A magic business genie appears in your office and says:

“Hey there senior care business owner, I would like to give your company every opportunity to get ahead of the competition by way of online marketing!”

What would you say?I've Heard It All, and I Call B.S. 3

Some business owners would say:

  • “No thanks, I’m not really into Facebook.”
  • Or “I don’t understand how pay-per-click works.”
  • Or “I’ve done business without the internet for years, and I’m going to stay the course. It’s what my customers want.”
  • Or “My customers don’t respond to online marketing.”
  • Or “It’s too much work, I have to learn something completely new, and we are doing fine.”
  • Or “We are brand new, and don’t have the money or time for online marketing.”
  • Or “I’m too busy, wearing too many hats, I can’t add another one.
  • Or “I understand this is important, but right now, we just don’t have time.”
  • Or “I don’t DO social media.”
  • Or “I’m a private person, I don’t like to put my face on social media.”
  • Or “I’ll just use my Facebook profile or business page, I don’t need anything else.”

These are all 100% lines of crap.

These same business owners had never done a LOT of things in the past…. but figured them out….

  • they were parents for the first time,
  • they were business owners for the first time,
  • they drove a car for the first time,
  • they bought a house, rented an apartment,
  • filed taxes,
  • …and a million other things

– for the first time, with no prior experience, little time, sometimes no desire, and no money…. but they did it, and made it work.

Yet when it comes to one of the most important revenue generating activities for a small business (your passion, your NEW baby), some entrepreneurs have no desire to learn or understand the power of the internet.

I call BS on every excuse listed above. If you have the nuts to open your own business and offer a product or a service, then you have the nuts to put your mug online and tell people about it.

In this moment in time, and moving forward, there will not be a greater opportunity than the one that stands before you right now.

Your small business needs EVERY EDGE to get ahead, dominate your competition online and stay IN BUSINESS for years to come.

If you believe that getting a business license, a tax ID, a storefront or office, and a logo is your ticket to success, you have read the wrong book, or listened to some poor advice.

Just because you build it does NOT mean they will buy.

Before you take one step into entrepreneurship or business ownership, you must have a marketing plan. That marketing plan must include a budget for online marketing.

Next Up: Here are the components of online marketing that EVERY business needs…