going to see some differences and some changes in your activity, in your office, your phone ringing, and in how you show up.

Now, one of the things that we cannot affect if you are not our website client. So if you have a website built by someone else, we will happily send you some recommendations for changes to your website. Not changes as in the whole theme or anything like that, but SEO changes. You know? Keyword phrases, schema data, things like that. We will send that to you. You can give it to your web developer and they can fix it for you, and you can take it or leave it as far as our recommendations. If you’re a franchise owner, we have zero effect on that. So I’m sure that most of them have already done something, hopefully, to help you. But you also have the luxury of having a very big, powerful website behind you in most cases, so you’re not as… I guess as frail as someone who’s independent and just one website, whereas you have a huge website behind you with lots of back links and things as a franchise owner. So we can send recommendations, but who knows if they would do those things. But we’re happy to do that.

Let’s see. What else? So if you are a client and we built your website, we will make the changes, if there are any needed, to help with your Google My Business listing. If you’re going to participate in this program, we want to see results. So we will go in. We will add in additional schema data. We will change keyword phrases on the homepage and title tags, if we need to. A lot of that is already done if you’re our client. But if we need to make a change to it based on your Google My Business listing, we certainly will take that into consideration. A lot of times, one of the things I’ve noticed is that the contact page… Instead of just putting your address there, we will put your actual Google My Business listing there, the embedded map, so it’s a little bit more specific.

Let’s see if we have a question. Where can I add questions? You can add questions right here or in the Q&A section. Let me see if there are any. I see no open questions. Or you can just type in a chat. You can ask questions right here in this chat. Will you replay this, please? Of course. We always replay all of our… All of our stuff is recorded and we will send out the replays.

So these are the fees. If you’re a new client, you have no other services with us. It’s a $395 setup. That’s one time. And then it’s 89 per month to do all the things that we do every single month, including the reporting and all the things. If you’re a current client, it’s a $295 setup and still $89 per month, because all the stuff that we’re doing right here is not something that we already do for you. It’s something new, so you’re welcome to participate in that if you’d like to. We encourage you to participate. I’m going to put up, whoops, questions and next steps. You can go to this link, which is You can get a free PDF checklist. So there’s a downloadable checklist. You don’t have to enter your name or do anything else. You just go there and you’ll see this checklist there. You can click on the link and it will download instantly for you. It’s a Google My Business checklist similar to the things I just showed you.

And then also, if you want to talk to us, there is a form on that page. And all you have to do is fill out the form, and we will happily set up an appointment to talk to you about whether you need this, whether it’s a good idea for you. People have all kinds of different issues with Google My Business. Some of you run your business from your home and you don’t want your home address listed. Some of you are using PO boxes. No. Some of you are using all kinds of different things.

So if you want the best results for a senior care business, especially when you’re running it from your home and you just want to list your service area or you don’t want your home address listed on Google My Business, let us know and we will happily set that up so that your home address does not show but you still have a very robust territory. We can put in the ZIP codes that you service. We can put in the towns that you service. There are so many things that we can do behind the scenes now that we weren’t able to do before, but you must own your own Google My Business listing and make us managers in order for us to help you.

So please go to Yes, and forward slash gem, G-E-M. for the [GEM 00:16:36] program, Google Enhanced Marketing GEM, and then you can get your free checklist. You don’t have to enter any name or anything to do that. And then you can also fill out a form if you want to talk to us about this. So that is it. What other questions can I answer you answer for you? Anything? Anything? Anybody have more questions?

All right. If there are no more questions… I don’t see anything. I’m going to put this back up here for a second. Ooh, a Q&A question. So will you email this recording to us? Yes, I will. I will email this to everybody. Yeah. If you registered, if you didn’t register, we’ll probably send the video out. It’s going to take a few hours to get this all rendered and dolled up pretty and posted and all that stuff, and then I’ll send out the replay link for everybody. All right. Thanks, everybody. We’ll talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

PART 3 OF 3 ENDS [00:57:54]

LTC Expert Publications Has Evolved, is Now “Approved Senior Network® Marketing” Mon, 10 Feb 2020 19:35:33 +0000 /?p=26481 LTC Expert Publications Has Evolved, is Now “Approved Senior Network® Marketing”

(02/10/2020, St. Charles, MO) Valerie VanBooven RN BSN and George Novoson, co-owners of LTC Expert Publications, announced their new name, “Approved Senior Network®”

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LTC Expert Publications Has Evolved, is Now “Approved Senior Network® Marketing”
approved senior network, senior care marketing, senior care businesses, senior care providers

For Immediate Release



Valerie VanBooven RN BSN


(02/10/2020, St. Charles, MO) Valerie VanBooven RN BSN and George Novoson, co-owners of LTC Expert Publications, announced their new name, “Approved Senior Network® Marketing” 

LTC Expert Publications started in 2003 as Valerie’s book publisher. In 2008, LTCEP evolved to provide online marketing services to senior care businesses. Now in 2020, LTCEP has evolved, yet again, to have an all-inclusive, one-stop-shop for senior care providers and consumers. All branded under the name Approved Senior Network®.

Approved Senior Network® and Approved Senior Network® Marketing serves both the consumer and the senior care business market in the U.S and Canada. is for consumers and lists thousands of senior care businesses across the U.S. This website provides families the opportunity to reach out for assistance in their local area, for free.

Also available are 10+ free guides on home care, senior housing, end-of-life issues, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, paying for care, and more.

Approved Senior Network® Marketing is the marketing arm of Approved Senior Network®. You can find more information at

Senior care businesses can choose one of 4 categories for their listing:

·        Free

·        Basic Member

·        Member Plus

·        Expert Level

“Expert Level membership is reserved for senior care businesses that we know extremely well. They are actively participating in senior care outreach, publishing and engagement practices online. These businesses are supporting their local communities with excellent content and in-person community outreach efforts”, say Valerie VanBooven RN BSN.

She adds, “These members have made a commitment to be extremely visible to families in their local area. They aren’t hiding behind their websites or their Facebook Pages, they are present and communicating with consumers on a daily basis.”

Approved Senior Network® Marketing offers the following services:

·        Senior Care Website Development

·        ADA Compliant Websites

·        Senior Care Chat for Websites

·        Content Marketing Programs

·        Google Enhanced Marketing Program

·        Senior Care Lead Programs

·        Senior Care Recruitment Programs

·        S.M.A.R.T. CRM for all clients

“As our clients’ needs have changed over the years, our business has evolved to meet those needs from an online marketing perspective. I am excited about all of our products and services. Adding a FREE CRM to the mix for our clients to use has been the most satisfying – they have been asking for a CRM for YEARS, and now they all get one for free!”, says VanBooven.

Approved Senior Network’s commitment to their senior care clients’ visibility and overall support and satisfaction has never been stronger. With a team of 17 staff plus professional writers, they are the most trusted resource for online marketing in the senior care market.

Learn more about Approved Senior Network at

Learn more about Approved Senior Network® Marketing at

(VIDEO) Webinar Replay- Senior Care Marketing Strategy 2020! Mon, 20 Jan 2020 01:40:57 +0000 /?p=25919 (VIDEO) Webinar Replay- Senior Care Marketing Strategy 2020!

(VIDEO) Webinar Replay- Senior Care Marketing Strategy 2020!

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Full Transcription Below:

Valerie V:            Ready and I will send you an email with the recording. If you want a PowerPoint of the slides I’ll happily do that for you in exchange for something from you, not money. Just happiness. You could email me and say I want the PDF of the slides, because sometimes people just want to share the information with their colleagues, or business partners, or whoever they work with or work for. And that’s totally fine with me.

Valerie V:            I don’t send you the exact slides, but I will send you the PDF of the slides. All right. So, here we go. It is 2020. Oh, should I say welcome to 2020? All the 2020 jokes are super old. My kids keep saying, “You have 2020 vision.” All right.

Valerie V:            We are going to talk about, at the end of this presentation you’re going to have, the last slide is going to be your plan, your online marketing plan for 2020. So, you will have kind of, a summary of everything I talked about, and what’s important, and how to hit the highlights.

Valerie V:            The website I’m going to be referring to for this whole presentation, if you need more information, is That is our new website. For those of you who know me, you know that our name of our company is LTC Expert Publications.

Valerie V:            This year since we have our registered mark from the United States Government we will probably be changing our name sometime this year. Probably end of first quarter or at least second quarter to Approved Senior Network. And all of our projects, plans, everything that we do, all of our marketing will fall under that umbrella. So, you will see a little bit of change there, but it’s the same team and we were not bought out we just changed our name, so that we could match all the products and services branding, new branding.

Valerie V:            All right. On the agenda today. Social media basics. Which social media accounts are best for your business? Learn how to combine your offline and your online marketing. Paid versus organic online marketing. Content is queen, but engagement is queen and she rules the house. Walk away with the start of a solid marketing plan for 2020. Oh, and generating leads through social media and your websites. Tips, tricks, and terminology to help you smash the competition online.

Valerie V:            All right. So, that is on the agenda today. And we’re going to start with this. Some of you already know the answers to this, but it never hurts to revisit. The first thing I want to tell you, which I’ve been saying for a million years and I have to remind myself all the time, you are not your customer. So, just because you think it’s cool, or you like it, or you would buy that thing, or you would love to see an ad look this way doesn’t mean that’s how your market feels, or your consumer that buys your services feels.

Valerie V:            So, just remember you are not your customer. So, the things that you think are cool, chances are it depends on your generation, it depends on who you’re serving. They may have no idea what you’re talking about. So, who typically buys your service? Are they male or female? What is their age? Are they high income or low income? What zip codes to they live in local to you? Are they married, widowed, divorced, or single? Do they have children or no children? And do they have a car or no car?

Valerie V:            These are all things that you should kind of, know just based on the suite of clients you currently have. You should know if the people who buy your services live in a high income or a low income area. You should know if they’re in a middle income area. You should know typically the age. You should know all of these things. And if you just took a look at your current population of clients, you would get a great picture. If you wrote everybody down in columns, you put these in columns and just put a check mark by each one that applied to them, you would know that they’re all in the age range of X and they all are in this cluster of zip codes, and most of them are widowed, and most of them have adult children, and most of them still drive a car, or maybe they don’t.

Valerie V:            And then for private pay senior care, and this could be home care, assisted living, nursing home. It could be any kind of private pay senior care. It’s usually the adult child of the aging parent that you’re marketing to, not necessarily the senior. They are also part of that decision making process, of course, but who’s the person who makes that initial phone call?

Valerie V:            Usually an 80 year old adult is not going to call you up and say, “Hey, I just shouldn’t be living here alone anymore. Could you send some help?” Because they want to stay in their own home and they’re not going to make waves about that. Right? So, usually it’s the adult child who starts getting worried and they pick up the phone and say, “What can we do to help my mom?”

Valerie V:            They’re usually, if they’re private pay they’re middle to high net worth. I mean, if you take Medicaid that is not a private pay person. So, they would maybe be at a lower income bracket, but your middle to high net worth folks are the ones that are going to be able to afford consistent, long-term, ongoing, in home care.

Valerie V:            They have some disposable income. Chances are they have a good credit history. The person who calls you usually over age 40, there could be some 30 year olds in there, but they usually have aging parents, so typically they’re not your 18 year olds.

Valerie V:            Female. I would say usually, but men has become more and more of our adult children, and family caregivers are male these days. But I would say it still teeters toward being a majority female. And they’re probably living in middle to affluent zip codes in your local area, and of course they probably have a car. And marital status isn’t always an issue. Especially for the adult child.

Valerie V:            But it’s interesting to know if you’re serving a more single population, or if you’re having more couples that are needing care. Just interesting to know. Doesn’t really affect, maybe how you market so much, but it could. So, just kind of, having an idea in your head of what those things really are is a good idea for your marketing plan.

Valerie V:            And then also, what disease processes do they have? Take a look at your suite of client’s right now. Do they have Alzheimer’s disease? Dementia? Stroke? MS? Severe arthritis? Parkinson’s disease? Have they had an elective surgery and they hire you to help with post-op care? Do they have low vision problems? What is it that’s keeping them from being able to take care of themselves at home and hiring home care?

Valerie V:            If you make a list of these, maybe they were just … Congestive heart failure might be another one. And I know that I’m not the only person who’s told you this, or harped on this, or said this in a webinar, but if you would take the time to make a simple Excel spreadsheet and have their basic diagnosis here, and the last date of hospitalization, if you can keep them out of the hospital for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and keep them healthy, then you can present that information to any clinician who will be happy and impressed that your home care agency actually, number one, thinks about these things. And number two, you’re willing to track the data and let them know that you took the time to do this. You know you can keep people out of the hospital. So, if you would just keep track of this bits of information they would help you so much understand more about your client base, and that persona. Everybody has a persona.

Valerie V:            My business has a different persona than your business. I know exactly who I want to have as a client, give or take a few things, and so that’s who we market to. All right. So, where are these people? We know that we’re talking to the 40 somethings, typically female, and they all have aging parents, so where are they? And where are the seniors? Where are they? Online. We’re talking online. Where are these people?

Valerie V:            And you may love Instagram, but I will tell you right now they are not on Instagram. And they are not on Twitter. They might be on Pinterest. They might be on YouTube sometimes. They’re definitely on Facebook. They’re definitely on Google. And they’re definitely on television. Most of them. Not all of them.

Valerie V:            Some people only have one choice and that’s cable television, but a lot of them are cord cutters these days, so they’re doing everything over wifi. So, still a lot of television, a lot of Facebook, and a lot of Google. The rest of these is a super gamble. They are not on Snapchat. You’ll find one out of a 100 clients of yours are probably a big Snapchat user.

Valerie V:            I have Snapchat on my phone, but it’s not for me, it’s so that I know what my kids are doing. So, Instagram, you may love it. It may be the thing that you enjoy the most about your day, but you are not your client and I guarantee you most of them, even though billions of us have an Instagram account, including me. I probably have three. I never use it. I do use it in an automated fashion. I do not physically go on Instagram very often. It’s not even where my clients are. So, I don’t use Instagram.

Valerie V:            I am 48, almost 49 years old, but in Twitter? Yeah, because we’re in marketing we have Twitter. But do I go on there every day and look at Twitter? No. Pinterest? Pinterest is a good female demographic and it’s usually for happy stuff. Inspiration, crafts, weddings, babies, redecorating, interior decorating, gardening. People don’t go there for, and I hate to say this, but folks, come on. I’ve been doing this 12 years and some of you have been doing it longer than me. They don’t go there for downer Debbie stuff. Or Debbie downer stuff. Whichever.

Valerie V:            They don’t go there to talk about nursing homes and home care. They go there to escape. So, Pinterest is, yes, a good demographic for the clientele for adult children of aging parents, for females specifically, but that’s not probably where you’re going to get a lead. Unless your a huge Pinterester.

Valerie V:            Now, the next question you should probably have is, “Well, shouldn’t we have all these accounts anyway?” And I would say yeah. You should have all these accounts anyway. And you should post to them. And you should automate the posting to any of these where they’re not going to make you a buck.

Valerie V:            The ones you should focus on are the ones that you need to actually, physically and mentally understand and be involved in. The rest of these, automate it. You’ve got a presence, you’ve got back links, you’re good. YouTube? I’m of the opinion that you should go to at least some length to make some videos for yourself that are of you talking, just like I do. I’m sitting here in my office space. You’ll probably hear my dogs bark before too long.

Valerie V:            I think you should do that. Even if it’s in a professional studio answering your about us, or frequently asked questions. I think you should have some videos. But I don’t think that everybody’s going to be a big YouTuber. You don’t have time for it.

Valerie V:            And for television there are ways to have your own TV channel, but the only … And we have a couple of them ourselves, but the only way to do that is to be someone who makes videos all the time. And I have very few clients, maybe two, that actually will take the time to make videos. It’s a lot of work.

Valerie V:            So, these people are on Facebook, Google, and we’re going to talk about that. So, here’s your answer. You’re going to focus on Facebook in 2020, you’re going to focus on Google stuff. YouTube? If you want to make videos. Absolutely do it. Television, they’re here on TV, but I would not suggest that you do any TV advertising. I would suggest that you just watch this space and see what happens, because you can’t advertise really cheaply here. All right. But it’s not something we’re going to talk about today, because it’s too new. Especially for the stuff that we do it’s crazy new. But these two right here for online marketing and a little bit of YouTube mixed in, absolutely. I believe in it, I know it. We do it every day and I see it.

Valerie V:            All right. So, let’s talk about Facebook. For your Facebook basics you need to have a personal Facebook account even if you don’t plan on ever going on Facebook and having friends on Facebook, and it’s not your gig, that’s okay. You’re not your client. Remember? So, your clients are on there. Grandmas, grandpas. Facebook’s demographic gets older by the day, which is good news for us, because there are so many of us.

Valerie V:            And that is a good place to find adult children of aging parents who are looking for help for their aging mom or dad. So, you need to have a personal Facebook account. You can set the security setting so that no one even knows you’re there, but you need to have one. And you need to have a Facebook business page. There is a difference between a personal Facebook account and a Facebook business page.

Valerie V:            If you have setup your Facebook business account to say first name, home. Last name, care services. Then you’ve done it wrong. It should be a Facebook business page, and that’s against their terms of service, so you need to change that.

Valerie V:            Anyway. Facebook business page. You should post to that three to five times per week. Actually, Monday through Friday every single day. 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM is a great time for you to post to Facebook, and in the evening. 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Great time, because people look at Facebook on their lunch hour, and when they get home from work after dinner. Those are the times people are hitting it.

Valerie V:            So, three to five times per week is, like I would say a minimum. It doesn’t have to be something that you took a lot of time to think about. It could be anything. And I put some examples here of Touching Hearts At Home of Gainesville, because they do such a good job with this. And we help them. They are clients. Full disclosure. But they are really good about sharing their offline marketing with their online audience, and they do have a nice online audience.

Valerie V:            You want to share relevant and engaging content, and share company news. So, if you look at the first little picture there, I know it’s small, but that is a picture of the folks at Touching Hearts At Home of Gainesville. They’re at an event and it’s at Clear Sound Audiology. Home hot cocoa bar. Oh, Touching Hearts At Home hot cocoa bar. Dang. That’s a nice idea.

Valerie V:            Anyway. So, if you are going to do an event, you’re going to do a combo event, you’re going to do a health fair, a senior fair, a senior expo. You’re going to be doing a job fair. For goodness sakes, take a few pictures of your table, the people that attended and post it on Facebook. Do it.

Valerie V:            You need to show people that you have an involvement and you can be trusted. If you hide behind your website and nobody even knows who you are on your about us page, then to me, in 2020 that’s … I know that people don’t want to put themselves out there sometimes, but to me that’s a whole lot of shady. I’m just going to say it right now. Shady. Put yourself out there. Home care, senior care, assisted living, it’s a huge trust issue.

Valerie V:            If I’m going to have you take care of my mom, then I want to know that you’re not afraid to get your butt out our community and be visible. You’re not hiding behind your website and behind your phone. I want to see you out there. I want to know that you’re invested in this community. So, company news is super important.

Valerie V:            And you can see at the top January is national bath safety month. That’s just kind of, a generic post. Anybody could find that, anybody could do that. We do that for them. And then the one underneath that says, “Every morning should be happy. We can help with all senior care challenges. Give us a call today.” That’s their phone number and their website, and that is actually a video. Of course, it’s a screenshot, so you can’t see it, but it’s a one minute or less video. And those videos, it’s just sort of, it goes to music. There’s nobody talking in it. And it’s kind of, like a slideshow video. It’s not hard to make, but we do one on different topics every other week. So, twice a month we put up a video.

Valerie V:            These are not hard to make, but it’s just the time that it takes to make them. And then know what to put with the post, and then make sure that the phone number’s there, and all those things. So, we do that for our clients, but two of those short, little videos that answer a frequently asked question, or are inspirational, those are the things that you want to look at.

Valerie V:            And then the final little picture on there is something that they kind of, tacked to the top of their Facebook business page, and it’s just an inspirational quote. Something very kind and compassionate about the human spirit. And people love that stuff. The more happy you can be in your Facebook posts, more inspirational, the more people will engage. And that’s what it’s all about.

Valerie V:            If you look at the bottom of my page here, I’m just going to give them a shout out. The bottom of the screen is a link to their Facebook page, if you want to see more about how they engage with their audience, and how we help them engage more with their audience.

Valerie V:            So, they do a great job, we just enhance that. But anybody can do this, it’s a matter of wanting to take the time to do it. But in the end this works. This absolutely works. It builds trust, it builds authority, it shows that you care, that you’re compassionate, and that you’re out there in the community and you’re working hard for people’s business.

Valerie V:            If you hear a dog, it’s just Layla. Or little dog. They both are going to probably go crazy. Okay. So, we got that. Facebook. Let’s talk about Google. All right. Google is more complicated. You know that if you type in home care blah, blah, blah. Whatever your city, state is, you want to be the person on the first page of Google.

Valerie V:            So, these are different companies and different screenshots, but I wanted to show you all the things that make you … This isn’t everything, but this is a lot of the stuff, the big ones that get you to the first page of Google.

Valerie V:            First of all, you have to have a great website. You cannot have jankstore, 2005 website. If you haven’t updated your website in three or four years, it is time. Even if you love the way it looks, the platform that you’re on in the backend is way outdated.

Valerie V:            Technology flies by us. I mean, Google’s updating junk every six months, and Facebook too. Or even more than that, I think there’s an algorithm change a day on Google. Big changes come in chunks and so, we are always trying to keep up and adjust our marketing strategy to help our clients.

Valerie V:            And so, one of the things that we know, because we develop websites for so many people, is that your website is outdated after three or four years. It’s not because someone hasn’t been taking care of it. We take care of our client’s websites. We do nightly backups, and make sure all the plugins are up to date, and we do all that. But technology changes and if the basics of your website is becoming outdated, it’s important to update it.

Valerie V:            It will not keep up with speed requirements, it’ll start having things that break. You’ll be spending more money on getting your web developer to fix the backend then you would if you just cleaned the slate and put a new website up. You probably also rank better if you have a clean, up to date platform.

Valerie V:            So, I just put an example of the website up at the top. It needs to be mobile responsive. So, you can see a tablet there, a laptop, a big screen, and a phone. I know those pictures are hard to see, because they’re far away, but you need to make sure it looks good on all of those things. So, that’s your website.

Valerie V:            Content. Right below the website picture there’s a picture of a blog post, just as an example. Every website should have the ability to blog post. So, if you just put up a six page website and you can’t ever really add to it, or put a blog post up, they’re static pages, they don’t do anything, you’re not going to get anywhere with that.

Valerie V:            It’s great to have it, but the days of using your website as a brochure are over. You should be blog posting, and if you don’t have the time to do it, hire somebody to do it. So, when people hire us we blog post for them twice a month, or more. People have us blog posting every single week, which is fine.

Valerie V:            We have professional writers that write the content, and we do it, but you can hire a professional writer to write content for you and do blog posts if you don’t have time. Here is a caution about content. Your content that you put on your website needs to be unique to you. It cannot be content that was borrowed or copied from someone else.

Valerie V:            So, I’m going to use ClearCare. I don’t have anything. ClearCare’s fine. I don’t use them. I know they’re a big company. Lots of you use them. That’s awesome. And I know they have a content database, because our clients will send that content to us. And it looks pretty, and it’s a nicely written piece, just know that if you take that information and you post it on your website it is the same exact article that 400 other people are posting on their website, and it has zero value. Zero value to you.

Valerie V:            If you have the same content as 400 other people have on their website, it is not going to help you. It’s a duplicate content penalty. The first person who posts it is the person who gets the credit for it. The first website that posts it. That’s it.

Valerie V:            So, it doesn’t do any good to scrape content from someone who’s actually giving it to you, which is super nice, don’t get me wrong. And those will be great as flyers, those will be great as leave behinds or handouts, but as far as content on your website, it’s interesting and so that’s fine too, but it’s not doing you any good SEO wise. Just know that.

Valerie V:            All right. Next thing on my list is … Oh, well, I typed in the keyword phrase home care Gainesville since we’re talking about Google, and I’m back to our friends at Touching Hearts in Gainesville. So, I typed in that and I don’t know where the were before they came to us, they were probably on the first page, maybe they weren’t. But right now they are already at the bottom of the first page of Google.

Valerie V:            Now, this is a franchise. It’s not an independent home care agency, but they are now for home care Gainesville Florida, they are on the first page of Google in the very bottom slot. Sorry, couldn’t put the whole screen up there. It was too long.

Valerie V:            The first 10 spots are on the first page of Google after that spot number 11, you can see below that, there are ads where it’s a little green and it says ad, those are ads. They don’t count. And so, they are organically, not paid, organically they are on the first page of Google, which is fabulous, because Florida, tons of competition.

Valerie V:            And then Google My Business. Google My Business. How many of you have a listing on Google My Business and you own it, and you know you can log into it? Huh? Huh? Huh? Give me a yes. Give me a yes. Give me a yes I can, yes I can. Because you need to be able to log into your own Google My Business page.

Valerie V:            You should never let someone else own it. Never. You should be the owner, unless you’re a franchise organization. Wait a minute, I got to see, somebody’s flashing at me. I’m going to answer a couple questions. Google My Business. You must own this listing if your a independent person. You must be a manager of it, if you’re a franchise owner you should always be a manager of your own listing.

Valerie V:            Take control of the situation. This is how people find you. All right. “How would you prioritize one Facebook, two Google, and three television as far as importance?” Okay. I’m going to say … I hate to say this. You should never put all your eggs in one basket. Right?

Valerie V:            Google’s always going to have a fair amount of importance, because it is the monopoly of search. So, yes, Google’s probably one of the most important, but it’s not the only important thing. Facebook is probably number two, but Facebook is … Google … I would not obsess over … My phone just came on, because I said the word Google. Hold on. It’s listening to me now.

Valerie V:            Google is not the be all end all. You can get tons of business off of Facebook, if you’re engaging and you are participating. If you don’t show up on the first page of Google, it’s not going to kill you. It’s not going to ruin your business by any stretch of the imagination, if you’ve done your marketing correctly.

Valerie V:            Oh, somebody asked, “Don’t you have to have an email account with Google to use this?” You should have a Google account whether you use it or not. But yeah, you have to have an account to be able to have … To claim your listing you have to have a Gmail account and you have to be able to log into it. So, yeah, you got to get with it.

Valerie V:            You don’t have to use a Gmail account, or the Google account, you just have to be able to log in. Google yourself and see what comes up. If you type in Caring Hearts of Rochester New York LHCSA number 2270, you could Google this just to get straight to it without having to look around, than you will see this business listing here.

Valerie V:            We are managers of our clients, if they want us to be managers of their Google My Business. We never own them. Just remember that. You should own them. If a SEO company or directory listing company says, “Oh, we want ownership of this. No. No sir. No sir. Sorry. No.” Because you’ll leave their services and they’ll own it, and you’ll forget about it.

Valerie V:            All right. Here we go. Blog posts should be posted at least twice a month, if not once a week. Best place to put a testimonial? Well, we’ll talk about testimonials. I’d say … Facebook is now recommendations, it’s not really testimonials. Google’s always going to be the winner there, but it’s hard. You have to have an account to leave a testimonial, so a lot of your older folks won’t do it, but we’ll talk about that.

Valerie V:            All right, moving on. So, these are the things … And citations. What is a citation? A citation is your name, address, and phone number. This right here, this [inaudible 00:28:03] on my business listing, Google’s like a directory. This is a directory listing and that is called a citation.

Valerie V:            So, on the web you should have the same citation, the same exact, you see how it says 90 Allen’s Creek Road building two, suite 300? It needs to be exactly like that across all of the directories in the world.

Valerie V:            So, if it’s the same, if it’s just like that, it has the same comma, the same suite spelled the same way with a lowercase s or whatever, then if that’s the way you want it, then make it so. It should be on the bottom of your website, it should be on the contact page of your website, it should be that way in Google My Business, it should be that way on any directory listing local to you.,, Whatever thing you put your stuff on. Make it all the same, and then by all means, if you change your address, you are going to have to update it in every place that you have put it.

Valerie V:            Citations are important. You should get 75 of them, or 50 of them. And I’ll tell you more about that. All right. Websites. Blog and content writing. I already talked about that. I’m not going to go through all that again. Client referral forms. That’s actually just a contact us form, but they’re longer.

Valerie V:            So, a lot of our clients have two kinds of forms on their website and you might too. One is a contact us. It’s just a simple form. Name, address, phone number, what’s your problem? Put it in here, comments or whatever, and you get spam out the wazoo. Even if it’s got a CAPTCHA on it.

Valerie V:            People are crazy and they just are crazy. But if you have a long form that makes it so that people have to pick and choose things, like the age of the person who needs care, and the location of the person who needs care, and what’s their current living situation? What types of care do they need? Bathing, transportation. You make them pick things, that’s what I call a conditional form, that’s what we put on our websites. Then that eliminates the spam, and because the people who do all the spamming just want quick and easy forms.

Valerie V:            I don’t even know what the point of it all is, but anyway. They just want quick and easy forms that they can use a robot to fill out and go, but on these ones that are a little bit longer, a couple of things. Number one. Cuts down on spam. Number two. They are genuine leads. You know somebody took the time to fill out that form. It’s a little bit longer.

Valerie V:            I mean, we’re talking maybe five or six questions. We’re not talking about an application or anything. If they took the time to fill in those five or six questions, then chances are they really are looking for help. It’s a good lead.

Valerie V:            So, we always put that kind of form on our clients site. Yes, they have our generic contact us form and all they get is spam, basically. Or solicitations through that. But the long form is always a good lead. So, I would highly recommend that.

Valerie V:            Job boards and career pages. Yes, you should have career pages. Of course, a job board’s kind of, more like, you list your jobs and then you can change them in and out as needed. If you do it right, they’ll show up in a Google search. But you just can’t rely on that as the only way to do recruiting, of course. But anyway. You can have that.

Valerie V:            Analytics? Yes, you should have Google analytics on your website, you should know what it says. You should have professionally managed social media, if you don’t have time to do it yourself. But even if you do have time, or even if you have professionally managed, you should take the time to actually engage yourself and know what’s going on.

Valerie V:            Reputation management. This is your reviews question. You need to have reviews in a lot of different places. Google’s always going to be the king for this. Yes, you should have lots of Google reviews. Yes, people have to log in to leave a review, and yes, it’s painful and a pain in the butt, but you can get reviews from excellent employees, and I emphasize excellent employees can leave you a nice review. You can use referral sources. Adult children of aging parents.

Valerie V:            In fact, we have a way that we just send out a little survey, and people answer a survey and it’s all online, and then if they leave a great survey or if they say lots of nice things, then we send them the link to all the different places they could leave a review. Well, we narrow it down to two or three.

Valerie V:            Approve Senior Network, which is the website we own. On that site you can manage your reviews. You can look at them and decide if you want them to be live or not. Google, you cannot, if they put a lousy review my recommendation is that you answer them with the facts, not emotion, but with business facts.

Valerie V:            Especially if it’s a disgruntled caregiver, which happens all the time, you need to put the facts in a very professionally written way. Don’t do it instantly. Give it a minute, think about it, write it up, let someone else read it, and then reply to them with enough information that doesn’t give out anything personal, but that shows the reader that this person’s basically an idiot. Okay? But be professional.

Valerie V:            And then same rule applies with Facebook. Now, here’s a caveat with Facebook. On Facebook people can recommend you or not recommend you. It’s hard to understand how to ask for a recommendation. I do have some text you can send people, but the thing is, if you get a bad recommendation you can turn off reviews on Facebook completely, or you can leave them on and respond to it just like I said about Google. But always actively respond. Don’t leave a one star review hanging there with no rebuttal. That looks super bad.

Valerie V:            I read a thousand reviews. We do VRBO’s a lot, and I’ll read a review about the property and if I see a one star review, you better believe I’m going to read that one star review, because I want to know if there’s roaches or something weird.

Valerie V:            And if all the other reviews were great, and the one star review has a rebuttal about how they tried to rectify the situation, but obviously the person wasn’t satisfied, then I kind of discard that review as someone who’s picky, or an idiot, or something like that.

Valerie V:            So, people are smart enough to make up their own mind, but you have to respond to these reviews. On Facebook you can turn reviews off completely and not have any reviews. I don’t recommend doing that, but in the case where you have a couple of disgruntled caregivers or crazy family members that just go on, and on, and on, turn them off. Just turn them all off.

Valerie V:            There’s no way to delete one, but you just turn it off, if you want too. All right. Next thing up, ADA accessibility. Your website needs to now be ADA accessible. If you’re not sure what that means I’m going to talk about it in a second.

Valerie V:            Mobile responsive, that’s pretty common. Schema markup. Schema, schema, schema. That is how you tell Google who you are and where you are. Kind of, works with that Google My Business thing. It’s your address, your name your phone number and address, but in the backend there’s some code that goes with it, your web developer should know this already, and that little bit of code tells Google what that is.

Valerie V:            Is it a blog post? is it your address? Is it an article? Is it a survey? So, schema markup needs to be there. SEO. That means telling Google on the backside and on the front side of your website who you are, what you do, and where you’re located. If you’re not doing SEO, or if you’re search engine optimized for the wrong words, that’ll screw you up.

Valerie V:            So, if your whole website is search engine optimized for the word home health aide, then guess what? You’re not showing up in the right place, because all of the job seekers are the only people looking at your website. Don’t do that.

Valerie V:            And then chat. You know you can have chat on your website now? Of course, you probably already knew that. You usually have to spend a little money for that, but I’m going to tell you what we do. Oh, so sad for the dog.

Valerie V:            All right. Let’s talk about ADA compliance. ADA compliance, there’s a whole litany of stuff that you can read about why you’re … And you can scare yourself to death, so please don’t scare yourself to death about ADA compliance. But it is becoming what I would say is kind of, a lawyer ambulance chaser situation where, if your website is not ADA compliant people will try to sue you.

Valerie V:            Now, I’m not saying anybody’s going to sue you. But what I am saying, is that big companies have been sued because their websites are not ADA compliant. There’s a bunch of articles on our website you can read about it. They can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip, so I don’t know who they [inaudible 00:36:51] going to sue on the small side, but it is very possible.

Valerie V:            And considering that every single person that you service is someone who is disabled in some way, pretty much, you should probably have an ADA compliant website. Don’t you think? So, what happens is, when you add ADA compliance, if you’re a big corporation they pay anywhere from, I don’t know, $10,000 to $50,000 to have their gigantic, complicated websites ADA compliant. You don’t need to do that.

Valerie V:            You need to have it built into your website, and it doesn’t take $50,000 to do that for a small website. So, what you need, is a text to voice screen reader, so that if somebody is blind the text to voice screen reader will read to them.

Valerie V:            You need text enlarging capability for people with low vision. Screen contrast options. There are a lot of people who are color blind who can’t see some of your colors, and you probably didn’t take that into account when you made your logo. So, having some screen contrast options is nice.

Valerie V:            ALT text for ALT images. So, in other words, your images that are on your site, if you looked at them on the backend, the title and the description of the image should be home care in St. Louis Missouri, or two elderly ladies receiving home care, or something. If you don’t have alternate text on the backside of your images, then not only is that bad for SEO, but the screen reader can’t read to the person what that image is about. So, you’re leaving them in the dark, literally, about that.

Valerie V:            ADA accessibility statement for your website. Once you have this in place there’s a little thing at the bottom, like with privacy policy, terms of use, and then ding, ding, there it is. There’s your ADA accessibility statement.

Valerie V:            And generally speaking when you have this, now this is what it looks like on the right hand side. I’ll show you a little … I think I have a screenshot of it coming up. But when it opens up on the websites for our clients that have it, this is what it looks like. And the person can choose which accessibility options they want.

Valerie V:            There are some examples at the bottom, if you go to, or ASN Marketing Plan. So, any of our websites that we have, any of the ones that I’ve ever …, ASN Marketing Plan, Valerie V. Show. All of them are ADA compliant. And we’ll talk about that more too.

Valerie V:            I think I have a question. Yeah. “Does a mobile app need to be ADA compliant?” You know what? If you have this on your website, it’s already on … Well, okay. If you have a mobile app for your home care business, that would be different than just having your website be mobile responsive.

Valerie V:            If you have ADA compliance on your website and someone looks at it from a mobile device, you can look at from your mobile device right now, or and you will see there’s this little thing right here, this little wheelchair guy, he’s on that screen. So, it’s ADA compliant, whether you’re looking at it on a phone or you’re looking at it on a big screen like I am right now. Always ADA compliant.

Valerie V:            For a mobile app I do not know the answer. That’s a different kind of situation. I would assume that would be great, but if your website is ADA compliant on a big screen, it’s also ADA compliant on a phone.

Valerie V:            Oh, here we go. So, why ADA compliance? It’ll increase your target audience. So, people who couldn’t understand your website, or even view it or listen to it be read to them before will now be able to hear your website, see your website, look at your website.

Valerie V:            It improves your SEO, because you got to go in and make sure all those pictures have alternate tags, and text behind them. And everything has to be laid out correctly. It may help your reputation, because frankly if you’re in this business, you probably need to have, at least for the low vision people, some alternate way to read.

Valerie V:            Better overall website usability, because you have to go in and clean things up, and it means you can avoid penalties now. I’m not saying anybody’s going to get any penalties, as far as getting sued, but there are some links at the bottom. Five reasons your website should be ADA compliant. 10900 ADA website requirements, and SEO web accessibility from Search Engine Land.

Valerie V:            So, Business News Daily, Search Engine Journal, and this blog. And there’s more. Kylie Jenner’s been sued, Target. I don’t know. So, I think it’s something to really think about. Especially if your website is old, and needs to be redone anyway, you need to add this on.

Valerie V:            All right. Let’s talk about chat. Chatting with clients from your website and Facebook. All right. So, an added complication of Facebook is that people try to message your page and see if you’re hiring, or if you put up a job post they’re going to try to message you.

Valerie V:            So, you kind of, need to understand how messenger works behind the scenes. That’s an entire webinar in and of itself, and I’m happy to do it. You can set some automated stuff up, so that it looks pretty, but you need to be one of those people who checks it once and a while, because if you don’t check it nothing’s going to happen. It’s just dead.

Valerie V:            But a lot of people message through Facebook now, so you should probably have messenger turned on and you should understand that people are trying to text with you, or get a hold of you through there. What we did, was we came up with a plan for all of our clients who, if we’ve done their website, in fact, actually, anybody. Any of our clients can do this.

Valerie V:            I’m not sure about franchises, it depends on how strict your franchise is, but any of our clients pretty much, as long as they have a viable website that’s not a jankstore, then you can add this chat to your website.

Valerie V:            So, if you go to right now on your phone or wherever you’ll see a little chat bubble at the bottom, and there’s this little woman holding … This little, old woman holding this phone and it says … Oh. Hi [Dorina 00:43:08], you can turn your camera off. Hi Dorina. I can see you. I don’t know if she knows I could see her. Anyway.

Valerie V:            You can see this little chat bubble at the bottom and if you open it up this is what it looks like, “What can we help you with? Please enter your information.” And then I hit send. So, what we do for our clients, is we put this on there in their colors. You can see that’s orange. It doesn’t have to be orange. It can be any color. The color of your logo or whatever.

Valerie V:            And then we put powered by, and we put their business name there with a link to their website, not our website. So, that’s how … I’m going to help Dorina here turn her and video off for her. Hold on a second.

Valerie V:            That’s how we take care of that, but you can have that there, and then the next thing to know about that, that you’re going to want to … Here we go. Let’s do this. Stop video. There you go. I stopped your video for you.

Valerie V:            Okay. So, the next thing you’re going to want to know about this, is, “Well, who does this go to? Or where does it end up?” Well, in our case it can end up wherever you want it to, but most of our clients want to be notified by text or they want to be notified by email, but that is there.

Valerie V:            And we don’t charge extra for this. If you’re in one of our programs this is available to you and anybody who comes to your website can … This will be more robust at some point. Right now it’s just basically name, mobile number, and message. And then you’re notified, and we can automatically reply to this person for you, just saying, “Hey, I got your message. I’ll be in touch shortly.” Just so they know that they’re not waiting around for you to answer in case you’re busy.

Valerie V:            So, there’s lots of cool things we can do with this, and you do not have to subscribe to LiveChat or any of those other chat services out there, if you’re one of our clients we do this for free. And our clients didn’t know about that till just now, so hello.

Valerie V:            Let’s see. Yeah. So, Facebook messenger, learned about that a little bit, and then add chat to your website. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’ll help you a lot. Okay. Does anybody know who this guy is right here? Who knows who this man is? Type it in there. His first name. You don’t have to put his whole name. I don’t even know how to spell his last name. Who is it? Who is it? Who is this man? Come on. I know you’ve sat at home and watched dumb infomercials in your lifetime. Look at the background. It’s Ron Popeil.

Valerie V:            Ron Popeil. The pocket fisherman. Oh, actually, you know what? I used this picture, because he’s doing the … This is the one where … Oh, the rotisserie thing where he says, “You can set it and forget it.” Well, that’s not what you can do with Google My Business.

Valerie V:            Wait a minute. Okay. So, Ron Popeil had this infomercial and I’ve seen it, I don’t know why. I guess because I worked night shifts for so long. You can set it and forget it, and it was his rotisserie thing. Well, you can not set it and forget it when it comes to any of this stuff. You want too. I know, because our clients want to set it and forget it, but you can’t.

Valerie V:            So, for Google My Business I’m going to say this again. Please own your own listing. Take charge of this situation, because if you don’t getting a hold of Google and getting it straightened out is like your worst nightmare. Trust me when I say no one else but you should own your listing, and it’s okay to add managers to help you. It is not okay to give them ownership.

Valerie V:            Know how to log into your listing, update it regularly, add photos, location, service area, add blog posts. We’re going to talk about that. Ask for reviews, which is a super big challenge. Add everything the system asks for and get more citations. We talked about citations. Those are those business listings on other directories.

Valerie V:            Wait a minute. Let’s see. Oh, it doesn’t … I didn’t talk about it. Okay. Blog posts. So, when we have a client who gives us access to their Google My Business page what we do, is we take all the blog posts that we put on their website, which is usually twice a month to four times a month, and we put those blog posts on their Google My Business page. Your competition is totally doing this, so you need to do it too. You need to blog post. So, that’s another thing you don’t have time for, so let somebody else do it. Yeah. I’ll do it. I’ll do it.

Valerie V:            But that helps you show up better. It does increase your visibility. So, if you think reviews are hard to get, they are, but start blog posting. Big pictures, cool stuff, stuff you’re out doing out in the community. That is important. All right. So, blog post to your Google My Business listing.

Valerie V:            All right. I put this up here, not because you need to go do anything or buy anything, but I wanted you to see this. This is a directory. This is a directory listing. This is a citation, so on Approved Senior Network … Hi, Maddy. The kids are home from school.

Valerie V:            On Approved Senior Network you can do a free listing. This is what I really want you to see. You don’t have to do either of these things. All of our clients are expert level members, which I don’t even list here, because I get tons more stuff. But this is a basic free listing. It doesn’t cost you anything to go on and list yourself here. Do it. Go get another … I mean, it can’t hurt to have as many back links as possible, and as many listings as possible about your business.

Valerie V:            So, go ahead and do this. We have had a huge influx of people putting their listings on here, and you can even search for your business before you do that and see if it’s already in there, and if it is you can claim your listing and go ahead and jazz it up, make it pretty. If you need help you just let us know, but do the free thing. It’s another directory listing and it can’t hurt anything.

Valerie V:            All right. Content is still king, but engagement is queen, and the queen rules the house. Oh, look she’s moving. The queen definitely rules the house in this case. Content is everywhere. It’s on websites, blog posts, in articles, it’s on social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google My Business, video and audio, newsletter and email.

Valerie V:            So, all those things matter when it comes to your clients and engagement, and prospects out there. People finding you. It’s everywhere. So, this is just a rundown of what we do. You can do this for yourself. I’m just giving you kind of, our pattern of how we work. We blog post educational content two times a month. We send all those blog posts out to social media. We put engaging content like memes and inspirational stuff … Hi, Sam.

Valerie V:            Sam’s home too. Send engaging content to Facebook. We do that five days a week. We put two videos per month on our client’s Facebook business page. They’re branded to them and they’re theirs to keep. Their logo, their phone number, their website.

Valerie V:            And then we do a newsletter one time a month, and it’s a hand done newsletter. It’s no longer automated. We went from 10 years of automation, down to one person dedicated to 100% newsletters. And so, every month we have one set of newsletters that goes out on the first, another set that goes out around the 15th, and we have one person who’s our newsletter guru and she takes the content from your blog and puts it in your newsletter.

Valerie V:            So, anything like this that you’ve sent over to us, that’s been blog posted, will also end up in your newsletter. And we do it all for you. What you do. This is what our clients are asked to do. We just give them examples. Send us some company news sort of like this. Send us caregiver of the month. Send us your thoughts and observations as an article, or something that comes from your heart or from the desk of Mary, or whatever.

Valerie V:            Recognize people for their excellent work on your staff, and send networking pics and info. So, all of those things matter, and they add up to more engagement. And engagement is queen, so please don’t hide the fact that you’re supporting your local charity. Take pictures of your booth or whatever, and post them and tell people how much you care about your local community. It does work.

Valerie V:            What does a monthly newsletter look like? Well, I had to chop this up, because it’s too long and I have a little screen. So, this is the top of a monthly newsletter. So, this is an example of one. So, it starts with who you are, where you’re located, your phone number, your Facebook, your link to your website, and then this is company news that someone submitted. Company news again. And this is an educational article, and then another link to your website. And if you want, you can have Approved Senior Network at the bottom, if you have a listing there, and then their office address is in two different locations. They have two offices.

Valerie V:            So, this is the top, this is the bottom, if you put them together it would be one long email. And that goes out once a month. This is the top of somebody else’s newsletter, just to show you different colors. So, they’re all branded and colors are all based on the exact colors in your logo. But we do that, it’s easy. And there’s a million services out there. Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact. We don’t use any of those. We have a free CRM that all of our clients have access to. We build the newsletter in their CRM and we send it from their CRM. So, it’s all inclusive, they see everything.

Valerie V:            Paid versus organic results. A lot of you want to know whether you should be doing paid advertising or not. I have always been a fan of organic ranking. And the reason I’m a fan of it, is because it builds your empire. And by that I mean, if you do blog posting, and Facebook posting, and you’re sending your posts out to other social media you’re building your online presence, and it’s not going to just go away. It’s there forever. So, it’s website, plus content, plus social media, and links, Google My Business, citations, all of this builds on itself and it’s so important to keep up with this.

Valerie V:            If you do nothing at all your competition will blow you away in seconds. Isn’t that what Steve [inaudible 00:53:10] says? Your competition will blow you away. This is what will happen if you ignore your online presence. I mean, some of our clients will tell us they get half their leads from online, because people are desperately searching for a solution to their problem, and you can be that solution.

Valerie V:            Paid advertising. It does work, it is faster, but here’s the deal. It’s expensive, and as soon as you turn it off all that work you did is gone. It’s not building anything, except for maybe getting more clients, which is great, but it’s not building your content strategy. It is just a fast way to get yourself out there.

Valerie V:            Now, I don’t disregard that, I think it’s important and we do, do it for a lot of people. And that’s fine, but you can never replace paid advertising with organic. You have to be doing your organic work, and doing that stuff, that’s so important, that’ll never go away. Doing just paid advertising would never be my recommendation.

Valerie V:            As soon as that Google ad words account is turned off, your listing is gone forever. You can turn it back on, but you got to have money to turn it back on. So, Facebook paid ads for recruiting is a great way to recruit. If you’re tired of spending tons and tons of dough on other platforms out there, signing contracts that are long, we do Facebook paid ads for recruiting all the time, and it’s amazing. And it is a numbers game.

Valerie V:            I know how hard this is. We’ve been doing it for clients for a long time now. It is a super hard thing to do, and I do not want that job ever. But it is a numbers game and it’s a marketing game too. It’s not just marketing for clients that you have to worry about, it really is marketing for recruits, because guess what? It used to be that caregivers needed home care agencies. They really needed the work, they really needed to find a good job. Now it’s the other way around.

Valerie V:            Now there’s lots of caregivers, or I guess there’s few caregivers is not what I mean. Fewer caregivers and lots of home care agencies, and so the caregivers have got everybody over a barrel. “If you don’t pay me 50 cents more per hour, I’m going over here.” Or they just don’t show up, or it’s just craziness in the recruiting area.

Valerie V:            So, what we do is, we have a specific way we do ads for folks that is different from the way Facebook wants you to do the ads. Ours is a little different. But it is a form that they have to fill out, it is a lead, it is in the CRM, you can communicate with them through that, you can text, email, call. We do everything through our CRM. We do not house applications, full applications. We are not a ClearCare online, we don’t want to replace ClearCare online. Our CRM is just for marketing and recruiting. That’s it.

Valerie V:            So, you’re welcome to use it when you’re one of our clients. And then we do paid ads on Facebook for leads too. And that’s all about the story. I won’t go into story ads, but it works really well. And then Google ads for leads. I’ve never been a fan of Google for home care, because as soon as you put that ad up job seekers are hitting it.

Valerie V:            Same rule applies for Facebook, but we can … It does tone it down a little bit on Facebook. But the Google ads, I mean, we put in … If any of you are familiar with doing Google ads, you could put in 100 negative keyword phrases and you’ll still get job seekers clicking on those ads.

Valerie V:            It doesn’t matter what you do, you’re still going to get job seekers. Even if you say, “This ad is not for job seekers,” they still will click on it and fill out a form. So, that’s the reason I don’t like Google ads.

Valerie V:            However, we have had some changes recently. Google’s gotten a little bit better and a little bit smarter about some things. So, in other words, I can turn off the ability for people ages 18 to 20 from seeing your ads. Now, Google doesn’t know how old everybody is, but they do know how old a lot of people are. So, it helps if you take out that younger population who’s job seeking, and they may or may not have had any experience, you can kind of, just take those people out, because that’s not who you’re looking for.

Valerie V:            So, we can do a lot more with Google than we used to be able to do. So, we do now run Google ads for leads for our clients. Minimum spend on any of this is $300 a month. That’s $10 a day. And if you know anything about Google ads or Facebook ads, you’ll know that the competition is pretty huge. So, I’d say you get more bang for your buck out of Facebook, but some people love Google more. And that’s okay. We do either one.

Valerie V:            So, recruiting and ads for leads, and the whole thing that you have to know about leads is this. I don’t care if you buy them from Care In Homes, ElderCareLink, Assisting Homes, whatever they are. There’s a million of them. A Place For Mom. They’re expensive and they don’t always work. They don’t always follow through. They don’t always have the money to pay you, sometimes they’re majority Medicaid clients, sometimes you have to adjust things, and zip codes, and territories. So, you cannot guarantee that everybody that fills out a form is going to be able to afford home care. It’s just not a question you can ask.

Valerie V:            Facebook is especially tight on what you can ask people. They will not let you ask them if there’s a medical diagnosis involved, and they will not let you … Well, you can sort by income, but that doesn’t work either, so there’s all kinds of things you have to watch out for. But paid advertising does work. It’s not going to save your life, if your business is failing, but organic is the way you build your empire.

Valerie V:            So, how do you keep all of this organized? Now, you all have your own CRM’s, you have your own organization, you have spreadsheets, you have whatever you use. I’m just showing you what we have. I had to black out all the names here, so sorry about that, but we give all of our clients access to a free CRM and what that shows you, this is somebody who just started, and that’s how many leads they’ve had come in from their ads, and they have the opportunity to talk to people, and see all the marketing, and the contacts, and everything.

Valerie V:            So, this was one screenshot. This is the bottom of that page. So, this’ll show you how much money you’re spending on Facebook ads, how much you’re spending on Google ads, how much traffic you’re getting your Googly My Business page, and at the bottom there is Google analytics.

Valerie V:            I know it looks kind of, small, but I had to scroll way out to get it all in there for you. So, you can see here that everything you’re wondering about, “How much am I spending this month so far on Google ads? How much am I spending on Facebook?” If you do both. Or, “Well, how is my Google My Business listing doing? How many actions, how many calls have come from it?” You can see all that right here in your dashboard from the CRM.

Valerie V:            And then your Google analytics, right now it only shows you the last 12 months of action, but hopefully that’ll be updated. And we have other ways that we report Google analytics. This isn’t the only way, but it just gives you a good snapshot month over month as to how traffic’s going.

Valerie V:            This is inside of a lead. This is what it looks like. Sorry, I had to black everything out, but on the left hand side you get first name, last name, email address, phone numbers. And this is the same for recruiting. So, whether you’re using this for recruiting or using it for leads you get all their information. There’s a couple more tabs up here with general info and additional info, and there’s more information to be had there.

Valerie V:            And then in the middle here, this is why i wanted to show you this is, this is where the communication happens. So, in the middle here you see texting going back and forth. That’s right. Texting. So, these people are texting back and forth. An ad went out, the person responded, and this is the automated response they get in a text, because 99% of people who touch your ads are on a mobile device.

Valerie V:            So, “This is Beth. Thanks for requesting a call. I’m sure I can help. Watch for my call and if you inquired after business hours I will call the next day.” And then an email goes out to the person. Then the person responds to her via text, “My mom is in the hospital’s mental health facilities since October. She was home for about 10 days since …” And it goes on and on, but I won’t … You know.

Valerie V:            So, they’re texting back and forth, and the final outcome is they set up an appointment to see her in the home. So, this is the kind of leads you want. This is what you’re looking for. So, in this system you can be logged into the CRM, you can email this person, you can text them, and you can call them up in the right hand corner, if you see where my little thing is … Hi, Sophia.

Valerie V:            You can click on that call button, if you had a headset and a microphone, and you can just call them straight from here. And then you can put in tasks, notes, and appointments right here. So, any notes about the client, any tasks that might be for another office person, or if you want to use the appointment setting feature you can. You don’t have to. You can use your own junk. It’s fine. We don’t care what you use or don’t use, but we teach you how to use all of it.

Valerie V:            So, this is what the inside of a lead looks like. So, that is the CRM. All right. So, here is your 2020 marketing plan. This is the slide that tells you what you should be looking for and what you should be doing. First of all, you need to make sure you have a solid up to date, not janky website. Make sure your website is ADA compliant. Please look into that.

Valerie V:            Focus on Facebook and Google for online marketing. Make sure you own control and update your Google My Business listing. Make sure you have a chat feature on your site, and messaging in Facebook set up properly for more leads.

Valerie V:            Every time you attend a function take a photo, write a blog post, add it to social media, add it to Google My Business, blog post on that Google My Business. Add a monthly newsletter. Make it happen. Send it out to all of your contacts.

Valerie V:            Understand the value of organic content and post, post, post, but post good stuff, not random junk. And then use the advantage of paid advertising only when you can comfortably afford it. It’s not a miracle. Buying leads and paid advertising does not create miracles. Only hard work can do that. So, hard work, but taking everything you’re doing offline and turning it into something people will read online.

Valerie V:            Just think about it, if 500 people come to a senior fair there are 50,000 more people who didn’t get to attend that senior fair, that would love to read your stuff. And the only way they’re going to read it, is if you put it online. So, do that.

Valerie V:            If you want to talk to us you are welcome to. So, the first thing on your to do list this year should be to go to or call me at 888-404-1513. Leave me a detailed message, but if you go to you can read everything, you can see all of our stuff, you can read through all the plans and the stuff that we do, and you can fill out a form instead of picking up the phone and making a call. And then Bob Costello will be the person who will answer you.

Valerie V:            In fact, he’ll be the person that answers, or calls you back, or texts you, or emails you no matter what. So, is the website, if you want to see everything you can do all of that yourself. The challenge is finding the time to do it all yourself. And then you can call us at 888-404-1513. And Bob will get back to you.

Valerie V:            Everybody, I hope that this was informative. I’ll leave this slide up there for another minute, so you can see it. And if anybody wants the PDF of the slides just email me and we’ll make that happen for you. I’m happy to give you the PDF.

Valerie V:            I think I have a question or two. If anybody does have a question you can type it into chat and I will answer that. “Please refer more free listings.” I don’t know what that means. More free listings?

Valerie V:            Oh, there’s lots of websites you can go. You can actually … Why don’t you do this. The easiest way to do that, is to go to Google and put in free directory listings, and look at the hundreds of free directory listings that come up.

Valerie V:            We do have a list of the top directories you should be listed in. There arr probably a list of … I have a list of 50, I have a list of the top 100, and then I have a list of directories you should be in by city. And it’s only the top 100 cities in the United States.

Valerie V:            The question is, “Did I miss the additional information on schema markup?” Nope. You didn’t miss it. I didn’t go into it, because it’s kind of, a techy, geek thing. But behind the scenes on your website there is something called schema code, or there should be. Not everybody has it. And if you’re a WordPress website, you can get a plugin, and add the plugin and that’ll help. But what you should know about it, is … Hold on.

Valerie V:            What you should know about it, is that it helps Google understand and read … The Google is a computer, right? So, it’s reading your website. So, what the schema markup code does, is it helps Google understand what it’s reading. That means if it’s an address, if it’s a phone number, if it’s your website address, if it’s a blog post, an article, a picture, if you have the right markup code on the backside of your website Google understands your website, it indexes it better, and it loves it.

Valerie V:            If you are someone who uses Google analytics you can go into search tools and you can and test, you used to be able to anyway, if your website has correct schema markup code, but this is something a web developer would do and it’s something that you should ask them about, or you can ask your SEO specialist to look at your website and say, “Hey, yeah. You got it.” Or, “No. Hey, you don’t.” Because you can tell by just, kind of, looking at a website.

Valerie V:            “How long does it take for organic posting to start having impact?” It depends on a couple of things. It depends on where you’re located. So, if you’re in Miami Florida, it’s going to take a really long time. If you’re in West Winnemucca Nevada it might only take, maybe a month or two.

Valerie V:            But I would say everybody should give organic results six months. If you are nowhere to be found, you need at least six months. If you’re already kind of, page two, page three, you should give it a little time, but you should also do a little bit of forensics and know, “If this is an old website what can I do to make it not old?”

Valerie V:            So, if you have an older website you want to spiff it up, clean it up, maybe get a new build. If you don’t need a new build that’s fine. If it’s a new website then I would say blog posting with the correct SEO on every blog post and you need content every time, and SEO every page of your website. The title tags, the backend description. All of that stuff has to be looked at.

Valerie V:            If you do all those things you should just take a few months for you to get to the first page. And if you are with a franchise you have to remember they have a giant website behind your website. So, the information that you’re putting out there is attached to a much bigger machine, and so you’re going to get results, probably a little faster than someone who has an independent six page website that they just started blogging on.

Valerie V:            So, we’re talking hundreds and hundreds of pages, or thousands of pages on a franchise site versus your six page website, plus a couple blog posts. So, it’s a lot of things to take into consideration, but organic is never fast. Gosh, I remember a day when we could put a video on the first page of YouTube 10 minutes, on the first page of Google in 10 minutes. Today it’s months. Or it’ll show up there quick, and then it’ll disappear. Weird stuff. But you have to be consistent, and it is worth it, because once you’re there, as long as you don’t do something to screw it up you’re there and you just add to that.

Valerie V:            But including Google My Business in all of that is really important now. So, anyway. “Do blog posts need back links?” No. Your main website needs back links. So, your main base URL needs back links, not every blog post.

Valerie V:            So, a back link is a link from another website to your website. Blog posts, it’s hard enough to get back links as it is, but getting them to a blog post is even harder. So, what I would do, is I would make sure I went and had at least directory listings, as many as possible, and you can have … We do it in bulk for our clients. So, we just say, “You want us to do it? Yes or no?” They say, “Yes.” We say, “Here’s the charge.” And they’re like, “Fine.” And we just go through and do it one time for them.

Valerie V:            And if they move and change addresses, then we go in and do it again. So, we can update their address everywhere. And that gives you back links to your website. And then you can go in and do other directories that are more … Like, Of course, you’re going to have to talk to somebody and it’s kind of, a hassle, but you can get free listings, I believe on almost all of them.

Valerie V:            But internal linking is different. So, if you have a blog post and you would link it internally, and let’s say you have a blog post about Alzheimer’s disease or five things to look for in Alzheimer’s disease or something like that. You link it to your Alzheimer’s disease page. That’s called internal linking, and that’s super important too. So, you should always internally link whenever you can from your blog post to another page on your website.

Valerie V:            Anybody else have more questions for me? You’re welcome to type them into the little chat. Questions for me anybody? I’m going to call it in just a second here. All right, if that’s it? You’re welcome everybody. Thank you so much for joining me and you’ll see this go up on other websites coming shortly. Thanks for joining me today. Happy 2020 and let us know if we can help you. Thanks. Bye.

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Ok, 2020 is here. I'm here, and our staff is here, to help you make the best of this year and beyond. We are ready to rock and roll.

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Here’s what I sent to our private clients today. If any of this interests you, the place to go is

💕Ok, 2020 is here. I’m here, and our staff is here, to help you make the best of this year and beyond. We are ready to rock and roll.

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You all (Clients) have access to some amazing stuff that I’m sure you don’t even know about (and more coming that I can tell you next week).

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😍Here is a little teaser of items headed your way:

👍Chat widget for your website that allows you to chat with leads (text with leads) and houses the leads directly in the CRM, that you ALL have access to for FREE. (you must be a SCOPE or SCIP client)

🧡 Google My Business Listing opportunities. (done-for-you) Blog posts, photos, reporting. Some of you are already doing this, but we are taking it up a notch.

👩‍🦽ADA Compliance available on ALL websites that we manage under our hosting. This is SO important, especially for any business in the healthcare/ senior care market!

⏰Back to our monthly group webinars for clients only, schedule to be announced!

✨ Full support tutorials and videos to manage the CRM as YOU WISH. (no charge to use our CRM as long as you are in SCIP or SCOPE)

🥈Sometime this year, our name will likely change officially from LTC Expert Publications to Approved Senior Network® because we now have this –> ® !!! Happy dance!

🤎 We are always looking for more professionals to interview for Approved Senior Network TV! More to come.

It’s going to be an exciting year. Our goal is to offer your senior care business everything you need to manage content, social media, leads, recruiting, and more in one location- easy and efficient. So far, it’s looking great!

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