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Hey, how are you? Yeah, this is Valerie V. We’re streaming live from the Valerie V. studios, which is in my house.

It’s my office. How you doing? So today I wanted to show you some things live. No edits it’s just live. But we’ll see if it works. So right now, here’s what’s happening in my house. Here’s how this works.

I start warning people about half an hour in advance that I am going live at a certain time. And so I get everybody settled down.

Of course some yahoo has to be outside the house so that the dogs were barking. Blah blah ya, like, two minutes before I go live.

So the dogs are now locked in the basement. And I’m just sitting here in my cup of coffee waiting to go live. And now we’re live.

So as usual, when we go live, the first thing I need to do is find out if we’re showing up live.

Let’s see. Oh, yeah. Look at that. Yeah. Guess what we are.

I do a lot of videos, but I don’t talk to you about doing video as much as I should. So today I’m going to show you something that, I probably haven’t introduced to you in the past, but what we’re on right now is something called BeLIVE.TV

And just the other thing about going live on Facebook. You know, you’re watching alive, and the person stares with screen and they start saying hi cell until high. So and so and it completely takes away from whatever they’re actually trying to tell you that weird me out. So I don’t do a lot of that.

But everybody’s welcome. And if you’re watching, thank you very much. If you’re watching the replay, okay, the first trick of the night.

We’re going to try to put some text on the screen, so I’m going to do #replay. Oh, there it is. There it is. # replay.

And I guess you can’t move it around. So it’s covered up having my faith. Do you live tv here? Let’s make this going.

BELIVE.TV has a free option. It has a paid option. I am using the paid option. You can go live on a scheduled stream, which I did schedule this one earlier today and you can go alive. Um, just instantly.

This is all done from your computer and not from your phone, which is the way I prefer to do it. I’m not a big phone. Go live, er, uh, and so I highly recommend it. If you’ve never done video, all you have to do is make sure for number one, the light should be in front of you. So light should be looking at my eyes.

So I have a light and I am a window. I actually have a lot of lights, but not a friend to problem up. So have a little light in here, and then, uh, just make sure you have a good mic and I just have a regular Logitech camera.

You can. It’s sitting on top of my screen. You can I have ah, like a tv screen. And you can buy those on amazon pretty cheap. So you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be able to go live. You can even use your phone.

But I would say this if you’re going to go live on Facebook, please turn your phone sideways so your phone should be like this when you go live. Not like this.

Um, so when you’re like this, it’s not that bad, but the screen is cut off, and so we go before you go lie before you even start recording your turn your camera on or do anything, turn your phone so that you have it wide and then go live and you get a regular screen.

If you want to put your big Instagram er and you want to put that video on instant stories are I g t v. Then, yeah, you need the long version. She could always edit it.

Whatever. So this is BELIVE.TV. I highly recommend it for any of you who have had some reservations about how to go live or when to do it or what it takes. It doesn’t even really take anything if you’re going to do Facebook live.

This will also go live on YouTube in a couple of other places coming soon. If you’re a gamer you could even game from here and share screen.

So now I’m going to show you this. The other thing I never liked I don’t know what this is. Oh, seeing things.

The other thing that I was never sure about with going live is I always wanted to show my screen. Like what if I have slides? I want to show you or something. A page on a website, and now I can do it.

You live tv lets me do that. Now I do use something called OBS, which is free, but you have to be a bit of a nerd.

In order to understand how to use that, there are tons of free tutorials online. OBS will connect to Facebook live, and you can share your screen into all kinds of cool stuff.

But if you just want to use something some simple platform, like the live tv you can. So I’m going to show you something else. Ready? Oh, look. Yeah.

So now I’m splitting my screen and I’m sharing a picture with uses a picture from Facebook so you can share images. You can share pictures.

All right, so we’re going to make fatty mcphatterson. Go away. Let’s try this one. Okay. Now I am actually sharing my screen so you can see what I’m doing.

So this is BEKIVE.TV And down here at the bottom, you can see all the different things I can share. I can even add to this.

You can see over here. So my controls and you can see people chatting with me over on the right-hand side. So that is all pretty cool. This is really impressed me. Now be like tv. Didn’t used to be this cool.

Used to be just flat out the live and in a couple of cool things, but not like this. So there are a couple of other things I want to show you about being alive ups. Not that.

Not that. Let’s see. Oh, the oldest. Make it pretty.

You can watch this. Oh, suddenly I have a garden in my face. Oh, how about this?

Oh, spooky. Like for Halloween. You’re a minute. Wait a minute.

Jazz. A jazz a. Okay, let’s make this go away. And there it is, kind of in 3-D. Woooo

All right, so if you’re going to do some videos on I highly recommend that if you haven’t tried this, at least try recording yourself a couple of times. I am not a mac user, and the audience goes boo no, never been a mac user. A bit of pc user my whole life. I will always be a pc user. I’m just not interested in the mac, and this works great with a pc.

Also, I edit everything on a pc. CAMTASIA and it works great. So at my videos with CAMTASIA, there’s a couple of other things you can edit with that are free. I cannot do a good job of editing from my phone. The screen’s too little.

I don’t like doing that. Some of you are pros at any video from your phone. I can’t do that.

Lead a big screen for audio if I want to do just a podcast recording with no video are voiceover of something or I don’t know what.

I use a free program called Audacity. So all this stuff is easy. It’s available to you. It takes you outside of your comfort zone at first, I think last year I spent a whole lot of time doing almost a video every day, and it took or maybe every other day, and it took a long time for me, not only to get comfortable with what I was doing, but also have the right equipment.

What I need. What? No, I not really need. I never went crazy and bought a $900 camera for this.

It’s a simple lodge attack hd 10 80 p. I don’t know. It’s whatever the latest version, the 9 20 or something like that. It’s this little bitty thing.

If you have a camera already in your laptop, you can use that. I do have a mic that you can see. Here it is and I’ve used a bunch. This is not what a professional radio person would use. This is ah, let’s see if I find five. Fine, I don’t know.

It’s about $100 mic. Have had white snowballs, blue snow walls. Those are all mic’s. You can bye on amazon. So again don’t have to spend tons of money but the audio and the lighting or super important so light up high in front of your face looking down at you and good audio so I highly recommend be live tv if I were and this is another thing. So we do a show on approved senior network. Look every Thursday and this is all senior care kind of stuff every Thursday at 3 p. M. Eastern.

Sometimes I record those in advance, and then I use a program called restream.io to make it go live. Make that recorded edited video. Go live and I can sit there and answer questions and help people as the video place, which is fine.

Ah, and sometimes I go live just like this so you can actually do a webinar with me live tv on fall prevention or on hypertension or Alzheimer’s disease or caregiver support.

You could do that on be live tv, belive.tv. Use it to go Facebook, live on your page, and then you can you have the recording forever. So not only does that recording exist on your page, people will watch the replay where people watch the replay. Then they will watch, um, what you do live so I can’t catch everybody live tonight.

There might be three or four people who pop in and out who see me alive tonight. I’m recording this for the people who watch the replay.

That’s who I’m I’m interested in a live folks, too, but the people who watch the replay are the much bigger portion of my audience because some people will watch it later tonight. Some people are at soccer practice. Some people will watch it sometime tomorrow in, you know, or just listen. This will also be a podcast.

This will also be a blood post. This will also be a video on YouTube eventually. So we repurpose the content. We use it everywhere.

If I put a video, if I go live on YouTube, I will. This is another secret that I think is really cool.

If I schedule, let’s say I get this video done and they get the recording of it. I can download it from Facebook and a have I uploaded to RESTREAM.IO and I hit go live on YouTube.

It will go live for me on YouTube. And if I title it, let’s say, um had a market home care for under $100 this month. I don’t know if I do that.

It will be number one on YouTube for the keyword phrase. More homecare marketing or market home care for a few days, which is really cool for me.

So if you were to do that, let’s say you, own an elder law practice, and you want to talk about durable power of attorney or you’re a care manager and you want to talk about what life care managers do, correctly use RESTREAM.IO. Put it out there and it’s live on YouTube. Even though it’s recorded, it’s actually going live on YouTube.

It will be at the top of the search engine results until somebody knocks it off. And that’s pretty cool. YouTube loves live video now, so any time you can go live on YouTube all you have to have the YouTube channel make a couple of clicks here and there and your live.

So, um, I’m liking BELIVE.TV because I can share things with you now that I could not share before mmm oh and watch this week.

Ah, wait. Oh, look at that scene. I’m down here in the corner and my screen is big, so let’s see what happens. Let’s do something else.

Let’s go somewhere. Let’s go to let’s get really weird. Shall we? Shall we get weird? I mean, let’s go, thio. Oh, missy, what if I was live on Facebook looking at myself live on Facebook, uh, cause all kinds of trouble, but we’ll see.

Maybe we’ll all be zapped into another dimension one shall we get was oh, it’s a delay. What if I was, like home Facebook looking at my Facebook?

Uh, because i’ll come to trouble, but we’ll see. I don’t think I should stay there. I think that might be worth it.

Don’t. Now, watch this. Wait a minute. Oh, my gosh. There are two. Me and you came in.

We’ll see what happens here. Now let’s do this on I oh, I can’t do three go. You just can’t get enough of me, can you?

So for Approved Senior Network the other day, we actually tried out a razor called the Gillette Treo. Charlie let me shave him.

It worked out pretty well. It was a fun little thing. Did you? If you have a product that you think we should try, I would be game to try it. It almost used his mom’s walker. She’s got a walker with a little seed in it that you can push her around. I almost went and videotaped us pushing him around in that, but I think if we had another product or two, we would go ahead and let’s quit making this weird.

Hello. So, yeah, if we had a product or two, we could do another try a with good old charlie hued, he’ll be a guinea pig for any product trail. So we’ll find something and we’ll try it out, something that would be helpful for caregivers.

Now there are clothes. I know there’s all kinds of stuff that we could try. You just have him sit in a chair and use one of those little blankets.

See how long is sit there s. So anyway, I highly recommend going live on Facebook or at least creating videos. And, you know, with the live tv now I believe you can go ahead and create the videos without going lives. You can do this offline.

You edit the video and then put it on your Facebook business page. I’m telling you, this is the best way to get engagement.

I love doing this. I love it when folks tune in. And by the way, #replay important.

Oh, for a minute will see ad media. Let’s see. Ah, let’s see here. Oh, I said it go.

Let’s try a different one. Waited, needing any me? Okay, let’s try this. How many of you saw this before I came on live?

Mmm. You just look at that for a second. While I find is the chocolate covered strawberry. Let us see what we have here. Do we have it to have it?

Wait, dang. Okay. You see these chocolate covered strawberries right here? Who? It’s time to give away a dozen chocolate covered strawberries. Let me get rid of mademoiselle.

Okay? So if you’re watching this as a replay, you need to put in #replay? Hold on while I sit up in my chair. What we do is or hey, how about this? We’ll do another # wait a minute.


Oh, there it is. All right, so if you put in #replay has checked strawberries or comment or like Elisa, did you say hi, Valerie or something like that? Everybody. Few comments or engages or #s, even if you’re watching the replay. Now, if you go ahead and do that, then we put everybody’s name in a little hat when we draw a name and then we contact you for your address. And we send out a dozen chocolate covered strawberries to you.

Ah, to your house, you’re office wherever you want them to arrive. And we’ve been doing that since we started. I see Jessica is tuning in, and she’s adding some stuff.

So right now the odds are pretty good. I only have Jessica and Elisa who sent anything. Hi. Um, but I also will give this a couple of days. And so if you’re watching the replay, go ahead and engage with the video and put in # strawberries. #replay. Hi. How you doing? Whatever.

Because I’d give it about 48 hours or so, and then I’ll go back and see how many engagements we have and will make a drawing from there.

And Jessica really wants the strawberries. So I’m guessing that if nobody else comments which usually do get a fair amount, uh, then she might be in good odds.

All right, so that is that. So the next thing you need to do is this you need to go to be live dot tv and you need to sign up for an account, and you need to practice going live from your laptop from your desktop. Of course, you have to have a camera, uh, and see what you look like. Make sure you have enough light on your face.

Make sure that people can hear you go live. You know, if you’re not going to use be live tv practice going live from your phone, some people secretly will create a Facebook business page that no one knows about, sort of like their secret test page. And they’ll go live to that page.

Um, you know, and nobody else will see it. So you can kind of get a feel for it, but it’s like and how it looks.

And if you practice and go all the way through like, if I was sharing my screen with you, then all I’d have to do is pull it my slides over here or make myself small down in the corner and show you my big slides.

I could do an entire webinar right here, and maybe we’ll even do that. Some marketing, webinar. But I’m telling you that the video portion of marketing has really it’s not turning back, and it’s going to get bigger and bigger all the time.

This is a great way to stand out. I know you can do it. Do you see me? I’m not prepared. I’m not. I’m not reading off a teleprompter.

Just be yourself. If you’ve ever watched juggling the Jenkins, that gal will go live any time. Anywhere. She doesn’t have makeup on her hair is not fixed. She just riel and people totally dig it. I’m not good about not having makeup honest if I’m but some people are very cool about that and they don’t care. And that’s awesome.

You can go live any time and you where people totally love it. And especially if you have a good message to share.

So video is where it’s at. The other thing to know is this video will also be on our tv channel. Yes, to get rid of the strawberry, saying it’s bugging me, uh, will be alive on our tv channel. So we have a tv channel on raku and on amazon fire tv I have to do is look for the Valerie V. show.

It’s been up there a long time, so I know it shows up in search and when you do that, you install the app. It’s free for ROKU, you install the channel for amazon fire tv, it’s called an app instead of a channel used all the app, it’s free.

You can even go on Amazon right now, like on your computer and type in Valerie the show, and you can download or you can.

It’s not buying anything. You can activate that app and tell it which amazon device and was on fire tv device in your home you wanted to go to and it will.

So it will show up in your account in the next time you turn on your television. It’s pretty cool, and we upload all of our videos to amazon fire tv and raku, and there’s a little magic process behind that ham. You have lots of engagement there.

We also have approved senior network tv. So every time we do a video on approve senior network, we put those on our tv channel and folks, we have a great audience for Roku and amazon fire tv. This is a set of folks who still watch tv. They may not go on YouTube, but by golly, if you tell them to go to fate. If they’re on Facebook and your advertising your channel, they will go to Roku or in some fire tv, and they will tune in your shows. Free your television channels free.

They can see all of your episodes. Scroll right on through them. It is pretty cool. So be sure to check us out on tv.

So when we repurpose these videos were on tv. You have a podcast. We have made it into a blogger post. We put it on YouTube.

We have it here on Facebook. There are tons of ways I shared on LinkedIn anywhere else. Second, share it, I share it.

And this is what drives our business and has been driving our business for a very long time. When we asked people when they fill up our forms on our website how’d you hear about us?

I saw your video. Google search. Found your video, um, tons of responses on Google video on Google.

Saw your video Facebook, Facebook group, Facebook page, video.

So it is really worth it. It is really worth the consumers air into it just as much as business owners are.

So all right, guys, I’m not going to keep you any longer. Thank you so much for joining us on the Valerie V Show. BeLive.tv has just improved things to the point where I love it.

You should give it a try. It’s got a free level, and you can practice without going live. Or you can practice on the secret Facebook business page that you create that only you know about.

So be sure and get yourself comfortable with live Facebook video and use it to your advantage. Thanks. Everybody will talk to you again soon. Where we’re don’t forget to engage cause awake because all right, you can get these boys.

Yeah. Yeah. Oh, It doesn’t tell me how to end a live. Well, maybe I’m going to be here all day and all night,