12 Commandments of Home Care Marketing

12 Commandments of Home Care Marketing 3
12 Commandments of Home Care Marketing Have Been Spoken…

Are you serious about your success as a home care agency owner and marketer?

After 13 years of working with hundreds of home care agency owners, I can tell from a mile away who will succeed and who will fail.

The “tell” is their willingness to be ALL IN.

Half-ass won’t due.

Sorry, but it’s the truth.

Here are my 12 Commandments of Home Care Marketing.

This is what I would do if I were starting a home care agency today. This is what I would do if I were one year in and not seeing the results I wanted.

Many of them may not be what you want to hear/ read. 🙂

This is a long-game strategy. If you do not have long-game time, you will fail.

1. I would market my butt off, in-person, networking. Every. single. day. With professional organizations, not consumers.

Want to talk to someone who knows their stuff, I suggest taking a long look at Touching Hearts at Home Gainesville, FL – their site, their newsletter, their FB page. Christina Ramos is unstoppable.

2. You need a small 10 to 16-page WordPress website for any chance of ever seeing the first page of Google organically.

You do NOT need to spend 10K on one website. However, the Proweaver, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and any other do-it-yourself site builder or cheap site will NOT play with the big boys. If you spend $399 on a website, it will never rank in 10,000,000 years. If you buy cheap hosting on GoDaddy, your site will never rank in 10,000,000 years.

Do you want to beat the big boys at their own game? You have to play like the big boys. We do it all day long, but we aren’t cheap.

If you are part of a franchise that does not let you contribute or manage your own site….well, it is what it is. Work around it within your contract. Do more in other areas that you can control.

3. Your Google My Business listing needs to be active and verified on Google.

No PO BOXES, NO UPS STORES, NO VIRTUAL OFFICES. If you do not have a real office yet, use your home address (YES!!) but once the listing is verified you can choose to hide the address. YES this works.

4. Your SEO needs to be re-done and enhanced with long-form content on every page.

Every service page should have a minimum of 1000 words. That’s right- if you can’t write… pay someone to do it for you, and do it well.

5. Your GMB and your website must MATCH.

Services, products, website, call to action etc.

6. Stop any spending on Facebook until you get the rest put together.

7. Blog posting on your new website should happen at least 2x per month- search engine optimized and unique content.

8. Post to FB 5 days per week. Post to your GMB 5 days per week. Organic.

9. Stop all lead buying from care.com and caring.com and careinhomes.com

(Unless you close 3/10 leads, stop buying them. Money flushing…do you hear it?)

10. No paper mailing or wasting money on mailers. 

Mailing junk= flushing money down the toilet. Can you hear those $100 dollar bills slipping through the pipes? That’s what USPS mailing does for you.

11. Need a shot of Short Game?

Implement a $600 minimum per month spend on Google Ads that will bring in around 5-6 leads per month. If you can afford more, do more.  (this should be done by professionals who not only know Google Ads but also understand the home care market) Google Ads is a short game. It is not the way to run your business long-term.

12. All leads need to be called back within 5-8 minutes. 

All leads should be tracked and recorded and analyzed by you as to what could have been done differently or better. (who is answering the phone and what are they saying)


Budget: $2.5K for a website…it’s more than a home care website, it’s a power tool that ranks organically in 6 months. (If it’s done correctly)

Monthly: $500-ish for ongoing content, website, and social media management.

Monthly if you can swing it for short game: $600+ per month for Google Ads

Most important: build your long game presence and get super serious about it.

Contact us to learn more about the BEST way to spend those marketing dollars to get the BEST result.

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