3min video- 3 Tips on Caregiver Recruiting. Also learn more about our system here: http://bit.ly/srmarket1

Hey guys, in three minutes I am going to give you three tips that will help your recruiting immensely.

Hey, that’s Valerie V. Today, I have a tip for you on your recruiting ads and I’ve seen this work over and over and over again. Really, really consider offering bonuses. I know that you offer amazing benefits and you offer all kinds of great support and your ads are lovely, but I see, having done this for many, many companies, that really that $500 bonus goes a long way to get recruits to respond to your ads. So, I highly recommend it. You do not have to pay it the day of their hire. You can make that a condition of 90 days of employment, a condition of 180 days of employment. Just be careful not to spread it out too far.

So, a bonus is one of the things I recommend doing. The other is making sure that you are not shooting yourself in the foot by inhibiting the way these caregivers are able to communicate with you. So, by that I mean if you stop expecting them to fill out the full application before they come into your office, you will get a lot further.

If you can just get the questions answered that are deal breakers. Do you have reliable transportation to and from work? Do you have a valid driver’s license? Do you have your CHA, HHA, CHHA, CNA whatever it is, or maybe they don’t need anything at all depending on your state. If you can get past those deal breaker questions, that’s all you need. Please, just do that much. Talk to them on the phone or text with them. Our platform allows you to talk with them, text with them. You can phone call with them and you can email them. You can all three through our platform. If you take the time to do that and just ask a few simple questions or text with them a few simple things. Or if you know they’re already working for another home care agency or a facility, they’re probably meeting all of your criteria, so asking them to fill out that long application is not necessary right upfront.

Yes, I know you need all that information, but if you pare that down to just the basics, you need to get them in the door and you offer a bonus, you will have more people coming in the door, you’ll have more success and it is a numbers game and if you didn’t see the video I did on answering the phone or talking to these folks, being happy is what you really need to do, I don’t care how many people you’ve talked to, how many people have called off today. Being polite and happy and professional on the phone with someone who is applying for a job is the absolute best thing you can do. Treat the person applying for a job or inquiring about a job ad with the same amount of enthusiasm and respect that you would treat someone hopefully who’s calling in because they need help with an aging loved one. If you do that, you will start winning on this recruiting thing.

If you need help, our platform is available to anybody who wants to use it for recruiting. We take care of all the ads, we take care of everything on the front end. All you have to do to manage it on the backend, and we give you a CRM to do that with.