Valerie V Show: Reconnect with Old Home Care Leads, Caregivers and More!

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Hey guys, it’s Valerie V. And over the next three minutes, we’re going to talk about reconnecting with leads that never closed, seeing if they need care today and recruits that never actually became caregivers. So, if you just hang on there for the next three minutes, I’m going to tell you how we can help you get that done.

Hey guys, Valerie V. I hope everybody had a great Mother’s Day. Boy, do I look great today? You can tell I took a little nap. Anyway, what I want to talk to you about today is what we call reigniting campaigns or rejuvenation campaigns. You can call it whatever you want and what that means is you probably, if you’ve been in business for any length of time, have a ton of ways that you’ve purchased, people that have called in and never pulled the trigger on your services. You probably have tons of those somewhere in some CRM, an Excel spreadsheet, somewhere where you keep, hopefully, are keeping track of all those things. Or maybe the lead company sent you Excel spreadsheets full of your leads or maybe you can download them, whatever the case.

In our senior care inquiry program with our CRM software, we can use what’s called a re-ignition or reignite campaign. Take all those leads that never closed and we can send them through a campaign with a text in 30 days of emails. So, about like 15 emails over 30 days and add them to your newsletter list if they’re not already there and we can do all of that from our CRM and you can watch and keep track of what’s going on right inside the CRM.

And that way, any of those leads that may have been long forgotten and are not being followed up with, we can do that. If you have referral sources that you haven’t contacted in a long time and you want to reestablish a relationship with them, then we can create a campaign that reestablishes that relationship. So if you haven’t gotten on board with the SCIP program, and I’ll put a link to it in here, please read about it.

Also, if you have not researched the recruiting campaign that we can do through SCIP, that is also a great place to do a reignite campaign. So that means that if you have old caregivers, caregivers who didn’t finish their paperwork, caregivers who may have inquired a long time ago but never came to work for you, I’m sure there’s a huge list of those. If you want to re-engage with those people and see if they’re available to take hours or if they’re interested or in changing jobs or whatever, we can do that as well. So the power of the CRM with the texting, the phone calling and emailing within the CRM itself is pretty amazing, and the work that we do upfront to help you get to where you want to be is also pretty amazing.

So find out more about the SCIP program, whether it’s for senior care inquiries or for recruiting. Talk to us and we can explain the rest. And I’ll leave the links to the pages where you can find out more below this video. Thanks everybody. Bye.