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How Advanced SEO Will Increase Your Home Care Website Visibility- Case Study with Results!

Case Study: Learn how our advanced SEO techniques took this home care agency's new website from zero-hero in just 2 weeks! Let us help your website rank!
Home Care SEO Advanced SEO Techniques
Home Care SEO Advanced SEO Techniques

Advanced Home Care SEO Case Study

Approved Senior Network Marketing recently completed a NEW home care website for our clients at Great Oak Senior Care in Bloomington MN.

Prior to building a new website, their old site hadn’t been rebuilt since 2014.

That’s a long time!

The Home Care Advanced SEO techniques used 2010-2018 have changed significantly. If your website was built in 2013, 2014, up to 2017, it’s time to consider an upgrade!

Great Oak Senior Care BEFORE

Great Oak Senior Care AFTER:

Welcome our newest home care website for Great Oak Senior Care in Bloomington, MN! Our staff at ASN welcomes them to our home care marketing as well. Take a look!

Home Care Advanced SEO Program:

Here’s a summary of what we did to get this client off to an amazing start!

  • 6 Long-Form, Fully-Written Search Engine Optimized Services Pages
  • 2 Long-Form Blog Posts on Your Specialized Services
  • Advanced Schema behind-the-scenes (secret amazing sauce)
  • Internal Linking
  • Added 1 set of highly qualified, high-ranking links pointing to the website.
  • Works best in combination with our GEM program. (Google My Business)

*Only available for clients who are also website clients with Approved Senior Network Marketing. Your website must be fast, mobile-friendly, and error-free before advanced SEO techniques will work.

Before redesigning the Great Oak website, we could not find them on page one for any local search.

Today, 2 weeks later (2 WEEKS!), they are on the first page for the following keyword phrases: (according to tests run on SEMRUSH and AHREFS)

  • senior home care Bloomington (ON THE MAP)
  • in home senior care near Bloomington (ON THE MAP)
  • in home elder care Bloomington
  • private duty home care Bloomington (#1 on MAP)
  • 24-hour home care Bloomington
  • hospital to home care transition Bloomington
  • Alzheimer’s home care Bloomington (#2 ON THE MAP)

Up and coming keywords include:

  • home care agencies near Bloomington
  • elderly care Bloomington
  • elder care Bloomington
  • senior care companies Bloomington
  • in-home care Bloomington
  • and more!

Interested in home care advanced SEO for your senior care website? We can do it! Fill out our form here: https://www.asnmarketingplan.com/contact-us/

The Best Home Care Advanced SEO Company

In 2021, and as things continue to change, internet marketers, as well as business owners are wondering whether search engine optimization (SEO) is a thing of the past. Well, the short answer is ‘NO’, and we are going to explore why.

The truth is, home care SEO isn’t dying, but it has somewhat become more of a tactical game. Currently, a robust SEO skill set can make a substantial difference to your home care business’s digital platform. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the technology utilized by search engines is constantly being updated in order to give better results.

Not too long ago, webmasters simply stuffed websites with keywords, random content, and links. At the time, this used to give tremendous results in rankings. However, the manner in which search engines rank content has drastically changed.

Today, the search engines try to identify relevant individual content pieces and not just a site that happens to have matching keywords. In the present day and the future, search engines will be more focused on ensuring that websites and search results are more relevant to what users are actually looking for. This is essentially a win for everybody.

In order to enjoy the true benefits of search engine optimization in this modern age, a concrete strategy for creating new and relevant content is needed. Perhaps the best thing about this content is that it can then be utilized to attract visitors from social media and email channels to a website. Once a visitor is on your site, there’s a multitude of ways to help them engage as well as convert.

Approved Senior Network is located in St. Charles, MO. We service senior care clients anywhere in the US and Canada.

Social Media and Home Care Advanced SEO Techniques

As social media platforms continue to become more powerful channels for driving engagement with people, search engines are taking more influence from the social media signals. But what does this really mean for your business?

Well, everything you post on social media needs to link with something relevant on your site. It is imperative to take a combined approach to content creation and promotion with technical search engine optimization and social media to get the best traction from both strategies.

This ideally means that you will have to stay on top of your home care SEO campaign; the strategy needs to be constantly changing. It’s not something you can just set and forget.

This approach will undoubtedly increase the reach of your web content and ascertain that as search engines continue to rely more on social media signals, they will be able to find a correlation between your social media content and website. Ultimately, this will help improve your site and its key content on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

In conclusion, search engine optimization is certainly not dead. However, if you want to succeed in your campaign, you need to use the right techniques and ensure that your home care SEO resource knows how to align your company’s digital footprint with the current web trends. Success with SEO in 2021 and the coming years will need a different approach compared to the tactics of the previous years. If your SEO approach is as “human” as possible, you can be sure that good things are going to happen for your search engine ranking.

Local Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ever-changing world and whether a specialist or an Advanced SEO agency, staying on top means keeping track of the blogs by Matt Cutts, watching Google Updates, and changing their long-term ranking strategy accordingly.

Despite all the wealth of information out there, there are many SEO specialists who aren’t changing nearly fast enough and it is their clients that are getting hurt as a result. This also affects webmasters who need to handle their own SEO work.

Classic Home Care SEO Mistakes

  • Too Much Emphasis On Keyword Density
  • Using Cheap Content Copy
  • Ignoring Mobile Search
  • Not Keeping A Social Media Profile Active

In Conclusion

While getting links from other websites will remain a much sexier topic of discussion, and while that remains a very important part of modern home care SEO, having outbound links is an extremely important part of modern SEO. You don’t need to overdo it. Even just one to three per page can make all the difference in helping your site look trustworthy and move up the rankings. Follow the advice given in this article and you will see some major positive results! Approved Senior Network Home Care SEO is always here to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and focuses on growing visibility from the free, organic (non-paid) search results on search engines such as Google or Bing. SEO uses technical and creative elements that will increase awareness, improve rankings, and drive traffic from search engines. There are so many facets of SEO to learn about, from the keywords on your page to the way other sites link to you. SEO is a sustainable, long-term strategy that will make your site search engine friendly and better for visitors too.

Here at Approved Senior Network Home Care SEO we want to make SEO understandable for everyone!

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that it can be found in an organic search query, as long as the intent of the user is to find local information that matches the content on your website.

These searches will typically include a geographical indicator such as a city or zip code along with the business or product they’re looking for. An example of this search query is “home care near Bloomington, MN”, the search engine would then display websites with content that matches this query.

A consumer can do a search query without a geo-qualifier if they have the location function enabled on their device. This search query would look similar to “car repair shop near me”. Including “near me” helps the search engine determine that you are looking for something that is local to you, as opposed to something irrelevant.

Why is Advanced SEO beneficial to my site?

SEO is the gift that keeps on giving. Organic listings are basically free. The majority of traffic comes from major search engines like Google and Bing. With just a bit of effort on your end you will see an increase in awareness and a definite increase in traffic. It’s time to take your site to the next level and get the thousands of visitors you deserve.

Higher visibility means credibility. Plain and simple, Google is the most authoritative search engine and ranking in the top search results will create brand credibility. Search engines are unique from social media-driven traffic because they provide targeted traffic, meaning people are seeking what you offer. If search engines don’t “see” your site that means you are missing out on potential viewers/customers.

Advanced SEO is gaining ground. Your competitors are realizing the benefits of SEO and are already taking advantage of them. Even though you might be offering better content or services, your competitors that use SEO are higher up in the ranks. Let us help you get noticed!

Access to data. Access to that keyword data and seeing what your visitors are searching for means you can discover new ways to expand. Use this to your advantage because this data has the potential to bring you thousands of visitors or sales.

Permanent Results. Remember, SEO is sustainable and its effects are permanent. With regular site maintenance and keeping your visitors engaged with great content and a strong site structure, you should be well on your way to that top spot!

Why do search engines not understand my site without Advanced SEO?

Simply put, if the major search engines can’t easily crawl your website then you are unlikely to rank. Your site needs to be easy for search engine bots to understand and the key ingredient to search engines efficiently crawling your site is good site architecture. Good website structure means that all of your most important pages are viewable within a couple of clicks from the homepage. This makes your content easily accessible to not only search engines but visitors too.

Can I do my own SEO?

Of course! With guides like ours and a strong desire to learn about SEO you are soon to become an SEO guru! We provide a Basic SEO Report Card so that you can begin to climb the ranks yourself. Each section of our SEO guide will provide you with the most efficient ways to harness the full power of Search Engine Optimization! Of course we would love to partner with you on your SEO project. Approved Senior Network Home Care SEO can advise or take on the whole project, leaving you to run your business.

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

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