Hello Darlings. Hello, it’s Valerie the show. How are you? We are live on Facebook. Can you believe it? This is our second Wednesday live broadcast that we have done. I am trying to go live every Wednesday just so you know. And we’ve Vn rotating back and forth from afternoon to evening, afternoon to evening and we’ll see where we get the most folks to kind of engage with us and follow along. And the more people we get to engage at certain times and that’s the time we’ll kind of stick with. So while we’re doing this, I bet you I have some triplets that are watching and what I need to know is triplets. Can you hear me and can you see me? So if you could comment and let me know if you can hear me and see me, that would be awesome. I am looking at see if we can see ourselves.

Hold on, we’re going to s we’re going to refresh the ValerieV show page. If you’re on Valerie v show page, just hit refresh and let’s see if that go live. Video will show up there cause it’s always a mystery as to whether or not you’re really going to show up. And there we are. Can we hear ourselves? Oh yeah, at that coolio. All right, so we’re lie people can hear us, people can see us. No. So today we’re gonna talk about 2019 increasing Facebook engagement and we’re going to talk about a couple of different ways to do that. One of them is what I’m doing right here and that is led video and recorded video works too. Here is another thing, you should know whether or not you’re watching this. Okay. If you’re watching this live, that’s awesome. We want as many live watchers as possible.

Facebook has algorithms just like Google has algorithms and Facebook loves engagement. So if you will follow along and if you will comment with #s or hi, how are Ya? Or whatever that is. If you just say hi, that’s awesome. If you’re, if you’re watching the replay, all you have to do is hit # you type in # replay a and for all of us old people, that’s pound sign, replay, and then comment like, hi, I’m, so what happens is last time we did this, we gave away free stuff for comments and #s. And this time we’re going to do the same thing we sent a Beth Shalom with right at home of central New Jersey. We sent her and her staff a dozen chocolate covered strawberries last week because she was the winner. She said, hi, did the #s did this stuff? And it doesn’t matter. Again, if you’re watching the replay or you’re watching this live, I do go back after a day or two and check it out and see who’s Vn engaging with the show and who has questions and whatever.

And then what we do as a drawing to see. Um, and then we draw people out of the hat and they get free stuff. Okay, so free stuff for comments and #s. So all you have to do is comment and say hi. Or if you’re watching the replay, hit, you know, type in replay and then say hi or whatever. All right. One of the things I’ve Vn wanting to experiment with and we’ve Vn experimenting with for, I don’t know, we’ve tried this in the past and now we’re going to try it again because apparently it can be a real game changer and that that is having a chat bot now. This is another one of those things that you kind of, it’s a great marketing tool if it’s used correctly and Facebook has some definite rules about how to use chatbots and the checkbox that we use is called many chat exists on our websites and it exists.

I rose and it exists on our Facebook business page, the Valerie v show. So if you go to the Valerie V show Facebook page, which is where you are right now and you hit send message, you will get an experience with our chat Bot. It will want to get you to sign up to go to be a member of our free group that we have for your marketing group on Facebook. And it will also want to give you 10 day insider program. Um, so you can kind of see all the videos and the things that we share with our clients. And you get access to all that for 10 days. All the marketing cool stuff. And when you do that, um, you know, it’s 10 days, it’s all yours. You can look and watch as much stuff as possible. I think there’s like 60 videos and tons of downloads and bonuses.

So it’s a pretty cool amount of stuff. Do as much as you can in 10 days. And what our hope is that you’ll want to work with us and you want to let us help you with your social media and your content and your website and all those things. So having a chat bot is a way to engage with people. It’s isn’t just asking them if they want an appointment, it’s not just asking them if you know they have questions. It really is about helping them engage with you and talk to you. But it gets that conversation going with them 24 hours a day. You don’t have to be sitting right there. It answers their questions and it can get really like complicated and intuitive. Hi Bobby. Um, and, and it’s a pretty cool thing. So if you want to see how ours works and I’m not trying to trick you into doing it, I’m just saying if you want to check it out on the Valerie v show page, if you go to at, that’s kind of at the top, it will say send message.

If you hit that, um, you will see the whole Shebang of kind of how it works. Um, we use many chat for that. I think, uh, it is a great way to get engagement 24 hours a day from Facebook and you can embed it on your website and it will do the same exact thing on your website. You have to follow the rules. Many chat is really good about helping you follow the rules so you can’t spam people 24 hours a day with broadcast messages. And you have to be careful about what you say, but it is a great way to engage with people. So a chat Bot is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet. I highly recommend it if you’re interested in knowing more about chatbots then here’s what we want you to do is put in #chat.

So this is another one of those engagement things. We give away free stuff for engagement because I know that it’s a challenge to get people to engage in Facebook loves it when people engage. So if you put in # chat in a little comments and we’ll know that you’re engaging with us and you’re interested in knowing more about chatbots and if that’s the case, all that means is that we will, as we grow our many chat account and as we get more people engaged with our Chat Bot, we will pass on those tips and how to do that for your own Facebook business page. We’ll pass that on to you eventually. It may be something we add as a service to others that we might be able to set up on folks on their Facebook or their website. But for now, if you’re interested in, or if you want to know more in the future, just do # chat for me.

If you want to subscribe to my chat Bot and see what that’s like. Like I said, you can hit send message on this page or you can go to this link. Hey, David and you can go to https and then formed slash m.me forward slash Valerie v show. Same thing will happen. You’ll engage with our chat bot. It’s kind of interesting to see how other people’s work. I also subscribe to a couple of them, Molly Mahoney’s and on Gary Vaynerchuk. So if you’ve ever heard of Gary V, um, we’ve ever heard of Gary v you can, if you subscribe to his stuff. He has like, you know, staff and amazing people programming all of his. And so every day I get, Hey Valerie, would you like to learn more about so-and-so thing? I think it’s really interesting and it’s very conversational. It’s kind of creepy in, but it’s really neat.

I, I love to watch that. So, um, that’s pretty cool. All right, so that is chat Bot. So that’s one way to engage with folks on, on Facebook. Kay. I’m going to mess up your name. Hi Chicana. I don’t know if I said that right, but I’m saying hi cause you’re saying hi to me. So I’m glad you guys are all here. And this is a very, a, this time of night is actually pretty good. Uh, two o’clock in the afternoon. It was the other time we were doing these central time and I know a lot of people are still at work and it’s hard to be on Facebook and all that. So we may do these in the evening more often. Um, engagement on Facebook. Okay. Our clients. Um, thank you. So one of the things our clients asks us is, uh, why do you post the content?

So for those of you who don’t know what we do, uh, when a client comes to us, they need help with all of their online marketing. They need help with social media. They don’t know what to post. They don’t have time to post it. They don’t have time to do all this stuff because it’s like understanding and running a whole another business. And they’re also trying to run their own business. So, um, we step in as the Techie, Geeky folks and we do all their social media. We do blog posting for them, we provide them with all the content. It’s 100% unique to them. No one else in the world gets the same content that they get as far as blog posting goes. We take care of Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Um, and it depends on your demographic. Instagram is highly recommended. Uh, but it also depends on who it is you’re talking to, who your target market is.

So when we do that, we have certain things that we post and people say to me and to our staff, why do you post this? How come it’s not always like an ad for my business? I want, I want to talk about what I do for people all the time. And the rule is that when you’re on Facebook, it should be 80% engagement and 20% promotional, 80% engagement that’s made up of things like pictures. Videos means meaning like you know, a quote, uh, saying a picture with a funny, some funny words on it. Y’All know, it means our, there’s gross memes and funny memes and stuff you can’t post on your page if you have a lot of clients on Facebook like me, but you think they’re funny anyway. Um, there are all kinds of different things you can post, but mainly educational information, tips, videos, super important stuff.

It doesn’t have to be all about you all the time. In fact, it shouldn’t be all about you. You need to be perceived as the resource in your business area, your niche, your market. You need to be perceived as an authority and an expert. In order to do that, you need to share a lots of things that pertain to your market, not just advertisements about you all the time or what you do all the time. 20% of the time. Yes, you should be promoting yourself, your business. You should be advertising and you should be letting people know what you do. So 80% of the time be thoughtful. Um, make people feel happy. We find that the most engagement we get, um, we have tons and tons of Facebook pages that we own and we help manage, uh, I don’t know, 200 or more for our clients. And when we actually, uh, put up something that’s inspirational or kind, um, or pretty, or you know, just somebody, a great start to their week, like happy Monday and a little quote or something.

Those posts get more shares, likes, comments and engagement than anything else. And Facebook loves that. So if you really want Facebook to work for you, it can’t be all about you all the time. It needs to be about community outreach. I hope you have a great week. Those kinds of things. And, and then of course, other inspirational articles that come from other websites out. In our case, we are in the senior market, Alzheimer’s breakthrough kind of stuff. Um, dementia stuff, how to, you know, I know there’s all kinds of things. So 80% engagement, cool, fun, inspirational. Uh, tips, things like that. 20% promo. So if you’re paying attention, if you’re paying attention, and I know you love chocolate covered strawberries, I want you to do a #80 if you’re paying attention, I can’t wait to do this drawing and see who wins the strawberries.

That’s so totally awesome. I love sending people food. I love it when people send me food. Okay, # 80 all right. Uh, we’ve already talked about this, but examples of engagement. News means inspiration articles, tips, how to photos, videos, polls, questions and answers. If people are liking your posts, if they are commenting, the best thing you could do is go back to them and see if they’ve liked your page. There’s a way to do that. You can click on all the likes of that post and you can, um, when you click on that, it’ll tell you a list of people who have liked that post. And you can see how many of those have actually liked your page. And if they haven’t liked your page, you can send them a little invite. You can just go invite, invite, invite, invite, invite. And you can see down the page how many people haven’t liked your page yet and you didn’t invite them to like your page.

And they do, they will. They will like your page if you invite them. So it’s a great way to build your audience on your page as well. All right, let’s talk about video marketing. Okay. Now the # for this part is # video take video # video if you’re paying attention. All right, let’s talk video marketing. I find that a lot of people are afraid to be on camera. They don’t want to be on camera. They want to take the time to do this. If you want to build your audience, and I’ve Vn doing this for quite a while now for a very long time and I still do this. Um, it was all about the Webinar. Love doing webinars. People have to register. You get their information. You can do a webinar on any informational thing you want. You just like this in the evening.

People don’t have to leave their home. Um, they can be on their phone, they can be on their computer and they can be wherever they are and watch your video and they can watch your webinar. So if you’re in the senior care space or whatever space you’re at, it could be anything. If you do a little educational webinar or video once in awhile. And you know what, you don’t have to be on the screen. You don’t have to be on the screen. If you’re using a, a product like zoom, which is built for screen sharing instead of look camera looking at me, the camera is showing my screen. I don’t actually, I don’t actually have to be on camera. I know people hate that. Yes. And Janice says she doesn’t like that. Um, but the camera’s not looking at me. It’s looking at my PowerPoint presentation or whatever I have up on the screen and you can hear my voice talking you through the slides.

So that’s one way to kind of get used to it where your face is not on the screen, but you can explain to somebody, um, the power of what it is that you know that they might not know or you can have somebody else hold the camera while you’re doing something and showing people how that’s done. I would also say this about doing videos, whether you’re in the, in the camera or not on the camera, however you want to do it. Um, you can never give away too much information. No one is going to become the expert in what you do just by watching a video. So you don’t have to worry that you’re giving away your secrets or you’re giving away some kind of thing that um, oh well if I share that information then they’ll be able to do it and I won’t get their business.

That’s not true at all. We have Vn sharing and giving away information for 11 years and we still run a big business. And so the, the what really happens, people might try to do what you do. They might think they are going to try to do what you do, but at the end of the day they’re going to be like, oh, I, this is not my gag. I’m going to hire somebody to take care of this for me. So doing videos to show people why you do what you do, how you do it, um, or just giving them information and the senior care market, there are so many things you can give information on. You could do a walk through of your own house and show people without you being on the camera. Just make sure you have great audio, all of the opportunities for a senior to slip and fall.

If you have throw rugs on the floor, I can do that in two or three places in my house. Um, and you know, just show people all the little tips and tricks about how to make sure your home is senior friendly or how to avoid falls. Um, you can do all kinds of things that don’t require you to be on camera. So please consider video marketing without your face having even on camera and then ease into it. I’ll tell you, I watch a lot of videos and you can see that I have makeup on and my hair’s done. But on any given day, this might not be the case. And I work from home so I don’t get dolled up all the time. And, but I see people go on camera now and they have not a stitch of makeup on. They have the, you know, they’ve, maybe they’ve comb their hair, but they are, they have wisdom, they really care about what they’re talking about.

They’re very passionate about what they’re talking about. And that’s okay. I don’t really care if they have makeup on or they look like, you know, Miss America, I’m fine with watching someone give me information who’s passionate and knowledgeable and refreshing. That’s all I care about. In fact, we talked to somebody recently who does a dementia. She does a dementia broadcast and she’s a lovely, lovely person and she does get dolled up for hers, but I’m not always, sometimes she’s just taken a walk and she’ll just go live on Facebook and talk about something that came, came to our mind or whatever. And I just think that is so refreshing. She is, uh, she’s not afraid to be on camera. She’s older than me and she’s just a wonderful, amazing resource of information on dementia. And we’re going to be highlighting and spotlighting her pretty soon and you’ll see more about that.

So don’t be afraid to be on camera a nobody, but you is going to really care what you look like. They really just want that good information. All right, so video with you in the video if you are going to be in the video. A couple of things. Um, I am using a lodger tech pro simple, easy, $39 a camera right now and trust me, I have tried a lot of different cameras and this has Vn the easiest one that’s not right in my face. And um, I dunno. It’s, it’s fine. It’s got, you know, a good balance of what’s behind me. If you can see my, my lovely hummingbird and kind of what’s on the side and I didn’t really have to do a whole lot. Um, microphone. I did spend a little money on that because I, I know how good an important audio is.

So here’s the tip. If someone’s videoing you and they are like using a phone, all you need your phone, by the way, you don’t have to use any special equipment. Um, make sure you have a Mike, a lavalier Mike and you can go on Amazon and buy a Lavalier mic that plugs into your phone and makes sure you get one for iPhone specifically to iPhone if that’s what you’re going to do. And uh, just clip it on and make sure you have good audio. There is nothing worse than doing a whole video and realizing that no one can hear what you say. Oh, that’s why I always test to make sure I can hear myself because I want you to be able to hear me. Um, and then we take this video. So this video that you see right here, and again, whether or not you’re in the video doesn’t matter. As long as I can hear you and I understand what you’re trying to tell me. It’s either on the screen or you’re visually talking and saying what it is. Um, we take this, oh yeah. Did you guys see that? Or what’s the name of the Mike? Okay, I’m going to look at what the name of the mic is.


Okay. It says,

But I have used the blue snowballs. White snowballs. Yeah, don’t worry. It’s coming back. I have used, um, you know, you can get a good Mic on Amazon. If you’re not broadcasting on radio, you do not need to spend $500 on a Mike. We’re talking 30 bucks, 40 bucks, something like that. You can get a good mic. And even the lighting, I have a light on that you can’t see. Um, there is a easy, cheap way to get some lighting so that you don’t look dead. Yeah, I still look pretty white, but I do have a, I’m sitting in front of a little window, but I do have a light over here. Um, that’s shining on me. And the challenge of glasses is that if you’re a light, so you can see my window, you can see the window in front of me, uh, right in my glasses.

So if you do wear glasses, you’re going to have something you need to put your light way up high so you don’t have it shining right on your glasses. Okay? So that is video. Um, let’s see, that is video with you in the video. Great audio. You can use your phone. That’s totally fine. You don’t have to buy anything special. Do frequently ask questions about us, a new concept, a new service, a new product. Keep these videos short. Nobody to hear you drone on for an hour and a half, like I’m droning on. Five minutes or less is a really good, believe it or not, no one has an attention span anymore, so keep it. I’m sure it’s awesome. Okay. When you’re not in the video, um, ideas, Webinar, do a Webinar on a subject matter that you know a lot about. If you’re in the senior care space, you have a lot of knowledge that you can share a PowerPoint presentation.

You can do videos with Animoto. If you’ve never looked at Animoto, please look at it. There are different packages, different pricing you can put, take your um, uh, people’s testimonials and put them in a beautiful little slideshow and put those videos up. That’s not something you would go live with, but you can put them on your Facebook business page. You can do, uh, educational videos. Um, they are always going to be short. You can put a little music behind them, you can voice them over there. Very easy to do. So Animoto, text images and music, um, or let someone else do the talking. You could do consumer testimonials. So if you have a client that has really, um, really is happy with your services, uh, you have to make sure, of course you have permissions in there, okay with everything. Um, and you can find online a photography release, have them sign in photography or lease or film release and do a little testimonial and ask them how they feel about your services.

And let them be the person on camera and then take that video and edit it. Put your call to action in your phone number at the end and the beginning and all that. Um, those are great videos to share with people. I just bought a package, that talks about how to get consumers to do more testimonials in front of their computer for you. So I’m going to test that out and then I’ll share it with everybody and let you know if it works. And how often, how often should you be on video? Yeah, so here’s what I’m doing right now. This is last year. I did a video almost every day and they were short and that will kill you. So, so I don’t recommend every day. I don’t even recommend necessarily four times a weaker three times a week. So on Monday I do a short video that announces what’s coming up on Wednesday.

So if you look back through this page, you’ll see a video from Monday that talked about what we were going to discuss, and then I remind and remind and remind people. And then on Wednesday, um, we alive at whatever time we said, and I send lots of reminders and they’re don’t, you’re not always going to, you’re not going to have 500 people watching you lie. Remember this too, the video that I’m making right now, it’s, I’m so happy that you’re all here, but what will happen is hundreds of people will watch it, the replay that didn’t get to see it live. I can’t catch everybody. This isn’t the most important thing going on in everybody’s life today. So, but lots and lots of people, I’ll share it. I’m on pages and on my personal profile, I will boost the post to people who like this page and they will see this video.

Um, and they will see a replay. So if you go back a few days later and you were to look at this, you’d see replay, replay, replay because people will do # replay it cause they’ve watched the replay. So actually Monday is a short video that talks about what we’re going to talk about on Wednesday. So you have to kind of plan. On Wednesday we do this live video and then on Friday we’re going to do what we call adventure time videos. Now last week we did a quick video because we were out of town as a family. So we did adventure time video. Um, which is fine though. So if venture time videos are just something that you’re showing people that you’re a human being and your, you have a life and you have kids and you’re, you know, or whatever your dog, it can be anything. It’s something that you’re doing that’s not business related.

Um, so that’s what we’ll do. Friday, Friday you’ll see a video from me that is adventure time. Sometimes I go live, sometimes I record them. It just depends. But a, so go going live for sure is one time per week on a Wednesday and then the announcements on Monday and the adventure time is on Friday and that those Monday and Friday videos can be recorded. And that’s how we handle it. And it works out really well because I can edit those videos and you know, whatever. All right, so we have talked about 2019 increasing Facebook engagement, chatbots. So if you’re interested in chatbots, you need to do # chat so we can get everybody on the same page as us. If you want to subscribe to my chat Bot to see how it works, all you have to do is go on this page, go to the top where it says send message and hit send message.

And trust me, I’m not gonna you know, it’ll be the chat bot. That’ll answer you. It’s not, it’s not going to be me, obviously, especially right now. Um, for Facebook engagement, it’s the 80 20 rule again. So 80% cool informative tips, stuff like that. News means inspiration articles, how to photos and 20% promotional about you, what you do, how to get a hold of you, what services you provide 20% about you. Um, and so if you were also remember free stuff for engagement. So if you just came on, do # Chat # 80, um, 80 20 rule. Do, let’s see, #video. You know, you can record these in advance and practice. You don’t even have to be live. So you can edit it out like, like, listen, I do this so, so, so, so all the time.

So [inaudible] you can, so I can edit out the stuff on the recorded version of this and then people won’t hear me saying so. When you’re not on video, when you are on video and how often Monday recorded, just say hi to everybody and what they can expect to hear from you on Wednesday, Wednesday, go live. Do something that gives everybody lots of cool information. Friday venture time. Do something fun. Show people that you have a life, that you have children, that you are human being. Show people that you are not just the business person, that you really have a life. I think that we forget that we’re humans. I do. You know, everybody does it. So I get a lot of messages throughout the week. Sometimes people are frustrated and they forget that they’re talking to a group of humans that care very much about their business. It’s just, you know, we get wrapped up in what our issues are and all that. So just do a little video that shows people you know, your dogs or them doing a trick or something. That’s cool. It can be short. You don’t have to be in an adventure time.

All right guys, I’m not going to keep you any longer. Thank you so much for joining us. The replay will appear in about, I don’t know, 20 minutes on this page, so if you missed anything, you can always watch the replay. Thanks everybody. We’ll do our dry and if I reach out to you personally, it’s because I need to know where to send those berries, those chocolate covered strawberries. Yay. Bye everybody. We’ll see you next week.

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