Amazing Home Care Marketing Client of the Month for May 2018!

Amazing Home Care Marketing Client of the Month for May 2018!



Valerie V.:           Hey, guys. Valerie V Show and in one second I am going to announce to you, if you haven’t heard already, who the May 2018 client of the month is for LTC Expert Publications. We have a winner and on the way to that winner is a great, sweet surprise.

Valerie V.:           Hey, guys. Valerie V Show. I just wanted to take some time on Tuesday to talk to you about our client of the month for May. I’m going to preface this by saying that we have a lot of amazing clients. But when I went in and asked the staff who do you consider to be client of the month, who can we honor, who is awesome? They had a lot of names but the one that we were all in agreement on is Grove Park Pharmacy, Hospice and Medical Equipment. I think I said that in the wrong order. Grove Park Pharmacy Medical Equipment and Hospice in Orangeburg, South Carolina. I think I got that right without looking.

Valerie V.:           They have been a client of ours for a few months now, a couple of months and they have contributed 11 or 12 pieces of company news, meaning blog posts that they have written with pictures and have shown us their community outreach. They have shown us their internal news, meaning caregivers of the month or angels of the month. They have shown us a lot of cool stuff and we have posted all of that on their website and they are doing an amazing job on Facebook. They’re doing an amazing job of paying attention, of watching the videos in the mentoring program, of following along, of being in the meetings or watching them later. These folks have got it together.

Valerie V.:           We want to congratulate Debbie Hare and Mikaela Johnson for their contributions and their hard work. You can visit their website at I’ll put that somewhere here. You can see their website. You can see their blog posts and you can look at all the stuff that they’ve contributed on top of what we are writing for them. Please visit their social media. Please like their page. We wanted to give them a shout out today and to let Debbie and Mikaela know that a dozen chocolate covered strawberries and a thank you note are on their way to you from all of us at LTC Expert Publications. Thank you for being an amazing client and we hope to work with you for years to come. Thanks, everybody. That is Tech Tuesday even though it wasn’t really techy. We want to congratulate our month of May winners, Grove Park Pharmacy. Thanks, everybody. We’ll see you tomorrow.

LTC Expert Publications is proud to announce our AMAZING Home Care Marketing Client of the Month for May 2018!

So many of our clients are regularly engaging and being proactive with their own content- and we recognize all of the contributions over the last month. Your extra attention is helping YOUR home care agency grow.

It was unanimous- Grove Park Pharmacy, Medical Equipment, and Hospice Care is the staff choice for Amazing Client of the Month!

Amazing Home Care Marketing Client of the Month for May 2018! 3Yes, they really do have a Pharmacy, DME, and Hospice all under one roof.

We would like to thank Debbie Hare, LMSW, Director of Hospice, and Mikaela Johnson, Manager of DME for being frequent and fun contributors of content for their own website, social media, and e-newsletter.

Here’s more about Grove Park Pharmacy, Medical Equipment, and Hospice Care:

Our parent company Orange Cut Rate Drugs was founded in 1937 by the late C. Page Thompson, Sr. In 1984 Mr. Page’s son Charles continued the tradition by opening Grove Park Pharmacy in its current location. Over the years Mr. Charles has grown the pharmacy and expanded to include Medical Equipment and our own Hospice. Two of Mr. Charles’s daughters continued the family tradition by becoming pharmacists. Amy is currently working as Grove Park’s Pharmacist‐In‐Charge while Jennifer works at a pharmacy in the Charleston area.

Visit their website at