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5 Tips on Getting More Home Care Reviews In a Challenging Market

Need more home care reviews for your senior care business? This article looks at tips that make getting home care reviews a LOT easier!
Home Care Review Program
Home Care Review Program

How Do Home Care Agencies Get More Online Reviews? Why is it so tough?

If you have been in the senior care market for any length of time you know that it’s not easy to get online home care reviews from customers…especially those amazing Google reviews….

And, our market is fraught with challenges… like having reviews from disgruntled employees that not only don’t make sense, but are often for the wrong agency, on made-up profiles, or tell a not-quite-true story about what really happened.

Our clients are seniors. Our clients are also their adult children. They are all in moment in their life full of difficult moments and decisions. There is a lot of overwhelm- both emotionally and financially.

Leaving you a review is not their first priority, or maybe not even their 10th in line.

So HOW in the world does a home care agency get more online reviews?

A Few Home Care Review-Getting Tips:

Google is important, but it’s not the only game in town. Don’t be afraid to use platforms that are WAY easier on your clients and family members.

One example is https://www.ApprovedSeniorNetwork.com

Platforms like this are nice because not only can YOU get a free listing, but your clients do NOT have to sign up for an account. They can go to your review page, leave a review, and that’s it. No fuss.

You have to ask, and keep asking. This is a big one. It’s hard to ask. It’s hard to remember to ask. The only way to get more home care reviews is to consistently, but politely ask.

Seize the moment. When that “thank you” email comes in, or that “We are so happy!” email hits your inbox- reply professionally, thankfully, and take the time to ASK. Catch them in a happy moment.

Involve your staff. The owner or marketer should not be the only person asking for reviews. Everyone on your team who interacts with the client an the family should be asking. Teach them how to ask. Teach them when to ask. Give them the tools to be successful.

Reply to every home care review on every platform. Add a note of thanks on every single review you receive. Add a personal note. Do not leave your reviews unanswered. Even the bad ones should have some kind of professional follow up note. Not an emotional note, a professional note. Sleep on it!

Get Help. We have thought long and hard about this challenge for many years. Today we released our “Senior Service Reviews” program out of beta. Automate the process, let our system do the work. You just watch those amazing home care reviews roll right in… it works, give it a try!

Learn more about making your review-getting life easier here.

Home Care Reviews Program
Home Care Reviews Program

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