Hey guys happy Monday, it’s the Valerie V Show and in one second I’m gonna show you the difference between a super fast well-optimized website and a super F website. Hey guys, Valerie V Show, hope you had a great weekend. Today is Marketing Monday, tell me all about what you’re doing to make this week awesome for your business and your home care agency.

Well what I’m doing is making a video and the video today is something I’m really excited about because we have worked so hard to make sure our websites are super compliant with Google and are fast, they have SSL which is Secure Socket Layer, which means HTTPS, all this stuff is gonna affect you in July. It’s already affecting peoples websites, but it’s really gonna take effect in July not to mention GDPR, if you do not have a privacy policy on your website now is the time to get one. If you’re our clients I sent out a note about that, if you are not our clients you should have a privacy policy and I will put the link to that email or that blog post that I put up in the information on this video.

I want to show you the difference between a well-optimized website and a really not well-optimized website. If you run this test on your website and you find that you’re getting F’s and D’s you need to talk to your web developer right away. If you’re our client and we built and maintain and host your website just know that we are going through and systematically working on every single website to make sure they are as fast as possible. We’ve sent out several emails so if you could please check your email, I’ll send out another one soon, if you want us to move you over to Secure Socket Layer for those of you who have older websites, if you want us to work on and get the full solution for fastness on your website then you need to work with us a little bit on that.

Here is the difference between a well-optimized site and a not well-optimized site. Okay here is a screenshot of a website that we just redid for a client, Caring Hearts of Rochester. Notice they are now HTTPS and when we run these tests they are doing great, this is an amazing result. For this B over here, there are a few things about the design of the website that the client may have chosen based on the different websites we have built in the past that slow it down a little bit and that’s to be expected. There are a few things we can do to increase the speed a little bit, maybe talk to the client and ask them about a few things that we might be able to remove from the website, but you have to kind of weigh the look and feel of the website and how I guess the aesthetics just a little bit might weigh down the speed of the site. This is an excellent performance of this website, if you look fully loaded time 1.3 seconds, under three seconds is where you want to be.

Now let’s take a look at another screenshot from a website that isn’t one of ours that we did not create but is on a really good platform and I was kind of surprised. Now this website is a really nice website but you can see there that it’s getting F’s and D’s and the reason, it’s not got a bad load time either it’s still under three seconds, but the challenge here is that the images are not optimized and there’s a whole lot of techy crazy stuff I could go into but it’s really about the load time of the images on this site, on the desktop and on mobile this site is getting some really low scores.

If you go to GTmetrix you can see that in the top left-hand corner here, go to GTmetrix.com or whatever it is, just Google GTmetrix and you can run a speed test on your site and then you can see how well you’re doing. Remember if you’re our client we are actively working on your sites as we speak so even if you aren’t getting the score you think you want we are working behind the scenes and we have a whole bunch of people in the queue to get done and we will get to everybody.

If you have challenges with your website please talk to us, if you need it to be reworked or re-managed or you love your website but you want it to move to a faster platform under faster management and a Secure Socket Layer talk to us at LTC Expert Publications and we can get it done.

Thanks everybody, that is Marketing Monday for you, hope you go out there and have a great week. Get up, get out there, start networking, and for our clients please submit that company news. Memorial Day weekend is coming up, don’t forget you have a June first newsletter for some of you so get that content into this week. Thanks everybody, bye.