Being Everywhere…

How "Being Everywhere" Creates an Aura of Success for Your Home Care Business 3

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(and how it creates an “aura of success” for your home care business…)

….both in perception AND in reality….)

Let’s start with Reality

I’m sure at one point or another you have heard that….

….it takes on average of between 5 – 8 meaningful ‘touches’ before someone who has never used your services will decide to do business with you…..

And you’ve possibly seen stats that say in almost any given market…

  • only about 3% of people are actively seeking services now…
  • about 7% are open to using your services…
  • 30% know they will have the need at some point but they’re not thinking about it now
  • 30% of people don’t even realize they have the problem…
  • and 30% for any number of random reasons simply will never buy from your home care business….
  1. People who are ready to use your services now are in an “elder care crisis”…
  2. People who are open to home care services or know they will need them one day are “information seekers”. (with many of them being able to be ‘accelerated’ into the “elder care crisis mode” quite quickly)
  3. People who don’t realize they even have the problem you help solve are “about to take a trip”.
  4. People who will NEVER use your home care services aren’t even on the radar)

When we’re aware of how many ‘touches’ it usually takes to make a sale, as well as how small the percentage people who are ready to use your services now….we start thinking about our home care marketing a little bit differently….

….and “BEING EVERYWHERE” becomes a POWERFUL tool for generating more leads (AND generating higher quality leads)

You can engineer your home care business around “being everywhere” in terms of making many meaningful ‘touches’…

…that is the “EVERYWHERE Effect”.

And you do this in a way where you provide so much value to your market that they begin becoming VERY interested in, curious about, and compelled by you.

This helps you build a relationship (AKA Being REAL and Being YOU) with your market.


So if you want to attract your best potential customers + clients…

…plan your marketing so that it treats your audience in a way that treats them as if ALL of them are your ideal, perfect prospects.

Treat them ALL that way….

….and the ones who fit the bill will emerge from the crowd.

ALL of that flows from being EVERYWHERE.

And it all translates to leads and sales.

….and part of the reason why these REAL results happen is that of the PERCEPTION that “EVERYWHERE” creates for your home care business.

As we discussed, you can be EVERYWHERE in a way that delivers value AND creates relationships…

They are VERY consciously thinking about how it seems like you are literally EVERYWHERE….

….which means they likely perceive that your home care business is also everywhere for many more people than you actually are….

….which means they think you must be spending a TON of money on ads….

….which means they believe that you MUST be very profitable in order to be able to spend so much on ads.

And, unsurprisingly, people want to associate themselves with people they believe to be successful, growing, winning, etc

Consciously or subconsciously, we inherently know we become the average of the people we spend the most time and energy with.

And then you quickly create an “aura of success” (both real and perceived) around your home care business…

…and that’s when your home care business becomes REALLY fun, energizing, and interesting.

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