This change took place in August of 2018, but just in case you missed it, this is a great refresher.

Let’s start with the basics. When you go to a Facebook Page (as opposed to a profile – you can’t recommend your Mom for her famous brownies), you’ll see  3 DOTS on the right-hand side, like this:

Did You Know: Facebook Reviews Were Changed to RECOMMENDATIONS! 7

Click on the 3 DOTS and see this:

Did You Know: Facebook Reviews Were Changed to RECOMMENDATIONS! 8

If you choose to recommend a page, you simply write whatever you’d like in the recommendation box, choose whom you want to see it (everyone by default), then hit the recommend button.

But maybe you don’t want everyone to see it – no worries.  You have several options as you can see here:

Here are your sharing options:

  • Everyone
  • Friends Only
  • Friends of Friends
  • Only Me
  • Specific Friends (enter manually)
  • Your Networks

The recommendations will then show up in the same spot on the right-hand side with the recommender’s profile pic, name, and comment.  If their network has left comments or liked the recommendation, you can see this here, too.

Did You Know: Facebook Reviews Were Changed to RECOMMENDATIONS! 9

As a page admin, you can’t remove the option for people to recommend your place. 

Speaking of which, you can’t actually even see a recommendation unless it’s marked for everyone or you happen to be in the recommender’s list of friends or other settings as marked.

You cannot remove recommendations, but you can report them if they are spam, inaccurate, harassing, dangerous, or threatening.

Get a BAD Recommendation?

From the recommendation itself, you have the option to privately message the person who left the review and discuss customer service options. You can also reply to the review and give your rebuttal.

How are Recommendations Different from Reviews?

Below are the six differences…

  • What was formerly known as “Reviews” in the navigation menu for a page now be known as “Recommendations.”
  • Recommendations are now more prominent on the business page navigation
  • This update only applies to Local Business pages.
  • Historical star ratings will remain visible on pages.
  • Users will now be able to recommend specific features of a local business, upload text reviews that meet a minimum word count and add photos. (screenshot #2 below).
  • Business page owners can give feedback on the recommendations left for their page if it meets one of 9 criteria.

What do you think about “Recommendations” on Facebook?

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