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Best Home Care Marketing Ideas for April 2021

Get the best home care marketing ideas for April 2021- watch the video and download all of the material FREE!
Home Care Marketing Ideas
Home Care Marketing Ideas

Hello people.

I am going to do a video on home care marketing ideas for April, let’s hit the start button.

What’s up everybody. we did a home care marketing ideas video for March, and we did that in the middle of February.

It is now the middle of March. And we are going to do a video on marketing ideas for the month of April.

Get The Best Home Care Marketing Ideas for April 2021

You can get everything I talk about, including this presentation, this video in a fillable form on the website, in the link I’m going to put below the video, and you can get all the stuff, it’s all free.

You don’t have to do anything, but in order to get all the stuff, you have to get access to our drop, pardon, not our Dropbox, our Google Drive folder. So I want you to fill out that little form.

And there’s even more to this story. Let’s get started.

So when it comes to home care marketing, every week, every month gives us a new opportunity to educate and practice community outreach with leads, current clients, and referral sources.

You should never stop marketing. And as our communities start opening back up just a little bit, it gives you a little bit more opportunity to do some community outreach. If you can’t do community outreach, you can still do community outreach.

Here’s what I mean.

April, 2021.

Here are all of the celebrations or “awarenesses” for the month of April.

So Alcohol Awareness Month, I don’t know that anybody in the senior care space is going to go whole hog on that, but it is Alcohol Awareness Month, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, National Autism Awareness Month, National Cancer Control Month, National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Put that phone down and quit texting while you’re driving. National Donate Life Month, National Facial Protection Month. Send out some masks. National Interprofessional Healthcare Month. I don’t know what an interprofessional healthcare person is. I guess it’s a person, maybe it’s the unit secretary at the hospital. I’m not really sure.

National Minority Health Month. Yay.

Occupational Therapy Month. Yay.

National Parkinson’s Awareness Month.

That’s going to be your biggie.

Oral Cancer Awareness Month, Stress Awareness Month. Great one, Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month, National Volunteer Month. You got volunteers, this is a great month. Or if you know an organization near you who has volunteers, great opportunity to get your name out there and help them celebrate. I already said National Autism Awareness Month. So there it is again. Keep America Beautiful Month, and National Garden Month. Oh, I love that part, and National Poetry Month, read me a poem.

All right, let’s talk about all the days that you can celebrate. April Fool’s Day. Be careful. Keep your pranks in your office. Here’s the best advice. Find your boss’s car, and draw a big cardboard sign or small, and somehow loop that cardboard sign onto the front of their vehicle. They won’t even notice it, and make sure the cardboard sign says, “Honk. I’m a fool.” So when they drive around, they drive around all day with honk I’m a fool on their car.

Well, Autism Awareness Day, I didn’t put the actual date because it changes every year, but you can Google that.

Don’t go to work unless it’s fun day.

Now come on people. Some of you are very fun. You could make this a really good one.

School Librarian Day, World Health Day, National Beer Day, Winston Churchill Day, Free Cone Day. I don’t know if that’s just Ben and Jerry’s, Golfers, National Pet Day. Oh, everybody’s send in a picture of your pet. Masters Tournament PGA, National Grilled Cheese Day. Whoops, bring me some grilled cheeses. Coachella Music Festival, Palm Sunday, National Titanic Remembrance Day. Oh. Tax Day. Boo. Good Friday, Lookalike Day, weird. Easter Sunday Earth Day, Administrative Professionals day. That’s a good one. Take Your Daughter or Son to Work Day, fun. Arbor Day, Talladega, I already said that. How come I’m duplicating this. Arbor Day, plant a tree in my name. What? What?

Arbor Day and Super Speedway NASCAR, National Superhero Day. Ooh.

You know who superheroes are, those are all those caregivers that work with you. National Superhero Day.

And National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. So there are tons of things that you can come up with some cute stuff. I’m going to give you all the National Parkinson’s Awareness Month stuff, and then perhaps we will go in and do an Earth Day or sort of some kind of gardening little thing as a second video this month so that you can have a little cute, and there are some really cute ideas for April, for spring and for April. So we’ll probably do that as a second video.

Let’s talk about National Parkinson’s Month.

So first of all, if you go to the parkinson.org, you’re going to find this, National Parkinson’s Awareness Month is at this link right here, in the folder on Google drive. This is a PDF. So you can just click on that link and it’ll take you right where you need to be.

Here are some of the items, move my head around here. Here’s some of the items that they have already done for you. Test your knowledge of Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month. No more PD hashtag, no more PD. And they have… April 11th is World Parkinson Day. Each year, 60,000 people are newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. There are lots of these that they have already put together, already done, and they’re images. So I downloaded all the images, and the PDFs, and everything that you could get from, because they want you to share these. They want you to use them and share them. You can put them on Facebook. You can put them on your website. You can do a blog post. You can send out an email to your referral sources and send them a PDF. You can celebrate World Parkinson’s Day with your referral sources. So, this is one of 30 plus ideas for April.

What can you do to show your creativity?

How can you be in front of referral sources and consumers all the time?

How can you impress your current clients?

How can you create better SEO for your website?

How can you create a better content for social media? I

f you need help with your home care business, marketing it online, go to ASNMarketingPlan.com.

Home Care Marketing CONTEST!!

Next step, contests. Everybody likes to win a little prize and I got something to give away. So I put this out there and I don’t know that it got a whole lot of attention. I’m going to show you what I’m talking about. We are going to go to ASMMarketingPlan.com. And I’m going to go down here to news. By the way, if you haven’t been on, the Senior Care Industry Netcast, you should get yourself signed up. All right, hold on a second. We’re going to rewind here. Here it is. I think we’re going to do this every month. So if you don’t do it for March, you have an opportunity to do it for April.

March, 2021. Now we have until March 31 to get your entries in, all you need is a picture and a description of what you did to market your home care agency in the month of March. And it doesn’t have to be anything specific. So what we’re looking for, creative ideas for handouts, leave-behinds, giveaways, creative, but super cheap.

Please don’t spend a bunch of money, costumes, creative ways to see people safely.

We want photos or a video or write a description of what you did to make your marketing fun.

Any holiday or idea that is executed from March one to 31 will qualify.

Winners are announced the first week of April.

You do not have to be a home care agency, but you must be a senior service provider to enter. There’s a form, and put all the different things you could celebrate. There’s a form right here.

All you have to do is send us, upload your picture or your document or whatever you want to upload right there. And first place winner, and you have really good odds of winning.

So please submit your picture and some sentences about what you did to celebrate. We want to see it. And we will post it and we will make a big deal out of it.

So first place winner, you can have a $100 hotel voucher for a staycation or weekend getaway, or we will make $100 donation to the charity of your choice in your name or your company’s name.

Plus a mention in our weekly newsletter with links to your website.

Second place winner, a hundred dollar in restaurant savings, coupons or vouchers.

So what we do is it’s all electronic.

All I do is send you the hotel voucher electronically or the restaurant savings coupons. And what happens is you go to a website and you put in whatever your town is and it’ll list every restaurant in your area that has buy one, get one free or 10% off or 15% off or whatever.

And you can use whatever coupons you want every time you go out up to a hundred dollars. I guess it adds up to a hundred dollars.

You can get a mention in our weekly newsletter.

And third place is honorable mention in our weekly newsletter with links to your website.

So March 31 is the deadline.

Send me a picture and a few sentences about what you did to market your business in the month of March, 2021.

First place winner, we’ll send you the hotel voucher or donation, second place winner, a hundred dollar restaurant savings coupons and vouchers. Third place winner honorable mention. Everybody gets links from our website and in our newsletter.

All right, use this form to enter. I’m going to send you this link, it’s right here. And, if you go to our website, ASMMarketingPlan.com, and you can just scroll through the blog posts on the news page, and you’ll see it. Anyway, please enter and we’ll get you rolling.

We’ll do another one for April, best home care marketing idea wins. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be cute fun or interesting. Thanks. Bye

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

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