TOP 5 WAYS To Marketing Your Senior Care Home Care Business Online
TOP 5 WAYS To Marketing Your Senior Care Home Care Business Online

I’ve always said the in-person networking will never go away, and it will always be a strong necessity for your marketing plan.

And then it went away.

You can’t do ANY in-person networking or marketing right now. Weird, right?

All hail the internet!

It’s time to up your game. If you have resisted this in the past, or haven’t REALLY paid attention, it’s time to learn about new ways to market your services. (or increased ways)

Here’s a list of the TOP 5 ways to market your senior care business… that can make an online impact RIGHT NOW.

#1 Google My Business- Own your listing, use every available option on your listing! Not sure what this means?

  • Google has changed the game for their business listing several times over the years. Today, having a highly visible listing with blog posts, services, products and more, is crucial.
  • Don’t have time to do-it-yourself? We can do it for you.
  • You CAN do it yourself.
  • Our cost is $89 per month for a LOT of “doing.”
  • Download the free checklist and GET STARTED. (see above)

Examples of recent posts for Home Care Agencies on Google My Business:

Sample Google My Business Posts for HOME CARE
Sample Google My Business Posts for HOME CARE
Sample Google My Business Posts for HOME CARE
Sample Google My Business Posts for HOME CARE
Sample Google My Business Posts for HOME CARE
Sample Google My Business Posts for HOME CARE

#2 Combine Your Google My Business Listing with Google ADS for an AWESOME 1-2 punch.

When you market your senior care business by combining the power of your listing with the power of a LOW COST Google Ads campaign, the phone rings. Yes it does, yes it does.

  • You can do this, or get help from us…here’s the formula:
  • Create a Google Ads campaign that contains 2000+ keyword phrases, and 100+ negative keyword phrases. (negative keyword phrases minimize job seekers).
  • Set up a similar campaign on Facebook. Both work well. We are finding that as of March 2020, Google Ads tend to work better in certain locations.
  • This campaign is set up to run in your local area and can be adjusted by radius or zip code.
  • The potential client has 4 ways to communicate:
    • Phone Call
    • Form
    • Text
    • Email
  • Make sure you are instantly notified by email when a new lead comes in..and can also be notified by text, if you wish.
  • Make sure the potential new client receives an instant TEXT letting them know that their inquiry was received and someone will be in touch.
  • Make sure you have a full CRM loaded with potential clients
  • Organize them by category:
    • Filled Out Form,
    • Contacted,
    • In-Home Assessment
    • Started Services
    • Not Qualified
  • Make sure you can schedule assessments directly from the CRM.
  • You should be able to Text, Chat, Email, and Call from ONE PLATFORM.
  • Spend as much or as little on Google Ads as you like. Minimum $10 per day.
  • Can we do this for you? Yes, but you CAN do it yourself.
  • We call this our SCIP CARE program.
  • When you combine this with a FREE CRM to manage your leads- BAM. Killing it! #winning
Top 5 Ways to Market Your Senior Care Business During Tough Times! 7
Google Mt Business Listing Increase in Activity in 28 Days Using the GEM Program
Top 5 Ways to Market Your Senior Care Business During Tough Times! 8
Increase in Activity in the last 28 days with GEM and SCIP PROGRAM
Top 5 Ways to Market Your Senior Care Business During Tough Times! 9
This is the kind of activity you WANT TO SEE!

#3 Your Website. Come on folks, when was the last time you REALLY took a look at your website?

Senior Care Websites by Approved Senior Network
Senior Care Websites by Approved Senior Network
  • Your website is THE #1 Way to Market Your Senior Care Business!
  • How many pages have outdated content?
  • Are images missing or broken, do your forms work?
  • Is it built with a Godaddy “website right now” service? GAHHHHHH! JANK STORE!
  • How many blog posts have you added?
  • How’s that SEO looking? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, it’s time to get a free assessment that tells you the GOOD, the bad, and the ugly.
  • P.S. If you don’t have a chat widget on your website that is fully integrated with your CRM, talk to me.
  • Add videos that you create
  • Add blog posts that you create
  • No time? Talk to us about doing it for you- SCOPE
  • Need a new website (yes, you do) LEARN MORE HERE.

#4 Your Facebook Business Page- Post. Every. Day. It’s that simple. You don’t post, you get lost in a sea of insanity.

  • Using some low-cost Facebook ads to gain a local audience of fans and market your senior care business is super important.
  • Build your local audience. Once a person LIKES your page, they typically see your content.
  • Learn what BOOSTING a post means,
  • WHY you should boost your posts,
  • WHEN you should boost your posts, and
  • WHERE you should boost your posts.
  • There is a strategy! Yes, we can help. (SCOPE PROGRAM)
  • Facebook has a ton of FREE resources that teach you how to do this.

#5 Communicate with Your Referral Sources!

  • Add them to an Email Campaign that checks in on them every 3rd – 5th day during the week.
  • It’s time to up the game on email marketing.
  • It works. If your emails are thoughtful, timely, and have a good message, they will be read AND REMEMBERED.
  • How? You can do this manually of course!
  • You can let world events stop you from effectively learning to market your senior care business. Get started with email marketing and see where this takes you.
  • Or, How about access to an amazing CRM that does all of the work for you? We set up your email campaign with your help, and then let it roll. BAM!
  • Use our CRM for FREE if you are part of our SCIP or SCOPE programs.
  • Why is it better than HUBSPOT? Because we set up everything and write your emails for you (if you like).
  • We write your texts (if you like).
  • We do it all, with you, to WOW yourself and your referrals sources with your amazing organizational skills and positive interactions.
  • Schedule tasks that remind you WHO to call and WHEN to call them. Track your calls, texts, and emails. Track new referrals and WHO they came from…track it ALL.

#6 Can you use The SMART CRM, but not our services?

YES! But then it’s not free. But TOTALLY AFFORDABLE! Why? Because we set it up for you to get you moving and then support you for as long as you are using the CRM.

Complete CRM Set up includes:

  • Import of contacts, tagged and organized
  • Import of 1 customized campaign (we give you 3 options)
  • Set up of notifications and triggers so that you are instantly aware of new leads, recruits, or communications
  • Connection of Google My Business, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Facebook Messenger, Google Ads
  • Set up and use of tracked and recorded phone line.
  • Set up of Review Request system
  • Code for live chat, and set up.
  • Video tutorial specific to your set up that shows you the overview of how things work.
  • One 30-minute call to ask more detailed questions and go over the use of the system.
  • Support via our support desk for unlimited support via our ticketing system. Fast, effective support and answers.
  • Set up fee: $399. Monthly Fee: $99, no long- term contracts
  • READ ABOUT ALL OF THE COOL FEATURES HERE and let us help YOU market your senior care business.

*As of July 2020, these prices will increase to $499 set up and $199 per month for new “CRM-only” clients. Old clients will be grandfathered in at the old pricing.